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I always start my day with a good breakfast. I am more productive that way and making a habit so my boys would eat good as well. Thanks to my sponsor @sal.diem for this homemade sourdough. I been craving for your homemade 🍞. #breakfasts #breakfastfan #sourdough #bread #familylife #chefathome #chefs #foodies #vancouverfoodies #foodtrucks #foodphotography #myvancouverlife
Shit pictures but so pleased to see this great guy here in the mountains! Chefs night out. @tweeks87 #cheflife #chefs #alps #austria 🇦🇹 #stanton #pals #friends #winter
Sweet chilli chicken wings🐔
This is the first dish from our @nomacph visit. Ever since I heard stories of squirrel fermentation going on, I wanted to see the end result. This dish you actually drink. It is like a broth with taste of mushroom and forest. Since it is filtered through the moss when you drink it, you get the taste of that as well. It was very yummy! But sadly I was unable to identify the squirrel. 😂 . . . . #food #foodie #bestrestaurants #instafood #chefs #restaurants #finedininglovers #michelinstarfood #foodie #finedining #michelin #michelinstar #michelinguide #michelinguidefood #foodphotography #kitchen #michelinrestaurant #gourmet #wonderful #restaurant #ingredients #foodporn #magic #menu #dish #hungry #art #foodiegram #tasty #cuisine #nomacph @theworlds50best @nomacph @reneredzepinoma @nomaferments @michelinguide @foodandwine
Apple pie marshmallows with apples inside! A great gift for the holiday's or just the perfect thing to bring to your holiday celebration! Order now! Apple pie is my favorite pie to eat. Every holiday I look for the apple pie. If it isn't there, it is a let down! A must have! #keepitmallow #applepie #marshmallows #marshmallow #candy #sweets #goodness #food #chefslife #chef #chefs #chefsofinstagram #texas #austinfood #austin #austineats #austin360 #512 #atx #austinfoodstagram #austintreats #cedarpark #roundrock
FOLLOW👉👉@FANNYYUMMYDESSERTS FOLLOW👉👉@FANNYYUMMYDESSERTS FOLLOW👉👉@FANNYYUMMYDESSERTS Credits by @egor.team Tag #FannyYummyDesserts in your photos. Bon Appetit, my friend!😺
The food tastes better when the #chefs are happy. #shinyhappypeople #sundaybrunch #vegetarian
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Fungi falls! Oh yeah and the video featured my lions mane bag at 13 days, this fungus is fast! #lionsmanemushroom
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A coisa está ficando séria, presente de amigo secreto, minha primeira Doma 👨‍🍳 #2019 #chefs #amigosdeverdade #gratidao #cozinhaterapia #iloveit #homensnacozinha #comerbem #deusédeus #deusnocontrole #sp #br #photografy #photo
When your customers really show how much they love the food... They show it with kisses! True nose to tail dining in the xixarito lounge with whole Segovian suckling pig, a Spanish Christmas tradition and huge delicacy. . . . #christmas #festive #party #privatedining #cochinillo #friends #food #drink #españa #Spain #Bristol #bristol247 #bar44 #clifton #sucklingpig #ingredients #stunning #pureflavour #chefs #hosts #service #restaurants #drinks #fun
Diese Granate hat sich Alex Treml aka @alexgourmetlabor heute zum Frühstück reingetan! Kannste machen! Sieht auch top aus auf dem Chefs Oblong Plate aus Churchill's neuer Serie Stone. www.churchill1795.com #chefslovechurchill #studioprintsstone #churchillstone #thechurchillsocial #platesforchefs #hotellerie #gastronomie #churchilldeutschland #chefs #chefsburger #burger #burgerlove #burgeratitsbest #burgerbude #burgerporn #restaurantburger #köche #küchenschlacht #küchenchef #chefkoch #horeca #köcheregierendiewelt
Huhuuuuu ihr lieben! Letzte Nacht hat's ordentlich geschneit und bei schlappen -5 Grad draußen, ist anscheinend unser Internet in den Winterschlaf gefallen 😴😴😴 Zumindest könnte das eine Erklärung dafür sein, dass ich heute einfach nicht an meinem Blog arbeiten konnte. Zum Glück funktioniert der Backofen einwandfrei und deshalb habe ich dann einfach diese zuckersüßen B O N B O N - K E K S E gebacken 😍😍😍 Und falls unser meeeeegaaaaalahmes Wlan heute nochmal inne Pötte kommt, dann stell ich das Rezept für euch auf jeden Fall online. Bis dahin wünsch ich euch einen wundervollen 3. Adventsabend ☃️🎄❄ --------------------------------------- Good evening lovelies! Last night it snowed a lot and I think my internet fell in hibernation 😴😴😴 And cause I couldn't work on my blog I baked these super sweet C A N D Y - C O O K I E S 😍😍😍 If wifi is working again, I'll put the recipe online . Wish you all a wonderful and cosy night ☃️❄🎄 --------------------------------------- #bellacooksandtravels #bonbon #kekse #weihnachtsbäckerei #plätzchen #cookies #xmas2018 #xmas #weihnachten #backen #bake #homemade #homebakery #chefs #food #foodblog #backblog #blogger #igers #foodstagram @thefeedfeed @foodblogliebe_backen @foodgawker #52grams #lifestyle @ich.liebe.foodblogs #beautifulcuisines #foodblog_feed #weihnachtsplätzchen #ilovebaking #ausmeinerküche #advent
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Dinner time 🙂... from yesterday, fresh tuna, potatoes and collard greens hash with green olives. Nutritious and delicious 😋! * * * * *
Today I decided to have a “self-care” day. I stayed home and worked most of the day, I am washing my hair, painting my nails... and I also had this delicious and healthy smoothie. Ingredients: frozen strawberry, banana, fresh coconut, passion fruit and frozen mixed berries. Life can get hectic but I am making sure to set time aside for myself, it is so important. Do you guys have “self-care days” too? Do you think it’s important? What are some of the things that you do on your self-care days? Please share ☺️ ... * * * * *
I waited all this time for my little soursops to ripen and after they did, I didn’t think it would take so long, they didn’t taste very good at all. I will just wait until the regular size ones are available and buy them instead. In the meantime I can’t complain at all because I still get to enjoy ingredients like these 😋. In today’s smoothie we have frozen strawberry, papaya, mango and fresh coconut. All the fruits, except strawberries, are organic and locally grown in the Cape Verde islands. 🌍✨ * * * * *
When you were recovering from a cold and were not in the best mood to spend much time in your kitchen cooking. From last Thursday everyone, puréed vegetable soup again 😊. This time with sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and potatoes, topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. So delicious that I didn’t mind eating it twice in the same week. Not to mention, the perfect recovery food. * * * * *
Lunch today is traditional Cape Verdean dish, bean stew, done my way😊. If you all remember a couple of weeks ago I shared my fresh pinto beans stew, that I was so excited about. This is because on most days I use dry beans, as I’m sure most of us do, for my bean dishes. Well today I have ANOTHER fresh beans treat. This one is fresh pigeon peas they are organic and grown here in CV. I made it vegan with sweet potatoes, cabbages, daikon, and this BEAUTIFUL looking light green squash that I have never before seen in my life. I forgot to but, the next time I go to Praça de Estrela, I will ask the lady what island in CV they are from. Have any of you ever seen squash like this [SWIPE to see the pic]? How is that for locally grown? Also if anyone does not know what “pigeon peas” are swipe to the last pic to see them dry. On my island we call them “congo beans,” on other islands in CV, and in the Portuguese language, they are called “feijão figueira.” * * * * *
"ΜΠΑΚΛΑΒΑΣ ΜΕ ΦΙΣΤΊΚΙ ΑΊΓΙΝΗΣ,ΛΕΜΌΝΙ ΚΟΝΦΙ ΜΕ ΑΡΩΜΑΤΙΣΜΈΝΟ ΣΙΡΌΠΙ ΜΕ ΤΣΆΙ ΤΟΥ ΒΟΥΝΟΥ" #ελλαδα #greece #μπακλαβας #mpaklavas #αίγινα #fotografia #pastrychef #chefs #patissiere #patissier
Yesterday’s dinner. Vegan black bean stew with cabbage, sweet potato and carrots. Delicious and nutritious and perfect for the season. * * * * *
Today’s ingredients: papaya, avocado, frozen mixed berries and passion fruit. Delicious! * * * * *
This morning’s breakfast. Ingredients: strawberry, papaya, avocado and mango. I came down with a cold and this is just what my body needed 🤧 * * * * *
Delicious smoothie days... ingredients : strawberry, papaya, avocado and passion fruit. Yumm 😋!!! * * * * *
Results ... homemade Cape Verdean style hot sauce. Ingredients: malagueta peppers, scotch bonnets, green onions, garlic and pinch of salt, vegetable oil and olive oil. This will be resting for about 2 weeks so that the oil can absorb the heat from the peppers and it is ready to use. This is my first attempt and I am happy with how it turned. I will probably be making more ☺️! * * * * *
Sol’s kitchen projects 🙂... today I am making home made hot sauce! We have scotch bonnets and malagueta peppers as the 2 base ingredients. I will be adding some other things as well 😋! This is my first time making hot sauce at home and I am not following any particular recipe. I will prepare everything add oil then leave it to cure for however long it’s recommended. I can’t wait! * * * * *
Late post from a couple of weeks ago. “Guisado de galinha com batata e abóbora” chicken stew with potatoes and squash. Guisado is a very popular traditional Cape Verdean dish that is usually made with beef. * * * * *
Dinner time 🙂. I finally got to satisfy my balsamic glaze craving today with this delicious pan seared balsamic glazed CV tuna with roast potatoes and daikon radish. Yumm! * * * * *
Dinner time. Traditional Cape Verdean food done my way with dried and salted fish. Growing up, on my island, I remember eating and seeing salted fish once a year, around the Lenten and Easter season. It was cooked very plainly, simply boiled to remove the salt and served with boiled vegetables like kale and potatoes, sprinkled with salt and drizzled with olive oil. But I still liked it. I made my salted fish a little different with potatoes, sautéed onions, red peppers, and chickpeas. I sautéed the onions separately with the red peppers and assembled everything and baked it to finish it off (Swipe to see before it went in the oven 🙂) Delicious! * * * * *
Dinner time ... fresh and local pan seared tuna with mashed potatoes and baked eggplant. I made the mashed potatoes by hand with a wooden spoon so I couldn’t get all the lumps out but it still came out fluffy and delicious. I also made it with 2% milk and margarine for less worries while enjoying. I don’t know about you guys but I am always down for less worrying 😅. * * * * *
Dinner tonight... pan seared salmon with baked daikon and sweet potato. Delicious! As always the salmon is fresh and locally fished from Cape Verde oceans. 🌊🌊🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *
Today the spotlight is on my love and biggest culinary inspiration by far, Chef Joao. This dish was cooked 6 years ago in September 2012. It is an original dish of his own creation that he called “Ras Salmon Papaya.” The first picture is the finished product and the second picture is a process shot. As you see in the second picture, he baked the salmon INSIDE the papaya on low heat for a few hours, then he used the papaya as a serving dish adding rice and fries for the final presentation. How is that for creative plating guys? Even though all these years have passed I still remember this dish clearly and can you tell that it is the most delicious salmon dish I have had in my life. You can feel the passion that he has for cooking in every dish that he makes. Love goes out to you babe, you never cease to amaze me. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *
Earlier today I left my apartment with the intention of buying balsamic vinegar to make my own balsamic glaze. The plan was to make a pan seared balsamic glaze tuna. When I got to the supermarket where I usually purchase it however, there was none! I looked around at a couple of other places but no balsamic vinegar. I really wanted some kind of sauce on my tuna today, idk why guys I just did 😂, and it was too late to change dinner plans. So I had to find an alternative. I remembered that I had some “Mel de Cana,” sugarcane molasses, at home and started to wonder if I could make something for my tuna with that. The result is this pan seared tuna with a sugarcane molasses glaze that I made by reducing wine, sugarcane molasses and margarine, (a cool trick I JUST picked up the other day watching one of hubby’s Facebook live cooking vids), with baked yucca and squash. Even though I was really in the mood for balsamic glaze this sugar cane molasses glaze was the perfect substitute. The second picture is from last year when I used sugar cane molasses to make my own brown sugar. I just wanted you all to see what it looks like. The taste and texture is lighter than the regular molasses you may be used to seeing. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *
Traditional Cape Verdean food for dinner today. This dish is called “catchupa” pronounced “cah-choo-puh.” The two main ingredients are corn hominy and beans. ALL catchupa must have corn hominy and some kind of bean or it is not authentic catchupa 🤣. With these two base ingredients you can customize and make it as you like. You can add your choice of meat or fish or make it vegan and your choice of vegetables. You can also mix it up and add meat and fish together to make “catchupa rica” or “rich catchupa.” There are many ways to make catchupa and that’s what makes it such a fun but simple dish. Depending on how you make it, it can also be VERY healthy. I usually make mine vegan, with chicken or fish. I made today’s catchupa with pigeon peas, carrots, cabbage, kale and mackerel. And it is delicious!! * * * * *
And dinner by the wonderful chef Joao, also my husband, pan seared salmon with roast fingerling potatoes, assorted sweet and chilli peppers in a moscato sweet chilli sauce. Amazing! * * * * *
Hubby in the kitchen serving up the deliciousness today with some fried cod and our special family recipe round cut potatoes. 💓💓💓 * * * *
Last of Chef Ras cuisine for today. This one was breaded fried fresh cod with potatoes. Delicious. As I told you guys before my fiancee is a chef and definitely one of the main influences for many of the foods that I share with you guys on this page. * * * *
More from the Chef Ras files... This time from Culinary school. A delicious and beautifully plated lamb chop. * * * *
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