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Hi friends! A special hello & welcome if you're new around here. 🤗 I got some awesome mail last night and I'm really excited, eek! @dianesanfilippo 's latest book #KetoQuickStart just arrived, the book releases 1/1. I'm on the #kqslaunchteam team and got an advance copy, I can't wait to dive in to all the content and recipes. Tim walked by while I was flipping through the pages and was like "She really packs a lot into her books huh" Ummm, yea!♥️ Being on the Launch Team means I receive an advance copy of the book, and will be reviewing Keto Quick Start and sharing some of the recipes here and on my blog. 🥑 My own journey with keto started just over a year ago, I was feeling all kinds of post-Thanksgiving crappy and just decided to give the diet a go. My main Why behind starting keto was for energy levels and the cognitive benefits. I definitely saw an increase in both! Bonus that I lost 10 pounds, and I've maintained that weight for over a year now. 💕 Keto has become way more than a fad diet to me, it's absolutely one of the top tools that helped me on my path to quit drinking (Day 272, more on that later) While I definitely veer from a low carb plan sometimes (my bff and I call that eating Free-to not Keto) that's why I see keto as more of a lifestyle than a diet. 🍋 Diane's book tour for Keto Quick Start begins in early January, and if you're in Vegas on 2/16 let's meet at the event! Swipe to see if your city is on the list. There's an affiliate link to order the book in my profile. When you pre-order, be sure to grab the awesome pre-order PDF bonus over on BalancedBites.com 🥥
Nightshade free, #lowhistamine , keto, if there’s an allergen diet, seems like I’ve explored it. Sometimes it can be limiting to try and fit yourself into a 🌿food group🌿 What if I’m paleo, but I like to eat rice? Or I don’t think soy is the devil? Admittedly, I’ve done my share of diet-policing over the years (myself and others) trying to find my way. Presently trying to break out of that habit, into something that feels more expansive. . Now that it’s chilly out, I’ve been making more warming dishes like the kabocha squash curry (recipe a few posts back.) I wanted a solution for when the store bought curry paste didn’t quite fit in with your ingredients plan, something that still offered a lot of flavor. This is a fun one to blitz up in a food processor, and you can freeze the extra for future use! Your previous self will thank you 🙏 Full recipe for Spicy Curry Paste (low histamine + nightshade free) on chekplease.com
🥘Instant Pot Winter Squash Curry🥘 I’ve loved kabocha since my mixed tempura days. Kabocha is super high in beta carotene, which your amazing body then turns into Vitamin A. I think I like it roasted best of all, but for lazy times, here’s an Instant Pot curry, no raw squash slicing required! This variety is relatively #lowcarb and I feel good about including it on a keto plan. 1/2 the carbs as butternut! First, I like (to wash, then) steam the squash in the Instant Pot for about 10 minutes. I stab it with a sharp knife a few times, and stick it whole into the IP for 10 minutes or until fork tender. Buy a squash that will fit inside your pressure cooker. 🥘 1 - 2-3lb kabocha squash, steamed, diced and seeds removed 🥘 1 fennel bulb, sliced 🥘 1 medium onion, sliced 🥘 5ish cloves garlic, chopped 🥘 2 tblsp Mae Ploy yellow curry paste (1 for less spicy) 🥘 1tblsp Red Boat fish sauce 🥘 1 tsp turmeric powder 🥘 1 cup veggie or chicken bone broth ⭐️ ⭐️ 🥘 Brown the onions and fennel in the IP until they’re nice and melted, add everything else to your Pot and give it a good stir. Cook on manual / high pressure for 10 minutes ⭐️ ⭐️ 🥘 Serve with cauliflower rice, top with toasted coconut + cashews, chopped chives and a squeeze of lime! ♥️ #chekpleaseketo
Thanksgiving leftovers still going strong. I have so much respect for the mole makers out there, I didn’t really trust the recipe when it said “active time 3 hours” but yes it’s true. Toasting chili, roasting spices and nuts, blending and straining Oh My. Glad there’s an extra batch in the freezer, this mole sauce is so good! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @foodandwine @tjsteele
Thanksgiving salad was such a hit, we made it twice! Radicchio, red cabbage, endive, pomegranate, apple, goat milk cheddar with passion fruit dressing ⭐️🍋🥝
I’m inspired by the conversations I’ve been having with you all about your nutrition. Eating habits, grocery shopping, meal prep, I love hearing all the dirt!! 🌶 Here’s my some super simple all-from-@traderjoes cauliflower rice for your meal prep. Make a double batch to keep in the fridge. I like to add my protein right before serving, keeps things nicer that way. Sauté it all up to your liking and top with some crunchy cashews & the fresh herbs 🌱🌼🍂 🌶 + ginger + garlic + red onion + coco oil + red pepper + basil + cilantro + mint + frozen organic cauliflower rice + pastured eggs (or grass fed ground beef or some chickpea pasta if you want to keep it #vegan )
We’re heading back to Vegas today and I’m getting straight to work on recreating this GF almond flour chile relleno quiche 💥💥💥💥
We stopped by @nectarinegrove on our way out of San Diego, and I highly recommend! Went totally FREE-TO not #keto with a GF paleo burger + fries 🍟 When I see a dedicated gluten free restaurant, carb count is off the menu. Hope you’re having a delicious Sunday my friends 😘♥️🥗
Celtuce also called stem lettuce, celery lettuce, asparagus lettuce, or Chinese lettuce, is a cultivar of lettuce grown primarily for its thick stem or its leaves. It is used as a vegetable and is especially popular in both mainland China and Taiwan. Thanks, Wikipedia! . . especially delicious when paired with ham, boquerones and a green goddess seasoned for acid freaks 🥗 (plus a few very special friends 💕)
My house 🏡 cured salmon a la @bonappetitmag paired with @flackerscrackers and at least a gallon of La Croix (not pictured) 🍋
My LABOR of love the @ottolenghi cauliflower cake, low carb style. I forgot the cheese today and still! So good. More details of my lazy cake in Stories ♥️ #cauliflowercake #ottolenghi
P r o c e s s 🥑 9ish months ago I went all in on the keto diet. I read the @healthfulpursuit and @marksissonprimal books, enrolled Tim in keto school with me 🤓 and off we went. I was going for the cognitive effect, but I definitely saw (and maintained) weight loss and over time my body composition has changed. I’m sort of kicking myself for not doing more of a “before” profile, but whatevs. One thing that stands out most to me is how keto kicked my carb cravings, including alcohol. Not going to say that giving up drinking was fun, but I also didn’t think that physically, it would be so simple. Switching over to a fat burning state made me feel pretty terrible when I did have a drink, it’s kind of a hard feeling to describe unless you’ve been there. Bonus, I have to think all those healthy fats have got be good for the newly sober brain chemistry 🧠 Do you keto? Are you curious about trying it out?
Love it or hate it? meal prep is my #1 strategy to get in nutrient dense, whole foods meals during the week 🍋 meal prepping, even just a few dishes, prevents that There’s Nothing in the Fridge and Now I Have to Eat Out feeling 🍋 I usually break up the shopping and cooking on separate days so it’s manageable 🍋 no recipes, just simple flavorful combos to mix & match 🍋 I feel like I have a Melinda’s Low Carb Meal Prep Guide in me, would that be helpful to you?? 🤔 🍋 goat cheese + pepper frittata 🍋 grass fed beef + onion meatballs 🍋 Instant Pot bone broth kale 🍋 roasted curry cauliflower 🍋 sesame ginger cabbage salad 🍋 cilantro lime chicken breast
It’s always a good time for wings!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🍗 Shifting away from the instant oatmeal / Starbucks breakfast can be a little awkward in the beginning ☺️ but just think of all that sustained energy you’ll have by including a little protein & fat in your AM diet. Say byyeeee mid morning sugar crash 👋 👋 #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketodiet #fatfueled #fatadapted #thenewhealthy #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #feedfeed #grainfree #lowhistaminediet #glutenataxia #histamineintolerance #microbiome #guthealth #foodasmedicine #sobercurious #hipsobriety #alcoholfree #soberforthehealthofit #wellnessblogger #lasvegasblogger
5 minutes ago, I thought there was 🍳 a couple @vitalfarms crispies & this spicy #kingskimchi from @sprouts is so good! 💯 @timstaehling likes it too. I’m looking around for ferments that come in glass jars ever since @environmentaltoxinsnerd pointed out that putting an acidic ferment in plastic might not be the best idea? 🤔 We’re planning our first-ever camping experience, what should we bring for food??! Give me all your tips pleassse 🏕
🔥 h e a t a d v i s o r y 🔥Did you hydrate today? Aim for 1/2 your body weight in oz. in quality filtered water per day (not just La Croix) and more if there’s some caffeine or alcohol happening. 💦 Mentally sluggish? Cognitive decline occurs at just 1-2% dehydration. Water helps to regulate blood volume, blood pressure, and heart rate. It’s essential for digestion, and water deprivation can trigger a migraine 💁🏻‍♀️
A few days after Thanksgiving last year, I set out on a keto experiment, and life hasn’t really been the same since. For me, keto reduced my carb cravings. Before keto, I could kill a healthy sized bag of potato chips no problem. Keto dramatically increased my energy levels. Keto also my made feel just weird enough when drinking booze that I definitely count the diet as one of my for quitting drinking. . My parents are visiting and we went out for Thai food for lunch the other day. I don’t stress too much about eating carbs a few times a week, especially if I’m out at a restaurant that has something delicious I want to try aka #freeto 🤣💕 Now, I usually plan to eat carbohydrates at night, I know that they make me really sleepy. At lunch I had some green curry with a moderate portion of white rice. So good! 🍵🍛🍚 On the drive home, with three other loud humans in the car, I could barely keep my eyes open behind the wheel, I was like carb-drugged. This kind of thing used to happen to me all the time, before I really switched up my diet to keto and really “woke up” 😴 to how I feel when I eat stuff like GF pasta or rice or a bag of chips. . Every body is different. Do I wish that I could tolerate a little more on the carb spectrum? Sure. Am I proud of the knowledge I’ve gained from doing all this experimentation to know what works best for me? Absolutely. . Low carb high fat + all the veggies keto style breakfast pictured here. Some @simplemills crackers for those that want to party 🎉
Ottolenghi #cauliflowercake in the toaster oven w some @primalkitchenfoods chipotle lime mayo for (1st) breakfast 🍳💛 eeek it’s soooo good! 🌞 #chekpleaseketo
Summer hodgepodge #ketodiet breakfast 🍳 what you can’t really see is what makes the plate -@timstaehling ’s Famous Fennel Purée as the base! 🥗 It’s just fennel steamed in the #InstantPot , then stick-blended with lots of butter, coco cream and S&P. Try it! So good ♥️ . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketodiet #fatfueled #fatadapted #thenewhealthy #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #feedfeed #grainfree #lowhistaminediet #glutenataxia #histamineintolerance #microbiome #guthealth #foodasmedicine #sobercurious #hipsobriety #alcoholfree #soberforthehealthofit #wellnessblogger #lasvegasblogger
Squash ribbons with tomatoes, peanuts, basil, mint & spicy fish-sauce sauce 🍅🐟🥜🌶🌿from @jj__mc Six Seasons. The 1st, now 2nd dish I’ve made from the book, so damn good. Especially when it’s 106 🔥 in Vegas and there’s no way I’m turning on the oven
Our dinner last night from La Cocina Que Canta cooking school @rancholapuerta The school is in the middle of a gorgeous organic garden, you get to pick your dinner! We learned some great tips for grilling fish from Chef Gary Jenanyan 🔥🐟🔥 **if you’re buying store-bought fish, soak it for just a minute in some room temp water and 1/2 cup lemon juice before cooking, the acid gets any fishy smell right out! #savortheranch
Lunch today was fennel salad, a cauliflower & shrimp ceviche (I scraped off the red tortilla ♥️) and cucumber gazpacho. They’re sweet and give me extra avocado with every meal 🥑🥑Added a scoop of peanut butter for dessert . . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #fatfueled #fatadapted #feedfeed #thenewhealthy #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #feedfeed #grainfree #lowhistaminediet #glutenataxia #histamineintolerance #microbiome #guthealth #foodasmedicine #sobercurious #hipsobriety #alcoholfree #wellnessblogger #lasvegasblogger #functionalnutrition #ntatraining #beyondaip
My favorite breakfast is the one with 4 housemade salsas 🌶
🌺This is the tiny house that the Szekelys (founders of Rancho la Puerta) occupied in the 1940’s. When the Ranch first opened it was the Essene School of Life, and you could stay here for $17.50/week, if you brought your own tent. You would study philosophy and eat a vegetarian diet free of pesticides. It’s a lot like the ranch is today except now we have a nice roof instead of a tent, hot water and Pilates reformers 🌺 #savortheranch
MEAL PREP is self care. More than fancy face masks, and all the adaptogenic lattes in the world, this is my ultimate act of self care (well... there’s also sleep 😴 that ranks pretty high up there) 🥗🥦🥕🥑 what are you cooking up this weekend?!? 💕
Happy Fri-YAY! When you’re on a #lowhistaminediet outings like picnics, hikes and bbq’s are challenging. Most cheeses & cured meats are out of the question, even foods like burgers & fresh sausage can be really high histamine depending on how they’re prepared. 🌱 Here’s a fun summer platter that can be packed up easily, with a recipe for herb-y low histamine green sauce. You can keep the dressing thick for a veggie dip, or thin it with more olive oil for salad dressing. Fresh herbs are anti-Histamine fighting powerhouse! 🌱 Be sure to cook, cool and freeze any unused portion of protein for leftovers. . . LOW-HIST GREEN DRESSING 🌱1 cup packed, picked mint 🌱1 cup packed, picked parsley 🌱1/2 cup tarragon 🌱1/2 cup unsweetened, toasted coconut 🌱1/3 cup olive oil 🌱1/3 cup coconut cream 🌱1 clove minced garlic 🌱Salt to taste . Blend all ingredients in a food processor until you get the texture just how you like!
Lunchtime poll. Do you sardine?! 😋 Get those omega-3’s in with tiny fish 🐟 🐟 & walnuts 🐿
Hi everyone, if you’re new here I’m Melinda - lover of dark chocolate & tree pose 🌲 . 10 years ago I was eating what I think of as the EXTREME version of the Standard American Diet. I was working in some incredible restaurants - fine dining to the best pizzeria.. From a culinary perspective, I really ate it all. A lot of wine & cocktails were involved. . In May of 2011, after 6 months of feeling dizzy and losing my balance every day, I went gluten free at the suggestion of a chiropractor. I didn’t know about #glutenataxia at the time, but I was having an autoimmune response to all the gluten in my diet. . GF was really the tip of the iceberg for me. I was feeling better, but not awesome, and for the next few years I experimented with paleo, Whole30, a low histamine diet and keto. I recently stopped drinking alcohol (66 days!) which for a sommelier, wine lover and restaurant industry veteran is brand new territory. . Transformation takes time and life shifts in ways you would never ever expect, right? 💕
Off to pour fancy Champagne this morning and I still have 1/2 a black eye 👁 from surgery last week. Plus my sushi rolling skills clearly need some work do you have any tips? 🍣🍣 It’s cloudy in Las Vegas. happpppy Mondaaaaay friends 💕
I like to chat a lot around here about my low histamine diet 🚫🥑🍅🥓🧀 Until now, I haven’t offered up too much of the bigger health picture. Dealing with Histamine Intolerance has changed my life in the last few years, in ways you might not think - new post up on chekplease.com -> link in bio ♥️ . . . . #lowhistaminediet #lowhistamine #lowhistaminecoach #histamineintolerance #antihistaminefoods #whole30recipes #mcas #mastcellactivation #neuroprotek #blackseedoil #blackcuminseed #vitaminC #ntatraining #sobercurious #hipsobriety #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #beyondAIP #healinghistamine #chekpleaseketo
Last night’s splitting headache from eating too much #highhistamine food has me thinking about a conversation I had with @naominakamura this weekend - about the 80:20 rule. Sure it’s fun to go a little off the rails, but if indulging means playing catch up for the next week or month, then is it really worth it? I think the answer is, it all depends. . I’ve been a slacker lately on my #lowhistaminediet in part because it’s hard to follow when I’m traveling or working a lot, and mostly, I just want to eat those high histamine foods (especially all the dark chocolate, avocado, smoked salmon & matcha I can get my hands on) . The same goes with me and gluten. I’m never, ever going to eat gluten because the consequences are just too harsh. For other people, it’s totally fine to go there every now and then. I also think some people just do better with abstaining while others are more comfortable with moderation? What’s your personal take on 80:20?
chipped plate & all ... this 1 pan situation has been on repeat for a few weeks now. I either wilt a bunch of greens in coco oil, or just add whatever leftover veggies I have in the fridge from meal prep to a hot pan and let them heat a bit 🍳 make a couple indents and add the eggs, cover for a couple minutes until the whites are set 🍳 add toppings - this is manchego, the nuts & seed packet from @traderjoes sprouts from the FarMar and sliced 🥑 🍳 totally #ketogenic and just the thing for anyone seeking brunch that will keep you satiated until the afternoon BBQ
Post-yoga tuna salad with xtra spicy pickles & @primalkitchenfoods mayo. @timstaehling said it was deeee-lunctious!! Off to study some Fatty Acids Module for #ntatraining 🤓🌰🥑
Back in the kitchen with running water and a major countertop upgrade 💕 the lacto-fermented turnips turned out 🏆happy Friday lovers!
When you haven’t had water in the kitchen since Sunday and you had to fire the first plumber and are making scrambled eggs out of pans wiped with paper towels kind of Thursday
4 months of keto and I’m just getting started ✨🍳
INSTANT POT • Trader Joe’s Pollo Salsa Verde • This is a speedy weeknight meal that combines 2 loves of my life, TJ’s & the Instant Pot ♥️ You can omit browning the leeks, just toss everything in the IP and it will still be awesome. I do think that one little step takes this to greatness. Don’t have an IP yet? I’ve had mine for 4 years and use it almost every day, with extra abuse on the weekends! Do not fear the pressure cooker. 💃🏽 Ingredients • 16oz package TJ’s frozen leeks (or sub onions) • 16oz TJ’s organic frozen cauliflower • 1/4 cup avocado oil • 12 oz jar Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde • 1.5 lb organic boneless skinless chicken thighs • 2 tsp cumin • 2 tblsp Kerrygold unsalted butter 💃🏽 • Set the IP to “sauté” and add the leeks, stirring occasionally until defrosted. Add the avocado oil and keep stirring until leeks are nice and brown. • Add the cauliflower rice, salsa, cumin and chicken thighs to the IP and give everything a good stir • Close and lock lid and set on “Manual” for 11 minutes • When timer beeps, release pressure and lid (don’t steam yourself!) and remove the chicken thighs. Shred with 2 forks • Use a hand blender, and blend up the salsa mixture in the IP, doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, just some nice blending action • Stir in the butter, mmmm • Salt to taste Serve cauliflower salsa verde mix topped with the chicken, guacamole and any other fun stuff like green onions, cilantro ....
I love a pretty avocado rose as much as the next but ... A. Who’s got time for that? and B. Doesn’t avocado taste better all mushed up with salt & olive oil? And runny yolk. And some fortifying Gruyére. 🥑🌹
One of our assignments for the #NutritionalTherapyPractitioner training program this week is to build a plate including all 3 macros - protein, fat & carbs. Since we’re still going full-tilt keto over here, I used the @tastyyummies biscuit recipe as my carb source. These almond / coco flour biscuits are so good, and tasted even better because @timstaehling made them ♥️
Happy Monday! We took a few hours for food prep last night. My best time-saving technique is to get as many things going as you can - fire up the Instant Pot, oven, stove burners and cutting boards and just go to town. Here’s what we made - * oven roasted lemon herb chicken, lots of fennel & brussels * Instant Pot carnitas @nomnompaleo * roasted cauliflower & radish * stir fry radish tops, garlic & chili * chicken thighs “salsa verde” Instant Pot * Tricolore salad, lots of manchego 🥘 So good for combining together and making quick meals for the whole week 🏆 . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #ketomealprep #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbdiet #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketobreakfast #ketosnacks #ketonewbie #fatfueled #fatadapted #instantpot #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #histamineintoletance #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
Most mornings these days, I’m doing my own form of intermittent fasting, drinking a loaded hot drink early AM, and stretching until the afternoon for my first meal. While I’ve been a firm “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” believer for a long time, this new schedule is really working for me! 🧠 that said, I woke up super hungry this morning and didn’t feel like a liquid breakfast was going to cut it. This mish-mash is fried eggs, salmon, kimchi and my favorite #InstantPot salsa verde veggies 😘 . . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbdiet #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketobreakfast #ketosnacks #ketonewbie #fatfueled #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
It’s the weekend! My mom is here and we’re drinkin’ our matcha 🍵 then off to some yoga 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ first, a little snack of jammy eggs (just 3 minutes on manual in the #InstantPot ) radicchio leaves & a smear of @primalkitchen chipotle lime mayo. Have you had that mayo yet?? It’s sooooooo good! . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #lowcarbdiet #lchf #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketobreakfast #ketosnacks #ketonewbie #fatfueled #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #histamineintoletance #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
Winter salad with flaked salmon & raw milk Montasio 🐟🧀 the age old cheese & fish??? debate. Packing up my bag to head to LA tomorrow, can’t wait to see you frennds 😘
Super quick #lowcarbhighfat Caesar salad. I ❤️ having marinated anchovies around (and clearly so does Mary) This will alll be sliced up in a zillion bites and completely unrecognizable in just under 3 minutes 🍳 . . . #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #ketorecipes #ketobreakfast #ketonewbie #lchf #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #ataxia #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
Beautiful spread @chek_please ! ・・・ The best part about the snack platter is .. LEFTOVER SNACKS 🥑🧀🍤Increasingly on keto, I’m just reaching for a little random plate, instead of a full-blown meal. I had plenty to mix & match from our snack board for a little lunch today 🥣 Cauliflower hummus (just steamed cauli, tahini, evoo, lemon juice & salt) is soooo easy & great either cold as a dip for veggies, or heated as a side with your favorite protein 🥣 🥣 🥣 #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #ketosnackplatter #lowcarbhighfat #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketosnacks #ketosnacktray #ketonewbie #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #ataxia #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #chek_please
I have a keto buddy! @timstaehling is playing along with me, at least for the next 6 weeks 👏👏 🍋 Can’t quit the #ketosnackplatter with cauliflower hummus as the main event. Chickpeas give one member of our family serious gastric distress 💨 so cauliflower makes a great sub for the beans, it picks up all the flavors of tahini & lots of lemon! 🍋 2 cups steamed cauliflower (bonus points for yellow or purple) 2 tablespoons tahini 4 cloves roasted garlic (or 1 fresh) 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/3 cup olive oil Salt & white pepper, to taste Blend, and top with more olive oil, chia seeds & crunchy dukkah 🍋 #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketosnacks #ketonewbie #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #ataxia #histamineintolerance #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
The best part about the snack platter is .. LEFTOVER SNACKS 🥑🧀🍤Increasingly on keto, I’m just reaching for a little random plate, instead of a full-blown meal. I had plenty to mix & match from our snack board for a little lunch today 🥣 Cauliflower hummus (just steamed cauli, tahini, evoo, lemon juice & salt) is soooo easy & great either cold as a dip for veggies, or heated as a side with your favorite protein 🥣 🥣 🥣 #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #ketosnackplatter #lowcarbhighfat #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketosnacks #ketosnacktray #ketonewbie #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #ataxia #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
Inspired by the gorgeous holiday cheese & salumi boards of the season, here’s my take on the ultimate #ketosnackplatter 🎄 Everyone’s favorite bites were the deviled eggs (with garlic-y anchovies on top) and the spinach artichoke dip spiked with lots of crab. There was plenty of goat, sheep & cashew nut cheese, smoked salmon, cauliflower hummus and salumi. Now, back to the jigsaw puzzle 😘 🎄 🎄 🎄 #chekpleaseketo #paleoketo #lowcarbhighfat #ketorecipes #ketotreat #ketosnacks #ketonewbie #fatadapted #feedfeed #cookinglight #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeforlife #gffmag #grainfree #glutenataxia #ataxia #microbiome #guthealth #ntatraining #autoimmune #beyondaip
On the 12th day of Christmas my true ❤️ gave to me 🎄🎄🎄 a toasty matcha latte with all my favorites add-ins, tagged!🍵😘
Wrapping up my first few weeks of #chekpleaseketo and the #21daycleansweep with @nocrumbsleft 💁‍♀️ 🎄 The Monday after Thanksgiving, I decided to go cold-turkey 🦃 on the keto diet😉 I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile, the “throw out all the things and just start” attitude smack in the middle of the holidays was as good a time as any 🌵 I feel Iike I’m at the very beginning of this journey, as I’m still adjusting to burning fat as my primary fuel source. I am experiencing longer periods between meals, more sustained energy, and good sleep. 🎄 My tolerance for alcohol seems to have dropped to an all-time low, which is an expected side effect of keto, but pretty weird for a wine sales lady 🍷
2 weeks of #nutritionalketosis down the hatch, I’m totally digging it. No afternoon crash, better sleep and just feeling good overall. It’s far less restrictive than I thought. You can eat cake on keto! 🥥 I’ve made a couple keto treats, pic above is @grassfedgirl ’s cinnamon walnut muffins, and today I made the brown butter gingerbread cake from @keto.connect (cream cheese frosting!) 🥥 I used @lakantosweetener for both, and it tastes and subs just like sugar. I always notch down the sugar a little anyway, and it’s great to have an alternative instead of Stevia, which I find pretty gross in most applications 🥥 I also did a “carb-up” a la @healthfulpursuit last night, we went out to dinner at @aureolelv and the mashed potatoes were calling my name #cyclicalketosis #chekpleaseketo
Here’s my #ketolicious late lunch 🍣🍣 I always keep single servings of wild salmon in the freezer. It keeps things #lowhistamine so I have more room to play elsewhere 🍣🍣This tasty sushi bowl is filled with coconut oil cauli rice, watermelon radish soaked in #coconutaminos pea sprouts, furikake (I use Urashima brand, clean ingredients) and spicy yuzu kosho 🌶 #chekpleaseketo
Looking for a softer, more personal version of #nutritionalketosis 🌸 At first, the keto space is kind of strange uncharted territory - lots of supplements, artificial sweeteners and meals packed with dairy & animal proteins . I’m doing this largely as an experiment in cognitive function, and so far, it seems to be working 🧠 I also really wanted to use the brain emoji #chekpleaseketo
One week in on the #ketogenicdiet and my @nocrumbsleft #21daycleansweep , here’s a little recap / thoughts - . I’m pretty sure I’ve been in and out of ketosis a lot over the past few years, I typically eat very low carb, unless I’m drinking or bingeing on potato chips. Your pee smells different on keto 🙊 . I had a Hendrick’s & tonic with a stevia tonic water on Friday night, I thought the tonic water was gross and wouldn’t buy that again. I also had a ridiculous hangover on Saturday from <1 drink, so need to work on that. Keto + drinking, not cool. . I was dizzy on Thursday & Friday #ketoflu ?? it kind of came out of the blue, for sure need to keep up with the electrolyte drinks and supplements (I’m doing @healthfulpursuit Keto lemonade) . The fat aspect hasn’t bothered me so far, I pretty much think that’s what my body needs anyway. And like any special “diet” (using that term loosely, not looking for weight loss here) it’s a lot easier to focus on what you CAN have than what you can’t #ketogoals . Here’s my lunch - mussels in leeks, butter, olive oil, white wine & chicken bone broth with bacon-y kale. Do you keto? Tell me your secrets! 🔮 #chekpleaseketo
TraLaLaLaaa 🎄 day 5 of this #ketolicious diet inspired with an impromptu start a la @nocrumbsleft and her #21daycleansweep Sometimes it’s fun to make a big random change, like eating #lowcarbhighfat 🥑🥑🥑 overall, I feel really good! with random bouts of headache & the dizzies 💨I’m free-styling recipes right now, just adding gobs of mayo, olive oil and avocado to all my usual crazy bowls 😝 #chekpleaseketo
Day 2 breakfast of the @nocrumbsleft Clean Sweep holiday clean-up plan 🦃 -> 🎄For me, this means low carb, high fat breakfast salad with @primalkitchenfoods chipotle lime mayo on my @vitalfarms poachies. And no caffeine today, wahh 😫☕️🍵😒 #chekpleaseketo
So happy cheking ✅ off our Portland list - yoga & @knotsprings spa, all the good food @tuskpdx @avagenes @bamboosushi 🍣🍣 I needed a goofing around weekend with my friend @jencrombz 💚☺️ hope you’re having a great weekend too! 😘 #chekpleaseketo
Breakfast is what you make it 🧡 Mushroom curry 🍄 last of the roasted okra from #meadowvalleyfarm spaghetti squash & a crispy egg 🍳 SWIPE -> to see my curry prep where I attempt to dye @timstaehling Invisalign a bright hue of turmeric 😉 #chekpleaseketo