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Playing around with some more brushes In Procreate. Seriously... the possibilities and look are endless. Not to mention fun!
The Odette Swan felt animal head is one of our most popular wall decorations and we can understand why! Enter our competition to WIN an Odette Swan head plus a beautiful party outfit from @angelandrocket head to our previous post for details on how to enter! 📸 @tea_and_nest #sewheartfeltuk #feltswanhead #feltswan #childrensbedroom #childrensbedroomdecor #girlsroomdecor #odettetheswan #walldecoration #childrenswalldecor #christmaspresentideas
Mmmm... hot chocolate! Or for me this morning it’s mmmmm cooooofffeeee.
So in the spirit of giving we would love for you to have these 10 unique gift tags/stickers to add to your Christmas packages. Simply click the link below or copy it in your browser to download your printable file.
Not only are they fun to draw... but seeing each unique home come though our shop is like Christmas morning seeing the photos for the first time. Surprise!
Was fun drawing and dreaming of a drink (or 3) inside this pub with some close friends. Cheers to you!
Here’s a to a happy first week of December. This moms brain is fuelled with coffee and chaos!
Well... it’s here. Dec 1. We’ve been decorating the kitchen, doing some crafts and Tinsel the elf has made an appearance. Here’s to getting through the next 25 days!
I dig... do you?
Another sneak peak of things to come. 2019 is going to be filled with amazing new designs, product and a new virtual store front. Now... I Wish I could sew!
Little mouse peeping. I did this painting a little while back and produced prints for my shop. So many of my little originals have sold now, so this is up for sale too. January will hopefully bring some new work.😁 #mouse #mouseart #mousepeeping #brownmouse #smallwallart #fourbyfour #miniatureart #childrenswalldecor #nurseryart #etsycardcreative #etsy
I imagine that a yeti could talk to Chewbacca. You are talking to Chewbacca in your head right now aren’t you?
Everything about this invite makes me smile! So sweet.
Yesterday Jenica and I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Baron and her husband of @oakandlinenhome. I just have to say that if you haven’t been... it is a must stop in! It’s full of wonderful home decor items and accessories all displayed in the rooms of Arva’s old coach house. And... now you may even find a little bit of us in the mix - our hand illustrated Christmas and everyday cards :)
Oh Mr Teddy... I just want to snuggle you - your are so cute! Oh and that present... for me??? Mr Teddy... you shouldn’t have!
Oh la la! Was going to write something in French but my skills are lacking. Happy hump day... hmm.... wonder how you say that in French?
"Energize limp hands. Strengthen rubbery knees. Tell fearful souls, 'Courage! Take heart! God is here, right here. On His way to set things right and redress all wrongs! He is on His way! He will save you'!" #courageousdearone #melbirdart #isaiah #themessage #illustratorsofinstagram #watercolorandink #watercolorillustration #watercolor #painting #kidswallart #kidlitart #childrenswalldecor #childrensbookart #childrensbookillustration #illustrator #storybookart #whimsical #courage
Every time I work with these files I have that song... you know the one... in my head all day. #underthesea
It sure is feeling like Christmas! I was shopping in Bayfield over the weekend and have to admit I admit I am in full holiday mode now. ❄️ 🎄
Falalala lama :) 6 more weeks to the big day! Visit us this Thursday eve at the Ilderton holiday market and get all your cards and stationery goodies checked off your list.
I have an obsession with adding my patterns to products. Or as my husband would say in a high, then low voice... neeerrrd. This one is part of some design concepts that have been keeping me up at night from excitement.
Have I ever told you that Procreate on the ipadpro and the Apple Pencil has changed my illustrations skills so much! If you are a designer and have been debating getting these... DO IT! it’s worth every penny. 😍
Soon my friend, soon.
Just one of our fantastic cards in our Christmas 12 pack. Join us at the Ilderton holiday Market next Thursday at 5 and see the whole set live. We will have other goodies too!
I have finally finished this DragonHeart Pocket Panel. It's now hanging in our craft window. The panel is £7.80 115x60 cms. Available to buy from our website @fabrixlancaster #dragonfabric #dragonprints #childrenswalldecor #sewlancaster #shoplocal
Goodbye Halloween... hello Christmas? Those who are planning early, you can now get our Christmas pack of 12 cards with envelopes. 1 design each of 12 cards. Free shipping in Canada 🇨🇦
Dinos, Dinos and more Dinos. So close to launching some new product and business! Almost a year into this and learning a ton and figuring out the business side of things. As a creative... this definitely doesn’t come easy.
Happy Monday friends! Starting with a big cuppa joe and a smile on my face... even after a weeks vacation I am pumped to get back to a job that I love. But... coffee first. Always
I think this is one of my favourite fabric combinations EVER!! Elephants 🐘 ✔️plants 🌱 ✔️tigers 🐯✔️ giraffes 🦒✔️I mean, what’s not to love?! What are your favourite pattern combinations? Are there any prints and designs you would like me to stock? I’m always happy to go fabric shopping if there’s something you would like and I don’t have . . . #giftinspiration #safari #safaribunting #animalbunting #handmadebunting #handmadegifts #childrensroomdecor #nurserywalldecor #childrenswalldecor #justacard #makerandproud #heytheremaker #smallandmightybusiness #shophandmadeuk #smallbusiness #etsyuk #elephantfabric #elephantgift #leafprint #littlelambdesigns
Wish my kids room was this clean! Lol! Where is the tape stuck to the wall, lego (and many other small toys and broken bits) on the floor or fingerprints kid height smeared in a line from one end of the room to the other?
Guys I need your help!! Which colour pom-pom goes best with this awesome rocket fabric and glitter moon? I was originally thinking blue but now I’m not so sure! What do you think? 🚀🌙✨ I love how the glitter twinkles in the evening light. Maybe I need a 4th option - track down some glitter wool?! Too many decisions for the end of the week! . . . #space #rocket #moon #glittermoon #pennantbanner #pennant #handmadepennant #handmadeflag #wallhanging #handmadewallhanging #nurserydecoration #nurserywalldecor #childrenswalldecor #pompom #pompomart #smallandmightybusiness #shophandmadeuk #madeinengland #handmadeinlondon #londonlocalteam #etsyuk #justacard #littlelambdesigns
Finally got my gallery wall up. A mix of my art, my daughters art and other wonderful artists. Love how @carolfaziodesign s watercolor fits in with my look. I bought this dog a while back and couldn’t find a spot for him in the house. So, why not add a party hat to him and make him part of the grouping. Too funny
Feels like a donut kind of day! What is your favourite kind?
I know, I know... Christmas is still a ways away but for those who like to be ahead of the game (especially when you have to factor in printing, addressing and mailing) we have posted some family photo Christmas card designs into our shop. Send us your pic and we can add it in with some text and send back a hi res printable file. Photo credit @jessiebgussackphotography
Taking on the weekend like this fierce (but cute) creature would. ROAR!
Could these be some of the best wallpapers in the 🌍? . We like to think so. Let us know which one is your favourite.. 💜 . . @paperboywallp . . #kidsdecor #kidsroomideas #kidsroomdecor #childrensroomdecor #childrenswallpaper #childrenswalldecor #instavideo #instawallpaper
Could these be some of the best wallpapers in the 🌍? . We like to think so. Let us know which one is your favourite.. 💜 . . @paperboywallp . . #kidsdecor #kidsroomideas #kidsroomdecor #childrensroomdecor #childrenswallpaper #childrenswalldecor #instavideo #instawallpaper
Having our family dinner today! Turkey, stuffing and red cabbage.... my fav!
These cute monsters are far from scary! One of my earlier sets but still fitting for this month of monsters, witches and goblins.
We are so thankful for all the support and love from our family friends and followers! We would like to do a give-a-way as a thanks to all of you ! ❤️ Like and click on the shopping icon, then use this coupon code REVIEWTHANKS2018 to download a free print!
Hello Friday!
My kids have already been asking about what we can make for Halloween costumes... sometimes I think buying them is the answer! Lol. Thank goodness for Pinterest ideas!
We seem to be on nursery art mode lately. I call this cutie “giggles”
Could our Lilu storage baskets be any cuter? 💗 Store your fave little toys or stationery. These are lightweight and if you’re renting, easy to hang with 3M hooks. . . All colours in stock and ready to go 📮 Image by @mrs.annja
We are so excited to see what @mummaizzo has done with our D’ya think esaurus in silver and white and here it is! Wow we are so impressed - there will be an update with some new furniture at a later date but we are mightily impressed...💜 🦕 🦖 . . @paperboywallp . . If you would like this paper follow our link below:- . https://www.paperboywallpaper.co.uk/childrens-wallpaper/dya-think-e-saurus/white . #childrenswallpaper #childrenswalldecor #kidswallpaper #kidsdecor #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #nurseryinspo #dinosaurwallpaper #dinosaur #dinosaurs
We are doing our first craft show in a little less than 2 months. Christmas tags are just some of the paper goodies we will have for sale. If you are in the area and want to check it out... 2nd Annual Ilderton Holiday Market :) nov 15 at the community centre. 5-9 pm. Among so many other great local vendors too!
When I look at my collection all together I am just so very proud. All of those hours, all of those mistakes, and that special moment when I realise that I have created something that makes people smile especially kiddies 😊 that makes it all worth it 💕 thank you to all my followers and supporters with out you... none of this would be possible x . . . . Featuring some of our collection. You can check them out over at our website. Link in bio . . . #kidsdecorinspiration #kidsdecor #childrensdecor #childrenswalldecor #childrensdecoranddesign #childrensbedroom #kidshomestyle #kidswallartdecor #homestyling #nurserywallart #nurserystyling #handmadegifts #handmadewithlove #handmadeaustralia #australianartist #artforchildrensroom #kidsreadingnook #kidswall #babydesign #babynursery #babyshowerideas #babynurseryinspo #projectnursery #fairies #mermaidprints #kidsartprints #kidsprints
Deze dierenvriendjes wensen jou een fijne nieuwe week! Wil je deze poster ook hebben? Voor je neefje, nichtje, voor je eigen kindjes of voor jezelf, dat kan natuurlijk ook. Stuur me dan even een berichtje! Hij komt over een tijdje pas in mijn etsy shop!
Jenica and I are always looking to improve ourselves and push or creativity in the shop. We have a few exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and some even bigger things in the new year.
Hey all you diyers our there! Check out how this one simple sheet of whimsical flowers and leaves becomes 4 fun projects for parties or home decor.
Well it’s one day closer to the weekend 🤗 and school holidays start tomorrow for us... so lots of activities planned to keep the kiddies busy and prevent any arguments or complaining 🤣 . . Check out this stunning capture of Little Miss Hazel 😍 isn’t she the cutest 💕 featuring our Princess Lilly print. 📸 by @louplustwo_ . . . . . . .
So at the beginning of the year I decided to turn my passion for art into a business and that is how Nicole Mcnamara Art Prints came about. I’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, I have dealt with self doubt as well as self discovery. There have been times where I was thinking about giving up.... but 8 months later I am so thankful that I have pushed through. Each and everyday I get to wake up and do what I love. I will be honest being a stay at home mum as well as running a business is far from easy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported me on this journey.... you know who you are x . . . Featuring our cropped versions- Summer, Jazmine & Tallulah. Perfect accessory for play spaces 😉 . . .
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