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I love the idea of reclaiming cuss words used to belittle women. To subvert ‘Tu Le Le’ which literally translates into to ‘You take her’ as if she’s an object to be taken, sexually. By turning something back on it’s head, Tu Le Le responsibility. Thankyou @chokhritalks for finally bringing merchandise reclaiming 6 cuss words we hear so often. #repost ・・・ @tarinisethi designed her version of Tu Le Le and @orderlykaos performed it via her female experience. That’s two female voices coming together to #takeitback Join us in owning this cat call, and live your personal female experience. DM for details on how to shop. Written by @richh08 Produced by @aaksheegakhar Alexa, cue the #notallmen commentary. #feminist #feminism #reclaiming #ibelievesurvivors #metoomovement #metoo #metooindia #consent #consentissexy #takeitback #womanempowerment #genderequality #chokhri #chokhritalks #ownit @whyineedfeminisminindia @takedownthepatriarchy @thefeministsbookclub @feminist
Gentlemen, whom did you turn to to ask questions about the male orgasm and masturbation? Tell us of resources that helped you! #chokhristalk #sexualhealth #realmenspeak #heforshe #malemasturbation #chokhritalks
NACO (National Aids Control Organisation), to promote condom use, installed 11,025 condom vending machines in 10 states under a national program, back in 2005-2007, with plans to install another 10,035 in four metros in 2008. Have you seen any condom vending machines in your city? #sexualhealth #heforshe #chokhritalks #realmenspeak
Earlier this year, the Indian Medical Association announced a pan India sexual health program for doctors, in order to dispel taboos related to sexual medical conditions. One step closer to comfortable conversations with your doctor about sexual health? Tell us what you think! #chokhritalks #timesup #heforshe #sexualhealth #whyididntreport
!!! PSA !!! the state of sex ed in our country is abysmal and access to verified information about sexual health is hard to come by. @rashiwadhera_ is doing her part to change that with @chokhritalks - to get women together to share their stories, to help one another and most of all to educate and be educated. It's an endeavor that's so very necessary I can't even put it in words. Big ups to you Rashi. . . . . #Repost @chokhritalks (@get_repost ) ・・・ This comment is from 2014, the thought from the dark ages, and the prevalence, shame to say 2018 'Health minister Harsh Vardhan had created a stir by claiming the supremacy of fidelity as an AIDS prevention measure. "Condoms promise safe sex, but the safest sex is through faithfulness to one's partner. Prevention is always better than cure," he was quoted as saying.' Via @thetimesofindia Is this the sex ed we're getting and where do you turn to for sexual health education if your health minister champions fidelity as a means to keep yourself safe. From Chokhri: Does being faithful to my current parnter imply I never slept with anyone else, and thus could have not contracted some sort of STI? . . . #sexeducation #sexed #india #chokhri #chokhritalks #sexualhealth #education #womenshealth #gynaecologist #righttoknow #informationispower
The caption: Via @hindustantimes Most women, married or not, will only see a gynecologist when they are pregnant -- or trying to be. Our bodies, vessels for delivering new generations of babies, are deemed worthy of a trip to the doctor only when we’re fulfilling our roles as mothers. For most – even those with the means to healthcare -- the idea of a routine checkup or health screening is alien. Yet, India has 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer a year and WHO estimates that by 2020, 1.24 lakh women will be affected by breast cancer. Can we really afford to be squeamish?" The observation: For all the men looking at these videos and commenting how beautiful and lovely the girls are, DM'ing us and taking the liberty of sending us texts, thank you for reminding us why we must not stop. We went on the DL for two days, but we're back and we're ready. Give us all you got. #chokhritalks #andshewontstop
Take back the words you get called on the streets. Merch coming soon! In collaboration with @chokhritalks #chokhritalks #PigStudio