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🤔 Now take a moment to put @chrisbrownofficial quote in perspective. Think about all the trash ass rappers who are rich and famous right now. "Why are the so popular even though they arent very good? I can rap circles around them!" If thats true then that means you have a shot. 🎤If you can at least rap as well as the worst famous rapper out there, then as far as talent goes you have a chance 💯Now it just comes down to if your willing to put in the years of work on honeing your craft, marketing yourself and getting your music out there.📖 Theres a video on my Ig page where @russ goes more into detail on this perspective. I recommend checking it out. 🙏💯 #beboundless @kennyboundless
#ChrisBrown leaving the Highlight Room in LA (March 22 17)
#ChrisBrown leaving the Highlight Room in LA (March 22 17)
#ChrisBrown attends the BooHoo.Com Block party In Hollywood (March 22 17)
Vid in the streets of Sydney 🔥🔥💯💯 #chrisbrown #chrisbreezy #chrisbrownofficial #chrisbrownworld #chrisbrownvideos
📱👑 omg my friend fell asleep on me ! what i'm 'post to do now ?
#ChrisBrown `s New Haircut By @barber_matt & a unrelease Song 🔥🔥
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