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"Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks, for this is will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 . We've all been there. . We sit down to pray and read our Bible, only to feel like God is nowhere to be found. We search through our actions to see if we've sinned, to see if there is something hindering our prayers. The Word we read blurs together and doesn't seem to make any sense. . "Where is God?" . We know by God's Word that He doesn't go anywhere. If we are saved, we cling to the promise that no man can pluck us out of His hand. . Some days are just going to be like this. Maybe our minds are cluttered with worry or perhaps it's been a few days since we spoke to the Lord. Either way, it happens. . I remember the first time after accepting Christ that this happened to me. I was freaking out. However, I stumbled upon these verses and they have always helped me greatly. . Sometimes we just have to praise God even when we can't feel Him. Sometimes we have to meditate on what we DO know when we feel like we know so little. We have to praise God for who He is, His promises, and everything we have seen Him do already. . God is not a feeling. His Words are not a sign in the sky or a rush in our tummy. His Words stand true in spite of our fickle feelings and we can hold to them no matter what. We can PRAISE Him no matter what. . . . . . . #christianblogger #praise #momblogger #christianblog #Bible #Jesusblogger #mommyblog
Nothing is wasted in our lives because God uses our grief, our loss, our joy, our wins, and our trials. 💞 Each day holds hard stuff - a difficult boss or co-worker, a sick child (or even the loss of one), infertility, a friend that hurt you deeply. 💞 At the same time, each day holds beautiful things - a chance to chat with someone who may need a friend, increased compassion, a new love for children already here that need a loving home, forgiveness. 💞 For every hard thing in your life, find the lesson because I promise it holds something beautiful at the same time. 💞 Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 💞 #chosenlight #faithdriven #christianmoms #christianwife #faithblogger #christianblog
One of my biggest fears used to be the fear of falling behind. Life was moving, but it seemed like I was just standing still. As I watched people and things move past me, I couldn’t help but see this as a confirmation that I was indeed behind. “They” we’re finishing school before me . “They” landed their dream job. “They” were starting their families ....and I was standing still . FRUSTRATING. . . Of course this fear thrived on comparison. However,I did not see it as comparison, but facts . The facts were, I was not where I thought I “should be” and so I felt behind. Everyone around me seemed to be moving forward, but I was standing still . . . Finally , I was like “when is it going to be my time ?!” Have you ever asked yourself that ? Maybe your time for promotion , or to finish school or get married or start your own business . Whatever the case may be, be encouraged in knowing that God’s timing is perfect ! When we follow God’s plan and purpose for our lives fully , we don’t have to worry about follow behind because we are where we should be! . . . I talk more about this in my new book #hellopurposebook . You can get the book at the link in my bio or at www.hellopurposebook.com
For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God -2 Corinthians 5:21 - He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness; you have been healed by His wounds -1 Peter 2:24 - The transaction that occurred at Calvary will never be fully comprehended by earthly minds -- how the Lord Jesus, in His deity, bore our sins while remaining sinless, and how He bore our shame without forsaking the fullness of His glory. What a paradoxical thought that the very King of Righteousness allowed Himself to be made sin for us, so completely that even God forsook Him (Matt 27:45-46). But when He took our sins upon Himself, He made a way for us to take up His righteousness. When the King of Glory set His majesty aside to become an offering for our sins, the guilt, shame and all the punishment for our sin was consumed by Christ on the cross. When He rose again, those things were not resurrected with Him-- they will never be brought before us again (Col 2:14, Rom 6:4). There could never be a more extraordinary or unfair exchange: His righteousness for our sin. - Amanda H.
New content will be posted tonight at 7!! 🎉 It’s all about the words we might say to ourselves and the words we might say to others. I hope it will help you in some way! Stay tuned, friends!!! 🎉💕🙌🏼 #maceysplaceonline #christian #christianity #christianblog #christianblogger #christianblogging #christianbloggingcommunity *picture above is not mine*
🎶See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me 🎶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This unseasonably warm VA weather brings me back to San Diego & Coronado Beach. There’s something about the sea that reminds me of the Lord’s bigness. His vastness. His power. His mercy. I love how nature screams His name. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ He is in all the #details of nature. The rays of the sun. The number of the sands. The unique snowflakes. The brilliant fall colors. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.” ‭‭Romans 1:20. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #beauty #beautyfilleddetails #hemakeseverythingbeautiful #hesinthedetails #motivation #inspiration #faith #god #jesus #holyspirit #lord #christ #bible #alwayspray #pray #amen #christian #christianblog #bibleverse
December was a great month! I had just put out my first blog and I was brainstorming a bunch more ideas. I was creating a workbook and felt like I was on a creative high. But January happened and the struggle of pregnancy tiredness hit me as if I was running into a brick wall. All the my creative energy and motivation got zapped. I decided to put everything on hold except being present on social media. At first I felt guilty. I knew God had planted this purpose in my heart and here I am wasting time. But I soon realized that there is a season of work and a season of rest. _ God always gives us exactly what we need. During this time of rest I’d done a lot of reflecting. One evening I was ready to quit, but God helped me to refocus and get back into alignment with my purpose that He created for me. _ Somehow I took a detour and got lost in what I thought my biz was supposed to be. At first I thought I was going to be a coach and then i was going to create products and courses. None of these were what I was truly passionate about, but instead of listening to God’s voice I listened to the noise of what others said I needed to do in order to be successful. But being “successful” (making money) has never really motivated me. It wasn’t my goal. _ Deep down I knew I wanted to be an author. Writing a book has always been my dream. But I let fear, doubt and all my insecurities take over tell me that I can’t. That I wasn’t capable or qualified or I wasn’t enough. Those are all true if I do it on my own, but with God on my side all things are possible. He has made a way, all I have to do is step into His purpose, His plan and stay in tuned with His voice. _ Now that I’m in my 2nd trimester and have some more energy I’ll be back to posting blogs again. This year I’m claiming it as a year of growth! Growing and nurturing my writing skills so I can master this gift God has given me and of course my baby too! _ Acknowledging our God-given dreams is the first step to living out your purpose. Are there any dreams or goals that you’re keeping silent? I encourage you to say it out loud, write it down either here or for your eyes only. You were made for a purpose!
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If someone had a thousand gallons of water to give you but you only had a one-gallon container, you wouldn’t be able to receive what they had for you. The problem would not be with the supply; it would be with your ability to receive. If you would get rid of the small container and get something larger, then you could receive so much more. It’s the same way with God. You may think, “The economy is too down. I could never afford that house I really want. My business will never expand. I don’t have the funding. I don’t have the people behind me.” No, you’ve got to get rid of that one-gallon bucket. Get rid of that small container. The God we serve is a big God! He has an ocean, an unlimited supply. Jesus said, “According to your faith it will be done unto you.” It’s not according to God. God has all the power, all the resources in the world. It’s according to what we believe. Today, increase your capacity to receive. Enlarge your thinking by meditating on the Word of God. Praise Him and magnify Him because with God, all things are possible, and He has an unlimited supply! 💕 Tag a Friend below ⤵ * * 📷 By: @jesus_ig | * * 🔥 Get your T-Shirt by clicking on the link in my bio (profile)➡ @jesusforloves ® ✈✈✈ Worldwide Shipping * * 🔥 Love to tag? Please do! #christian #christians #christianity #christianlife #christianfaith #christianmom #christianblog #christianblogger #christianclothing #christianwoman #christiangirl #christianwife #christianbooks #christianapparel #christiandating #christianhiphop #God #Pray #Chosen #homeless #Saved #truth #praying #christ #JesusChrist #faith #inspiration #Jesus #jesuspiece
Do you have people in your life that will say I’m with you all the way ? Sometimes the things God will ask us to do will seem crazy and out of the ordinary. It is important we surround ourselves with people that will say I’m with you all the way. And not people who will discourage us when God sends us on his crazy assignment and believe me he will. * * * #improve #growth #fit #holyspirit #christianblog #pray #bibleverse #blackqueen #hope #soul #faithful #theeverydayproject #happynow #christainlife #choosejoy #truth #Godslove #bosslady #womanoftheword #entrepreneur #letteryourfaith #christaincreative #holdyourmoments #simpleliving #blogger #bloggingals #blogsociety #nolimits18 #morningdevotion #devotion
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I love this colour combo ✨
Today’s post: Commit to Surrender. The challenge to be dedicated and determined to surrender your control. donitabundy.com #christianliving #christianlife #christianreflection #christianblog #christianblogger
#excelwoman 👑 Lagos and the Entrepreneur 👇🏽 I was recently in Lagos for a very short visit and thought to say, a big well done to entrepreneurs in the city, who start and build businesses in this unique environment.🌟 . . I took notice of quite a number of challenges, and at the same time, I believe there are quite a number of opportunities, for the entrepreneur who has a desire and the willingness to follow-through.✅ . . My parting message would be well done on starting and building, stay focused on your dream of financial independence or whatever it may be and lastly, but most importantly, never ever give up and keep on trying. . . I pray that God in his goodness and mercy, will bless the works of your (and my) hands, grant us favour with Himself and men and may His (God’s) plans for our lives come to pass in Jesus name, Amen.🙏🏽 . . Lagos, See you again very soon for Business❗️😁 . . . . . . . . #christianwomeninbusiness #christianbusiness #christianwoman #christianwomen #womeninministry #womanofgod #womenofgod #womenoffaith #wordofgod #womenleaders #womensupportwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #faithblogger #jesusgirl #womenpreneur #womeninbiz #entrepreneurmindset #successmindset #womenbusinessowners #womenhelpingwomen #intentionalliving #successfulwomen #womenonamission #empowerwomen #christianblogger #christianblog #lagos #abuja
My colleagues often make jokes about my phone. LOL. So, yesterday, they found out the keypad has issues and my boss said I must change it this month. LOL. I just keep laughing. I told him I couldn’t yet because I can’t afford to and as they made jokes; I searched my heart for any form of sadness or envy and couldn’t find any. That’s why I can say again, that God helped me a lot this past weekend. I was even laughing harder than them. When my boss said my phone tells that I don’t value myself because it takes me twice to do things other people can do with their phones. I immediately said my value does not come from my phone and I meant it. Wrote this post and didn't even know it'll resonate with people that much! Link in bio. 💜 (Hey boo @hephzibahfrances ) #Blogging #ChristianBlog #Writer #Jesus
I’m inspired by the diligence of this Thai coffee farmer. 1 by 1 he sorts the coffee beans - separating what is good from what is bad. • • • “It is the hard-working farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops.” - 2 Timothy 2:6 ESV • • • #coffeebeans #thaicoffee #coffeefarm #coffeequotes #coffeeplease #coffeelife #liveexcited #11n11 #verseoftheday #inspiredaily #christianblog #christianblogger #travelthailand #jesussaves #diligence #syncedculture #slowdown #godspeed #workofart #myofficetoday #viewfrommyoffice #minimalmovement #simplelifestyle #simplelife #minimalist #simpleliving #bibleverse #thesimplethings #becomingminimalist #growthmindset
🔌 Have you not heard?! @jason_agbodza of thegoodsuccess.com has launched TGS Podcast! To get your dose of Christian based relationships, personal development, faith, finance and leadership advice, check out episode 1 here: 📲💻 soundcloud.com/thegoodsuccess/tgs-podcast-ep1-welcome #thechristianbloggers
“When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation."” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91:15-16‬ ‭ . . I set my love upon you Lord, help me to love you with all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my strength and all of my days that I may remain in Covenant with you 🙏🏾 #lovedbyGod #protectedbyGod
Progress is a process.Great trees take time to grow. Great ideas take time to show. One day at a time we live. One block at a time we build. Some rush and crash; others sit and rot. But you must always push ahead one step at a time. #grow #progress #process #steps #blogger #blog #blogposts #christianblogger #christianblog
AMEN! How is your Wednesday going? I know sometimes when it is mid-week I need a drink of Jesus. He is the only one who can quench my thirst in this world of unknowns.
Nice Pic Bron💪
Here's the real reason why pursuing a man never works - the type man who you want will never let you chase him and the man you don't want will let you catch him. Men are hunters by nature...if you are the woman he wants he will let you know and if you're not you're pursuit of him will be a huge turn-off. So, sis let him make the first move. If he doesn't make a move, he's not the man God has for you. Proverbs 18:22 says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing", not the other way around. 😘 . . . #christiandevotional #blacklovematters #propelwomen #christianliving #blacklovepage #christianblogger #faithblogger #blackmomsblog #christianwomen #christianwoman #savedbygrace #jesuscalling #womanofgod #goodnewsfeed #christianblog #proverbs31woman #baegoals #thewait #browngirlsblog #relationshipadvice
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