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Happy weekend dearest peoplessss! Chilling already???😉 The week went by so fast, or didn't it? ◾ God can never be bound by time but we are. Nevertheless, that should not frighten us. ◾ In times past, I'd say too often, "If TIME was human, I'd have kidnapped it." ◾ Gosh! How time flies! Still, if we work/walk with God, we'll learn and even master how to manage our time to the Glory of God. ◾ Our weekly post is up on the blog. Issa poem post this week! God laid it in my ❤. I pray it awakens, inspires and/or blesses you all. Cheers to the most fulfilling weekend yet! ... Link in bio #DaughtersSword #GodLifeAndTheWord #Blog #ChristianBlog #ChristianBlogger #Christianity #ForSonsAndDaughters #KingdomBreeds #WeWalkOnWater #Faith #Love #God
Thank You Jesus for always providing for us. You are a loving Father and will always take care of Your children! . . . . . . #christian #christianity #christianquotes #christianlife #christianblog #jesus #jesussaves #jesusislord #faithquotes #faithoverfear #faithbased #blogger #instajesus #uk
We are starting a blog! Enjoy the content and comment at your will. We are really excited to help women with the fear of insecurity! #christian #christianblog #msmystique #beauty #overcoming #godsdaughter #savedbygrace #christiangirl
Even though these photos are from our our spring photo shoot, I am excited to update my profile photos for @puregrace.co. My mom @shelleydeephotography is my photographer. During this spring shoot I also wanted her to teach me how to use her camera so we decided to take photos of each other and make this a mother/daughter photo shoot. I am glad to have some of my mom as she does most of the creative designing for @puregrace.co . I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with my mom on something we are both passionate about. More important, we just want to live out what God put on our hearts over a year ago...which is to encourage and inspire young women by sharing God’s word, modest fashion, Christian music, books and movies and awareness such as @enditmovement , @studentsforlife and @timtebowfoundation Thanks to all of you who have become part of the Pure Grace Community, we are grateful for each one of you!!!! Lord bless your weekend!!! #psalms23 #psalm46 #godiswithinher #womenoffaith #communityofchristiancreatives #biblejournaling #illustratedfaith
Don’t be a crab! If someone is doing good, living their best life, and accomplishing goals they’ve set out to do, tell them! I believe that what you sow you will reap. If you want to be celebrated, applaud someone else every now and again‼️ #Compliment #PatsOnTheBack #christianblog #encouragement #StopHating #StartCongratulating #KeepItUp #WeSeeYou #PositiveVibes
I am special! You are special ❤️. . Click the link in my bio for the full tutorial and supplies list! . “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬
Being ordinary turned extraordinary is up, link in bio!
Okay guys, it’s Friday morning, post-camp, and I’ve FINALLY got a post for ya.... better late than never, right? • This week we’re talking about our grave clothes: the habitual sins we keep falling into and the temptations we can’t seem to shake. A lot of the time we think it’s easier to ignore them. I suppose it is easier, but it isn’t healthier. That stuff creeps into our life because it messes with our soul. Luckily for us, God is good and does NOT want us to be a slave to sin(🙌🙌). Read about it on the blog! Link in bio and below:)👇👇👇 http://box5177.temp.domains/~oceansa7/grave-clothes/ 🌊⚓️💙 • • • • • • • • • • #Jesus #Christ #bible #Christian #truth #scripture #praise #bibleverse #biblestudy #daughterinchrist #faithfulness #wordbeforeworld #oceansanchored #love #encourager #walkinlove #christianblogger #christianblog #hiscreation #savedbygrace #truefreedom #freedomfromsin #freefromsin #graveclothes #savedfromsin #temptation #fleefromsin #christianhighschoolers #highschool #highschoolgirl
Thanks for the love on #iTunes , Deangelito! We love our faithful listeners and supporters, especially after this long break between episodes. Brand new podcast on CHANGE coming today! #gay #christian #gaychristian #christianblog #homosexuality #lgbt #lgbtq #christianpodcast #podcast #faithfullylgbt
The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. Proverbs 18:21
Faith Friday ✝️ Get 20% Off today. • LADIES! Celebrate the WORD in style in this uber soft tee with just the right amount of sparkle 💫 ⠀⠀ Whether you’re out with friends, attending church, or just dropping the kids off at school - our Faith Rhinestone t-shirt will remind YOU to walk in #faith and trust God. • ⠀⠀ SHOP & SAVE NOW👇🏽 https://eternalgiftstore.com/collections/faith-collection • #eternalgiftstore
Study His Word. 🙏🏻 Subscribe. Link above👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 #yeshua
My girls were playing together earlier, and i don't know the situation, but one of them said "Jesus is here", which prompted me to make this song and we sang it together a couple of times. Even at 2 and 3 years old, Jesus is being instilled in their hearts, and it warms my heart watching them grow in Christ. . #Jesusishere #Jesus #littlechildren #christianblog
This weekend we’re going camping & I’m so pumped because this camping trip has zero agenda like our last few have! Hello fun-in-the-sun! ☀️ • I’m tying to decide if I should bring my Bible or just my devotional..what do you think? What would you do?!
Even Jesus who was perfect was hated by many. So what makes you think 🤔 you won’t have ”haters”? 🤷🏾‍♀️ The truth is , it is very difficult to truly honor God with your whole life and please everyone. It's either you please God and honor Him or you please everyone and dishonor Him. Living to please everyone is a life of “bondage”. And you can’t excel, being bound to peoples opinions and ideas. If you want to live a life of freedom, be free from “people bondage “. The commandment is simple “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength..... love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:30-31 Love does not equal ”Pleasing people” Love equals ”delighting in truth” .
And another one!!! {My #Twitter account!} • Trust God’s plans more than your own. Our flesh only THINKS we know what we need, but God always KNOWS what we truly need ✝️
First, please excuse my presentation this is me @ the gym yesterday #momlife 🙋🏻🏃🏻‍♀️. . . . 2nd, I had to go home & wash my face last night. 😭🤔😩#girlwashyourface If you saw my stories last night you may have noticed I’m listening to the book. The lies, fears & memories of past failures haunt my existence!! . . . . . What I can say is that fear of failure has been a mantra my entire life. That had to stop when I became a mama ‘cause they’re watching me!! I once told a professor that I lack creativity. I said if I could be ANYTHING in this world, I’d want to be CREATIVE. . . . . His response was this, “You’re creative because you’re His creation. You’re made in His image.”. That’s stuck with me .. . . . . When I think about quitting (like every other day), I remember who made me & that He didn’t make no quitter. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #fearfullyandwonderfullymade
God is confidently speaking the truth about me. He has strong belief in me. Not only that, but He is dedicated to me!  God is affirming me. He has affirmed me. And He will affirm me. 🙆🏾‍♀️ #define #affirmed #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #christianblogger #christianblog #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness #mentalhealth #ChristCommunityCounseling #stopthesilence #noshame #overcomers #prayer #instablogger #tothefuture #overcomer
Hello all! Check out my new post of Psalm 34! All about the blessings in trials! 😄❤️✝️ #Christianity #god #jesus #bible #blog #blogger #christian #christianblog #faith #prayer #pain #psalm34 #biblestudy #godislove #jesussaves
Friends, I am working on some new content for the Fall for ThisWinterWoman.com. I have one question for you: . ❤️What are you struggling with most right now? ❤️ . You can comment here or in a message. I so appreciate your help. . . #feministblog #struggle #jesusfeminist #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #feminist #love #faith #church #blog #feminism #feministblog #christianmystic #mystic #faithandfeminism #feminismandfaith #christianity #religion #searching #god #spirituality #thiswinterwoman #quest #prayer #christianfeminism #jesus #spiritualblog #religiousblog #christianblog
Inside Grac’s head at this exact moment: B-B-B-Bennie & The Jets.
Another book I am really excited to share! It talks all about how to live your life on mission at all times. It’s such a motivation and gives practical advice. If you’ve felt yourself becoming less enthused about making every moment count, if you want to life on mission, but aren’t sure what that looks like, or if you just really love to read about how you can make each interaction in your day count and glorify the Lord... this book is for you!! • • I was given this book when I went to Phoenix for the summer last year and loved it. I probably read it in two days. Are there any books you have read that have lit you up for the gospel? (Besides the Bible of course!) - Laurel • • #lifeonmission #booksofinstagram #dailyreading #bookrecommendation
When you’re quiet people assume the worst of you. All because they don’t have control on what you gotta say. But never let that bother you. Keep shining the light of Jesus Christ thru you and let the love of God speak thru you. Always speak life in any situation. Never let anything take your joy in the Lord away from you. Once you realize God is enough in your life, nothing else can phase you. This is my mindset daily. Everyday is a spiritual warfare battle when you livin for Jesus Christ when you tryna follow His footsteps in character. Only the Holy Spirit can help you. It’s impossible to be righteous on your own, only God is righteous thru you. We all need Jesus. As long as you keep walkin towards Christ & don’t give up, you on the right track. Givin God all the glory. Amen. God bless ya. 🙏🏻🔥🙌🏻🦋✝️ #NoteToSelf #kinafaith #holyspiritled #biblicalwisdom #godlywisdom #christianblog #christianpost #godlywoman #womanofGod #christianartist #christianpoet #christianrapper #christianrocker #christianquote #christianquotes #spiritualmaturity #GrowingDailyInTheSpirit #spiritualgrowth #spiritualwarfare #keepitholy
In this week's episode of #AtTheHeart I talk about seeing difficulties in marriage as an opportunity for growth. To watch Episode 83 of #AtTheHeart "Build God's Kingdom in Love" click the link in my bio! Go to >>> https://apple.co/2nMBmps <<< to listen to the free #AtTheHeart podcast on iTunes. Enjoy and God Bless! . . . #prayer #faith #christianblog #attheheart #allforlove #hislove #catholic #catholiclife #catholiclove #lovinghome #catholicconnect #instagood #waytruthlife #catholichome #catholicfamily #godisgreat #allforhim #godisbigger #nolacatholic #alwaysbehumble #godsplan #godslove
A brand new video is up!! This is for all the girls getting ready to go back to school!! Link in the bio!! #gracetalkblog #newvideo #backtoschool #christianblog
We’ve had a wave of new followers in the last couple of weeks. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Comment your country and flag down below! — Looking forward to sharing more of your content! #thechristianbloggers
As I feel most Catholics can agree, I have felt a range of emotions the last few days. I have been frustrated, pissed off, hurt, ashamed, saddened, you name it. All of these by the way, are justifiable. I am still incredibly frustrated with some our leaderships lack of outrage (trust me, my bishop will be getting a letter from me). However, I have realized that we cannot forget about our righteous, humble, selfless, inspiring, caring, priests who have given their lives to this vocation to serve others. I have wanted to ‘do’ something positive. Not to gloss over the atrocities, but to create positive change. I want those who do not embody Christ OUT of our Church leadership, just as much as I want those who DO embody Christ IN our Church. . In this spirit, I want to introduce you to, “Operation: In with the Good, Out with the Bad.” If you know a priest or deacon that has made a difference in your life or in the lives of others – I want to know about it. If you want to just say thank you to a priest for his inspiring homily’s or his kindness that he showed you – I want to know about it. Was a priest just as outraged as you? Did it inspire you? Tell me those stories. Write them a letter and send to me. I want names and diocese (or either or). My purpose? I want to compile as many as I can and I will create a blog post that I want to share. I want to share it with all the priests and deacons (with your help) who need to hear and be reminded of the difference they are making. They are so needed. They are so appreciated. . . Email me, message me, however you want to get it to me. Please submit to me by Friday, August 24. . Email: operationinwiththegood@gmail.com . If you want to share this on other platforms – this is a post on my blog that you can easily share via Facebook, etc. Link in my bio.👆🏼
✨Oswald Chambers' words of Truth are always so beautifully said ✨
Follow what God has called you into Have faith and do not settle for less I love Hannah. She had all the love from her husband Elkanah despite being barren but she truly desired a child. When Elkanah asked her that, she went into the temple and prayed for a child. And God answered. And this child was so great. Nowhere in the Bible do we hear about Peninah's children but we hear a lot about Samuel. Don't settle for less. Pray to the Lord and watch Him answer your prayers. Praise Him cause He is already at work. Don't settle for less. It is not God's plan for you to function in minimality. . . .#graced #loved #fellowship #instadevotion #godlyquotes #christianblog #womenintheword #menintheword #sistersinchrist #brothersinchrist #Jesus #ministry #Don 'tsettleforless
Allow for God to lead him to you......
Taya and fans 💜
My third son, Ezra, used to shove everything in his mouth. He had some developmental delays and putting things in his mouth was his way of examining items and understanding them better. However, what he chose to put in his mouth wasn’t always beneficial. New believers are similar – they don’t exactly know what’s right or wrong and they’ll “feed” themselves the wrong thing if there isn’t someone disciplining them. Oftentimes, new believers spend time trying to ponder what is “right” and can frustrate themselves. If you are a mature believer, help others along – you have discernment on what is good and evil, and you should be able to point them to understanding based on Scriptures. Don’t let the babes accept just any kind of spiritual food! Protect them and help them to grow into seasoned believers. Help them strengthen their spiritual jaws as they chomp on the Word of God. 🎉 Full Hebrews 5 study link in bio.
✨😱ONE. MORE. DAY 😱✨ Last chance to grab tickets for a #anightwiththepilgrims ! See y’all tomorrow night ! Its gonna be something special 😩😍
Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror, and hated what you saw? Same here And I would bet the majority of girls have done this... But why? What is it we hate? The rolls, the dimples, the pimples, the marks on our skin, the texture of our hair?? What happened to loving ourselves for that unique laugh, that ear to ear smile, that ability to light up a room, or that unique skill set only you have?? Girls, over the years I've been given countless gifts wrapped in pretty paper and bows that I can't even remember now, but a few years ago I was given a gift wrapped in a plain brown paper bag...not very exciting - but it was one of the best gifts I've ever received and I still remember it. And sometimes I feel like that plain brown paper bag - not very pretty, not very unique, and not very appealing but then I think about how one of the best gifts I've ever received was in a plain brown paper bag. Being honest, I've struggled to love myself throughout the years but I'm slowly learning to love the skin I'm in every day. I'm learning that the skin we're in is just like the wrapping on a gift and that the gift itself is so much more than what's on the outside. Are any of you feeling kind of like that plain brown paper bag today?? I want you to remember to love the skin your in today because the true gift is so much more than the wrapping. - Rachel #boldandbeloved #lovetheskinyourin
EVERYONE HAS A GIFT! Do you realize that your gift was placed within you for a purpose by the Master Potter? More important, that gift was given to you by God’s plan and design to be a blessing to someone else. What is one of YOUR gifts? Share below❤ #lifelivedbeautifully #creativewomen #bloggingforjesus #christianblog #christianwomen #womenoffaith #womenofchrist #encouragingquotes #encouragement #savvybusinessowner #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #faithblog #faithblogger #christianlife #bloglife #wellwateredwomen #shespeakstruth #graceupongrace #restore #scriptureoftheday
It’s not a bad thing to hit the bottom as long as we don’t stay there. Click link in bio for more 👉🏻
Good Morning ☀️ #Joy (strength) is here!! Psalm 30:5 states something very encouraging to believers. “Weeping May endure for a night, BUT joy (strength) comes in the morning!! The situation you’ve cried, lamented, worried and stressed over has lost its influence over you. Joy showed up and made itself readily available to you. Are you willing to drop hands (come out of agreement) with what has troubled? Receive the joy (strength) God has packaged for you today. Jesus is that joy! Remind your situation and circumstance that they have expiration dates... You’re stronger than what you think! #TimeIsUp #IChooseJoy #christianblog #bible #help #jesus #joyismystrength
safe to say I had the best time of my life! europe i’ll miss you like crazy ✨
Its always been me and the microphone. #friendshipthatlast #christianblog #singer #royalmusichouse
“I can be a child of God, and be in the wilderness; but because I am a child of God, I will conquer the wilderness. Through Him, I will remain steadfast in my ways” • An excerpt from my newest post which you can read on the blog in my bio. I get up close and personal with where I’ve been in the wilderness, and how I find God within it, rather than hiding from the unexpectedness . Read it now and tag some friends below who may be in the wilderness too right now! • Happy Friday friends! 💛
Daddy's Word to me today 😍😄🙌 ... Did you commune with Daddy today? ... Hope you didn't do all the talking? ... Thing is - He always speaks. ... Question is - Were you still enough to listen? ... Meanwhile, blog post will be up in a moment. #DaughtersSword #GodLifeAndTheWord #Blog #ChristianBlog #ChristianBlogger #Christianity #ForSonsAndDaughters #KingdomBreeds #WeWalkOnWater #Faith #Love #God
lense caps are better than most of her toys apparently🤷🏼‍♀️ happy Friday . . . . . . . . . . . #momlife #christianmom #christianblogger #blog #blogger #christianblog
I am grateful for the Holy Spirit. Walking faithfully with God and aligning with His will is pretty much impossible without the Holy Spirit. Reason being that the Human nature never gives up - it is a daily struggle to choose God over the flesh and canal desires. Without the Holy Spirit who convicts and brings gentle whispers to remind me of what pleases God and His Will i probably will be more aligned to my will than God’s will. —— So Today i am grateful for my friend, comforter, guide, helper and teacher —>The Holy Spirit. • • • “For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.” ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬ #documentedfaith #faithblogger
In recognition of PCOS & NICU Awareness month this September, @mypredestinedone will be raising awareness in our own community about the very REAL and RAW struggles of PCOS and the NICU. _ Come join us as we provide a professional panel to discuss these issues and answer all of your questions, as well as share the personal stories of our guest speakers. This is a FREE event to share awareness, hope, and support, while also celebrating my new book, #AFearlessJourneytoMotherhood , with a book signing. _ We will also be recognizing and honoring all NICU families (past and present) in attendance. So, if you’re currently in the NICU or have been in the past, join us. If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS we want to honor and recognize you for your tenacious strength to continue to fight until motherhood is yours! Come help us build awareness! Get registered today! #MyPredestinedOne
As women, we are harder on ourselves than we need to be. We doubt ourselves. We blame ourselves. And when put in new and unknown situations, we often tend to question ourselves. - Yesterday, my local chapter of PWOC came together for yearly kickoff. It was exciting seeing old faces, after a summer out of session; but even moreso, it was so wonderful meeting everyone new. - There were so many new faces! Women who, if I could guess, were feeling nervous, apprehensive, or even doubtful. But they did it; they pushed past any negativity the enemy tried to lie in front of them and they overcame! - I am so blessed and honored and just plain excited for this new season! We are going to be digging into #findingIAm by @lysaterkeurst. I am eager to see God work in each and every one of our lives throughout this study. It is going to be a great year!
The new blog is HERE!!! Check it out guys! God is weaving together a beautifully constructed life in which we suffer through some things, and are saved from others so that in some instances our scars will testify and in others our lack there of will. But in all situations, we WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT A TESTIMONY OF GRACE AND MERCY and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. #blog #christianblog #transparensismovement #grace #mercy #biblestudy #linkinbio
How can I pray for you today?
Today’s live will be at 1:00pm. Click the link in my bio to read the blog and join the conversation!
Snippet of new post “IN HIM” • • You were put here to live out a purpose, achieving your greatest self in the process. Purpose is not something one can create but something that can be found in God - a relentless pursuit of God leads you right to purpose —————— LATEST ENTRY ON THE BLOG: IN HIM Written by @livewithmjb | Link in Bio💕💕💕| Read and share your thoughts. #christculturedwoman #faithblog
“Do you know what I love most about this passage? It's the “He will do it“ -part. The “I’m not perfect but He forgave me“-part, or the “I don’t have it all figured out, but He has“ – part, or the “I wasn’t worthy, but He said I am worthy” -part, or the “I couldn't do it by myself but He already did it for me“-part” • Read more on the blog, the link is our bio! There’s a new post written by Ruth showing how God is Evermore in all of His ways. Tag THREE friends below to give them a reminder that HE WILL DO IT!
Sometimes being a wife and mother takes a strength that is purely God given. There are times when it seems like your being pulled in every direction and as women we have this preconceived idea that we are supposed to be strong and that we have to be superwoman, wonder woman and dash of Xena warrior princess all rolled into one.👸🏾🤷🏾‍♀️ But God says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NLT): Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. So there is no need for us to kill ourselves trying to be superwoman, wonder woman and Xena warrior princess👸🏾all rolled into one. Because God is willing to show up and show out when we "just can't" so don't stress give it all to the Lord and then sit back sip some tea or coffee ☕ and watch God do what you can't.🙌🏾🙏🏾 and then sit even further back and rejoice because God can do a way better job than we ever could anyway🙏🏾
“Readers are leaders.” + The most effective leaders spend a lot of time learning, growing, and expanding their knowledge. + We may not able to sit down and have coffee with our favorite thought leader, but we can always pick up a book and learn from them. + It’s to your advantage to “pick the brain” of those who have something to teach. * And don’t just read a book once. Studies show that it takes repetition before something is ingrained into our brain. + What are you reading? What are some of your favorite books? Comment below 💜
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