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Awesome weekend for the chrome edition Bare Naked Ladies & for another of our beautiful Best Sellers She's Two Cheeky 🖤 The 3 stunning Ladies are off to new homes in Bangor, London & Kentucky USA! Thank you so much and i can't wait to see all the pictures!!! #thankyou #london #kentucky #bangorni #chromecollection #cheekyladies #shippingworldwide #alwaysworking #alwaysthinking #alwaysdifferent #alwaysthankful 🖤
Summer 2017 Lipstick Vault 💕💀 so many beautiful lipsticks, beautiful packaging and I love my crystal ball highlighter too!! 😍 @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics
Neon green 🍀 | products used | @jeffreestarcosmetics androgyny pallet “military” and liquid lipsticks • drug lord ☁️ • Venus flytrap 🌿 • Huntington Beach 🌊@jeffreestarcosmetics ice cold highlighter
Image found on Pinterest - artist unknown 🌈
Baby blue 💧 | products used | @jeffreestarcosmetics androgyny pallet “safe word” and liquid lipsticks • drug lord ☁️ • huntington beach 🌊@jeffreestarcosmetics ice cold highlighter
Never enough brushes 😂💕 best when they are all clean though!
Thirst Trap 💦 one of my new FAVOURITES 🙌🏻 | products used | @jeffreestarcosmetics androgyny pallet “safe word” and liquid lipsticks • thirst trap 🙌🏻 • soft serve 🍦@jeffreestarcosmetics ice cold highlighter •| makeup by @blackaura.beauty |•
Love the summer collection! I find myself always reaching for cherry wet & thirst trap 💋🙌🏻 thirst trap pairs well with almost everything!
So many colours 🍭✨💕🌈
Dreaming of a tropical vacation now that my sheets are this blue 🐬🌴 (as it I wasnt dreaming of it anyways 😂) | products used | @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipsticks • queen bee 🐝 • Venus flytrap 🌿 • drug lord ☁️ @jeffreestarcosmetics highlighter “ice cold” •| makeup by @blackaura.beauty |•
Cotton candy 🍭💕 | products used |@jeffreestarcosmetics • drug lord ☁️ • prom night 👛 @jeffreestarcosmetics ice cold highlighter •| makeup by @blackaura.beauty |•
I gotta take some updated photos of my collection but I still love this one 💕 Which colour is your favourite?! @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar
Somewhere over the rainbow... 🌈 | products used | @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipsticks: • druglord ☁️ • cherry wet 💋 • coral fixation 🔥 • queen bee 🐝 • venus fly trap 🌿 • huntington beach 🌊 • you.better.work 😈 & @jeffreestarcosmetics ”ice cold” highlighter @jeffreestar lipsticks are animal cruelty free, vegan, & safe for eyes! 💕 . •| makeup by @blackaura.beauty |•
🌈 rainbow of @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipsticks! 🌈 • cherry wet 💋 • coral fixation 🔥 • queen bee 🐝 • venus fly trap 🌿 • huntington beach 🌊 • you.better.work 😈 @jeffreestar lipsticks are animal cruelty free, vegan, & safe for eyes! 💕
Dug out the 2 skin frosts from the @jeffreestarcosmetics chrome collection. When they first were released I was a little underwhelmed but when I got them they are really nice. It’s been awhile since iv used them so exited to get them out again💕😌 #jeffreestar #jeffreestarcosmetics #crystalballskinfrost #summersnowconeskinfrost #chromecollection #skinfrost #highlighterlove #makeup #makeupobsession #makeupobsessed #beawesome #beyourself #positivevibes #grunge #grungegirl
Shop sandalwood and amber diffuser from our ani M Black & Chrome Home Collection. A simple yet stylish way to fragrance any room all the day and making peaceful and relaxed environment. This stylish aroma comes in a glass bottle with a silver chrome neck and black wooden reeds, wrapped in an exquisite white Box and tied with a beautiful grosgrain ribbon that makes it perfect for a gift. #RetailFurnishing #HomeDecor #HomeAccessories #sandalwooddiffuser #diffuser #chromecollection #fragrance #aroma #design #decor #furnishings #homefurnishings #interiordesign #interior #insta #instapic #instagram #follow #follows #following #followback #follow4more
This is just a couple of @jeffreestar things because I am sorting out my makeup and brushes etc not that I've had a chance to wear any makeup lately, when you're fighting to be alive and could have died over 5 times since new years day unfortunately I haven't been anywhere apart from a hospital bed or home and weirdly they don't allow you in makeup whilst nearly dying ha I wouldn't have been able to if I wanted to. I really hope that on wedding anniversary in 7 weeks that I could look good for Jack and I know he's booked a hotel to celebrate our wedding anniversary 2 days before the actual date because it's the weekend on the 6th where as the actual #anniversary is the 8th I do love me some #jeffreestarcosmetics Well and also some #jeffree#skintight (not in the collection) ill have to get all my makeup together when done and put away in new decorated room and show then #youbetterwork #makeup #skinfrost #chromecollection #collection #purpleliquidlips #nude #liquidlipstick #highlighter #crystalball ME WEARING YOU BETTER WORK WITH NO OTHER MAKEUP ON AND PJ TOP IS INTERESTING BUT I LOVED THE COLOUR WHEN IT CAME A WHILE AGO AND HAD TO PUT IT ON THERE &THEN LOL
🌸 Spring is in the air 🌸 recreated this aqua blue cut crease by @kathleenlights using the @jeffreestarcosmetics thirsty palette ✌🏻
My Jeffree Star velour liquid lip collection....soon to be growing 💋💕😍#jeffreestarcosmetics #velourliquidlipstick #chromecollection #summer2017 #christmascollection #glitter #pink #love #makeuplife #beautiful
Chrome Silver by @modelsownofficial can be found in @meeboxuk new Main Stage box! 🙌🏻💅🏻👌🏻
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