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I really enjoy flying. I love the anticipation of visiting somewhere else. The excitement when the plane first takes off. Even the coming home after a long trip with nothing to do but think about the experience and memories made. Last Monday I was lucky enough to fly over Seattle during sunset and see this view😍🌇
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Dazzlingly beautiful 💫
Sunset + the @spaceneedle + McKenzie = A perfect shot. Thanks for the dreamy photo @melissatizon !
It was great to be amongst such a variety of artists, felt like I was back in my element! ____________________________ “Magnify” 6/20/18 By: @rawartists @rawartistsseattle Artist: @staygolddesign
So many talented artist’s all in one once place! I can proudly check ✔️ showcase off my list of goals! What are your goals in life are they to advance your career or your happiness? ____________________________ “Magnify” 6/20/18 By: @rawartists @rawartistsseattle Artist: @hairbycaprica
Had so much fun at my first showcase on Wednesday night! So many great local artists on show it was truly inspiring! I brought my new @sony 85mm f 1.8 along to the show to test it out, couldn’t resist the urge!! ___________________________________ “Magnify” 6/20/18 By: @rawartists @rawartistsseattle Artists: @horizon3dance
City of Seattle Upward Bound Chief Sealth International High School Class of 2018. #cityofseattle #upwardbound #trio #chiefsealth
Olha nós aí apresentando Seattle à BH! Que satisfação em ter o @visiteseattle patrocinando a 9ª Meia Maratona Internacional de Belo Horizonte. Valeu @tbhesportes pela parceria. Que o evento seja um sucesso. Vamos correr gente! @visiteseattle e @kaplanbrasil na meia de BH! #saude #atividadefisica #meiadebh #visiteseattle #blogdeviagem #seattle #cityofseattle #conheçaseattle #vempraseattle #brasileiroemseattle #seattleemportuguês #estudaremseattle #kaplan
Finding moments to stop and take it in, even (or especially) in the maelstrom, is what it is all about for me.
Thank you to everyone that came out & showed love at my first showcase last night! It was a great experience for me and met some great people. Shout out to @rawartistsseattle for hosting the awesome evening! I appreciate those that bought prints they will look amazing in your office or home. Who would of thought it could be so much fun supporting local artists? @rawartists
🚨Set the Alarms or let the Sun ☀️ be your alarm for class Saturday at 8am!! Looking for a great start to your day with great energy, great workout, great community, and great results!! Join us Saturday 8am at Van Asselt Community Center in Seattle, and since the City of Seattle and Get Moving sponsors the class its Free Ninety Nine for the community!! Just bring some water, workout mat, and work at bringing someone with you!! #GetMoving #CityOfSeattle #Fitness #AlwaysWinning
City of Seattle Upward Bound Garfield Class of 2018. #cityofseattle #upwardbound #trio #garfield
Today is the day, last chance to get your tickets for Tonight! It’s going to be an amazing evening! See you all there! Link in Bio ✌🏾
American Switzerland 🇨🇭⠀ ⠀ Знак перед входом на тропу "С собаками запрещено". Но менталитет наш никто не отменял 🤦‍♀️⠀ Мы решили подниматься с Арчи, авось повезёт, ну и не зря ж 4 часа ехали. ⠀ Тропа в общей сложности 13 км, через км 2 Арчи сдулся и продолжил путь на руках.. подъем оказался неожиданно сложным 😭⠀ (Муж, ты самый сильный человек на свете! Прошёл с рюкзаком и Арчи❤️)⠀ Вообщем, дошли до озера безумно уставшие.. и тут. Мы встретили его..⠀ Мужчина поинтересовался, знаем ли мы, что с собаками нельзя... мы рассказали, что не знали 🙄, что это была самая ужасная идея взять его с собой, и мы больше никогда не будем не слушаться знаков! это, кстати, правда. Так вот следующая информация открыла второе дыхание "ребята, вы будьте осторожны. Если рейнджер увидит вас с собакой, пса забирают, и отдают лишь после выплаты штрафа в тысячи $" 😳⠀ Так быстро, как мы спускались, мы не спускались никогда.. Придумали знаки, если видим стража порядка и план отступления. Я прям представила, как мы по лесу прячемся от рейнджеров, медведей, горных львов 🤦‍♀️⠀ Рейнджера мы не встретили, к счастью🙏🏼⠀ Вышли из леса, залетели в машину и рванули с места преступления 🌪⠀ ⠀ Вывод: законы в Америке не созданы, что бы их нарушать! Мы точно больше не будем 🙄
City of Seattle Upward Bound Rainer Beach Graduates. High school is done, time to get to work on those baccalaureates. #cityofseattle #upwardbound #trio #rainerbeach
Ghost sign as seen from @thesmithtower , from the old days down in Pioneer Square. It is hard to get your bearings from the top of Smith Tower, so I had a hard time identifying this building from this angle. Any help @historicseattle folks? It is such a great sign! Maybe @shugssodafountain predecessors? Lol...#seattlehistory #pioneersquare #historicpreservation #masonry #oldbuildings #ghostsigns #historicseattle #1900s #knowyourhistory #sodajerks #oldsigns #neighborhood #downtownseattle #igers_seattle #streetphotography #cityscape #citylife #cityofseattle
stormy weekend 🌀⠀ ⠀
Sundown on Seattle
The beauty of this city #SeattleLiving #Argosy #Scenery #CityOfSeattle
#JUSTLISTED in South Beacon Hill at $580,000!🏠 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2-story home with a bedroom, full bath and private entrance downstairs for in-laws or rental opportunity. For a personal tour call, text, or email📲 425-880-2584 don@windermere.com 📩 . . #RealEstate #CityOfSeattle #SeattleRealEstate #KingCounty #SeattleMarket #HouseHunt #PropertySearch #HomeForSale #Urban #UrbanLiving #Bellevue #Kirkland #Seattle #UrbanBellevueLiving
Bff goals: Forever making each other laugh at all times 😋💛
Naked biker alert! Seattle tradition. Always a part of the Solstice Parade. Enjoy the weekend, whatever you’re wearing. **** #solstice #cityofseattle #solsticeparade #naked #naked #nakedbikers #fremontparade #republicoffremont #fresh #sunburn ? #shootsta #aussie #australian #tech #video #startup #sydney #singapore #seattle #melbourne #australia #videocontent #sandiego #london 🇬🇧
We just “Getting Moving” and “Always Winning” because we in the lab working on being our best!! We keep it simple, have fun, work hard, and everyone wins!! Join us next Saturday 8am at Van Asselt Community Center, you can have results or excuses but can’t have both 🤔💪🏾🤷🏾‍♂️!! #NewFitnessClass #NewLocation #Seattle #GetMoving #CityOfSeattle #AlwaysWinning
Seattle has a huge homeless issue. Not to long ago the city had a bunch of money to attempt to deal with this. Nothing has happened. Seattle doesn’t need more money to help the homeless until they can map out what they actually want to do, instead of blindly wasting money. Seattle actually paid a woman to come give advice on what to do about the growing homeless problem, and the city literally did the exact opposite of what an EXPERT said to do. I am so torn. I want to help homeless people and I actively do, all the time. But it makes me hesitant to help them when I see how often they litter and how picky and ungrateful some homeless people are. Sport not sorry if that sounds rude, but that’s how I feel. Something needs to be done. The sides of the freeway and underpasses look absolutely disgusting because of all of the trash that homeless people leave there, it’s unsanitary and not good for the environment. Ugh this city needs to figure something out. I believe they should talk to actual homeless people and learn what they need/want and what their stories are. That might help get this problem under control.
Pacific Northwest Seatle area!! Its almost time for me once again to be held in your watery embrace! Events coming up* Revival Gathering Vashon Island June 21-24 @revivalevents with headliners @lydiavioletmusic and @climbingpoetree ! http://www.backtolife.org/2018-revival-gathering/ I will be playing at dinner Friday night and ill be at the song circles throughout the weekend! Show with Jason Webley June 29th at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle @abbeyarts https://www.facebook.com/events/181910342438762/?ti=as #musicmakers #artists #singtogether #seattlemusic #FremontAbbey #abbeyarts #creationstation #seattlecenter #cityofseattle #musicinseattle #accordion #banjo #collaboration #harmony #fremontseattle #jasonwebley #pikeplacemarket #vibrations #airways #fm #radio #washingtonstatemusic #kexp @kexp @subpop 📷 by @semply_smiles
DW Real Estate Group #JUSTLISTED this property in South Beacon Hill for $580,000!🏠 2,030 SF provides an excellent opportunity for multi-generational living or investment opportunity with a bedroom, full bath and private entrance on the lower level. . I will be holding an #OpenHouse today 1pm - 3:30pm. Come say hi and check out what Beacon Hill can offer!🏠 DM for the address📩 . . #RealEstate #Seattle #BeaconHill #HouseHunt #OpenHouse #LivingInSeattle #SeattleRealEstate #HomeForSale #CityOfSeattle #BeaconHillRealEstate #LiveInSeattle #PkResidential
Do you think #PostMalone ever hangs out in #PostAlley 💭💭💭 #MidnightThoughts
🚨Set the Alarms or let the Sun ☀️ be your alarm tomorrow!! Looking for a dope start to your day tomorrow with great energy, great workout, great community, and great results!! Join us Saturday 8am at Van Asselt Community Center in Seattle, and since the City of Seattle and Get Moving sponsors the class its Free Ninety Nine for the community!! Just bring some water, mat, and work at bringing someone with you!! #GetMoving #CityOfSeattle #Fitness #AlwaysWinning
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
Berry Farm 🍓🍓🍓 ⠀ ⠀ •Одно из американских развлечений- поездка на ферму за ягодами. Но перед покупкой, надо самостоятельно их собрать, а пока собираешь, можно кушать, сколько влезет 🤤⠀ ⠀ •Клубника 🍓 1,75 $ за полкило ⠀ ⠀ Мы запаслись витаминами на дождливую зиму. Когда рядом нет бабушек, приходится варенье делать самим, эх 😫⠀ цените близость родных 💞
#JUSTLISTED Don's client's property in South Beacon Hill for $580,000!🏠 2,030 SF provides an excellent opportunity for multi-generational living with a bedroom and full bath on the lower level. | MLS# 1309941 OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE: Friday, 6/15 4:30pm - 7:00pm Saturday, 6/16 1:00pm - 3:30pm 🏠3929 S Cloverdale St, Seattle, WA 98118 LivingInBeaconHill.com For a personal your give Don a call at (425)-880-2584 #Seattle #RealEstate #BeaconHill #LivingInSeattle #CityOfSeattle #SeattleCommunity #CityLiving #Urban #SeattleRealEstate #KingCounty #UrbanBellevueLiving
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