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non sei un 27 e nemmeno un 30 senza lode non sei una terza, un 36 di piedi non sei un primo anno fuori corso o un secondo anno all’estero o il numero che non dai a nessuno non sei le 08:08 su cui punti la sveglia i sette esami che ti mancano alla laurea i nove anni prima dei trenta le quattro frasi che hai scritte sul corpo i tre giorni senza vedermi tu sei tutto quello che non si può contare ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ #mio #mine #bae #mylovefromthestars #photoshootings #photoshootideas #citypicz #sydneymodel #couplegoals #relationship #realrelationshipgoals #love #lovegoals #hotcouples #lovestorys #truelover #baegoals #boyfirendgoals #coupleshoots #loveisloveislove #baby
mooo. here's a picture i took two years ago of a terrace of some government insurance building in manila. just thought that the circle thingy and the statues affixed to the wall were interesting characteristics. see yous then.
Belo entardecer em Londrina/Brasil. Feriado na terrinha...❤❤❤
This is truly one of the most beautiful building I have ever seen ❤️
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“I know how it feels, it ain't easy, there's a reason why you only see it in the movies” (🎧 “Wonder Woman” by @spaceykacey )
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Уютных весенних выходных😊 и доброй ночи !! Огромное всем спасибо за поздравления!!! По сей день столько добрых слов, спасибо вам всем🙏❤ На фото Николо-Угрешский монастырь, несколько дней назад. Попробовала полетать в сильный ветер... Все получилось, но все же лучше дождаться отличной погоды😊 Всем Добра 🌞❤ ________________________ Всё фото #krylova555_photo Фото с квадрокоптера #krylova555_drone Угреша #krylova555_Ugresha ________________________ ПыСы: очень много сообщений по фото с недели моды, да, сделаю пост, возможно вы там есть👍 _________________________ Good night dear friends !!💜🌟💜 Photo from drone. Orthodox monastery in Moscow region, Russia
“Deja que las ideas y pensamientos sobre Dios te vengan de todas partes, hay un solo Dios con miles de nombres, rezale acuerdo con tu religion, dando respeto a toda las demás” ― Mahatma Gandhi 📷 Safari a las Cañitas / Abadía de San Benito 📷#produccionessafaris 🔴 Unite al grupo ➡️ @produccionessafaris 💪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #iglesia #iglesias #religion #bsas_streetphotography #cathedral #ViviArgentina #igrejaspelomundo #total_monuments #oldchurch #total_churches #architecturephotography #jj_architecture #vivoartesacra #ic_architecture #iglesiasdebuenosaires #buenosaires_lifestyle #ig_church #churchesoftheworld #churchesandcastles #church_masters #ig_city #loves_architecture #tv_architectural #srs_buildings #architecture_greatshots #citypicz #be_one_architecture #ARQrgentina
Have beeing a fan of Prague since i visited this town 10 years ago for the first time, i finally got to see the amazing municipal house from inside where the most prestigious orchestra of prague performs. The building itself is an expression of czech nationalism, and the orchestra consists of best musicians in the world. Thank to the prague administration, a visit of the main halls inside of the municipal house is now possible. And if you have the chance, i would strongly recommend you also buy a ticket for the concert. Coming to Prague is not about having a short escape, but seeing and experiencing world's true cultural heritage in particular. If you have any questions about Prague, just shoot!
Thinking about a city break or two this spring? 👍 Check out the link in bio for 5 underrated cities in Europe that you shouldn’t miss 💯✨
One of the most magical nights I had the chance to spend in Bangkok was right here✨Celebrating my birthday with amazing humans, the fresh breeze and food smell of the city, bare feet and a birthday drink 🍰 🥂 this place stole my heart 💕 what’s your fav place to spend your birthday? . Una de las noches más mágicas que tuve la oportunidad de vivir en Bangkok fue aquí. 🌸Celebrando mis cumpleaños con mis amigos, la brisa fresca con el olor a comida que identifica esta cuidad, con los pies descalzos y una bebida de cumpleaños 💫 cual es tu lugar favorito para pasar tus cumpleaños? 💕
Lovely day and some great shots 📷
Feeling foxy 🤔
Laser eye tiger 🐅
Street art ❤️💜🧡
Beautiful day to stroll the city streets with some great art from @kazerofficial
Step into the night 🌃
City vibes only 🙅🏼‍♀️
Bridge over troubled water 🌉
The city never sleeps 🌚
Night is to see the dreams and day is to make them true ✨💫
Kisses 😘 / Волнительнее первых шагов ребёнка оказывается его первый выпавший зуб 🦷😂. ⠀ Вчера уже и ниточку на нем затягивали, вспоминая старые способы выдергивания молочных зубов 😅, а вот дернуть со всей силы так и не решились. Но сегодня зуб сдался сам ☺️. Теперь осталось дождаться зубную фею..🧚‍♀️ #даниилоткрываетмир ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #veronacity #ig_verona #veronainlove #italylovers #unlimitedtravellers #people_and_world #todays_simplicity #italy_vacations #ukraine_blog #ukrainiantravelers #hello_worldpics #the_daily_traveller #tv_travel #europe_focus_on #lovetotraveltheworld #prettylittleitaly #seemycity #architecturedaily #athomeintheworld #exploreitaly #citypicz #jj_memories #magicofchildhood #путешествиясдетьми #тревелмама #archi_focus_on #ic_people #детитакиедети
At Union Station, we decided to head over to the Arlington Cemetery Station. No, it wasn't to visit the Arlington Cemetery. It was for these two pictures. Most people only share their trips and show no flaws. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for me, I truly messed up here. I know the Arlington Cemetery is a big deal. One thing I didn't know was that the station is basically closed at the same time as the cemetery. We went from Gallery Place Station to Pentagon Station, switched lines, and attempted to reach Arlington Cemetery Station which would have been the next stop. Except, it wasn't. The next stop was Rosslyn which is the stop after Arlington Cemetery Station and I began to wonder if I got on the wrong train. So, we head back from Rosslyn to Arlington Cemetery Station. Except, we didn't. We were back at Pentagon Station. Dumbfounded, I say lets hop on the blue line to Arlington Cemetery Station again and we did. Did we make it to the station? Not at all. We were back at Rosslyn, so we turned back and went to Pentagon Station. We got out at Pentagon Station and began to wander around. Here's a tip for probably no one with common sense, don't wander around The Pentagon. Before I could detour off our barricaded path I was immediately instructed to turn around from afar. Thankfully I met a bus driver who explained the station situation. Our best option was just to go back to Union Station and call for a ride. If you're wondering why we couldn't call a ride at the previous station, let's just say The Pentagon isn't a hotspot for Uber or Lyft. We set our destination to the start of the bridge on the west side and it turns out that my drop-off was underneath the overpass of the bridge in pitch black darkness around 21:00 in what is probably the shadiest drop-off this driver has ever made. With all that said, here's the outcome of my pathetic efforts. Enjoy two shitty pictures from Arlington Memorial Bridge which include the back of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Oh, and walking across the Arlington Memorial Bridge at night in near freezing temperatures is one of the dumbest things I've ever done. I rate this experience -5/5. Cheers!
Another night, another visit to the Arco della Pace. This time arriving from the opposite end, which is the face of the arc. It wasn’t the arc what excited me, it was what was beyond it. Seeing this arc and approaching it was like approaching the gates of heaven and beholding a glorious shine of blinding light. You may be asking, “How?” or “Why?” I’ll tell you why. It’s because beyond this arc were a multitude of restaurants all serving their Aperitivo menu and I had finally arrived on time! We actually ate at a restaurant just to the right of this picture. In fact, the restaurant can be seen. It’s called Duomo dal 1952. You go in, pay €10, you get a glass of wine and an all you can eat buffet. I don’t think you can conclude an evening better than that.
Rumor has it that Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci was called to Milan in 1482 by Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan, to improve the city with his talents and ideas. With this came the Navigli of today. I wanted to take a boat tour of the navigli, but either I was never in the right place to find someone who would offer that service or it was just too cold and no one was working that early. Really, the only reason I wanted to take the boat tour was to say I’ve been on the same waters as Leonardo Da Vinci. But I can always say Leonardo Da Vinci has never been at the same altitudes as me. How’d that flying machine work for you, Leo? Ha! Checkmate!
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