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~ Thank you to the ones who have allowed us the freedom to say it ~
“Each time I try to find someone to take your place It was all in vain, no their lips were never quite the same aww baby When I kiss someone new, deep inside I was missing you” - Donny Hathaway ... 📍 Woosley Fire ... my heart aches for everyone who’s been affected in these California fires. The air quality is so bad on my side of town and I’m 30 miles from the fire. This is one of the shots I got when I drove up to Thousand Oaks. Stay safe & anyone in need of shelter during these times DM me #prayforcalifornia
~ Wisp away ~
Update on this painting. I’m going to name this one “Journey” ✨ hoping to have it finished by the end of this week. I’ve had a ton of ideas for paintings flooding my head recently and I’m so excited to start bringing them to life 🔮
Flying through time....
you are in my heart the same way the sun comes up in the day and all of the stars disappear. i see nothing else when you are here - @beautaplin | wonderful @namastehannah
Kowtow under morning light.
One of the most beautiful places in Canada without a doubt 🗻 Also got an insane sunset later in the day which I will post soon 🌅
This past weekend in Charleston was an absolute blast! I love a good road trip but now it’s back to reality and an insanely busy week. Because IM MOVING! Not out of Nashville but to a new neighborhood and a new living situation. I’m so excited for this but I have less than a week to pack up all my things a move them across town! Here’s to new adventures and new experiences! C’est La Vie✨✨ 📷: @jessicaleighco
Even on rainy and dark days, norwegian views don’t disappoint ⛰
silver linings☁️
I made the mistake of drinking caffeine way too late yesterday, so I am starting this Monday off with even more caffeine because #teamnosleep . But here is a photo of the prettiest, most colorful name cards ever! I still love them so, so much. Happy, happy Monday to all of you! Hope your day is filled with slightly less coffee than mine! . . . 📷: @jillianbowes
IPhone photography and editing is way underrated. Sometimes all that’s needed for a good iPhone photo is great light, composition, and color feels thanks to @vsco
🌸 The Amen of nature is always a flower.- O. W. 💕 Double tap if you agree 🙌 Photo by: @rusticbones . . . . . . . . . . . #exploring #thegreatoutdoors #outdoorfolk #socality #collectivelycreative #wilderness #pacificnorthwest #letsgosomewhere #stayandwander #itsbetteroutside #savethewild
Return to form
Color 💥
The homie. This lil dude followed me for about a half an hour as I walked around the historic district of Manaus. He was smiling, chasing birds, and chewing up newspapers as we went along.
🌸MEET CLAUDIA🌸 We first discovered Claudia when she started sharing her love of flowers on Instagram in the lead up to launching her studio-based design florist in Henley in the Summer. A natural storyteller with a keen eye for elegance, we were intrigued to found out more. 💐 Claudia started @justjoeyonthemoon after realising a shortage of event florists (florists who use a design process to create truly bespoke and beautiful floral arrangements). She uses the flowers to tell personal stories and share memories through the designs she creates. If you check out Claudia's Instagram feed you'll see the creative process involved and her impressive attention to detail. 🌺 Claudia enjoys working closely with her clients on their design proposals. Understanding their brief and bringing it to life with colours, textures, props and beautiful ribbons. She looks forward to taking clients to the flower market to look at shapes and colour (even when it's a frighteningly early start - that's dedication 👊🏻!). 🌼 If you've seen our Christmas Catalogue, Claudia's beautiful wreath was chosen for the front and back cover 💕. We are thrilled to be selling a selection of her handmade-to-order Christmas wreaths within the online shop (swipe 👈🏻 to see them). They will be available for collection-only from the Creative Duck Pop Up Shop, Henley from 23rd November to 2nd December. Please order online (link in bio 👆🏻). 🌷 And if you're hosting Christmas this year (or fancy learning some tips from an expert), Claudia is running a Christmas Florals & Table Styling Masterclass on Thursday 29th November (swipe 👈🏻 for details or visit the website), complete with floral urn and flower arrangement to take home. ✨ So, tag someone that you think would love one of Claudia's wreaths or her styling masterclass as places are limited 👍🏻. ✨ Happy Monday everyone xx
This was the perfect place to watch the sun go down.... 📷 @baileywilday
However long the night, the dawn will always break.
~ final pose ~
Since the clocks turned back an hour I have found myself seriously unmotivated this past week. I wake up, go to work, and come home to only have the sun set half an hour later. It’s hard to get going when options are limited of what I can do in the week. This long weekend was definitely needed so I can spend time outdoors while it’s not in the negatives and take advantage of the light to venture with good peeps like @erynmacgillivray. Hoping these edits keep me preoccupied before I go back into a not so exciting routine during the week.
lost you, again. and again. and again. I only ever showed you half of me
Phone booths or oversized military helmets on a pole?
Very desolate vibes on this side street
Choreography or physical architecture. ™ • The Brooklyn Bridge • Brooklyn, NY ©
🌸be grateful🌸 Nonostante tutto sono grata. La vita mi ha tolto tanto, troppo, ma mi ha anche dato. Ho imparato ad essere grata malgrado a volte motivi per esserlo non ce ne piú... Sono grata perchè puntualmente quando sto per ri-buttarmi giú, c è sempre qualcosa che mi fa cambiare idea, succedono cose le quali io spiego cosí: lissú qualcuno mi guida.🌷🙏🏻 @exploringsila #sila #camigliatello#vintagegirl #lifewelltravelled #beautifulmatters #womantraveler#ladiesgoneglobal #passionpassport #girlscreating #livethelittlethings #travellingthroughtheworld #dametraveller #collectivelycreative #sheisnotlost #calabria #comeandsee #mountainscalling #choosemountains #adventurevisuals #alwaysgo #adventuretillwedie #travelingladies #girlswhotravel #outdoors #folkgirl @girlaroundworld #girlaroundworld #mountainsgirl #gratitudine #sharethebeauty
Incredible Rememberace displays around the country. From #towerremembers , Here but Not Here, the #shroudsofthesomme , various poppy waterfalls and other smaller, yet no less important, creative local displays in towns across the land . I even swapped my white pen for a red one today for this bottle of wine for our lunch hosts . All poignant reminders of sacrifice by the brave. Thank you #lestweforget . . . #lestweforget #armistice100 #remembranceday2018 #remembranceday #1111 #letteringleague #floralillustration #chalklettering #poppies #creative_florals #inspiredbypetals #whatliftsyou #exploretocreate #calledtobecreative #penmanship #collectivelycreative #togetherweletter #daysofsmallthings #itsthelittlethingsinlife #mintlettering
A rain storm had run across the courts down at Pier 2 @brooklynbridgepark and left these beautiful pools of calm, reflective rain water in its wake. There’s something unguarded and open about hands reaching that brings a certain allure to an image. ™ • Brooklyn, NY ©
The miracle that is waking up after a drunken night out and realizing you **actually remembered** to take your makeup off. Does this mean I mastered #adulting ?
priorities • (1/4) “a sense of false calm”
The East River™ • Brooklyn, NY ©
Notice the flag on top of the stone arch of the Brooklyn Bridge and how the sun, powerful as it is, has completely rinsed it of color. ™• Brooklyn, NY ©
Park Avenue™ • New York, NY ©
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