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We have stockings, Christmas crackers, tabletop and stocking stuffers galore. @merimeriparty
Currently in London exploring Harry Potter Warner Bros studios and eating brunch. So here's a rainbow-tastic picture from the archives! PS you can buy prints if this rainbow swirl on my website! 🌈🌈🌈
Eres el instante que dura una eternidad ✨ el color del 2019 es el living coral y yo estoy listo para descubrirlo en todos lados ✨🌈 #COY2019
Are you making progress on your list? Let us help! Toys, stuffed animals, books, games, kits, art supplies...pjs, blankets and more! We have everything you need!
Enciende tu luz interior 🌈✨
summer 💕
Blowing off some steam. (Don’t worry, we were nowhere near the edge.) #throwback
We have the most fun and coziest pjs! 🎄🎅🎄
Happy Tuesday! It was SO DARK this morning when I got up so let's inject colour into our day! 🌈
Rockin’ our this holidays! We have tons of musical instruments and toys your kids will love! The shop is full of unique toys and stocking stuffers galore!
Que todo lo que pase a través de ti se transforme 🌈 #whpsquares
The pink cottage of our dreams 🌸
Kids table inspiration. ❤️ #gobble gobble #thanksgiving 📷 @kidmademodern
Se mi seguite da un po', sapete che amo l'arte, soprattutto quella contemporanea e i graffiti (di un certo tipo, non tutti ovviamente) per me sono una forma d'arte pura e spontanea. Se ci pensate, gli street artists trasformano in gallerie a cielo aperto aree della città che altrimenti sarebbero grigie e spente. So che per molti sono solo "scarabocchi" ma da qualche decina d'anni sono ormai parte della storia dell'arte. Voi cosa ne pensate? . Si vous me suivez depuis un moment, vous savez que j'aime l'art, en particulier l'art contemporain et les graffitis (d'un certain genre, bien sûr, pas tous), car pour moi, c'est une forme d'art pur et spontané. Si vous y réfléchissez, les artistes de rue transforment des zones de la ville en galeries ouvertes qui seraient autrement grises et ternes. Je sais que pour beaucoup, ils ne sont que des "gribouillis", mais depuis quelques décennies, ils font désormais partie de l'histoire de l'art. Qu'en pensez vous? . If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I love art, particularly contemporary art and graffitis (at least some of them). I think they are a pure and spontaneous form of art. If you think about that, street artists transform gray and dull areas of a city into open space galleries. Some people think that they are just "scribbles", but, since a few decades, they are being considered part of the history of art. What's your opinion? . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #expatliving #parisienne #ruecremieuxparis #ruecremieux #purplelover #purplecity #purplelovers #violetcity #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #thecolorpurple #parisacouleur #pariscolours #streetartlovers #streetartparis #artonthewall
Siete team "sport di squadra" o team "sport individuali"? Io? Pratico il "Netflix" a livello discreto e in "Divaning" direi che potrei dare qualche lezione 🤣. Scherzi a parte, nella mia vita ho fatto: nuoto, tennis, yoga e vari corsi di step e stretching. Tutti malissimo ma mi ci sono impegnata 🤸. Gli sport di squadra invece mi hanno sempre intimorito, ero la più scarsa e questo mi intimoriva ancora di più, in un loop negativo... Ma non voglio rattristarvi! Cosa ne dite di questo campo da basket coloratissimo che ho scovato per voi? . Êtes-vous dans le team de "sports d'équipe" ou de "sports individuels"? Moi? Je pratique le "Netflix" au niveau discret et dans "Divaner" je dirais que je pourrais donner quelques leçons 🤣. Sérieusement, dans ma vie, j'ai pratiqué la natation, le tennis, le yoga et divers cours de step et d'étirement. Tous très mauvais mais je m'y suis engagé 🤸. Les sports d’équipe m’ont toujours intimidé, j’étais le plus effrayant et c’est ce qui m’intimide encore plus, en boucle négative ... Mais je ne veux pas vous attrister! Que pensez-vous de ce terrain de basket coloré que j'ai trouvé? . Do you prefer “team sport” or “individual sport”? Me? I practice “Netflix” at a good level and I’m an expert in “couching” 🤣. Jokes aside, during my life I practiced: swimming, tennis, yoga, and stepping and stretching. Most of them pretty badly, but I always gave my best 🤸! Team sports, on the other hand, frightened me a bit, I was the worst one and that frightened me even further, in a negative feedback loop … but I don’t want to make you sad! What do you think of this brilliantly colored basket field that I found for you? . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #purplelover #purplecity #purplelovers #violetcity #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #thecolorpurple #parisbasketball #basketballpigalle #parisacouleur #pariscolours #parisianlife #terraindebasket #playgroundduperre
I "bistrot" erano i social prima del social: qui la gente veniva per relazionarsi (o perché non poteva pagare il riscaldamento durante l'inverno). Pare che il nome derivi da "Bistroquet", che erano gli aiutanti dei commercianti di vino. Di solito offrono un menu di carne, zuppe e omelette 🍖🍲🍳. Noi li chiameremmo "osterie" (molto meno chic, non trovate?). Questo è @au_vieux_paris uno dei più caratteristici. Lo trovo adorabile con queste piccole sedie viola. Avete mai mangiato in un vero bistrot? Pensate che qualcuno propone di inserirli nel patrimonio Unesco! . Les "bistros" étaient des médias sociaux avant les réseux sociaux: ici les gens venaient se rapporter (ou parce qu'ils ne pouvaient pas payer le chauffage pendant l'hiver). Il semble que le nom dérive de "Bistroquet", qui étaient les aides des marchands de vin. Ils offrent généralement un menu de viande, des soupes et des omelettes 🍖🍲🍳. En italien ils seraint appelés "osterie" (beaucoup moins chics, vous ne trouvez pas?). Je sui à @au_vieux_paris l’un des plus caractéristiques. Je le trouve adorable avec ces petites chaises violettes. Avez-vous déjà mangé dans un vrai bistro? Pensez à quelqu'un qui propose de les inclure dans le patrimoine de l'UNESCO! . “Bistrots” were the socials networks before the socials networks even existed: there people came to talk (or because they could not afford to pay for heating during winter). Probably the name comes from "Bistroquet", a word that was used to call helpers of wine sellers. You can usually find a menu offering meat, soup and omelet. In Italy, they would be called “osterie” (which is way less fashionable). This is one of the most characteristic ones. I find it adorable with these small violet chairs. Have you ever eaten in a real bistrot? Someone even proposed to include them in the UNESCO heritage program . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #expatliving #parisienne #italianiaparigi #italianiallestero #auvieuxparis #auvieuxparisdarcole #violetparis #viola #amoilviola #jeaimeparis #jaimeleviolet #purplelover #purplecity #purplelovers #violetcity #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #purpleparis #parisacouleur #pariscolours
Ok, lo dico e spero che non mi odierete: NON sono una tipa da DIY. Avete presente quelle ragazze che fanno: saponette, biscotti, decorazioni di Natale ma soprattutto scrapbooking, lettering e biglietti pop up? Ecco io no 🤦. Sono negata per tutto cio che e ritagliare, incollare, incastrare, colorare nei bordi ecc. Mi incasino con la pellicola da cucina, figuratevi se potrei mai fare un collage 🤣. Ecco perché la mia faccia è perplessa davanti a questa adorabile cartoleria... . Ok, je le dis et j'espère que tu ne me détestez pas: je ne suis pas une fille DIY. Vous connaissez les filles qui font: des barres de savon, des biscuits, des décorations de Noël, mais surtout du scrapbooking, du lettrage et des tickets de pop-up? Moi non 🤦. On me refuse tout ce qui est découpé, collé, incrusté, taché sur les bords, etc. Je m'embrouille avec le film de la cuisine, imaginez si je pouvais un jour faire un collage 🤣. Ça c'est pourquoi mon visage est perplexe devant cette jolie papeterie... . Ok, I'll say it and I hope you won't hate me: I'm not a DIY person. Do you know those girls that make soap, cookies, Xmas decorations, but particularly scrapbooking, lettering and pop up cards? Well, that's not me 🤦. I'm pretty bad at cutting, pasting, coloring inside the borders, etc. I make a mess with kitchen film, try imagining what would happen with a collage 🤣. That is the reason behind my perplexed face in front of this adorable stationery store... . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #expatliving #parisienne #italianiaparigi #skrapbooking #lettering #frenchlettering #collage #fairelescollage #violetparis #purplelover #purplecity #purplelovers #thecolourpurple #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #parisacouleur #pariscolours #jaimeleviolet #parismaville #superviolet
Live like a local in Amsterdam’s most vibrant neighbourhood
Dreaming of Florida’s sandy beaches. Stuck at the studio today. Gotta get out into the ocean and swim! 💙
Anyone celebrating Friendsgiving this weekend? We have balloons, table decor and lots of crafts. 📷 @ohshinypaperco
We love beautiful books. We have full collections in the shop. ❤️
Quando ero piccola, mia mamma metteva sempre nei cassetti della biancheria delle saponette profumate. Ora vivo in Francia e qui, come saprete tutti, il sapone di Marsiglia è una vera e proprio istituzione. Mi piace ritrovare, perfino in una grande città come #Parigi , un piccolo dettaglio della mia infanzia. Vi è mai capitato qualcosa di simile 💜? . Quand j'étais petite, ma mère mettait toujours des barres de savon parfumées dans les tiroirs. Maintenant je vis en France et ici, comme vous le savez tous, le savon de Marseille est une véritable institution. J'aime trouver, même dans une grande ville comme #Paris , un petit détail de mon enfance. Avez-vous déjà vécu quelque chose comme ça 💜? . When I was a small girl, my mom used to put perfumed soap with the clothes in the drawers. Now I live in France and here, as I’m sure you know, the soap from Marseille is a real institution. I like to find, even in such a big city as #Paris , a small detail of my childhood. Has anything like this ever happened to you 💜? . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #savondemarseille #maisondusavon #amoilviola #purplelover #purplecity #purplelovers #purpleparis #thatcolorproject #lowcostemotion #piccolecose #piccolegioie #petitesjoies #feliceadesso #scattandoattimi #attimidivita #ilmiopostonelmondo #myplaceintheworld #colorcolourproject #parisacouleur #pariscolours #ricordidiinfanzia #souvenirdenfance
Creer es crear ✨🔮💫
Get under the skin of Burano - stay like a local in the only guesthouse on Venice’s colourful lagoon island 🌈
Y que se haga infinito todo lo que te haga feliz ⚡️
Saturday! Sun shining, breakfast cooking (bacon buttie obvs!) and painting later today - what utter happiness! 🍳🎨👩🏼‍🎨☀️
#spiceminimal I’m loving the spice colour palettes appearing lately in fashion, design and interiors. This feed showcases these amazing colours in a minimalist light. First up is this saffron pic! Love this colour!!
palm accordion
Una nuova foto a tema #viola , scattata in una via famosa per lo shopping parigino 💜. Voi che rapporto avete con lo shopping? Comprate d'impulso o siete piu riflessive? Io di solito faccio piu giri per confrontare i capi che mi interessano, pero a volte ho dei "colpi di fulmini" e compro a istinto! . Une nouvelle photo de thème #violet , prise dans une rue célèbre pour le shopping parisien 💜. Quelle relation entretenez-vous avec le shopping? Achetez-vous sur un coup de tête ou êtes-vous plus réfléchi? Je fais habituellement plus de tours pour comparer les articles qui m'intéressent, mais j'ai parfois des "coups de foudre" et j'achète instinctivement! . A new picture for the #purple theme that was taken in a street that is famous for Parisian shopping 💜. How do you feel about shopping? Are you impulsive buyers? Or do you prefer to carefully consider what to buy? I usually look around and compare clothes before making a decision. However, sometime, I" fall in love at first sight" and buy instinctively! . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #shopping #parisienne #loveparis #jeaimeparis #violetparis #purplelover #purplelovers #purpleparis #colorcolourproject #thecolorpurple #jaimeleviolet #amoilviola #thatcolorproject #violetcity #purplecity #shoppinginparis #coloredcity
Dime donde y nos perdemos juntos ✨🌈
Be rainbow-tastic. Be unique. Be strong. Be honest. Be kind. Be sparkly with happiness. Be bold. Be fearless. Know your worth. Wear your crown. You are FAB! ⚡🌈⚡🌈⚡🌈⚡🌈 Just sharing some happy vibes on a Thursday evening 🎉⚡🌈
Dopo il """"successo""" della foto con rossetto verde su porta verde, ripropongo la stessa tipologia di immagine ma questa volta in #viola 💜💄! Spero che vi piaccia! La porta alle mie spalle è la facciata dell'Eglise Saint Étienne-du-Mont, una chiesa stupenda, che vi consiglio di visitare se venite a Parigi, lì vicino c'è anche la mia crêperie preferita! . Après le """"succès"""de la photo avec le rouge à lèvres vert sur la porte verte, je propose le même type d'image mais cette fois en #violet 💜💄! J'espère que ça vous plait! La porte derrière moi est la façade de l'église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, une extraordinaire église, que je vous recommande de visiter si vous venez à Paris, il y a aussi ma crêperie préférée à proximité! . After the """"success""" of the photo with green lipstick on green door, I propose the same type of image but this time in #purple 💜💄! I hope you enjoy! The door behind me is the facade of the Eglise Saint Étienne-du-Mont, a beautiful church, which I recommend you to visit if you come to Paris, there is also my favorite crêperie nearby! . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #expatliving #parisienne #eglises #saintetiennedumont #purple #parigi #loveparis #jeaimeleviolet #jeaimeparis #beautifulpurple #violetparis #purpleparis #amoilviola #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #thecolourpurple #violetcity #purplelovers #coloredcity
Siete scaramantici? Se la risposta è sì, temo che storcerete il naso scoprendo che il colore di questa galleria è proprio il #viola ! Si dice che porti male perché un tempo, durante la Quaresima - che ha il colore viola - la gente non andava a teatro e quindi i poveri attori non guardagnavano... Io lo trovo un colore di carattere: un bel cappotto o un bel rossetto e il look è fatto. Certo... Non so se ci dipingerei mai un muro di casa... E voi cosa ne pensate 💜? . Êtes-vous superstitieux? Si la réponse est oui, j'ai bien peur que vous ferez la fine bouche en découvrant que la couleur de cette galerie n'est que le #violet ! On dit que c'est mauvais parce qu'il était une fois - pendant le carême, qui est violet - les gens ne sont pas allés au théâtre et les pauvres acteurs ne gagnaient pas ... Je le trouve une couleur de caractère: un joli manteau ou un joli rouge à lèvres et le look est fait. Bien sûr ... Je ne sais pas si je peindrais un mur de maison ... Qu'en pensez-vous 💜? . Are you superstitious ? If you are, you probably won’t be too happy to discover the color of this gallery is #purple ! It is said to un unlucky because, in the past, during Lent, which is often associated with violet, people avoided going to the theater and the poor actors were earning very little money … I find it a color with a good “strength of color”: a nice coat or a good lipstick and the look is ready! Of course … I wouldn’t probably paint the walls of my place violet … and you? What do you think 💜? . . #voyageanne #purplelover #purplelovers #purpleparis #parispurple #violetparis #viola #ilcoloreviola #thecolourpurple #violetcity #jaimeleviolet #ilovepurple #lovepurple #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #parisacouleur #pariscolours #violetparis #verypurple
Piensa fuerte y lo lograrás 🌈 #whpscale
Breakfast & Fashun 🥝💖Loving this editorial shot by @alexilubomirski in the November @harpersbazaarus
DARK MATTER | In 2018 the only eyeshadows that I have purchased have been created by @patmcgrathreal Why? Because her palettes are so freaking good. I have seen several beauty youtubers saying that they dont get the hype... but I do...so @patmcgrathreal will continue to get my very hard earned coin! * * * * * * * #patmcgrath #mothership #darkmatter #subliminal #subversive #opulence #limitededition #lidschatten #ombretti #maquiagem #noirpixidust #blackswhoblog #blackexcellence #instaglam #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #lovelysquares #beautygram #livecolourfully #beautyaddict #colorcolourproject #bestoftheday #makeupporn #matteeyeshadow #glittereyeshadow #bloggerstribe
TRIED AND TESTED | Fot the past five weeks I have been incorporating these @cliniqueuk products into my daily skincare regime. With a focus on maintaining hydration and the skin barrier they have helped to keep my skin healthy, despite lack of sleep and high stress levels due to a really intense period at work. I've written about it on the blog (click the link in the bio). * * * * * * * #cliniqueuk #cityblock #spon #dramaticallydifferenthydratingjelly #bbloggeruk #beautyaddict #dramaticallydifferentmoisturisinglotion #BootsUK #skinprep #charcoalcleansinggel #thirtyplusblogs #BootsPureGenius #londonlife #brownbeauty #luxelife #under100k #colorcolourproject #charcoalclaymaskandscrub #antipollutionskincare #hyaluronicacid #tewl #bestoftheday #lovelysquares #instaglam
#DejaTuHuella en las nuevas generaciones 🌈🌈 La vida es para dejar huella y dejar un poco de nosotros en los demás. Estoy muy feliz de poder compartirles que @acer_mexico me invito a plasmar en diferentes fotografías cómo dejo mi huella en el mundo 🌿✨ ¡Llena de vida todo a tu alrededor y #DejaTuHuella ! Vayan a su cuenta a ver toda la colaboración llena de vida y color.
Bitten by the travel bug ✈️🌎
Si no alcanzas la felicidad salta más alto 🌈✨
Are you hosting a trick or treat party? We have cute plates, napkins, cups, decor and more! @merimeriparty
È il colore della speranza, dello smeraldo e della mia prima bicicletta. Ha mille sfumature, soprattutto in questa stagione. C’è chi lo ama e chi lo odia. Voi che rapporto avete con il #verde 💚? . C'est la couleur de l'espoir, de l'émeraude et de mon premier vélo. Il a mille nuances, surtout en cette saison. Il y a ceux qui l'aiment et ceux qui le détestent. Quelle relation avez-vous avec le #vert 💚? . It’s the color of hope, of emeralds and of my first bicycle. It has thousands of shades, especially in this season. Some people love it while others hate it. What’s your relationship with #green 💚? . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #parisienne #italianiaparigi #parisacouleur #pariscolours #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject #colorcolourlovers #colorfullparis #thecolorgreen #ilcoloreverde #vertparis #greenparis #acolorstory #colorfully #colorfullyours
‘Tis the Season. 🎃
A portion of what I earn goes to food. 💸
I can’t stand long flights. Yes, I love traveling but any trip that takes more than 2 hours of flying stresses me out. That’s why I always keep myself busy whenever I fly. ✈️ And when I land, I make it a point to grab something to eat to de-stress. 🥄
They say sky’s the limit. I think it’s better to say that the limit does not exist. #mathgirlprobs
On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to shop for makeup using a pink cart? 🛒
HK’s version of ‘Sasa’. 😅 I consider it as one of my favorite shops because of the multitude of beauty products. Walking around Sasa gave me the same giddy feeling when I was in Sephora SG. 💄
Everything that I love in one photo: makeup, millennial pink, and neon sign 💄 💓✨
Are you Halloween ready? @partyetcie @merimeriparty
Always on the hunt for all things pink 🎀
You know you are getting older when your skin doesn't have quite the same radiance that it used to. I'm taking the 90 Day Imedeen Derma One Challenge to see if it can deliver improved moisture balance, maintained skin radiance and improved skin quality. Do you use supplements, if so, let me know which ones and wish me luck on remembering to take my supplements every single day! #ad #Imedeen90Days
Yesterday I put on my make-up and I thought ‘I look weird, what’s different about my face?!’. Lipstick: I had forgotten to apply my lipstick! 🙈 shout out to @bobbibrownuk for making me feel complete 🙌🏻💕❤️
Ed eccoci al famosissimo #JardinduLuxemburg , il posto dove la gente va a leggere, fare jogging, giocare a #petanque (la versione francese del gioco delle bocce) o semplicemente sedersi su queste sedioline verdi e godersi l'autunno che arriva 🍁🍃🍂. Un luogo dentro una metropoli, dove il tempo sembra essersi fermato. . Et nous voici au très célèbre #JardinduLuxemburg , le lieu où les gens vont lire, faire du jogging, jouer à la #petanque ou simplement s’asseoir sur ces sièges verts et profiter de l’automne à venir 🍁🍃🍂. Un lieu dans une métropole, où le temps semble s'arrêter. . Let’s start with the famous #LuxemburgGarden , the place where people go to read, jog, play the #petanque (the French version of bowling) or simply sit on these green chairs and enjoy the autumn that approaches. A place inside a metropolis where time seems to have stopped 🍁🍃🍂. . . #voyageanne #expat #expatlife #autumninparis #autunno #automneaparis #autumnvibes #autumnscolors #loveautumn #jaimelautomne #parisienne #parisacouleur #pariscolours #jardinduluxembourg #thatcolorproject #colorcolourproject
swim 💙
I have so much photos from my last trip but I can’t seem to find the time and inspiration to post-process and go over each of them. Upon checking, I have more than a thousand photos just from my camera alone! Craaaazy! 🤯 This photo is just one from the hundreds of photos in my phone, too. 😅
Dos almas no se encuentran por casualidad ⚡️ #whpkindness
missing this view 💕
We have rainy day activities galore! Art supplies, puzzles, games and craft kits.
Vuélvete destino y crúzate conmigo ⚡️✨
golf anyone?
The realities of being an Airbnb host include doing a LOT of laundry! 🙋🏼‍♀️Seriously! It's endless! Which is why I have tried and tested pretty much every fabric conditioner on the market and I take choosing the fragrance VERY seriously!!!❤️ I love the #LenorSecrets range and my favourite is Mystery which smells like white florals, musk and a hint of raspberry! Love it! Sometimes it's the little things in life which bring me the most joy! #ad 💕😍🙌🏻
With just one look, you’ll instantly know what my favorite color is. 💖
Now this is the way to start the day! 🙌 Love this shot of @courtesy_ofhtwn from SF Ballerinas workshop I did over the summer. I like shooting out of my comfort zone. It pushes my creativity and helps me see a new perspective. Thank you @tiffspeace for inviting me. 💗 Remember to slow down and soak in the beautiful things around you. 😊 #dance #dancingwithdogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsofinstaworld #dogs_of_world #createeveryday #makergonnamake #sharethemoment #jumpforjoy #colorventures #dslooking #thatsdarling #lovelysquares #ABMlifeiscolorful #popofcolour #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #livecolorfully #mashpics #creativityfound #postitfortheaesthetic #colorcolourproject #makeyousmilestyle #thenativecreative #howihue #acolorstory #sweetdreamsdlf #bandofun
Monday mood.💕
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