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Warning: This caption discusses some important matters and is pretty long, so read on... I wanted to talk about feminism, as I recently saw an Instagram post that was talking about sexual objectification of women and how common it is in everyday life; and underneath, beside many positive and supportive comments about wanting change, is a man's comment. I don't want to mention him or publicly slam him personally, but his comment was disgusting. It was along the lines of "women shouldn't wear revealing outfits or clothes and lots of makeup if they don't want to be objectified". This isn't even completely relevant - objectification is simpler than certain clothing choices and is just due to narrow mindsets and very little sense. • This comment really did annoy me, as he was a white, middle class man, clearly with a family and stable position (judging from a quick look at his profile). He used bad grammar and had serious spelling issues, but most of all, his lack of critical thinking and lack of respect for women irritated me. Many people believe that women wear clothes that then force them to be objectified; however, being able to choose what to wear is a privilege and women can wear what they wish. And of course, some may wear less than others. But that doesn't mean it's wrong. • In fact, clothing shouldn't even be thought about that way. Women shouldn't be humiliated for wearing a slightly revealing outfit, or wearing a bit more makeup than usual. Who cares? It doesn't affect anyone. It isn't offensive or hurtful, so why not? It's their own choice! And people who objectify women sexually are the ones to blame, NOT the women who dress differently. • So, the bottom line is that wear what you wish. Wear clothes that make you feel like you! Wear what makes you feel good, and what you're comfortable in. Don't ever allow people to assume or objectify you, ESPECIALLY for your clothing choices. 🙏👙💁‍♀️ And thank you @newlook for having a gorgeous clothing line for all shapes and sizes and being inclusive; I can always count on their collections for a new outfit!! 🙌😘
I mentioned this in my stories last night (thanks for the messages of love!) but yesterday I dusted off my DMs, donned my big girl pants & enrolled onto the MA Textile Design degree course at @nuamasters. I'm beyond excited and beyond terrified...but mainly excited for what's to come in the next two years! This little pile are the bits from the first assignment due next week, ekk!
Halloumi is the way to my heart ❤️ @radburgerco
We’re having an open weekend so it’s your chance to meet us, drink with us and see what we actually get up to at the HOUSE OF VINTAGE ROCKS!
The House of Vintage Rocks Open Weekend. Where you get to see everything in real life!
✨❤️Avocado, Jalapeño & Ground Turkey Salad❤️✨ . . A salad is one of my go to meals when the schedule gets hectic with the little human and with working from home. I will start working on a project after dropping him at school, doing laundry, cleaning the house, handling paperwork and look up and it’s pass lunchtime. I find that its quick and easy because I always keep a homemade salad ready to go. 🥗 . . . What are some of your quick meals for lunch when you work from home? . . . #lunchwithgenmom
On the blog today: Planning a surprise city break with @srprsme 🍦 Link in the bio 👆🏻
This week in my #hbfstitchalong we will be learning how to paint with watercolor on fabric. Which yay! Soooo exciting! Come and join us over in my FB group and get this free pattern, that’s also where you see all the free for now content on how to do what I do. ;) I will be doing this for free in my FB group until January. So come! join! Stitch and paint with us! You can find out more info on my website heybefab.com or go to the link in my profile. Happy stitching!
Prints on paper from a few days ago. I made them to cut up for collage but I quite like them, especially the one the left. Which do you like best?
On the outside Amman is an entirely white city. There is actually some special beauty in that stoic, boring landscape. But lurking in its stairwells, corners and alleyways is the life, movement, vibrance and color that makes the city so special. And just another reminder that nothing is ever really as it appears. So where can we find what makes it bright?
✨The struggle continues with our selective eater. He is a self proclaimed vegan and that has been most challenging. He loves fruits and vegetables so I have been trying new recipes to ensue he’s getting enough protein and other nutrients. Pulled a trick and he thinks it’s an Açaí bowl👀❤️See theLink in my bio! . . He doesn’t have to eat meat but it would be good for him to go easy on being so selective. Mommy would really appreciate the consideration. Please and thank you!❤️✨❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
@chic_and_bijou_furniture never cease to AMAZE us with their creative work. Liquid Kohl used spectacularly once again!
NEW PRODUCT! Vintage Rocks Contour Wax will #rockyourpainting and is perfectly pair with Vintage Rocks Highlight Wax. Let the defining begin!
Is it a coincidence women in vintage cleaning ads look insane?
#Repost @ruby_t_jones ・・・ My latest upcycling project with @vintagerockspaint liquid kohl and wax - an amazing combo. I just need some antique brass drop pulls if anyone has any suggestions. It’s going to live in my bedroom for jewellery, makeup and bits and bobs.
Who would've thought a sandwich could be so colourful? What's the most colourful food you've made? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #livecolourfully #colorlove #colorlover #colourlove #colourlover #colormyjoy #dailydoseofcolor #ilovecolor #ilovecolour #howihue #crafttherainbow #colourcrush #colorcrush #colourexplosion #colorexplosion #colorsplurge #colorpalette #colourpalette #inspirationiscolour #showusthecolor #colourmyhome #colouryourworld #coloryourworld #popsofcolor #coloraddict #colouraddict #colormehappy #colourmehappy #colorscheme
Mix Instant Decay with Buzz Wax and rub into details. Remove excess with clear Buzz Wax and voila! #rockyourpainting
Šta reći, u pauzama kod tummy time-a, vježbam svoje foto skilove😁 ...i ne mogu se nagledati koliko su bebeki fotogenični🙈
Beba, pas i ja u još jednom ‘uspješnom’ selfiju😅 Sve si više razmišljam da je vrijeme da si napokon nabavim selfie stick👀🤦🏼‍♀️ a s njim i veću pretplatu na icloud😬😬 ili barem ovo drugo😆
Fuel before the gym 💪🏻 Recipe by my fave @deliciouslyella 😋
Monument with Liquid Kohl lowlights and Petticoat highlights. For sale soon online and at The House of Vintage Rocks #rockyourpainting
How much LSD was in Sunlight do ya think?
Some of the gems at the shop today including a bunch of amazing karen hill tribe tunics from Thailand, hand dyed shibori kimonos and a bunch of Korean gems! Come check it out. 1547 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park thanks to @fantomevintage
Poppin up in Echo Park all weekend long with a load of beautiful textiles and vintage including a bunch of beautiful Karen hill tribe tunics from Thailand, hand dyed shibori kimonos and gems from my Korean treasure hunting. Come visit! 1547 Sunset Blvd.
Hola amigosss! Poppin up in Echo Park this weekend @fantomevintage. Come chill with vintage, textiles, color, good tunes, moi and rosé. 1547 Sunset Blvd. Here until 8 tonight.
Taaako veliki osmijeh za nekog tko je skoro proplakao od napora 😬😅 #totalnoizvanforme Iznajmljujem muža za fotkanje, više info na DM 😂😂😂
Jedna spontana i prigodna dok se na VH1 vrti biggest dr. Alban hit 😂😂😂😂 aka. It’s my life 🤦🏼‍♀️
Hey friends! So I've been under a dark work cloud but emerging back to the colorful light for two big announcements. The first is that Modern Mumu is in retirement. The project represents the past and is no longer serving. And that makes room for the new one! So I introduce Rewilded! Still working out the kinks of the insta name and such but for now its home shall be my Airbnb's insta @stay.rewilded which is ground zero for the project. More details to come but more textiles, interiors and wisdom versus just vintage clothing. However, I've a stock of all this week over at the delightful @fantomevintage in Echo Park while I do a guest curation pop up. Including a pay what you will box to clear out. So head over to 1547 Sunset Blvd (near Echo Park Blvd) and come hang in the aircon with some drinks with me and loads of colorful vintage. I'll be there until 8 or so tonight.
I've had some of my designs digitally printed and I'm beyond thrilled! Whatcha reckon?!
Deep orange paper collage. A colour I don't usually use, bit too close to brown maybe. What colour is out of your comfort zone?
We’re renovating our house in #LakeComo after Christmas but until then we’re stuck with these clumsy looking shelves. I’ve painted them in MONUMENT and PETTICOAT and I’m chuffed with the transformation. Oh and #IHaveThisThingWithFloors
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