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Freaks wrapped in leather & ropes some people think . Count me in, even if I'm not into cow skin myself . Many people are drawn to the exhilarating freedom that comes with exploring power disbalances, unconventional turn-ons and the acceptance of things that "should not" but do excite you . In the lavishing of their hidden heaven, loving couples explore their own needs, desires and BOUNDARIES . BDSM requires full attention of both partners and creates an almost unmatched connection . Great son's or mistresses are acutely aware of how much painful pleasure they can inflict. The submissive dives into their own bodies, surrender to their sensations until their stopword signals their limits . Respectful disrespect, empowering domination & the matrimony of opposites works wonders . #theauthenticdesire #areyourealman #realmen #realman #truewoman #respect #consent #fulldisclosure #transparency #traumarelease #powerplay #bdsm #orgasm #spanking #communicationskills #boundaries #empowerment #sensuality #playtogetherstaytogether
Consent can be thought of like FRIES : Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific 🍟 A little corny, I know, but crucial nonetheless! Photo by @kactusphoto as part of the @420pinups LA Shootfest, and wearing @cornyglassfarms plug threaders and necklace
And just like that! #CONSENTFEST has come and gone! It was a beyond fantastic day of community connections and we're so grateful to everyone who made it what it was >>> To Uncle Colin for welcoming us to the land of his people, First Peoples' land. To Melba Spiegeltent and Circus Oz, especially Brian Robertson and Lou Oppenheim for encouraging this wildest dream and so generously providing the space for it to come true. To Midsumma Festival, especially Daniel Santangeli and CEO Karen Bryant for their unbelievable generosity, not only in co-presenting us, but seeing the worth of us to the point they expanded the 2019 program dates to ensure we all could start with these community conversations and connections. To Yarra City Council for supporting the 'Consent in Health' talk. To Thorne Harbour Health for providing us with excellent on-site counsellors, not to mention our friends at The Mind Room and Switchboard for their encouragement and resources. To our fantastic presenters - with special mention to Play Reactive for donating their time - the diversity of the voices available in talks and workshops really meant something to our attendees. To our outstanding Programming Committee who built that program and the philosophy of the event, with special mention to Jacob Thomas who not only Chaired the Committee, but offered their invaluable time, compassion and inestimable knowledge, stepped up in every way imaginable to get us in the air. To the Fringe Wives Club and their guests for bringing the joy. To Auspicious Arts for their hard work ensuring our operations were the best they could be, with special mention to Megan Williams. And of course to everyone who took a chance and turned up, engaged in what we had to offer and proved that this is an important initiative in our communities. Remember that just because Consent Festival is done with for the year, there are plenty of opportunities to stay connected with our speakers and presenters as they've got plenty more events coming up. Keep an eye out for them, and be sure to let us know what Consent Festival meant to you by contacting us whatwillyoumean@gmail.com >>> See you next time! Remember #CONSENTISCOMMUNITY
Tuesday!!! Let's be real and raw here for a sec. I kinda sorta backed away recently from something that I was so happy with doing and something that I really enjoyed. Why you may ask? Well... due to someone else's silly opinion and extremely mean words. You see; a few weeks back it wasn't a silly opinion to me then. It hit me like a ton of bricks and sent me hiding in a hole. A couple of these people I didn't know, and a couple I knew.. well I know of them. They said some very mean and cruel things to me. Immature things. Things that my parents always taught me to turn my cheek and walk the other way holding my head high. Well I didn't do that. I held my head low, stopped doing makeup, stopped posting videos and felt sorry for myself. I felt fearful that I wasn't good enough and if these people didn't think so, well then obviously the rest of the world would agree too. I look back and I think how stupid. How ridiculous is it that every day I teach my daughter to love herself for who she is and other peoples opinions of her not only don't matter, but they are none of her business. And then here I am, at 32 years old allowing someone opinion of me over social media get the best of me. I know all to well, unfortunately too many people fall victim to these things. Well I'm back and I'm here to say... don't allow others to bring you down. They don't know you. They don't know your journey. Most likely they are upset about something in their life and want 5o bring you down with them. Rise above. Keep smiling. Don't allow fear to stop you. Don't allow anyone to make you feel inferior without your consent. We have the option. It's our choice. My choice today is to rise above. Be better than I was yesterday. Continue to make people smile. Be happy. Have fun. And be the best version of myself that Christ has made me. Have a blessed day! ❤
Now more than ever consumers and regulators are empowered to put pressure on companies to respect how their data is used. #gdpr #cdr #customerdata #dataregulations #datcompliance #soow #datamanager #consent #austech #europe
📣 📣NEW EPISODE 📣📣 On @wesaywhattheycant (Click link in bio) . . For the new season of #SoulShare Episode 1: SURVIVING SEXUAL TRAUMA: We kicked off Season 2 with new guest hosts, Alfred Obiesie @crazedafrykan , Shalecia @shelz_iam & Stephanie @blair_indigo . . After watching the 2 documentaries, Surviving R Kelly by dream hampton and Very Young Girls by David Schisgall & Nina Alvarez, the team discussed rape sexual exploitation of underage girls in our community sexual trauma (how and if it has affected us personally in terms of love, intimacy, trust, etc) sexual misconduct, violence, harassment, coercion and consent Yeah, we covered some stuff.  I even shared my own personal stories.  It is time to have these difficult conversations and sit with some discomfort to begin healing. #TheIntimacyJunkiePresents #SoulShareTheSeries #EmotionalTrauma #IntimacyJunkie #TheIntimacyJunkie   #MeToo #MeTooMovement #SexualTrauma #SurvivingRKelly #VeryYoungGirls #VeryYoungGirlsFilm #SexualMisconduct #SexualViolence #Consent #NoMeansNo   #wswtcradio #wswtc #podcast . #podcasting   #Intimacy #BlackIntimacy #Vulnerability #EmotionalMaturity #EmotionalIntelligence #RedTableTalk
Porque el sexo no se trata de amor, se trata de consentimiento. Puedes amar profundamente a alguien sin la necesidad del sexo, como puedes querer solo sexo sin amar a alguien. Pero lo más importante ante todo es el consentimiento, que ambas partes se respeten y se cuiden mutuamente. . . . #digitalpainting #instaart #cuteart #sailorfukku #shibari #consent
Another mission of Yes Is Sexy is to promote consent culture. We want to live in a world where sexy underwear are just sexy underwear. We want no to mean no. We want yes to be enthusiastic, informed and reversible. . Consent culture makes the most beautiful and freaky shit possible. Spread the word, fam. 🌈🙌🏼 . #SexPositive #BodyPositive #BDSM #Kink #Consent #ConsentCulture #Sensuality #FeelYourself #FeelEachOther #FeelGood #YesIsSexy
One mo year GHEN WE CAN GET IT #phineas #and #pherb #ferb #BERB #consent #meme #dank
Share, in case there were still people who didn't know that... (Calia Cuddle Therapy aims at making the world a better place by joining platonic cuddling services to consent practice teaching) #calin #cuddle #hug #calinetconsentement #cuddlewithconsent #cuddling #consentement #consent #calinconsenti #calinotherapie #cuddletherapy #calineuseprofessionnelle #cuddler #professionalcuddler
Partagez, au cas où il y en aurait qui ne le savent pas encore... (Calia Câlinothérapie vise à rendre le monde meilleur en jumelant l'offre de câlins platoniques à l'enseignement du consentement) #calin #cuddle #hug #calinetconsentement #cuddlewithconsent #cuddling #consentement #consent #calinconsenti #calinotherapie #cuddletherapy #calineuseprofessionnelle #cuddler #professionalcuddler
I'm done. • #collageart #consent
Being “sex positive” is a very powerful quality to have. To me it means not using words like “slut” or “whore” to describe anyone due how many partners they have, how frequently they have sex, or just as a demeaning term in general. To me it means freedom and exploration of the intricacy of intimacy. To me it means that I will still treat myself with the upmost respect and care regardless of my sexual decisions. To me it means respecting boundaries and routinely practicing consent. To me it means de-stigmatizing gender identity and sexual orientation. To me it means fighting for comprehensive sex education for all genders, all ages, and all demographics. To me it means EVERYONE has the right to sexual expression without being seen as less than or “easy”. To me it means celebrating everyone’s sexuality and ability to connect to one another. What does it mean to be “sex positive” to you? #sex #sexed #sexeducation #sexpositive #sexpositivity #consent #sexualliberation #sexualrevolution
Hahahaha, why are you touching me? • Consent • Gtfo • #collageart #instaart #blackart #afropunk #surrealism #consent
Oh my word i love this. #repost #consent
What does it feel like to say "no"? What does it feel like to hear "no"? 🗣️ #selfcare #honesty #conversation #truth #teamplayer #boss #parent #child #learning #boundaries #space #consent
Being able to ask for consent, and checking in to ensure consent is maintained, is vital. It's something we should be practicing in all facets of our lives, and it is a must when it comes to intimacy. It's ok if it feels awkward to ask. We all need practice to improve our skills, especially when it comes to setting, articulating, listening to and respecting boundries. What would you like to know about having open conversations around consent? Reposted from @curvy_girl_sex - . . . . . #consent #consensual #equality #empowerment #intimacy #boundries #communicationiskey
THANKs @wildflowersex for the content and @sillythelma for sharing hehe xxxx #pleasure #prioritised #consent
‪We’re starting our morning meetings this month with a circle we call, Hug or High Five? One by one, students turn to each other and use body language to show how they’d like to greet and be greeted. Hugs only happen if both students have open arms.‬ . This takes a little while with 29 students and 2 educators in the circle, but it’s an important conversation and a nice way to build community and connection in our classroom. #consent #earlyyears #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #morningcircle #teachersofinstagram #hugorhighfive #tdsb
Do not EVER tell me that we asked for it. | What do you think about this? 🍃 Are we still asking for it?
«A slut is someone, usually a woman, who’s stepped outside of the very narrow lane that good girls are supposed to stay within. Sluts are loud. We’re messy. We don’t behave. In fact, the original definition of “slut” meant “untidy woman.” But since we live in a world that relies on women to be tidy in all ways, to be quiet and obedient and agreeable and available (but never aggressive), those of us who color outside of the lines get called sluts. And that word is meant to keep us in line.» ~Jaclyn Friedman~ #consent #doublestandards #equality #femaleempowerment #femaleliberation #feminism #freedomofexpression #rapeculture #slut #slutshaming #socialnorms #societalstandards #society #feminist #empowerment
I 💚 zines. This zine is aimed at cishet men and features important discourse on rape, consent and how not to be a dick! It's also super queer friendly and inclusive. 🏳️‍🌈 #zine #dontbeadick #lgbt #queer #consent #consentissexy #pbrown
The keynote speakers for our biggest event of the year, #SSDP2019 : The Global Students for Sensible #DrugPolicy Conference, will center our conference experience in the most profound questions facing our members and movement: Rick Doblin, Ph.D, Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies @mapsnews , will share his insider perspective on progress being made in the realm of #psychedelic -assisted therapy. Steven Hawkins, JD, Executive Director of Marijuana Policy Project @marijuanapolicyproject , will speak about the complicated journey toward a world without #cannabis #prohibition — and how SSDPers can influence it. Antwan Jefferson, Ph.D, a professor at University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education and Human Development, will address the importance of a #radical approach to navigating diverse #socialjustice spaces and will unveil a new tool for the SSDP network to engage in #racialjustice work. Of course, we’ll be bringing back the ever-inspiring Lived Experiences plenary, and hearing from Chicagoans about local responses to the overdose crisis and criminalization of people who use drugs. SSDP2019 will also feature 28 breakout sessions on cutting edge drug policy #reform topics such as #drugchecking , #consent at the intersection of sex and drug use, #harmreduction for highly stigmatized drugs, #pharmaceutical policy, global drug policy, and the #cannabisindustry , for starters. We’ll also get our hands dirty in skills-building workshops on campaign planning, movement building on campus, and resumes and job interviews. So, what are you waiting for? Registration is open now, and early bird discounts expire on February 1st, so register today! Reg link in bio
What to do if it fails? ________________________________ #consent #sexeducation
Fries are amazing. Both the food and this acronym. ________________________________ Tags: #consent
Reposted from @shewillsurvivedotcom - In her own words, @alyraisman shares why we need to move away from victim-blaming across our societies based on women's clothings and bodies. "I wish everyone understood that abuse has nothing to do with clothing. It’s about power and entitlement, and it’s never okay," she shares with @Cosmopolitan #mybodymychoice #consent #unwomen #stopblamingthevictim #victimshaming #victimblaming #clothesarenotconsent #consentmatters #stopshamingwomen #bethechange #quote #believesurvivors #unite #mydressdoesntmeanyes #assault #sexualabuse #rapeculture #rapecultureiswhen #thestruggleisreal #thestruggle #womensrights #yeswecan #championforchange #cosmopolitan #shewillsurvive - #regrann
We need better education. Not learning about abstinence. Teach students about STDs, statistics of teen pregnancy, how to ask for consent during intercourse, that asking your partner to get tested isn't a sign of distrust, and how to have protected sex. ________________________________ Tags: #consent #education #sexeducation #plannedparenthood
Some of them are blurry but you get the message. This days topic will be: Consent and sex! ________________________________ Tags: #consent #facts #information #pleaseread
“No” non significa “convincimi”. . . “Fermo” significa no. Andarsene significa no. “Non voglio” significa no. “Lasciami stare” significa no. “Non sono pront*” significa no. “Non ne ho voglia” significa no. Urlare significa no. Piangere significa no. . . Non serve arrivare a certi livelli per rendersi conto che queste frasi o il semplice “No” per alcune persone non hanno significato. Lo si può notare tranquillamente in una sera qualsiasi, passeggiando per strada, quando quello sconosciuto laggiù che cammina, o quei ragazzi in macchina passando ti fischiano, ti chiamano, ti dicono “ehi bella” e tu acceleri il passo perché sei da sola. Lo si può notare quando una sera qualsiasi sei con la tua compagnia di amici al bar e qualcuno inizia a insistere per sapere qualcosa di te, per avvicinarsi, per prendersi la libertà di chiederti un bacio o semplicemente sfiorarti un fianco. Non servono altre spiegazioni. “No” è una frase completa. #nomeansno #catcalling #DearCatCallers #consent #catcallingisnotacompliment #feminist
One year ago today was the first time I made a public statement about my sexual assault. I am incredibly proud of how far I have come since then. I have been able to share my experience with others, I publicly named the person that assaulted me, I participated in a training for survivors of sexual assault, been able to for fight for policy changes in my community and been a support and advocate to those that shared their experiences with me. Most importantly to me I have found peace from much of the shame and guilt that I had surrounding this experience. No matter how many times anyone else told me that this was not my fault I had to be able to tell myself. “Trauma creates a change that you don’t choose, healing is about creating a change that you do choose”. Something that really helped me on this journey was hearing that and saying it to myself over and over again. I chose to learn, to heal and to grow from this trauma. I hope that anyone reading this (and anyone that isn’t) is able to find the help and support they need and to know that it is never your fault. #sexualassault #consent #trauma #healing #clevelandrapecrisiscenter #itgetsbetter
Before everyone starts jumping up and down and “blaming” the woman for following him to a hotel let’s just think about this ..... . . #nomeansno #consent #thisisnotconsent
Unpacking #consent with amazing students and staff at UTM. So grateful for these complex conversations.
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