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Some of the facts about Karnak temple in Luxor, Egypt : Karnak Temple is one of the most visited sites in Egypt, after the Great Pyramids of Giza. Thirty different pharaohs contributed to construction of the Karnak complex, including the famous Queen Hatshepsut. Karnak’s Hypostyle Hall has 134 massive columns which are upto 70 feet tall and covers 50,000 sq. ft. Interesting isn’t it ?😊 . . #egypt #luxor #karnaktemple #travelbug #visitegypt #places_wow #sceniclocations #travelawesome #aroundtheworldpix #awesomeglobe #travelmiddleeast #egypttrip #bestvacations #traveladdicts #beautifuldestinationsaroundworld #wonderfulplaces #earth_focus #ig_worldphoto #tlpicks #discoverglobe #traveldiaries2017 #adventurevisuals #ig_traveling #ancientheritage #romantimes #destinationearth #cooltravelpix #adventurevisuals #egypttourism #bestdiscovery
Paris, France With @heavenly.planet experience the best our planet has to offer. Via @heavenly.planet Photography by @golden_hear Tag someone you'd take there!
Window to the past
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Do you still feel like a kid at heart? I may be 30 something but around snow I become such a playful child! A frozen lake, a glorious day and throwing snow around like its sand...sometimes it's the simple things that create the best day 💙
Winter in Berlin 🇩🇪 (📷: @thomas_k ) ••• 👉 Follow @BestQuotesinMyLife for Daily Quotes 📝 •••
Now Discovering Manarola, Italy with @brianthio. Popular for its sweet Sciacchetrà wine, Manarola is the second village of the Cinque Terre and is home to medieval relics and colourful houses. And oh, locals here speak Manarolese, an esoteric local dialect slightly different to the Italian spoken by its neighbouring villages. #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering
Travel fashion inspo of the day by @esmeerodrigo ~ Repost "Morning Sunday 🌻 this cute jumpsuit was given to me by @lulus Hi loves, there happend something yesterday that made me realize that self love is so important. It took me a long time to get here, but I wake up everyday feeling happy with my life. Loving your self is step number one for living a happier life. So I just want to share today that you are all unique and amazing ♥️ have a lovely sunday . . . . . . . . " ~ Thank you @esmeerodrigo for sharing your beautiful travel photo! ~ ✏️ Tag a friend and inspire her 💖 👣 Follow @globellejunction 👈 for more travel fashion inspo + #girlpower - #globellejunction
Cusco, Peru taken from Qorikancha - “Temple of the Sun”
Hello to everyone🤗 Do you plan to visit Kyiv? You don't have much time here, but want to see maximum?🙂 Then KYIV SIGHTSEEING TOUR Day tour by car will be the best way to explore city. During this tour you will try traditional Ukrainian cuisine you will learn some interesting facts about Kyiv, about our traditions and will get lots of positive emotions. We will meet you at the hotel or wherever is convenient for you and drive you by car to the most interesting places of Kyiv. Kyiv – it is a wonderful city with a rich history, which was founded in the 5th century, one of the greenest capitals in Europe with lots of interesting places for all tastes! We will meet you at the hotel or wherever is convenient for you and drive you by car to the most interesting places of Kyiv☺ This tour takes 6 hour by car. What you will see: 📌Independence Square, 📌National Opera of Ukraine, 📌Golden Gate, 📌St. Sophia Cathedral, 📌St. Michael’s Cathedral, 📌Park Volodymyr Hill, beautiful views of Dniper, 📌Landscape alley, 📌Andrew’s descent, St. Andrew’s Church, 📌Funicular, 📌Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, 📌The Park of Eternal Glory, 📌Museum of World War II, the monument of the Motherland and many other nice places.  Tour Inclusions: 📌pick you up at the hotel or in any location, 📌friendly English speaking guide, 📌excursion in all main attractions of Kiev, 📌Ukrainian borsch for lunch, 📌a little souvenir from me, 📌nice photos and positive emotions Tour Exclusions: 📌entrance tickets if you want to visit some museums, 📌lunch Write me for details, join Facebook page in bio. See you soon in Kyiv💙💛 Your personal Kyiv guide. #letstravelukraine #yourguideinukraine 🌼🌼🌼 . . . . . . #ilovetravel #adventurer #travelbloggers #wheretogonext #privateguide #privatetours #skyscanner #livetravelchannel #travelplaner #guideineurope #travelmore #phototour #sightseeing #toursbylocals #thisisimpressive #travelawesome #cooltravelpix #explore #arhitecture #photomagazine
🍸 ♜ 🍭 We’d love to hook you up with FREE Gear (Limited supply!) in exchange for posting a pic of our products . 🎁 🎁 🎁▶️ Tap that link in our bio to get yours NOW! #cooltravelpix #worldtraveller #arizonacollective #citizenfemme #bikelifestyle #pinarello #bikelife #traveltheworld #backpackingculture #nakedplanet #yosemitepark #dirtbarbieadventures #muntanyes #montañas #3vallees #visitarizona #climbing_pictures_of_instagram
Я никогда не видела столько велосипедов в своей жизни, как на улицах Амстердама. Сейчас без них очень трудно представить этот город. Велосипеды в Нидерландах стали не просто средством передвижения, но и стилем жизни. 🚲 На велосипеде голландцы передвигаются постоянно, будь то поход по магазинам или способ добраться на учебу, работу и даже свидание. 🚲 Практически каждый голландец имеет велосипед, а многие и не один. В Амстердаме, например, количество велосипедов превышает количество жителей города в 2 раза. 🚲 Пользуются велосипедом, как основным видом транспорта, ВСЕ – от школьников до министров (которых при этом не сопровождают машины с мигалками). 🚲 Голландцы настолько комфортно чувствуют себя на велосипеде, что часто можно увидеть проезжающих мимо людей, которые читают газету, перекусывают или пишут смс. Согласно статистике, чаще всего подростки попадают в больницу по причине того, что играли в игры на телефоне, передвигаясь на велосипеде. 🚲 Велосипедисты имеют преимущество на дорогах. Даже если он нарушил все правила, велосипедист ВСЕГДА прав (если, конечно, он не находился в состоянии алкогольного/наркотического опьянения). 🚲 Для передвижения велосипедистов на ВСЕХ дорогах созданы комфортные условия: выделенные дорожки с разметкой, а также есть отдельные светофоры (нигде раньше подобных не видела, только в Нидерландах). 🚲 Нидерланды лидируют по производству велосипедов, однако, несмотря на это, голландцы редко покупают новые велосипеды, практически все велосипеды выглядят как старые ржавые развалины, а все для того, чтоб уберечь их от кражи. 🚲 И даже несмотря на это, кражи случатся постоянно, после чего многие из украденных велосипедов оказываются на дне каналов. Говорят, что в каналах Амстердама 3 слоя: вода, ил и велосипеды. Ежегодно из каналов достают около 15 000 велосипедов. 🚲 Для велосипедов построены даже отдельные парковки, самая крупная из которых находится возле Центрального вокзала Амстердама – целых 3 этажа и 25 000 парковочных мест. #eKatie_travel
I think there’s nothing better if not 🍻, friends, my #vitiligo , an holiday 🏝 and an island with an amazing blue water 💧 Thank u Malta 🇲🇹 I can’t wait to spend some days with my ladies in an other amazing trip 🤟🏼🌈🙋🏻‍♀️ - - - #womentravel #wegosolo #overthesurface #photographerdiscovery #cooltravelpix #cityscape_bl #passionpassport #justgoshoot #worldtravelbook #exploretocreate #endlesstraveling #visualoflife #igworldclub #iamatraveler #architecture #travelphotography #FeatureAest #lifewitheliss #ladiesgoneglobal #photosinbetween #girlslovetravel #myunicornlife #globelletravels #traveltagged #vibes #wynwood #solotravelingisfun
Blue Pools, New Zealand 🇳🇿 Photo by @tomarcherphoto 🌎🌍🌏
Some over-indulgence in Prince Edward County, nearly 200km of pedaling the open roads under crisp blue skies, and Kingston to rest the aching muscles - Couldn't have asked for a more picture perfect May long weekend!
Nog even een avondwandeling over de paseo. Altijd fijn😊 #beleefmalaga
You can how to promoted in our account, use Watching young animals play is one of the great joys in life. These elephants were no exception. For an hour, they charged, tussled with and climbed on each other. Here’s a shot mid-climb. Photo by: @mishawilcockson
magic can happen everywhere ✨🌠🌃🌃🌌✨ beautiful night in #rovinj
Dolphins Island, Southern Italy 🇮🇹 Pic by unknow
I share this post with you because of who you really are: mermaids, wizards, travelers, adventurers and magicians. Happy Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ 🏖 Monday.
The scenic Matavai Niue Resort is set amongst the beautiful local flora and fauna.
Pebbles of "sea glass" on a beach in Fort Bragg, North California, USA 🇺🇸 Photo by @floris_van_breugel 🌎 🌍 🌏
Walked few Kilometers to #BambooForest in #Kyoto which is Called #ArashiyamaBambooForest A Great place to visit and it was Incredible #VisitKyoto #VisitJapan
For some of you it might be an easy guess. Where is this castle located ? Photo By @jaco someone you'd take there!
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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. 📷: @liaelaine22 #torresdelpaine #waterfall #patagonia #tdp #liaandmattstravels
Valletta would like to take umbrage, salty sandstone umbrage, with your preconceptions of what constitutes an island paradise. Get out of here with your palm trees, coconut drinks, and potential malaria. Island beauty is now about domed basilicas, WWII history, and steps, many many steps! We here at The Megatrip are proud supporters of any water enclosed landmass that identifies as paradise. Let your Maltese flag fly 🇲🇹
Turtle riding a Jellyfish. Duuuuudeee. Photo by Super Jolly
It's not a bad Monday morning view.😍⛪👙🍺🍹 Back home tomorrow night and back to normality though. #santorini #santorini2018 #oia #oiasantorini #oía #greece2018 #greece #familytime 💕 #picturesque #greekstyle #exploringgreece #greekisland #greekislands #greektown #greeklife #greekislands #greekisland #cooltravelpix
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