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YEAR FIVE: The year of Trevor [BLOG POST IN BIO] ⭐️APRIL: Another Marathon. We knew we wanted to get married by our second date, the second time around. So really we were just waiting on my ring to make it official. ⭐️MAY: We traveled Europe with my family & learned a lot of good, hard, real lessons. The steep hills in Salzburg were not wheelchair friendly (as you’ll see in the video 😂). ⭐️JUNE: I moved into our first apartment & kept busy with wedding prep, meanwhile Trevor continued his Masters program and was busy with classes. ⭐️JULY: Wedding mania month♥️almost all of our favorite people in one place! #coopergotadad #brittanyandtrevorforever ⭐️AUGUST: We has a little play time before Trevor’s final school year started & I started teaching 2nd grade! ⭐️SEPTEMBER: We lived a normal, busy life. I didn’t do PT anymore. Mountain boarded with Cooper a lot after school, while Trevor continued his classes & started studying for his CPA exams. ⭐️OCTOBER: Trevor was swamped with school and CPA exams so I’d force him to take outdoors breaks on the weekend. While I continued to teach and mtn board with Cooper. ⭐️NOVEMBER: REPEAT of October. ⭐️DECEMBER: School, teaching, studying, Cooper & weekend adventures. ⭐️JANUARY: Had some SNOW DAYS & started XC ski and taking Cooper up the canyon after school. ⭐️FEBRUARY: Left Trevor to his studies & took a girls weekend and escaped all the snow. ⭐️MARCH: Took the day off for my accident. But continued living such a beautiful, normal, busy life with my boys 👱🏼‍♂️🐶
Forced Trevor to take a break from studying for the CPA exams this weekend. My favorite season calls for extra outdoor adventures with my boys🌿🍃🍂🍁🐾 #coopergotadad
Our picture and wedding day was THE best and THE most exhausting thing I've ever done ((and I thought some of our 1k repeats in college and PT after my accident was killer)). Between all the kneeling, balancing, walking, standing and dancing my feet haven't hurt or been that swollen since the hospital. But it was totally worth it to snag this stud!! #brittanyandtrevorforever #onemonth #boyroommateforlife #coopergotadad
For every ridiculous photo I post, I promise to post one normal photo. Especially because @jessicas.photography did such a fabulous job and they are too good not to share. This is our first formal and official family photo. #familiesareforever #coopiekins #coopergotadad #brittanyandtrevorforever