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We had a special visitor at Cottesloe SLSC today! 🎅🏼 #cottslsc #westernaustralia #perth #cottesloe #christmas
New Jackets and Jumpers now available! $60.00 Adult and $50.00 kids... Visit the Cott clothing shop Sunday morning! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
Board training on Saturday 🤙🏽💪🏽🌊 #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3 #boardtraining #perthisamazing #cottesloe
Congratulations to our most recent Bronze Group on passing their final assessment today with flying colours!!! Thanks to Nick Hancock the main trainer, Courtney Franz and Kate Ledger as the probationary trainers, and Anthony Paini and Stephen Goddard who did the mock assessments. 🙌🏽🤙🏽 #cottslsc #bronzemedallion #slswa #slsa #lifeguard #perth #westernaustralia
Members and their friends are all welcome to Friday Night Food at Cottesloe SLSC.. with a quick run swim run at 6 for those who love a bit of a challenge; then the bar is open from five and food available from 6! #cottslsc #perthisok #runswimrun
💦 948 : #movidameetchallenge When life needs rescue
A huge thank you to all who collected for Cottesloe SLSC today! #legends 🤙🏽 Don’t forget if you didn’t shake a tin you can still donate to our club donate page https://www.cottsurf.com/donate/ #thankyou #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️COTTESLOE CLASSIC MILE incorporating BANANA BOAT SKIMKIDS SERIES 🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️ • Entries are now flowing in for the 35th Cottesloe Classic Mile event to be held on Saturday 12th January 2019 at Cottesloe, Perth’s most iconic beach.  This year the regular 400m, 1600m and 3000m races of the Cottesloe Classic Mile will be supplemented with the first ever national Banana Boat SwimKids Series. SwimKids at Cottesloe will be an incredible experience for capable young swimmers aged 7-12 years old looking to improve their ocean swimming skills while having a great day at the beach.  With three swim distances on offer (100m – 7 & 8 year olds, 200m – 9 & 10 year olds, 300m – 11 & 12 year olds), all under the supervision of Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club lifeguards. You’ll learn new skills, meet new friends, gain confidence and even leave with a special medal, silicon swim cap and goody bag! @cottslsc @bananaboatbrand #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3 #bananaboat #bananaboatswimkidsseries
Last Sunday @slswa piloted the concept of 2 development carnivals (which were held at Coogee and Alkimos concurrently), whereby new and emerging competitors could try competition in a low key environment. The objective of the carnivals was about learning the carnival process for less experienced Nippers, along with developing carnival hosting opportunities for fledgling surf clubs. Clubs south of Scarborough competed at Coogee, and our Cott Nippers embraced the opportunity and made a substantial impact on the event (In fact of approximately 250 competitors, Cottesloe fielded 62!) There were strong performances from the yellow, black and white all morning. In keeping with the concept of process-above-final result, I won’t table our many podium finishers from the team. But rest assured your Cott Kids were a formidable force on the day. #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3 #healthyhappykids
Today we held our “Gaston Marathon Cup” and a record smashing 57 participants it was huge success! Well done to all who gave it a try! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
One more sleep till the club marathon “The Gaston Marathon Cup” tomorrow, registration 9.30 am in the courtyard! Give it a go, you might surprise yourself! If you’re not going to participate come down and cheer your fellow club mates on! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
It is possible to have too much fun at nippers? 💦😆☀️ #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
Have you come down to watch or been at the beach on a Friday at 6pm to see Stubby Stakes in action! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
Who runs the world?? Obviously #cottslsc nipper board training girls! Of course there were plenty amazing boys out there too... in fact the turn out of over 30 nippers made it look like Hay St on the beach! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3 #teamspirit #sls #slswa #boardtraining
A HUGE congratulations to all who competed for Cottesloe SLSC this weekend! Really great results! Be sure to check out the Cott Mail this week for the full list of results! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3 📷 @andrew.mayberry
Friday nights are done right when you’re here with us, joining in the Stubby Stakes and then enjoying something yummy for dinner from our Friday Night Food Truck! #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
Had a visitor at nippers board training this morning 🐳 #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
🥊💪🏽Boxercise. Monday nights. 💪🏽🥊 #cottslsc
It was a beautiful day down at Cottesloe SLSC with our first trophy swims for the season, Nippers and our Nippers Rescue Certificate started this weekend. #cottslsc
Available NOW! Grab yours from the apparel shop today! #cottslsc
The Endurance State Titles was held on Saturday 27th October and offered our under 12s and 13s a chance at long format racing. A total of thirteen Cott juniors took on the challenge and shone brightly in surf and sand. Jonah Hanikeri, won the clubs first gold medal of the season with his "kill them from the gun" approach in the 2km beach run. In the girls equivalent, and competing as something of a dark horse, was new member Ella Kerr distinguishing herself with a silver medal. In the boys Ironman, or "Nipper Gold" event, the under12's had a double podium finish. Tex Cross turned himself inside out in his swim leg to claim silver. Jackson Anderson showed growing prowess in the ocean hanging on for Bronze. All our Cott kids showed us their absolute best on the day and supported each other as a unit regardless of final position. This, more than anything else, is suggestive of a great season ahead for our Cott Nippers generally. Well done all. #cottslsc
Today was a busy day at #cottslsc 🌊 Nippers, club swim, proficiency on both morning and afternoon patrols. 🤙🏽😆
Cott Surf Massive #cottslsc #CottNippers
No complaints from our bronze trainer when you get to spend the morning here... 👌🏽🌊 #cottslsc 📷 @buckets74
Back into it #sprinting #cottslsc
Looking forward to the weekend! ☀️🌊 #cottslsc
If you were planning on heading down for a swim, we have had some visitors blow in and they’re not friendly! Please read the signs when down the beach today. #cottslsc #bluebottle 📷 @strength_in_movement_wa
Some weekends we don’t get the best weather for water activities so we nurture our future flags champions!! Top effort to all the families who braved the wind and the rain today!! #flags #cottslsc 📷 @i_c_anjel
#cottslsc little nippers having fun
Looks like kids win 🤗🤗 #cottslsc #beachlife #family
A big CONGRATULATIONS to all that passed their IRB crew assessment today. Conditions weren’t ideal but thanks to our awesome trainer Danny and our amazing drivers/trainers Mike, Marcel and Ben we had the knowledge and confidence to push through. 🤙🏽👏🏽 #cottslsc
Can we please have the sun back?? The weather has been teasing us this last month, this was two weeks ago when the sun was out and it was so beautiful and warm! #bringbackthesun #cottslsc #cottclubswim
Some mornings are too good to waste at home... Our surf boat crew knows what’s up!! #cottslsc #bejealous #fromwhereyouwouldratherbe
Although the weather was against us, first day of nippers went ahead (well, the dry activities did)! To all that came along, thank you! What a committed start to the season and it was smiles all round from the nippers, parents and members that came along today! #cottslsc
What a morning for board training! #cottslsc
What a stunning morning down at Cottesloe SLSC! Flags, boards and the first club swim for the year! #cottslsc
First weekend of patrols, a start to an exciting season at Cottesloe SLSC! #cottslsc
We are getting way too excited for summer and for our amazing volunteers to be back on the beach saving lives. 📸 Great pic @cottslsc #mycottesloebeach #mywabeach #slswa ・・・ A very welcome sight! #cottslsc
A very welcome sight! #cottslsc
AFL Grand Final at Cottesloe SLSC! #cottslsc
The first session of running training for the season! Go Cottesloe Chargers! 💪🏽 #cottslsc #oneteamonedream3in3
SRCs doing their thing! #cottslsc
Magic #cottslsc
It was the perfect day on Sunday for bronze proficiency... well apart from the ocean being a tad icy❄️🌊 #cottslsc
Our playground! IRB crew training in full swing. 📷 @benjaminrcooper #cottslsc
Today was HUGE at Cottesloe SLSC and what an amazing day for our Open Day. • Thank you to all the new members who came down and joined up. • Thank you to all the helpers for setting up an incredibly smooth day. • And not only were we open, we had proficiency and IRB training down on the beach! What a day! • Looking forward to an incredible season! #cottslsc
😍This view never gets old😍 • New members OPEN DAY tomorrow from 9am till 11.30am! We would love to see you if you’re thinking of becoming a member at the club, or just come and look at this stunning view from our club balcony! #cottslsc
Don’t forget to race into Cottesloe SLSC for our Open Day this Sunday 9am - 11am where new members can come in and have a look around the club, have a chat with an age group manager, sign up and grab a sausage sizzle. Current members renew their memberships online on the members portal. #cottslsc
Loving the historical @cottslsc #suchabeauty #futuresurfboatrowers #surfboats #Repost @cottslsc with @get_repost ・・・ Don’t forget this Sunday 9am till 11.30 is Open Day and registration for new members at Cottesloe SLSC! • Looking forward to a wave of new lime green caps joining our iconic club! (existing members renew online through the member portal) #cottslsc
Don’t forget this Sunday 9am till 11.30 is Open Day and registration for new members at Cottesloe SLSC! • Looking forward to a wave of new lime green caps joining our iconic club! (existing members renew online through the member portal) #cottslsc
Yesterdays IRB crew training was a pretty wild ride! But it’s not a issue when you have such confident and knowledgeable drivers! #cottslsc
One week to go till Open Day registrations for new members!!! Don’t forget if you’re an existing member to renew online. See cottsurf.com for further details. #cottslsc
Beautiful Cottesloe 💚#Repost @cottslsc with @get_repost ・・・ Definitely ready for training on those warm summer mornings!! #cottslsc 📷 @neil.ryan 👌🏽
Definitely ready for training on those warm summer mornings!! #cottslsc 📷 @neil.ryan 👌🏽
Who’s getting excited for patrol season! #cottslsc
The first session of IRB training was 👍🏽 #cottslsc
Who’s ready to give this place a pre season sparkle?? ✨ #cottslsc
Don’t forget! COTTESLOE SLSC OPEN DAY 16th of Sept 9am - 11.30am #cottslsc
It’s Freeeeeeezing today!!! What happened to the days like this one last week? (Must be getting all the cold out now before spring starts this weekend 😆😉)
What a morning for board training! 🏄🏼‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️ #CottSLSC
Perfect conditions for a paddle! #cottslsc
This is water #Cottesloe #patrol #cottslsc
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