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Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, trying to sleep with sissy, snuggling with mom.....❤️🐶 Love this Princess Toccoa #crazydogmom #crazydoglady #englishsetter #englishsetters #llewellyn
It’s the Brave ones who choose to dream. Dream big. Be brave enough to believe that as much as you could want, God could give you. We are meant to make a big impact on the planet. Bigger than we could ever dream up on our own. ~ 100 Days to Brave #dreambig #100daystobrave . . . . . #tiumom #tiumichigan #tiurunner #tiupup #blogilates #pilatesgirl #michigangirl #yogawithadriene #motherrunner #runnermom #doodlemom #furmama #hockeymom #soccermom #rdh #momswholift #momofboys #scrublife #fitfam #momswithmuscles #sweettooth #raisinggentlemen #peanutbutteraddict #choosejoy #momlifebestlife #riseandgrind #crazydogmom
I so agree with this! Moaning and whining about things won’t get you anywhere, all you’re doing is creating negative energy around yourself and that negativity leeches out into your surroundings. Imagine that you’re in your workplace and you’re moaning about your boss or the conditions and your group of co workers also begin to complain. You spend your days bathed in negativity and nobody enjoys their job any longer! It’s not always feasible to just walk away from a situation but you MUST begin to put measures in place which will enable you to do so...... or you accept the situation and start looking for the positives, try to make small changes that will, ultimately, lead to a bigger change. But, seriously, don’t stay put and continue to spew negativity... it’s going to, not only, destroy you but also those around you! Apply this to any area of your life....... for example, you’ve gained weight, you feel unfit, you don’t like the unhealthy habits you’ve adopted....... you moan about it to your friends, you sit there telling your work colleagues that you’ll never fit into the dress you bought for a special occasion.... how many times do you tell others “Oh yeah, I really must start losing a few pounds”........ You’re moaning!! You’re creating a negative atmosphere because you’re not being pro-active!....... Do something positive to change the rut you’ve gotten yourself into, take the step towards being positive and making strong changes for the better in your life! We all have the power within us to do it, some of us need a hand or a gentle push or an encouraging word and that’s where I come in!! ▶️Join my “Believe in Yourself” Group and I’ll get you on the right diet and exercise program to suit your needs and I’ll cheer you all the way to a positive new lifestyle!! Shout out “I’m in!” In the comments and I’ll come back to you with the details🌸
Why do I love them so much!?😥 #crazydogmom 🐶🐶💜
Today is that clean slate for the fresh start you were looking for yesterday. Don’t let tomorrow go to waste💋 . . Today was day five postop (I have had three surgeries in 3 years) and today was also Day one of my Food and Mindset Makeover Group. Since I am unable to work out for 4 to 6 weeks after this surgery, the only thing I am left with is to focus on my nutrition. Although I may not have made the best dinner choice tonight (check my IG stories), I know that that was MY choice and it was MY decision. What I am able to accomplish in these next 20 days though, ☝🏼that is up to me.🙌🏼👏🏼 . . If you struggle with emotional eating, THIS IS FOR YOU! If you are currently unable to exercise, THIS IS FOR YOU. If you want to understand your deep connection with food so that you can transform your body inside and out, THIS IS FOR YOU! If you want to lose 5 to 20 pounds in three weeks - without working out, and live and overall healthier lifestyle, THIS IS FOR YOU! . . Let me help you. Summer will be here before we know it and you DESERVE to COMPLETELY love yourself inside and out this season. Let me help you do that. If I can do it, so can you. I am no more special, different or talented than you. YOU have what it takes. Send me a DM or click on the link up in my bio and fill out the appropriate form and I will send you an email. USA, Canada & UK only. #YESYOUCAN #changeyourlife #transformyourself #takethewheel #youareincontrol #loveyourselffirst #ificandoitsocanyou #crazydogmom #surgery #endometriosis #ovariancyst
Mom’s legs are the best pillows.
Chewie in a dress shirt and bow tie. Could he be any cuter?!
2 years with you, Nara (actually, I’m a day late but she doesn’t have Instagram so she won’t mind). My only regret is not adopting you when you were a puppy because A. I could have pictures because you must have been the absolute cutest. And B. To save you from all of your pain. I will forever protect you from the loud ice maker and the threatening neighborhood children on their bikes. ❤️ #imawarethatimcrazy #crazydogmom #adoptanniversary #adoptdontshop #resuesarethebest #kimdonewiththehashtags
I did some veggie meal prep tonight! I’ve been trying to eat more veggies and the days when I don’t eat enough it is because I don’t have any prepped and ready to eat! I roasted some asparagus, brussel sprouts, and some other mixed veggies! Now I have them all cooked and separated into containers and ready to stay on track for the week! These are pretty much all my favorite vegetables right here (spinach is my other favorite!) What is your favorite vegetable to eat? . . . #vegetablelove #mealprepideas #needmoreveggies #mealpreplife #healthyandhappy #positivemindset #positivevibes #lifestylechanges #healthyandstrong #healthierlife #minnesotagirl #happyandfit #balanceddiet #newlywedlife #crazydogmom
Just a regular night at the Haskell home. 2 dogs and a fat cat begging for lunch meat while Mom makes lunches. Gemma actually eats it right out of my hand 😂😂 #lovemylife #mykids #begging #fatcat #chorkielife #crazydogmom #crazycatlady
Time to update that cushion mum, I think we can agree I've become even more handsome since then. #Bruno #dogsofinstagram #japanesespitz #spitz #fluffy #fluffydog #whitefluffydog #ilovemydog #crazydogmom #crazydoglady
Seriously can't get enough of this boy! He really was the missing puzzle piece to this crazy family! Logan you really have no idea how loved you are.💕🐶 #germanshepherd #gsdmom #crazydogmom #resucedog #babyboy
Our “Pawsitive Change” boxes are still in the shop. Unfortunately @littleboogieshoes doesn’t come with ;). #oneheartcoffee
This handsome 80 pound lap dog celebrated his 2nd birthday today! He got all the lap snuggles and homemade doggy cookies his little heart could desire! 😍 #crazydogmom #spoiledrotten #lovemygolden #sunshine #dogdays #birthdayboy #goldenretriever
Asked my boss (🙋🏻‍♀️) if I could wear my bikini, bring my Reese’s PB Cup milkshake, and invite the pups to my morning meeting…she said DUH!😜 Look I know FULL well that not everyone cares about the same 💩 that I do…but I don’t use my social media to talk to everyone…I use it to talk to ME (if that makes sense). Sometimes it’s the current version of me who might also need to hear what I needed to hear that day…and sometimes it’s me from 4 years ago, before I started coaching (aka taking control back over my life 👊🏻). And 4 years ago, before I started coaching, what I wanted more than ANYTHING was freedom. And no…not just financial freedom (I had a pretty lucrative job TBH)…I wanted freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted, where I wanted, wearing whatever I wanted to wear, surrounded by the people I wanted to be surrounded by (my pups are my peeps lol! 🐶😍🐶) And from my conversations with lots of you, I know that there are ladies out there who TOOOOOOOOTALLY feel me on that haha! YOU are my peeps too!👯‍♀️You are the ones who I share everything for! And if even just ONE of you 👀 sees one of my posts 👀 and is motivated to finally take action and change your freakin LIFE the way that me seeing a post 3.5 years ago and being motivated to finally take action changed MINE, then it’s 1000% worth any of the eye rolls or unfollows that also come my way every single day 😉Sooooo I’m just gonna keep on sharing lol! If you’d benefit from better health, a community full of supportive and inspiring women, finding a sense of purpose in this big old world, and a second income (that someday just might become your primary income if you want it to and are actually willing to work for it)…AND if you’re still reading this longass post haha! Then I’m pretty sure you’re reading this post on PURPOSE k??? So shoot me an email at katiebrenneman8@gmail.com with I WANNA LEARN MORE in the subject line and I’ll send you the details on what all I do and how YOU can do it too😜 Talk soon!✌🏻
If my hellhound doesn't get you, my dragon sure will..... Catch me and one of these beasts at BayCon next Saturday night ! #burlesqueperformer #showgirl #crazydogmom
When you LOVE your Monday’s 😎 Spent the day getting back to emails and messages and the took over an hour walk in the afternoon with Ty & Kaiya 🐶 I wanted to listen to the videos in our new Nutrition Course (AMAZING) so why not listen to them on a long walk?! This program is going to be so life changing for so many and I couldn’t agree more with how she’s teaching! Also I’m pretty much still in disbelief that this is my JOB. Helping people work for lives they love & taking long walks while learning how to better my nutrition and help others 😊😎 Never dreading a Monday again 💕 if you’re interested in this new nutrition program or learning how to live your life by design too, I’m always paying this forward to people who want this too. Because girl, I was the one standing at the printer staring out the windows in my corporate office WISHING I could be outside in the sunshine ☀️ #dontquityourdaydream
Lady, we need to talk about this gardening crap. A moms place is on the couch with her children, not outside plucking and a plantin all the extra hours of the day! #thattimeofyearagain #crazydogmom and a #crazyflowerlady 🤦‍♀️ #floweraholicsanonymous #momsslacking #bostonterriersforever #bostonterriercult #motherofbostons #dailydog #abbiesue #realhousedogsofscottcounty
Warning: crazy dog mom post. My little baby boy turned 4 today 😍 we had a good weekend with a trip to the lake, and a pickup ride to the @threedogbakerysouthlake to get some birthday treats yesterday that he absolutely loved! #handsomebaby #mymainman #gsd #lakedog #cakefordays #windinallourhairs #momholdmypaw #crazydogmom
Plz play with me! 😭 What a tease! (Yes, I am still working on being on leash without strangling myself like a psycho 🙈)
In honour of Victoria Day, my ladies get to enjoy a princess treat! #crazydogmom
Saturday night I went out to celebrate a friend. It was the first time that I ever threw on an outfit and didn’t change 5,000 times leaving a pile of clothes on the bed because I hated how I looked in every single one of them. It was the first time I didn’t wait until the dance floor was filled up. WE were the first ones on the dance floor and then others followed 💃🏼It was the first time in probably forever, that I actually felt 100% confident in my own skin and gave zero F’s what people thought about me. There is truly nothing more liberating! 🙌🏼 • I could go on all day about the weight I’ve lost and how much stronger I am, but the best thing I’ve ever received by just saying “YES” to this opportunity is the confidence I’ve gained and the freedom to be myself! 👊🏼 #SelfLoveIsTheBestLove #SetYourselfFree
A little portrait mode for this handsome fella. 🐶 #balcony #summernights #englishbulldog #crazydogmom #rufusthebabydog
Sleeping with his best friend 😍😍 #brewsky #socute #bestfriendsforlife #icanteven #soadorable ❤️ #crazydogmom
This furry guy is doing an excellent job of protecting me 😂 #adoptdontshop #crazydogmom #dogsofinstagram
Yeah you can’t see my face. But you can see his. And let’s be real. He’s waaayyyy cuter. #belgianmalinois #smile #happydog #workingdog #crazydogmom
#MemoryMonday Today is my darling boys 2nd Birthday. I can’t even begin to describe how fun it is to be a dog mom and how having this fur ball around really helps me and keeps me sane. He can’t see this but you should all know I have the most handsome dog ever. I love you Hemi! #dogmom #crazydogmom #MyFurSon
Today was an awesome day! Yes, today, Monday, was awesome! We went for a hike with lots of friends as you might have seen in my stories. I swam in a really stinky swamp, then in clear water, did lots and lots of zoomies and took lots of photos! I might have sprayed a muscle as I'm limping a little and got a bath once we were home but it was still amazing! .... Wearing my Man Overboard! bandana with my beautiful @greentroutoutfitters leash. BOUDDHA10 at either shop to save #GTObrandrep #sponsored .... Today's hike is brought to you by my pawsome friends from #CrewDuQc ⚜️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #bestphotogram_dogs #ilovemyboxer #adventurecompanion #activedog #dogventurist #adventuredogsofficial #thegreatoutdogs #dogsthathike #puppytails #dogadventures #naturepup #dailycute #doggylife #dogsthatexplore #crazydogmom #flowerbullies8 #adventureswithdogs #adventuredognation #buzzfeedanimals #mixeddog #dogsdaily #thedodo #explorewithdogs #mymtldog #boxerplanet #breed_other
Wow. ........ Beautiful 😻😻👍. ...
Now would be a great time for our dinner?! #mondaymood #feedus
Koda Bear showing off his good side. . . . #crazydogmom #corgisofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
My face when someone says they can’t have certain things because they’re on a diet!! I’m looking for 10 women who want to lose 10-40 lbs (over the next 3 months) exercise optional and be an EXCLUSIVE test group participant! Want in?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ No diet 🥗 No emotional eating 🤬😭😰 No restrictions 🍫 No calorie counting ⚖️ What do you get? 🛒🛍📦 A Registered Dietician who lost 100lbs 👏 Me for your 1:1 support 🙋🏻‍♀️ Recipes. 🗄 Triggers. 🌪🔥💨 Behaviors. 👌🏻 Interactive PDFs. 📑 Access to an APP. 📲 A lifetime of support. 🤘 New fit family friends. 😍 Learn to eat smarter and healthier so you can finally put a stop 🛑to your brain 🧠 going 😜 crazy with all the conflicting food labels that catch your attention while grocery shopping. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ~ low fat ~ fat free ~ low sodium ~ Gluten Free ~ organic ~ certified humane ~ non GMO ~ fair trade certified ~ whole grain ~ farmed ~ wild caught ~ all natural All you need to say is •YOU•ARE•INTERESTED•In learning more. 👀
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