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@heehaw_customs works on some sweet builds, this Apache build has been fun to follow! Got on our @detroitsteelwheelco smoothies 💯 #mobsteel #chevy #apache #detroitsteelwheels #BlueCollar #LongLiveDetroit
I love watching the sunsets with strangers 🌇 . . . . How’s everyone week?! It’s already Wednesday! It felt like it was just Monday haha! 😆
@50_chev hit up the Portland Roadster Show with that sweet truck! Love what they did with the lip of our #detroitsteelwheels smoothies, very unique 👍 #mobsteel #chevy #LongLiveDetroit
why aren’t you dead yet?
an unmotivated mind...
St Pancras station, London
That golden hour glow 🌟🙌🏻
Not all who wander are lost
There’s no love for this until the sun burns and the clouds cry. #memorythefilm
Lunch with a view
The cold didn't stop @healthylivingdani_ from rocking @pheelstyle apparel. Go check them out if you're into fitness. 💪
ANNOUNCEMENT: Very excited to announce that we'll be performing on May 5! We'll be opening for Grammy Award-Winning Producer and Entertainer Rick Derringer (@rickderringerofficial ) at the Maranatha Church of the Nazarene for the "Rick Derringer Band Cinco De Jesus 2018 Concert" // for tickets and more info please visit the website in my bio. Hope y'all can come out and support! 🎶🤘🏽🎶
Go girl.
#ef2018performer My audition for @electric_forest 2018 ! Happy with any result. Letting my body embody water, because water is always changing and forming in different states of matter as well as shapes. Water thrives with change. As a human made up of nearly 70% water I want my adventure to lead me to positive change that’s always flowing towards new opportunity, and growth! Song is Only You by @odesza Full video on my YouTube Link in bio
Shhhhh... 🤫 spilling my secret @patchology product to ditching dry skin in seconds for that silky smooth feel. Definitely smoother than a baby’s bottom 😉🍑 #ad #sponsored #Patchology X #theEYstyle
“Hit me like a tidal wave. Triggered by the aftershock”
Going through some changes
Set your own trend and ride it out
🌟Happiness is contagious, spread it! .. One of the easiest and most carefree ways of traveling is by cruising. It’s also usually more affordable than flying. I love to travel either way, but I have to admit that both have their benefits and downfalls. Either by air or by sea, traveling was made for me. .. 💕According to your opinion what is a strength of each? I’d love to hear your thoughts 💭
cause you don't even know what you just lost You don't even know what you just had You don't even know, and that's what's bad
Yet again, another scene that seems so peaceful, but in realty it was so windy and so cold 😬
tastes like neapolitan ice cream -- enjoying the process
I’m still here and still counting my blessings! 🙏🏾🙏🏾hahaha such an amazing homie and artist, go peep out @gyamazawa and @dumbfoundead on tour !
You know I had to shoot a photo of my fave player #17 😭💪🏼📸
It’s still snowing in DC and I’m boycotting by refusing to post any pics of said snow. Instead I’m giving Mother Nature major side-eye (cause she’s letting i blizzard on the third day of Spring) and posting more pics from my honeymoon!
Parte 1 de las fotos de la escapada a Barcelona con @rubiera__ y @javier_unknos , salimos para allá un viernes prontito y paramos en algunos sitios creepy de camino 🚗⛽
Tips for Artists ➖ two questions: A) is this also applicable for Instagram and B) where can I find some roosters around here? 🤔
@stancesocks Hike socks from the Adventure collection is built for those who plan to go there-and-back, featuring an Uncommon Blend of twisted merino wool, polyester, cotton, and nylon fibers that keep you cooler, pull moisture away faster, and feel more durable than anything else out there ⛺️ #AdventureStance #StanceSocks #StanceCanada
What a great start to our #flavorsofDC party, couldn’t have done it without my big bro @spinsertracy , our teams and all of y’all. EVERY Saturday, don’t miss out! Link in bio for FREE BEFORE MIDNIGHT! 🤘🏼
look back
=========================================== Sabtu, 17 Maret 2018 Photoshoot Gina & Trians Prewedding 💐 📷 @noeryanssend 🌏 Limpakuwus Baturraden Purwokerto =========================================== #noeryanssendphotowork #limpakuwus #baturaden #purwokerto #prewedding #preweddingphoto #canon_photos #cameraindonesia #canon700d #canonindonesia #photography #photoshoot #instagram #stayandwander #wondermore #createexploretakeover
She presisted 🍀
thirst eye
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