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Nikung yuk. Siapa tau dapet yang enak? 😜😜 . #createxplore #nikung #like4like
Beach, please!! I need vitamin sea🌅 #explorelombok
Led Zepellin-Rain Song🎶
Gateway to paradise.
Caffeine overdose is the first "symptom" of the exam period...🎓🤦🏼‍♀️ Передозировка кофеином - первый признак наступающей сессии... от одного этого слова уже бросает в дрожь😅
Colours I can't resist looking at.
Rate this outfit by @ndjolijean
Companion || Kompanjonas Handheld shot with: Nikon D700 Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar F/3.5 + 2x teleconverter
Sore hari (4:27 pm).
레알 #아빠미소 by @jkook.lee 감독님 . #seoul #korea
Royal Guard Parede #london Ante semejante edificio se esperan unos jardines palaciegos. Sin embargo lo que hay es una extensión yerma de tierra y arena. Lisa y llanamente un potrero. Entendible siendo el palacio de la guardia real montada. - - - - #nofilter #landscape #architecture #worldingram #beautifuldestination #wonderful_places #amazingplaces #killyourcity #travelphoto #theprettycities #urbanexploration #createxplore #welivetoexplore #traveldeeper #travelawesome #exploringtheglobe #travelstoke #doyoutravel #globe_travel #worldtravelpics #travelcaptures #sharetravelpics #ig_travel #picoftheday #primerolacomunidad #horseguardsparade
Urbex- A film about urban exploring releasing very soon @dvddevia @nj.visions
Show some love today and smash that love heart! ❤️ Have you been to @pepperrockss ? It’s visually stunning and well worth a look! To add to it the sell food and drink too! Winning! Also if you haven’t already, go check out @box_head_photography and see @mr_bry at work! Have a great day and thank you for checking me out!
Have you been to @pepperrockss ? This was taken just outside! Inside is a visual overload! Perfection! And I would love to grab some more stills inside! The bar tender kindly gave me opportunity to go in for some shots however I didn’t want to intervene with their custom. Go check them out!
Taking a few shots of @mr_bry of @box_head_photography outside of @pepperrockss. I love this mash up of vintage, overgrowth and neon! Have you been to Pepper Rocks Nottingham? Been inside? It’s amazing! Also drop BoxHead photography a follow and check out his work!
This was a quick shot taken inside @pepperrockss and I didn’t think much of it. After some tweaking with the colours and tones, it feels like somewhere other than Nottingham! Have you been? It’s totally awesome inside!
@bunkdogs in Nottingham looks like a secret entrance to some kind of bunker/factory! Have you tried the food? If not head on down as @pepperrockss is a visual stimulant whilst wetting your whistles!
Thirsty? Grab a drink at @pepperrockss ! This isn’t a collab with them, no paid advert, I’m just saying the interior is my cuppa tea! If you haven’t been just go for a look around! Stunning!
Picture frames, wooden furniture, leather armchairs and sofas, mirrors, overgrowth and Neon lights can be found in @pepperrockss 😍 what a place! Have you been? I would love to go back and take some time to get some shots.
This was a quick shot of inside @pepperrockss with @mr_bry of @box_head_photography. Totally under exposed leaving this image a little grainy. Have you been in Pepper Rocks? It’s stunning! I would love to go back a get some better images.
Whiteout. _____________________
After getting a few shots outside @pepperrockss one of the bar staff invited me in to take a look around in case we wanted more photos? I was surprised with how nice the interior was and would love to go back and shoot more. Have you been? You should!
People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.
Here’s an shot taken inside a processing workshop for #woodwednesday
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