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saying this out loud makes Hiro and I laugh so I drew it ~(^•^)~
Why should I worry about my age? Why do we keep worrying about that when we near our thirties (and beyond)? Today we dig into the fear of growing older, the negative implications that come with age, and the reasons why we appreciate each passing year. 🎙New episode now available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud! 🎙
Come on fall, gimme dem colors 🍁
San Diego’s fall feels more like summer every day and I’m only a little mad. I mean, yes I’d rather be wearing beanies but nothing beats a beautiful day by the water.
• n o t t o d a y
If only Quarterly Gatherings were weekly! Our time together is always filled up with all the goodness. It means so much to share a week night connecting and being inspired! Huge thank you to this quarter’s Top Notch Babe, Christina Vassallo, for sharing her story and honest work through art and activism. Thank you also to Harness for being our home for the eve. Another Quarterly for the books, CLE! Ps. Next time Lex will keep her spirit fingers a little lower. 😬💫 . Thank you @lambphotographycle for this snap! . #creativebabescle #creativebabescleveland #creativebabes #cleveland
Our hope for you is that you continue. Continue creating, continue learning, and continue pushing forward. ✨ Happy Saturday, lovelies! 💕
TGIF! My car is all packed up and I'm ready for the @wildrootsohio show tomorrow! I can't wait to show you all my new tile mural tables in person tomorrow! I'm going to be at the Joann Fabrics headquarters from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. in Hudson. Check out the map I'm going to be right by the food trucks so grab your friends get some food enjoy some art... it's going to be a good day! #handmadegifts #handmade #tiffanyostudio #photohomedecor #thiscle #ohio #shoplocal #hustle #fineartphotography #tilemuraltable #makersgonnamake #creativebabes #creativelifehappylife #girlboss #bossbabe #entrepreneurlife #sublimationprinting #dontforgetyourdaydream #imanentrepreneurbitch #joannfabrics #madewithjoann #hudsonohio #clevelandrocks
When I finish a baby blanket or hat, I’m always like, “I could TOTALLY handle a baby rn. Like mom so hard it’s not even funny.” Then 0.2 seconds later my cat knocks something off the bookshelf or nabs something he knows he’s not supposed to have and I’m all, “Ok, I could like maybe hold one for 30mins and then give it back.” 😅 Currently accepting applications for moms who need a 30 min NAP. My arms are hella open 😂😍 What’s something that makes you feel like you can do anything?!😂 • • • #wemakecollective #betterhomesandgardens #cuddleweather #etsybaby #etsyusa #stlmade #madeinstl #etsy #fallvibes #pumpkins #flatlaytoday #hyggevibes #hyggehome #hyggelifestyle #stlouismag #stlouisgram #tsgstlouis #creativestlouis #babyfever #babyblanket #tassels #knitologyhome #lionbrandyarn #ourmakerlife #modernmaker #wearethemakers #creativebabes #stlbloggers
Did you know I offer Adventure Sessions? In fact, they're my specialty! So what exactly does that look like? Well, exactly how it sounds! Sure we love those nice and neat posed shots, but I guarantee the joy and authenticity you receive from candid images will change how you view photos! 🌿 We'll make memories, explore our surroundings, take breaks to play, try something new, and the next thing you'll know, it's become more than your average photo session. And adventures can be had anywhere! It's all up to you! Where do you like the explore? In nature? At a playground? Maybe a museum! The possibilities are endless.
Hey hey + happy Friday!! I’m realizing I don’t know a ton of you, so I figured I’d *virtually* introduce myself (for real this time 😏) ✨ 1. My name is India Jade Orban (Yes, that’s my real name. No I was not born in India. No you cannot call me Indiana.) . ✨ 2. I am primarily a self-taught photographer! I shot my first wedding when I was 16 and have been hustlin’ behind a camera ever since 💁🏼‍♀️ . ✨ 3. Currently I’m a SENIOR at Columbus College of Art + Design studying Advertising + Graphic Design! I was an RA here for 2 years + am a leader of the @ccoccad . ✨ 4. Jesus is my rock. My faith in Christ is number 1 and I love loving people through His grace . ✨ 5. My diet is a combo of a health conscious mother of 4 + a standard 12 year old boy (aka, pizza, spinach, ice cream + all breakfast foods fancy my tastebuds) . ✨ 6. Puns are my love language . ✨ 7. My siblings are smart, talented + so freaking creative! I am always proud of my crazy family . ✨ 8. On that same note, I am convinced that my friends are the greatest support team the world has ever seen. I am forever grateful for the tribe surrounding me . ✨ 9. Traveling makes me smile (and sweat a lil but everything does??). I love goofing off around the globe . ✨ 10. I don’t exercise much but when I do, I run to clear my head, hike, dance (I can low key tear up a dance floor) or bike around my hometown . ✨ So there it is!! But forget about me, I wanna know YOU?! Comment a few fun facts below 🔻🔻🔻 . . Pc: @dreakirby . . . #ohioweddingphotographer #creativebabes #girlboss #fridayintroductions #columbusohiophotographer #travellingphotographer #artistsoninstagram #photoshoot #portraitphotography #creativeliving @authenticlovemag
Jumping on this train of #FridayIntroductions ! So hi 👋🏼 I’m Emma. I’m the one behind this wedding paper & design shop called Designed, Sealed, Delivered (DSD). I haven’t shared much about myself yet, so here goes! 👰🏼 I’m kind of a serial wedding guest., so much do that I’ve been to 38 weddings—not even counting showers, rehearsal dinners & bachelorette parties! ⠀ 📺 My favorite TV show ever is Friends because it’s the best. Don’t argue with me on this.⠀ 📖 I was on the yearbook committee wayyy back in high school, which might’ve jumpstarted my passion for this kind of work. ⠀ ✨ Tell me something about you! Or better yet, your favorite Friends character! I’m ready to debate 👊🏼
I loved taking Lifestyle Portraits of this inspiring woman for @creativebabes ! Regan is an Executive + Life Coach, mother of 2, lover of snail mail, and is driven by helping others go after their dreams. She’s also just a freakin delight to be around! You can read more about her on the Creative Babes Blog. #creativebabes #asseenincolumbus
Happy Friday, friends! ✨ We are looking forward to a cozy weekend in reading, writing, and dreaming. ✨ What do you have planned?
• t h a l a s s o p h i l e
I had such an amazing time with the @columbuseditorialsociety and all their amazing models 🔥 I was insanely nervous, but everyone was so nice that it was easy to get in a flow. Can't wait for the next time! . . . . . model: @tyrajames.4modeling mua: @a.jayyymua group: @columbuseditorialsociety apparel: @vintagevanshop
I had such an amazing time with the @columbuseditorialsociety and all their amazing models 🔥 I was insanely nervous, but everyone was so nice (especially this gem) that it was easy to get in a flow. Can't wait for the next time! . . . . . model: @eithersideisfine mua: @a.jayyymua group: @columbuseditorialsociety
I had such an amazing time with the @columbuseditorialsociety and all their amazing models 🔥 I was insanely nervous, but everyone was so nice that it was easy to get in a flow. Can't wait for the next time! . . . . . model: @naz_lucky mua: @shatay_tay group: @columbuseditorialsociety apparel: @vintagevanshop
May the evil eye always be with you 👁 Photography and MUA: @sabweena1 Model and editing: @challenbrown
Six months ago, on this bus, in my tiny little bunk, with tears streaming down my face, I finally made the decision to reach outside of my comfort zone and try something that might better my health. Because I had had enough of feeling like crap. . At first, I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I didn’t want people to think I was dumb for trying it. But you guys - now I can’t keep it in! These body-balancing, natural, gut-healing products are giving me my life back, and I do NOT say that lightly! . Here are a few more deets on the pink drink that I take EVERY DAY! . What it is NOT: - A “fad” - Full of sugar / chemicals - An energy drink full of caffeine - A wasted investment - Magic . What it IS: - Giving people a fresh start - Natural and plant based - Blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone, & mood balancer - Healing your microbiome with good bacteria - An opportunity to find health & balance in your body from the ROOT (our gut!) . 🍂 If you have any imbalances in your body that you want to see aligned, I would love talk with you about it and find the perfect product combo for you & your SPECIFIC needs!! 💛
Spent the morning being hippies with my mama 🌒(and let the dogs run in the sunshine before heading back to my writing desk!) . . . . #hippiesoul #willienelson #freelancewriter #freelancelife #peace #flowerchild #writersofinstagram #normalthursday #creativeladies #creativebabes
thinking back on this super @driftlessmagazine issue 8 feature + art print collaboration, because, fall 🍁🍂🍁 LOVED working with @annapowellteeter & @thereforesamiam on “Squash Three Ways”. now when I see squash at the market I feel like a nerd because I know most of the varietals 🤓 〰️ 📷s: @annapowellteeter , 🤤 recipes: @thereforesamiam , illos & print: yours truly (psssst the midwest squash print is available in the shop!!)
• s h e b e l o n g s among the wildflowers
10.18.18 💛@creativebabes - Thank you for creating a space where we can celebrate connectedness. Thank you for making us feel valued and honoring who we are right now in every moment of imperfect change! To these rad ladies and everyone I was able to connect with last night-- thank you! And @noryandfely I am so grateful you shared your story with us. Your vulnerability was courageous. You shine. Super so proud of you, friend. ✨✨✨ . . . #rise #shine #letsgo #herewegrow #speakyourtruth #powerful #yourstorymatters #opportunity #yourpath #entrepeneurlife #girlboss #boss #intention #cbuslocallove #womeninbusiness #liveinspired #livealifeyoulove #wellpreneur #mindbodygram #lookwithin #liveyourbestlife #liveintentionally #inspiredlife #inspire #brave #vulnerable #courage #Creativebabes
I loved listening to @lindenhollowmusic last night at the Columbus @creativebabes quarterly gathering. 💕 The lead singer (who I didn’t get to meet, and I’m crushed) was so real and funny. Thanks for the great music and commentary! Their sound is self-described as “haunting piano rock and earthy folk.” Find them on Spotify and iTunes! #asseenincolumbus #baberoar #creativebabes
me and @lilpchop modelling some beautiful, locally handmade period proof panties from the amazing @revolgirl lingerie line ✨please check out their products!! 💕 . photography: @postmodernsorrow makeup & styling: @kaya.tempest.tremptress . #film #filmphotography #localbusinesses #vancouverartist #vancouverbusiness #eastvan #creativebabes
I’m still riding high from my time at @creativebabescleveland last night. It was seriously incredible and I am so thankful to @hellohomegirl and @giafantozzi for holding space for us Cleveland Babes to be together. They just launched their social for the Cleveland chapter so go give them a follow! And if you haven’t been to one of their events you’ve gotta get to the next one! It’s basically an adult sleepover (without the sleeping over) with real talk, good drinks, creativity and inspiration. Ugh, all the feels ❤️ . . . . . #creativebabes #creativebabescleveland #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #womensupportwomen #womensupportingwomen #allthefeels #communityovercompetition #community #growthmindset #createeveryday #bigmagic #dreamersanddoers
Posting the same photo as everyone else but that’s okay because we should ALL be celebrating the brilliant, wonderful, beautiful, incredible @noryandfely who spoke so elegantly at @creativebabes last night! Every time get the privilege to talk to his great friend, I learn something about her AND something about myself. Tonight was no exception. So so proud of you for speaking your truth and so thankful for this great community of badass babes 😎 #GRATTITUDE #creativebabes #mentalhealth
#TBT Logo design for @bridgetdickey — costume and fashion designer extraordinaire! We wanted her brand to feel vintage inspired, playful, and feminine. And since she loved Barbie growing up, I made sure to draw a little inspiration from vintage Barbie logos for that B. ✨💕🌴
• i'll whisk away y o u r h e a r t s i g h and bury it in mine . . . . . . model: @yvonne.mahl group: @columbuseditorialsociety mua: @delanelly apparel: @vintagevanshop
• i'll whisk away y o u r h e a r t s i g h and bury it in mine . . . . . . model: @eithersideisfine group: @columbuseditorialsociety mua: @a.jayyymua apparel: @vintagevanshop
• i'll whisk away y o u r h e a r t s i g h and bury it in mine . . . . . . model: @naz_lucky group: @columbuseditorialsociety mua: @shatay_tay apparel: @vintagevanshop
✨CLEVELAND BABES! ✨ Holy smokes — we are SO excited to officially share not only our community in person, but also online! It has been the most incredible journey connecting + growing together so far this year. We can’t wait for everything on the road ahead. You are so loved! . Snap from @meganleighbarnard at @agnesstudio with @egweeds ’s wheatpaste ⚡️ . #creativebabescleveland #creativebabescle #creativebabes #cleveland
I love that this restaurant solves problems effectively & creatively. Just do what works! Dermal Remodeling just works...though it’s a bit out of the box. 🙃😊👍🏻 . . . #skinharmonics (805) 450-1686 http://skinharmonics.com/ . . . #creativebabes #mediholistichealing #skinhappy #skinradiant #selfradiance #treatyourskin #stopthetrauma #balancewithin
If any one tells you differently, get rid of them! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! Who wants to join me in Collar Addicts Anonymous?
Here’s the thing: Wear whatever the fuck makes you happy! Do more of the things that bring you joy! What are you going to do today? YOU ARE ALIVE. LIFE IS NOW. Tell me, let me know in the comments! For real, I want to know what ignites your fire! For me it’s bright colored things like neon spatulas and neon shoelaces and bright electrical cords and fruit with Tajín and watching The Office and painting and making ceramics and eating super loaded nachos and being a total goofball with my nephew and petting dogs and showers with rich and vibrant products and laughing so hard I cry. That brings me joy. What about you? • Alternate Caption: “It’s called fashion. Look it up.” Haha! #vaniavananina #vaniavananinacreatesmagic #vaniavananinafeels #vaniavananinacolors #colorsofportlandia #portland #pdx #womenirl #badasswoman #ootdfashion #neonootd #neonlife #colorpop #colourpop #fuckyeahart #mexicanoscreativos #fallinportland #funfashion #colorcolorcolor #coloristheanswer #colorislife #🌈🌈🌈 #lifeistoday #vaniavananinaisabadass #adayinthelifeofanartist #adayinthelifeofvaniavananina #iamabadass #creativebabes #badassbabe #livecolourfully
It’s true, you are. 💕 Happy Wednesday, friends!
“I am made and remade continually.” -Virginia Woolf . . I really feel like I am constantly being remade into something new in every season of my life and through every shift I’ve loved the person I’m becoming even more than ever before. #selflovematters
Blaire took these photos 😍 Her favorite “farm chore” is gathering the eggs for the day, and then asking to eat them immediately after. Today we were gifted 5 eggs, and she’s literally been eating 5 eggs every morning for the past week. But anyway, today, she wanted to take pictures of the eggs on my skirt. It was really interesting and cute to watch her place the eggs in certain spots and switch angles to get the photos she wanted. It reminded me of the way she knows me and has learned from observing me, and ultimately “parenting [your] children the way you’d want to be parented”... . . So today I started reading Raising Resilience by Christopher Willard, PSYD, which he begins by introducing the “paramis” or the ten perfections of the heart (which he says to think of more as aspirations): generosity, ethics, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, honesty, determination, kindness, and equanimity. My favorite is that he leaves a set of reflection questions at the end of the chapter.... in what ways are you already teaching and practicing theses values in your family? what from the list of paramis jumps out at you as challenging for you or your family? what feels natural given your upbringing and value? how can yo cultivate goodness in your growing children? ... something I’ve been pondering today, so I thought I’d share with you all xx 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚 . . @backyardpoultrymag #backyardpoultry @iamcountryside #iamcountryside @drchriswillard #raisingresilience
We did a simple but super fun and colorful collection of business cards for @theclarityshop. Here's the pink set. ✨Can't wait for the launch, the website is looking goooood!
When women support women, something extraordinary happens. We feel empowered, validated, and less alone. ✨ Have the courage to forge the life you want, and let’s celebrate our fellow women for doing the same. Let’s lift each other up. ✨ Tag a girlfriend you want to show some support. 💕
• I have mountains of editing, but all I want to do is go outside.
Hi hello how's it going? I suffer from this thing called sometimes I don't make anything because I'm too stuck on my ideas being perfect and stopping before I start. SO, in an effort to break through this creative block, but also because I want this space to be less stuffy and more about making things and talking to each other, me and one of my very best friends @vignetterie have decided to do a daily creative challenge! So everyday until I stop I'll be making a button, idk what that really means yet and I think that's the point? So yay, hold me accountable and join us in making a daily something!
I think we all need this reminder. You are beautiful. Know it. Own it. I think you are amazing. 😘💜✨
Peace is the root of happiness. When we have peace everything feels better. Strive for peace of mind and heart. Wishing you all a happy week. 😘 Have you gotten the coloring e-book yet? Link in my bio.
It’s true, you are. So let’s stop punishing ourselves for not looking a certain way or not fitting into a certain type of box because we all have something beautiful and unique to offer. 💕 For more motivation, check our new episode “Why Should I Exercise for Health, Not Vanity?” Available now on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. And feel free to share with anyone who you think could use a positive message today. 💕 Who is the most beautiful person you know? Tag away! 💕
A little #hellogypsyclientlove on this rainy Monday morning. When you work with us, not only do we deliver great design that goes beyond your expectations, but we truly become your creative partner. We believe so strongly in all of our clients and will root for / support them in any way we possibly can. 🌿 This little magical note came from @nashgreenerie and we are SO proud of them and can't wait to see all the cool things they bring to Nashville (and beyond). ✨
• one last look
Starting this week off a little stressed + a little overwhelmed, but hopefully that'll be a good one 💕 This Wednesday is our @creativebabes Quarterly Gathering at @harnesscycle and I couldn't be more excited! We have an AMAZING speaker @veryxtina , and some other rad things in the works. There's always some anxiety that comes with throwing these events, but it is always so, so worth it. Be sure to grab your tickets! It's gonna be a good one! . . . #creativebabes #creativebabescle #clebabes #clevelandart #cle #cleveland
Every day I continue to learn that life is a collection of the ebbs and flows of great & poor decisions, seasons that will never stop changing, and the reactions and responses we make when life throws you those guaranteed curveballs. Some things are simply out of our control, but there are still many things in life we absolutely have control over. . If you’ve been following along with @msrachelhollis & @mrdavehollis during the #last90days challenge, then you were apart of the conversation of habits this week. It’s an amazing topic, one that I have not heard talked about nearly enough. . Today I both succeeded and failed in my conscious steps towards being a better version of myself (again, the ebb and flow). . Trigger-Action-Reward: Trigger: I wanted a pick-me-up and to get out of the house Action: I chose to jog to the coffee shop (and not the closest one) as my mode of transport, to get my workout in Reward: Coffee & exercise! In this particular scenario I succeeded at making my desired coffee run a LITERAL run. Where I failed? All of the plastic in my hand. I wish I had taken the extra effort to bring my own mug to the shop. The over-all win? Being more CONSCIOUS, INTENTIONAL, and AWARE of each little decision I make throughout the day!! . I would LOVE to hear from YOU about the ways you are being more intentional in your daily life!! Also, if you haven’t jumped in on the #last90days challenge by joining thousands of others in choosing to end the year a better version of ourselves, it’s not too late! 😄 There are 5 things we are all doing every day & I would love to tell you more about it!
🎙New podcast episode! 🎙 Exercise can feel like a form of torture when it’s used as punishment for not looking a certain way. Today we are talking about our fitness journey, and how we created a sustainable fitness lifestyle for ourselves. 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🧘‍♀️🧗‍♀️🚴‍♀️ Remember, you are already the most beautiful person in the world to someone right now, just as you are. Stop punishing yourself and find an exercise outlet that is enjoyable and makes you feel better. 💕 We can’t wait to chat with you!
I feel like I’ve been extremely spoiled when it comes to having strong women around me. And these two have played an extra special role in my life; they’ve been the best examples of what strong moms are. Love you two to pieces, can’t wait for your kids to watch my kids because they’ll be all grown up by the time I have babies. #celebrating 🐯
My goodness 🔥
Some days are just hard, but having the courage to keep pushing forward is the ultimate strength. ✨ Keep being strong. You’ve got this.
Ever find yourself comparing what you have, want, or need with other people’s lives? . Me too. . You can still be excited for other people’s success without losing your own. Ever heard that quote, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” . I’m convinced that community is important, necessary even, to our success. So the next time you feel jealous of their stuff, their talents, their family etc. realize that COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION is the answer. #parkviewdesigns #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety
Coffee in bed with blogs and puppies is our favorite Saturday morning activity. ☕️🐶💻💕 How are you spending this beautiful fall Saturday morning?
Being swallowed by a black hole in space ☺️
Work hard and be kind—two of the most admirable qualities a person can have. ✨ Tag a friend who is the embodiment of grit and grace. 💕
• i'd give anything to hear you say it one more time that the u n i v e r s e was made just to be seen by my eyes • - sleeping at last 🌠⭐🌠⭐🌠 • Got home from work and had to take some star shots. They've been so bright lately! Can you see what's in the last photo?
Calling all #creativebabes ! 🍦 Grab your tickets NOW for the Grattitude : Columbus Quarterly Gathering event at @artoutsidethelines on Wed, Oct 17! We go on at 7:30, so grab your tickets now before they sell out! . . . . #supportyourlocalgirlband #chicksthatrock #gratitude #rocknroll #womenofrock #femalecreatives #femaleentrepreneurs #columbusmakesart #artmakescolumbus
• open wide my door m y L o r d, m y L o r d open wide my door to whatever makes me l o v e y o u m o r e while there's still light to run towards • - mewithoutYou
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