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Days in the West.
a shot I really really like from way back when
don’t ever want to leave indonesia. still so much left to explore, and I’m already more than halfway finished with the program. probably gonna stay here forever though, don’t mind me. @chloeking313 and @jennylundt zoom in
Kendrick Lamar, 2016. @splendourinthegrass this weekend 💥
Started watching Game of Thrones. Didn’t realize there were 250+ characters I learned. 📸.
Experiencing a golden afternoon in Grand Central Terminal
• birthday series
• birthday series
• birthday series
“Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself all at once”
Sunset on Bay Lake
LONER TILL THE END by @gabe_media @nikesportswear @adidasoriginals @gnarcotic @vans @ f*ck it I wear what I want
I've realized lately that for the things that matter, you gotta fight for them. But not the fight you may be thinking. For me, that looks like if I want to move to another country one day, I have to be diligent about pursuing it. If I want to cultivate my creativity, I need to take the time to do it and step away from my distractions, Netflix for example (although, I love). If I want to continue to embrace living vulnerably, I need to check my heart. If I want to make sure I have my quiet time in the morning, honor my sleep time better. And if I want to feel that I'm truly worthy, I need to love myself well. So, yeah. I think that those kinds of things are worthwhile to fight for. 📷: @tvuski , Wilderness extraordinaire
We want to live in a community with neighbourhood art galleries, interesting music options, different kinds of food, places to perform, theatres and a culture that values the arts, creative enterprise and the environment...A society that embraces and fosters Creativity This is our Dream for Port Harcourt and we are committed to making it our reality We are the Port Harcourt Creative Community
I'm doing better than I ever was✨
“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” -Marilyn Monroe 💃🏼
Time will tell
Another solo NYC photography adventure! Can you name the iconic building in the background?
My favourite spot 📷🎨
I seen this photo opportunity as I’m leaving my house for the gym. I contemplated for a min, eventually said fu*% that, and turned back to go get my camera and took the shot I saw. Lmao I got so caught up I never went to the gym lmaooo😂. But I’m making these gainzzz as we speak lol. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #ig_color #moodyphotography #citykillers #vsco #streetdreamsmag #creativesculture #exploretocreate #conquer_la #moodygrams #shoot2kill #heatercentral #way2ill #photography #losangeles #agameoftones #fatalframes #streetphotography #streetmagazine #losangelesgrammers #createexploretakeover #hypebeast #illgram #artist #losangeles #ig_color #SDMfeatures #sonyalpha #sonya7ii #sonya7riii #palmdaleca #killergrams #way2ill
So many life changes currently happening over here. As a family, we are always striving to maintain positive mental and physical health habits. I’m fortunate enough to say that if I ever had any dreams or aspirations, @ruddyp is always on board and willing to sacrifice anything to make sure it’s a positive experience and is confidently rooting for me every step of the way. 😭🖤 We’ve built so much through these years of love and it’s been a constant battle of self-reflection and being honest with one another even if the truth hurt. My mama used to tell me as a child and still tells me.. “ If you’re always honest with yourself and others, and always do the right thing, you will NEVER be wrong.” I’ve lived by that for so many years and I’ve applied that to just about every aspect of my life wether it’s teaching Arbor right from wrong, or making any life changing decision because deep within, my heart is telling me that’s my path. I’m so grateful for the confident support I always get from my fam. Love you so much and always excited for new chapters in our life.🖤🌹👪
* Girl Group Vibes.
📸🍌💵 set by @i_am_him__
I'm home in Newfoundland and thinking about Ha Giang, the only place I've been that may beat out Newfoundland as the most beautiful. There was something about driving through those majestic mountains, surrounded by rural life that made me feel like home. And maybe it's because of you switch the mountains for the ocean, it isn't so different from where I grew up. We don't have cell service in my town, nor do we have a store. Obviously, we have access to education and all the things we need, but there's a charm here that's shared with those mountains, like you step back in time for a moment. Everything is slow. Quiet. No hustle. Coming home this second time around has been a lot easier than last year. I think maybe it's cause I came directly here, to Newfoundland, where the pace is slow and easy (last year I went to Calgary as my first stop and felt seriously out of step with everything around me). I miss Asia. I miss driving my motorbike and having endless coffee and cafes at my fingertips. I miss the community, poetry and open mics and friendships. But I am enjoying my parent's kitchen. Cooking again. Coffee in the morning. Sitting with the sunset. The salty air. My parents nonsense in the morning, their bickering as my mom goes to work. My frigin' bed and my mom's affinity for luxury bedsheets. And writing. It's funny that the portion of my book I'm working on is from here: in Canada, in Newfoundland. While I was in Hanoi it was all about there. The timing of it feels eery to me. I'm able to soak in the all the details without it being coated in homesickness. Instead it's comfort. The past is around every corner.
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