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Open Wed - Sun @republicof94 This is living
Now to chill but first 🤳🏽😎🌴💦#lifeinflorida #hipsdontlie #shortandproud
In France I am MoiMoi. In Italy I am MamaMimi 🇮🇹
A little sunshine this Monday.
Binissalem, Mallorca
Happy Monday! 🙌🌞🌺 So I will be trying out a new look for my photos edits. Actually on a journey of figuring out my brand so a lot of tweaking will be happening over the next couple of months.
Shooting something summery doesn’t always mean heading out to shoot in the blazing sun, it can be as simple as working within a specific colour palette. This is also a great way to generate summery content when the weather isn’t so favourable or to have content ready for when summer comes round. A pop up background is also a great way to try out new ideas as well as take headshots or hold a studio shoot wherever you need to. I’ll definitely be looking to expand the range of @creativitybackgrounds colours to explore different ideas moving forwards. #coventryphotographer #photostorytelling #ukphotographer #fashionshootstudio #coventryphotography #bloggershoot #styleblogger #ukphotoblog #summerfun #summerphotos #popupstudio #studiobackdrops #creativevisuals #creativitybackgrounds #buttercup #paperbackdrops #fashionshoot #photoinspo #photoideas #photographyideas #experimentingwithphotos
Title: “Peer pressure” This poem reflects on the hidden and internal instances of self-coercion. There are times in life when people fear “stepping into the light” of their own achievements because becoming “peerless” in the sense of accomplishment can alienate their friends (their “peers”) leaving the people alone and lonely in the (spot)light. . . The first line is contemplating wether to chase success and/or achievement. . . The line “Do I move? Who frightens me” is meant to be read both on that line and as it’s own natural sentence: “Who frightens me is not out there.” Taken together, these two thoughts talk about moving yourself. Motivating yourself to perform and achieve even though you’re intimidated by your own possible success. . . The next line deals with society’s pressure on you to perform. “Out there,” means out in the light, aka success. Our society values achievement, but this line questions that way of thinking....”is success the best? Is it the end game we should be striving for?” . . The next line is doing two things. Firstly, it’s answering the preceding question: “yes, you CAN be the best.” Secondly, it ties the very last phrase of the poem. “Everyone will see” that you will be in the light (aka accomplished) but also without peers...without your friends. You will inevitably have to leave some friends behind. . . The last line ends with a second and final assertion that everyone will see the two things in the preceding line: that you are now a lonely but accomplished star. . . . #freeversepoetry #freeverse
DUNES | @shambizzle Makeup @bethanyartistry 1 of 3 🐞
Somewhere down here, there’s the remains of guys that died during the Veitnam war. We build these aluminum grid squares underwater to map out a search area and to accurately measure exactly where we’re gonna dig, and where we need to go. Looks and sounds easy in practice, but just add water and some muddy visibility and everything becomes 10X more difficult.
It’s Monday so why not have a little fun to kickstart the new week! Let’s play a game. Take stock, right this second, of three things you’re grateful for. Feel free to elaborate, or keep it super simple. I am staying simple, because I think this list speaks for itself: I say online shopping, books that are page turners + the wine shop that’s right next to the trail I enjoy walking (because after a 4 mile walk who doesn’t want to celebrate with a glass of vino). It doesn’t matter how big or little, but share your list in the comments below! #makewavesmonday #30daysofsc
Sunset in Florence, Italy. #lightpersecond #italy
Ben’s happy about our first guest in the Galapagos. He wasn’t as happy having to clean up the ”mess” our friend left 😅 . . . . . . . . #sealion #galapagos #sanchristobal #galapagosislands #pacificocean #cresturesofthesea #wowplanet #creativevisuals #photojournalism #roamtheplanet #sailinglife #natgeo #davidattenborough #sailinggalapagos
He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! . . He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you. 🎤 . . Write down your: 1. Greatest request 2. Most unbelievable dream 3. Wildest imagination Expect WAAAAY MORE . . . #ephesians320 #mdinamalta #malta #streets #exploretheworld #architecture #adventure #travelstories #vsco #vscocam #explore #godsfaithfulness #soft_vision #soft_tones #live_folk #creativevisuals #outdoors #nature #travelphotography #ig_captures #super_europe #ig_malta #seetheworld #explorer #canon #traveldestinations #visiteurope #lovemalta #tpt
Had the pleasure of working with the very talented @karlimmusic if you haven’t checked her out definitely do!! She throws down some filthy head bangers 🔥🤙🏼
Granos de Arena No.5 📷 D3200
‘do you ever wonder whether people would like you more or less if they could see inside you?’
Been busy cooking 🍳
This guy must of been hilarious, she was bustin’ out laughing
Shades of green. #lightpersecond #germany
Pois as suas #QualidadesInvisíveis — isto é, seu poder #eterno e #Divindade  — são claramente vistas desde a #criação do mundo, porque são percebidas por meio das #coisasfeitas , de modo que eles não têm desculpa. Rom. 1:20
Does running after tennis balls, without the actual hitting part, count as being athletic? 😬 A few years ago I tried my hand at tennis with @dutzuphotography . It was our first attempt at doing sports together. Tennis didn’t really work for us though. When I did manage to hit the ball, I mostly sent it off to other people’s courts. 🙊 It definitely counted as a workout though, with all that running from one court to the next. 🙈 We haven’t dared to go back to the tennis court ever since. (So we faked this one, with toilet paper 😁 Could you tell?) Which sports do you wish you were better at? #whpplay #thatwhimsicaltouch
🍣 🥑 🍑🌿
Can't tell if my hands are a peace sign, or if I'm making a doggo shadow puppet. 🤷🏼‍♀️Who cares because it was a happy day!
Funny story behind this #ooftd shoot.... Us: "Let's go down into Patrick 's Island where no one should see us" *picks spot inna da bush* Text later that afternoon from a friend: "so a friend of mine told me you were posing in some bush." 😅😂🙈 Cayman is way too small!
🦂 📸 : @imagenation_sa | Photo by me.
Emparrats, disseny. Mallorca. @mpolfiol 📸@ximcp
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