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breath of fresh air . . . framed: @peachy_keeennn #empiremeets
It’s the season of family pictures!! capture your family’s beautiful memories💜 book your shoot today!
I’m super excited to share some new content I have coming with @fstopchacon 🖤💛 (video stuff!??) Also, tomorrow I’ll be doing an Instax (Polaroid) giveaway of 4 photos to celebrate 40K so I’ll put all the details up and everything, just continue to stalk me and stuff 😂😘❤️ I really really appreciate everyone’s support, you are all amazing!! . . . . . . . . . . . #pswelove #earth_portraits #heatedports #serialshooters #portraitunit #gameofportraitz #gameofportraits #tlv_portraits #portraitsvisuals #pr0ject_soul #portraitclub #portsequence #moodyports #creativevisualscollective #Portraitsquad #6tourportraits #kings_portraits #streetmeetwa #sombrebeings #humanedge #sombersociety #pursuitofportraits #portraitisreligion #portraitkillers #portraitmood #pnw_people #doports #portrait_mf #moody #teamcanon
serene . . . framed: @jackjerry
derby girl . . . framed: @sierra_davis101 #empiremeets
sometimes I see people put out work and think how fucking awesome it would to collab with them. for me, my top 5 would be @yourfriendeito @teladiroberto @cole.evarts @teeemcha and @drtzed ✨ . . who do you wanna collab with one day? tag em here, I would love to see their work😜 . . shot by: @lenswithjason
this may be a baseball field, but the first caption that came to mind was “let’s lax bro” looool if you can believe it, I played lacrosse in high school for a year (I sucked ass at it tho, thats why I stuck to dance🤣) . . do you play any sports or have other hobbies?😊 . . shot by: @photobylopez
gonna be sharing some of my favorites over the next few days from @occreators meetup, enjoy✨ . . . shot by: @waldem4r
We’re just about 2 weeks away and I’m happy to announce that Josh has been added to the co-host lineup! If you’re free Oct 20, come shoot with us in Cerritos! . . . framed: @peachy_keeennn by me
This looks like a shot from the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s/60s and I LOVE IT. Black & white + colorized :p
had a wonderful time shooting with Adam and his beautiful handmade jewelry! . . if you check out Pinnaband’s link, you can sign up to be notified for their site launch and get some cool discounts!
retro . . had the pleasure of finally meeting Adrian at #dwylforsanity last weekend. I highly suggest checking out his page and the meetup he’s cohosting with @picturepartay on Sept 22! . . framed: @adrianj_7
alternate reality . . . this was probably one of the most creative shoots I’ve done in a while. I’m always blown away by allan’s creativity and he’s honestly been one of my biggest inspirations since my photography journey began 2 years ago. his work is so abstract, moody, and vibrant, so it was fun to finally be on the opposite end of his camera. and hope we’ll have a chance to work again in the future!! . . . 📸: @llndzn thanks for reaching out, it was great seeing you and all your flourishing talents again💜
“together is a beautiful place to be” ✨
ǝloɥ ʇıqqɐɹ ǝɥʇ uʍop . . . framed: @peachy_keeennn event: #TonesLA @portraitgames @agameoftones @hexbrand
free thinkers . . . framed: @mai.bri @officialkevin
don’t know what else to try, but you tell me every time, just keep breathing . . . a lil life update: In case you haven’t heard, I transferred to university this year and will be based in Los Angeles, CA during school sessions! Although I may occasionally be back in San Diego for photo events (such as Do What You Love next week!), I am not booking in SD area till winter. If you’d like to collab in the future, let me know over the next few months so we can plan! I’m also starting to recruit models for a project I’d like to do in January, *hint hint*, but till then, thanks for the continuous support! Can’t wait to create with you! . . . 📸: @corycphotography
This picture makes me laugh and smile. I hope y’all enjoyed this series. I do have plenty more photos to post from it but I’ll spread those out throughout the rest of the year! Loved experimenting and attempting to create a story within these series of photos! And I looooved working with my lovely models who just so happen to be my friends 💞| AMERICANA
Take a moment, go click on the link in @cannabess profile, and sign the petition she’s started. The petition demands @instagram updates its Terms of Service to include the #cannabiscommunity . With so many states legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis this is long overdue. . . . . . #highsociety #wfayo #cannabiscreative #highsnobiety #hypebeast #teamcanon #portraiture #fashiongram #pswelove #earth_portraits #heatedports #serialshooters #portraitunit #gameofportraitz #thefashionpr0ject #tlv_portraits #portraitsvisuals #portraitclub #portsequence #mindsetpx #creativevisualscollective #Portraitsquad #6tourportraits #kings_portraits #pursuitofportraits #metonthehub #hubday #hcollective
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