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I have always, essentially, been waiting. Waiting to become something else, waiting to be that person I always thought I was on the verge of becoming, waiting for that life I thought I would have. In my head, I was always one step away. In high school, I was biding my time until I could become the college version of myself, the one my mind could see so clearly. In college, the post-college “adult” person was always looming in front of me, smarter, stronger, more organized. Then the married person, then the person I’d become when we have kids. For twenty years, literally, I have waited to become the thin version of myself, because that’s when life will really begin. And through all that waiting, here I am. My life is passing, day by day, and I am waiting for it to start. I am waiting for that time, that person, that event when my life will finally begin. Shauna Niequist
Some people get too cocky when they have the love that you gave them, then the start to take it for granite😂🧐. People really need to stop being so naive. Comment down below if you enjoyed this!
- All my life I always fell short Of my own victory. My bright eyes started to fade As I saw everything in my life Slip from my fingertips. Part of me wishes success for myself Yet my peers seem more deserving, Right? Is it too selfish to dream of my goals Or should I just keep my mouth shut? I have been walked on for too long To just sit here And not go on my own hike. The world is only so wide And time is limited, But that hasn’t stopped me before. . . . . . . . . #poetry #poem #poet #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writing #poetsofig #writer #poetrycommunity #poems #writersofig #words #spilledink #instapoet #poets #creativewriting #instapoem #writers #write #writerscommunity #instapoetry #writingcommunity #poetryisnotdead #original
Destroy from your mind those who tested time against you and speak falsehood, not with hate,but, solely with intentions of love and forgiveness. - For the ones who wrong are the ones who need more light - The ones who lie, hold a river of guilt unidentified. Go gentle and send them love , for that will let them love another soul without the same destruction they loaded you with Love and Light 💫 - - Art credit : @thornwalker 💕 - - #thesimpletip #2018 #love #spilledink #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #igpoets #writerscommunity #indianwritersofinstagram #writersnetwork #writersofinstagrampoetry #creativewriting #poetrycommunity #inspirationalwords #instawriters #writersofig #wordpress #igers #wordstagram #igpoets #indianwriters #poetssociety #wordporn #untwineindia #poetry #mirakee #follow #inspirationalwords #wordsofworth #111am #onmypoetry #rupikaur
Good idea ... @atticuspoetry
Congratulations you are part of the top 10 winners for our #OPJ20WordStoryJul18 contest this July ♥️🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼♥️ ・・・ #opj20wordstoryjul18 #20wordstory #poemoftheday #poetsofinstagram #poetryworld #poemporn #followme ・・・ Devious destiny descends upon its prey surging, stripping the rusty raiment covering his core in a drastic and desperate disclosure! @raymarkanthony #opj20wordstoryjul18 #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #igpoets #igwriters #igers #igpoetry #poetsofig #creativewriting
Un poema irrompible🎧✍️ Quédate ahí donde te llamen, siempre abra alguien que gritara tu nombre sin afánes.. Quédate ahí en esa irrompible residencia de compañía infaltable y el eco maravilloso de esa voz amiga que sabe abrazarte para disolverse contigo en la tarde. Quédate ahí donde te llamen sin la cita entúpida de una agenda a las 5:00 de la tarde, quédate ahí donde te llamen verano, buenos tiempos y nunca, nunca olvidarte . Armonica, New York hace una semana sin sin agenda y sin calendario. .. .. #poetisavisualnyc #videopoema #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #poesia #poems #poemas #escritores #textos #escritos #verano #bestfriend #goodcompany #nyc #adventure #escrituracreativa #creativewriting #picnic #instagood #nuevayork #viajes #destinos #goodvibe #goodtimes #visualart #visualpoetry
Ye cheez
< Swipe for poem > Like and comment! Make sure to tag @eljaepoetry so they see the love! responses: . Read more about them below☺️ . What are the topics in your writing? . My writing usually focuses on childhood, the particulars of living, familial dynamics, friendships, and loving. . Have you authored any books? Plan to? . I have a couple of pieces published, but no whole books yet, no. I do plan to compile and publish a pamphlet over the next year or so (publishers, agents, and editors: feel free to come through) - so stay tuned. . Who’s your favorite poet? . Sadly, I don't read enough to answer that question. I do, however, have A. LOT. of time for the work of Amina Jama, Safia Elhillo, Antonia Jade King, Tanaka, and Kiraya Kawesa. . What do you do when you have writer’s block? . Give myself time. That's the most important thing. I take a period away from the work, and go on living my life. Then I start to re-read the pieces I've been stuck on, to see if something old might stir up something new. Failing that, I may try a writing prompt or two, to take me out of my head - just for a little while. . What poet on IG would you love to chat with in person some day? . So we've already spoken a few times on IG, and I actually met him before following him, but Dave G. I watched him at Jawdance last year, and have wanted to properly sit down with him pretty much since. . . . #poem #poetry #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poetrycommunity #spilledink #poetsofinstagram #poet #poetrylovers #poetryofinstagram #poetsofig #igpoets #poemsofinstagram #poems #poemsporn #creativewriting #wordart #pentupthoughts #drunkpoetssociety #writingcommunity #wordporn #omypoetry #silverleafpoetry #bymepoetry #bymepoetryamerica #theliteralscript #tribeofpoets #globalpoetcult 🌎🌍🌏
Whilst she wasn't looking for anything is when he walked in & gave her something that would eventually become her everything - Maureen Szentimrey #poetry #creativewriting #shortstory #mywords #inspire #motivate #inspired #motivated #Queen #blueeyes #blueeyedbeauty #blueyedvixen
As a writer, I love a good journal. But all these journals are half written in with good blogs, or business/event ideas. #CEOconfessions My biggest problem as an #entrepreneur , is that I allow myself to get overwhelmed with easily! But I’m working on it! #ceoconfessions 🐤: @JDeBoyia 👻:@JDeBoyia FB: J.DeBoyia • • • • • • • #MomBlogger #PositiveInPostiveOut #JDeBoyia #JDeBoyià #blackbloggers #lifestyleblogger #newblogpost #creative #lifeofablogger #bloggerlife #Blog #lifestyle , #MomLife #Motherhood #Blog #Blogger #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity#writersofig #writersblock #writerlife #creativewriting #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowners #blackowned #womenownedbusiness #sidehustle
The touch of your fingers felt like heaven. Though you didnt feel like holding my hand in your hand. . Follow @yalastory for more. . . Art work by awesome @maria_uve_ . . . #yalawrites #poetry #poetry #writerslife #poemsporn #creativewriting #losangeles #newyork #london #uk #usa #unitedstates #writing #instawriters #bymepoetry #feelings #holdmyhand #newtoinstagram
full of these feelings that ooze from this same wound >> healing is not linear. It’s okay. #pdvwritings #healing
THE KARMA Sooner or later you'll get what you did to others !! So be good :) Good will happen to you 💫 I'm completely a karma believer 🔄 and you ?? . Shot by @optic_adventures Turn on post notification to never miss any post :) Thankyou for reading 💫😇
************************************************************ Men become heroes when they find me As if my skull has been cracked open and brain matter exposed They don’t see that I am not weak but simply garmented in all that is real They often confuse my the scent of authenticity for the stench of vulnerability And the sooner they learn the difference, the sooner they’ll find that the only ones I need to be saved from is them... Elle Bor
What a relief, to wander under one sky You’re in the same universe and exact lifetime where I exist The one abounding with infinite possibilities including you and I crossing paths once again... Elle Bor
Loneliness is a leech, walking around in broad daylight wearing love’s skin Elle Bor
************************************************************Do you go to the bath for the cleansing or the solitude? For the noise to drown out your cries like that of a soldier with war cuts Endless, these reminders crawling through your skin even when the hurt has been mummified tightly to its origin Pills. ETOH. Hot bodies Cold hearts Like a moth to a flame You’ll find that, whatever poison you ingest is but a feather to a rock Some pains Some wounds take a lot out of a fledgling Or they simply rob us of everything A few return to the world with healed parts While the rest wander around in pieces unrestored The catacombs of the living, that’s where they go buried under a nameless headstone For some of us, who may not yet be dead but might as well be... Elle Bor
******************************************* Their stories were immortalized Interned along the crisp pages of a best selling novel Wide open for discovery Beautiful and free And ours? A love in albino skin terrified of daylight Cradled by the blank words In chapters people skip A cautionary tale soiled by the fingerprints of tears For endings we still wish belonged to us We are consigned to the in-betweens enfolded within a starry universe in the middle of space and time Homeless- you and I This unwritten fable of nomads that have feared asylum Voices gunned down by weapons with silencer Mouths gagged from telling It was always brief seas only reaching knee deep Our feet were rushed infinitely Never enough time to trudge away from the storm and find safety We feared the depths like bags over our heads As if we didn’t know that the shallows can drown us the same way too.. Elle Bor
************************************************************ One foot on the gas pedal Tank near empty This is a ghost town rock bottom from a fresh high of fireworks on the 4th of July Meaningless bottles laying on the street the caps still on missing the mouths that have kissed them until dawn I’ve always been blind in this darkness the sunlight cannot touch Burdened from weightlessness no wind could understand Famished from a hunger that I robbed from a newborn child And all the while, we don’t have memories here I’m drifting within the viscera of space and time There is something amiss in the wholeness of this world a hollow a throbbing vacancy Do you feel the same way when you’re missing me? Elle Bor
When you have nobody else but yourself to blame... ************************************************************ A patriot with no country a godless worshipper Searching for someone to blame Who took away my soul? Leaving me here, curled up between the folds of his careless skin Binging on a naked smoke But traps are never meant to catch anything if ghosts are all we’re chasing I’m looking for an evil with a human face A sickly stench of an oppressor Today I found it at last, staring back at me right in front of the mirror Elle Bor
For every single boy who stayed for a while and saw something to love out of these ruins... ************************************************************ For all the men who dared to love me, Thank you What utter madness, to vacate from your inhibitions and seize this wildfire within your grasp I, who lathers tenderness across my skin but wears the armor of a full-fledged mobster comes daytime I lust for romance, as a decade old famine intending to throw it in the compost by the evening My dreams sodomize reality, Shrouding things I was meant to see The way marriage was a permanent exile only ever knowing how to stay for a while Our nights were always punctuated by rhymes and riddles until you find yourself alone in your own bed soiled in ashes and ripples I am a slave to company but always a prisoner to the solitary I haven’t yet learned how to let a boy blow on my wound and call it a vow But you lingered for the same reasons I wanted you to For finding the answers like where my heart has been There, within the questions thatched along the keloids on my skin I am the whole of a broken mirror glued loosely by the tip of my night terrors And even when there’s ridges on your reflection you were always whole each time you looked at me You have seen beauty in a garden full of weeds And tasted wine when you kissed away my tears I am strength in my weakling fibers shivering scared within the bowels of darkness And you always knew when to trap me in your shield and when to stay back so my own battles can allow me to bleed. For all the men who dared to love me I’m sorry My chaos was never meant to be silenced by the lure of pure innocence It was wrong of me To ask you for the calmness only I can give to myself... Elle Bor
When you wake up to a stranger’s bed and you no longer need shelter from the storm...
************************************************************ I’m afraid I’ll never be cured from this illness- a sin that is feared by every prayer When the beast of missing you stands in trial across my flesh Accused of coming back even when it never left There is a home made from your ashes I’m here now , with the offspring of your farewells dangling around my neck Wounds incubating in the heat of the moon Like fruits that are forced to ripen I keep coming back to us in the moments before the unloving as if I’m unabashed by the sight of my brokenness There’s no end to this craving a lust for your heart even when I can only take it in tiny slivers Because it gives me a sense of fragility, an honest reminder that I am human after all... Elle Bor
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