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Daddy is in love with our fourth daughter, Penelope. I was blessed with the easiest of pregnancies thanks to focused gut health with plant based supplements. Very little morning sickness. Minimal weight gain. Happy mama with tons of energy —- but the best part? Perfectly healthy baby Penelope. She is breastfeeding like a champ within 1 hour. Although I’ve had 4 csections her microbiome will be supported with my breastmilk and all of the immunity boosters it provides. . . . . #birthdaylove #welcomebabygirl #peneloperose #breastfedbabies #firsthour #girlmomlife #girldad #smitten #guthealthmatters #csection
Small changes + time = big results. . Over the last two years, I have shifted my daily schedule around to fit in 30-60 minutes of exercise, I’ve added in a daily dense-nutrition shake, added more veggies + water and less fast food, fed my mind with personal development and surrounded myself with uplifting and supportive women. . I made a choice 2 years ago that I was tired of how I was feeling and I needed to do something about it. I didn’t change overnight, but those small choices have led to big differences! . So will today be your day one, or are you still waiting for “one day”?? The choice is YOURS!
Sometimes I don't have the words to say. I certainly didn't have the words then and I don't now for this image. Those 15 minutes that painfully ticked by before we heard a cry, to this moment right here... You could hear a pin drop. I guess I'll let the image speak for itself. 💓 • • •#empoweredbirthproject #motherhoodrising #birth #birthphotography #birthwithoutfear #pregnancy #stopcensoringmotherhood #ig_motherhood #rockstarbirthmag #empowerwomen #birthuncensored #motherhood #thebirthhour #bbh #momswithcameras #birthyourway #birthphotogs #birthtube #babybump #blackbirthmatters #dallasbirthphotographer #birthstories #birthbumpandbeyond #thelanguageofbirth #tribedemama #momlife #cesarean #dallasbirthphotographer #dallasbirthphotographer #csection #dearphotographer
!!!!Reviews Monday Ladies!!!! Yoni steaming is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect your body. Women who suffer from #irregularperiods #painfulperiods #infertility #uterinefibroids #vaginalcysts #ovariancysts #bladderinfections #yeastinfections #perennialtears #hemmroids #csection scarring #hysterectomy and #laparascopy would most definitely benefit from our yoni steaming herbs. If you are not experiencing any of the above you can still steam as it's a great way to soothe and pamper yourself. #vsteamherbs #vaginalsteam #femininewash #femininehygiene
👶🏼 MÍA Muchas felicidades a Pris Mena y Ricardo por la llegada de la hermosa Mía en @hospitalangelesvo. Gracias por su confianza 😃 . . . #obstetricia #monterrey #cesarea #obstetrics #csection #babygirl #princess
For those following her story, it's another #IdaDied update! She's still at the vets I'm afraid - her temp is up, she's still on a drip and has even had an ultrasound today to see if she's any pockets of fluid (possibly infection) collecting where it shouldn't be. So it's overnight stay at the vets for a 5th night since her emergency c-section.... PLEASE NEUTER YOUR CATS this could so easily have been avoided :( #adoptdontshop #catsprotection #Sleafordcatsprotection #Sleaford #Lincolnshire #adopt #rescue #rehome #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram #cats_of_Instagram #adoptacat #adoptme #rescueme #rescuecatsarethebestbreed #poorlycat #sickcat #csection #neuter #neutering #spay
Holding true to what I’ve heard, my pregnancies have been very different. To be honest, I’m not sure how many weeks pregnant I am in either picture, but I’ve been told I’ll want these pictures one day... . I’m pregnant with Alex, who will turn two in October, on the left, and Baby Kiefer #2 on the right. Alex arrived right on his due date via c-section. Baby Kiefer #2 arrives tomorrow at 35 weeks due to vasa previa. . After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital for monitoring, we cannot wait to meet our sweet little baby. We’re so thankful for a healthy pregnancy up to this point and are praying for a healthy baby and delivery tomorrow ♥️. . . . #pregnancyjourney #pregnancyselfie #igmotherhood #highriskpregnancy #thirdtrimester #familyoffour #babytime #babynumbertwo #momlife #mommylife #csection #csectionmom #momsofinstagram #busymom #momlifeisthebestlife #motherhood #lovelife #stayathomemom #postpartum #mamabear #momsofig #uniteinmotherhood #fitmom #parenthood #motherhoodunplugged #parenting
Part 2. Sienna... Stumbling into the back of the ambulance I started to panic. There was no comfortable way for me to sit on the bed and the paramedics were struggling to strap me down. Don’t loose your shit now Daisy. Sienna had fallen silent, I couldn’t hear her anymore and I turned to Dan and told him I loved him. All I could do after that is turn my head in shame and carry on piping on the gas and air until it filled my lungs and took over my senses. Each intermittent contraction filled me with fear and I thought you had left us Sienna. I couldn’t feel you moving, my heart sank and it felt like it was leaving my body, dragging its way through the metal of the ambulance and into the layers of ground and beyond. The back door of ambulance swang open and three pair of hands were on me introducing themselves as doctors and midwives, applying gel to my stomach and examining me inside. I cried out in pain and asked them to get out of inside of me. The so new wound from Autumn had left me in unbearable pain. We didn’t need a hand up there too. Siennas heartbeat filled the vehicle and a tear fell from cheek. The paramedics wheeled the bed down out of the ambulance and wheeled me into the corridor and into the lift. The lift was filled with around 8 smiley and reassuring faces, all there for me. Out on the corridor I realised we were going straight to theatre. Dumbfounded by the amount of people that surrounded me I asked them if we were headed to a party, they all laughed. I even had somebody that was there to just hold and stroke my hand. I can do this. They can do it. Sienna’s heartbeat was now tickering away on a machine and the sound filled the room like a symphony. The room blurred as I sucked in the gas, loosing consciousness as the doctor came to insert the spinal. How many times they tried to insert the spinal I don’t know but the bruising on my back tells me is was more than a few. ‘I’ve never gotten a spinal wrong in all my career’ the doctors voice came out of nowhere, disturbing my blissful high. Great, don’t let it be me to break the chain then ...
I saw this today and thought it was very fitting for me right now Today I had my birth reflection meeting at the hospital. 7 weeks on, 7 weeks of unanswered questions, 7 weeks of constant fear of the 'what if' and ''why' and I'd worked through a lot of it, but I've shed tears for a lot of those 7 weeks, so I went with an open mind and an open heart. My birth experience was somewhat traumatic for me and my husband but I've been telling myself the same sad story of what could have been, and not what was. So today I went to the ward, I met with my midwife, and I remembered the excitement I'd felt on that day, to meet my baby, to give birth, to experience being a mum. To hold this precious lentil I'd been growing for 9 months. It feels amazing! I'll never get back those early days of sinking into dark depression and intrusive thoughts, instead of sinking into and enjoying this brand new life I'd belly birthed. But I can start telling myself the truth, MY truth, that we survived, we came through it, and I'm more in love with my beautiful daughter with each passing second 🌹 . . . . #bellybirth #csection #birth #labour #pregnancy #labourward #midwife #survival #depression #anxiety #hospital #positivity #birthstory #positivebirth #ownit #newmum #firsttimemum #live #love #amazed #happy #inlove #breastfeeding
Here are just a few Top tips Mamas. It may affect how comfortable you can be to feed after the surgery and aid recovery too. Did you breastfeed after having a C Section? Share your top tips for Mamas to be to benefit from too. #breastfeeding #csection #cesaerean #birthstories #sweatymama #sweatymamastories #csection #cesaerean #sections #birth #labour #pregnancy #givingbirth #baby #born
that FACE 😍 i am so in love. we are finally home and settled in after spending 4 1/2 days in the hospital, it feels so so good for my little family 🙋🏻‍♂️👶🏻💁🏼‍♀️❤️ and its been much easier to fall into a routine since being in our own space, Milo seems much more relaxed as well. 👼🏻 . . . #baby #newborn #daysold #milo #ellis #home #hospital #pregnancy #birth #swaddle #halobassinest #bassinet #angel #boy #boymom #firsttimemom #cesareansection #csection #delivery #3daysold #swivelsleeper #bedsidebassinet #motherhood
Today's spectacular very big ovarian cyst.. Today, one of our patient came with Pregnancy + Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membrane + Ovarian Cyst, and because the Gestational Age was more than 35 weeks, so we decided to do C-Section + Laparotomy Unilateral Salpingoophorectomy + Frozen Section (FZ), and we found this super big ovarian cyst sized 50cm x 50 cm, with FZ result: Mucinous Borderline Tumour suspicious for Mucinous Ovarian Carcinoma, so we continued the surgery with Omentectomy #resident #obgyn #obgynlife #ovariancyst #ovariancarcinoma #ovary #ovarian #laparotomy #csection #doctor #doctorlife
Didn’t sleep at all last night. Day two as new mommy! I got up today and walked. It wasn’t bad!! I am however wearing nothing but a diaper under this hospital gown. Come n get it #newmommy #csection
Heeeeyyyyy new followers👋🏼 My Names Meiling also known as Mei. I'm a mother of 3 wonderful kids. I'm Dominican🇩🇴🍌 As you can tell from my page I am obsessed with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I love spreading positive vibes & I hope that's all you get from this side🤟🏼✨💫💕 #meispostpartumjourney #aboutme #2monthspostpartum #csection
By request: a booty workout! # Strong glutes (your butt muscles) are super important. They help with posture, injury prevention and your glutes are bffs with your pelvic floor! If you want to give your pelvic floor some love, workout your glutes. A lot of us end up with weak glutes after pregnancy from months of tucking our butts under to compensate for the growing weight out front. This is why many women complain of have a “flat mom butt” after childbirth. # This is not only about aesthetics, weak glutes can lead to a host of other problems. Give this workout a try! # Kickbacks x10 each side Dog at fire hydrant x10 each side Clamshells x10 each side Elevated glute bridge x20 single leg hip thrust x10 each side Repeat 3-5x! # These moves should be done slow and controlled. Don’t arch your back! I am using a loop band for the first 3 moves. # These moves can be done with body weight only but I would double the number of reps. Loop bands are a super affordable addition to your home gym. I highly recommend them. # It took me a while to find a good set of loop bands that held up and didn’t always roll, I’ll link my favorite in the comments.
✌️Zero Experience in anything Heath or fitness related ✌️Not even close to your goal weight or to being in shape ✌️ Shy; Introverted; Likes include ..being with your kids; a sliver of time alone 🤣 and hiding from photos📸 ✌️ Inconsistent with pretty much anything you’ve ever tried and ✌️ The Only thing you might find scarier than a 🐍 SNAKE 😖😳😱 is having to talk to strangers on social media... Yeah...Girl...that fits the description of above⬆️ I WANT YOU bc those qualities listed above all belonged to me ....PRE some one else offering me THIS OPPORTUNITY 🐛🦋
How do you start your day? I am trying a new little morning routine. Rather than starting my day wity emails, news, etc. I am sitting back and reflecting on what has come into my life that I am truly grateful for yesterday. No more rememebering how rough the prior day was, I am looking at it all positive and turning it into a better vibe to learn from 💖 . . . #postnatalfitness #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #csection #postpartumrecovery #csectionrecovery #tiupregnancy #girlmom #allergymom #breastfeeding #nursing #postbabybody #momswholift #tiuutah #fitandpregnant #toddlermom #fourthtrimester #diastasisrectirecovery #momof2 #womenwhowork #momfitness #coffeelover #familyfirst #gymmotivation #motherhoodunplugged #postbabyworkout #mybeautifulmess #scubadiving #diastasisrecti #gratitude
What is my secret?🤫 . I put in WORK👊 It’s not easy, but when is anything that’s worth it easy? . • No tricks, no pills, no patches, no wraps, no quick fixes! Diet and exercise... that’s the answer! The problem with our society is we want our results right now! We want instant gratification but don’t wanna put in the time. You are always going to be disappointed because instant gratification is just that... it’s instant and then it’s gone. If you are ready to enrich your life and discover the person you are capable of being, then send me a message. . 💌tiffanystacey.fitness@gmail.com
It's one of my favourite days of the week! Tuesday, which means discounted burgers at Triple O's. 😅😂 But also #transformationtuesday ! I'm so glad that I've been taking pictures. Because I FEEL better, amazing, happy, energetic and confident!! But I haven't thought that I looked much different. Well clearly I was wrong!! I can't believe it's only been three months since I started working out. 😍 I'm so excited to help as many people as I can, feel the same way, or see similar results. ❤️ #tuesday
39 weeks today 😍🤰❤ 4 more days till I meet my baby girl #pregnant #pregnancy #countdown #csection #babybump #love
Old picture ... notice that bump ... BUT I did accidentally pick up Noah this morning a week and a half after having a c section 😬 OOPS. I didn’t even realize I did it until Derek said something. It made me think back to the program I was able to complete just 3 weeks of 💪🏻 ————————————————— It let me workout WAY less than I normally would and I was following the simplest meal plan I’ve ever followed AND I was toning up while pregnant with TWINS. WHAT?! This program is legit MADE for people who are busy. ————————————————— I’m opening up a second group for people who use the “busy” excuse all too often! Trust me I was there too 🙋🏻‍♀️ it took me hitting a wall to realize I will forever be busy and that excuse wasn’t going to cut it. If I wanted something in my life to change I had to MAKE a change 💕 message me if you want a spot. Link about to go up soon in my bio 😊 #csectionrecovery #girlswholift #makethetime #busyisnotanexcuse
Rain = Cartoons in bed kinda morning ♡
Day one, I’m happy to say that I am fully taking control of my life and how I live it. Health and fitness has always been such a love of mine but our relationship has been rocky. Having weight issues my entire life and especially going through 2 pregnancies and 2 c-sections, it has been rough ride. But here I am done having kids and having the best support system, when is a better time? So come along as I change my lifestyle and help other woman do the same! ✌🏼✌🏼🌸
Día de cesárea 😍💚 #veterinarymedicine #vet #sanbernardo #Csection #dog
I received a few messages asking how my first day out with both girls was...so get ready for an extremely honest post. It was GREAT. It wasn't easy, and it was definitely a new experience...but I loved it. At one point, Ella and I were both soaked in her pee. Maisy had a blowout. There were tears. There was laughter. Ella and I shared fries and a donut. Ella lost a shoe and I had to retrace all my steps...but I found it! 🙌🏽Maisy had a great doctors appointment (she's already so big, she's gained lots of weight 😭), and I tried on and bought a couple pairs of jeans that made me feel really good about this postpartum body. Oh, I also nursed Maisy a lot, my growing girl! I got a lot of funny looks when I was using my sling, although most people loved it and let me know! A lot of people commented about how I have my hands full...I sure do, but I wouldn't change it for the world!! What a DAY! 👌🏽💛 . . . .. . . . . . #postpartum #csection #gap #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #thatsdarling #momblog #motherhoodunplugged #eternalmotherhood #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #joyfulmamas #bestofmom #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #clickinmoms #thehappynow #our_everyday_moments #dailyparenting #motherhoodsimplified #ig_motherhood #letthembelittle #nestlingly #habitandhome #momswithcameras #meetmeinthegap
36 weeks pregnant vs 6 weeks PP. Bounceback tip - breastfeed! (And work your angles 😂)
It's so easy to post pics like these when your waist is 'snatched' & you already arrived at your results. But here i am a work i progress, bloated but still showing up determined to make the most of this 21 day #notolowsugarchallenge . I want to show other mamas you're not in this thing alone. Here are my goals: 1. Be CONSISTENT... Yes i've been working out and eating healthy post pregnancy BUT not consistently...i ate my sugary & carb heavy foods than i would like 2. Be DISCIPLINED...this is bigger than any number the scale says. If i can be disciplined i can do ANYTHING. I lost this post pregnancy...got to work my discipline muscle...the number on the scale moving is just a bi-product of the discipline 💯 3. See if my c-section shelf aka lower abdomen pooch/ "muffin top" flattens out as a result of me cleaning up my diet & eating less foods that bloat me. I never dealt with this in my 1st (vaginal) birth and I know a lot of csection mamas deal with this after the surgery so if i can find ways to improve this i'm definitely spilling the tea 🍵 4. Get back to my energetic healthy self. THIS is #1 to me. Yes i want to run around with my kids but y'all this one is for ME. I want to fill like Shonda again. Not the 'old shonda' but the healthy energetic shonda i know i can be. It takes time to reconnect with yourself after having a baby because the term 'you lose yourself' is REAL If you wish to join me on this challenge PLEASE DO...I'm sharing all this to help others because trust me i could keep these pics 😬 & my journey all to myself (the introvert in me) BUT my passion to help others just won't let me So if you're IN, CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to join & be sure to grab your meal plan too. Let's see what the next 21 days (and beyond) bring 🙌🏽💪🏽🙏🏽. #itsalifestyle #transformationtuesday
There are some things that you can gage with numbers and others that you can’t. . . . I say this to my clients anytime we are talking about #labor progression. Dilation, effacement, station vs stretching, fetal turning, etc. The same goes for looking at any given statistic. Behind each number you see above, there is the story of person’s #birth ; no one the same. . . . While I am proud of my stats on #unmedicatedbirth and #vaginalbirth , I am equally proud of my stats for #medicatedbirth and #cesareanbirth . This is because of another thing I say to my clients often: . . . ***It is NOT my job to make sure you have an unmedicated vaginal birth. . . . ***It IS my job to make sure that every time you are faced with a decision to make (and goodness knows there are A LOT of them) that you are able to make it with as much trusted information possible and give true informed consent based on your own personal values and beliefs. * . . . I know I have said this before and I guarantee I will say it again as I think it is SO very important to understand. Unmedicated vaginal birth can be beautiful and empowering. Medicated birth and #Csection birth can be beautiful and empowering. The determining factor, IMHO, is the birthing person’s agency and informed consent. Being able to own the decisions you have to make and knowing that you are making the best decision you can in any given moment helps you look back on your birth and know that, no matter how your baby was born, it was the way your baby was meant to be born. You don’t have to explain or defend your #birthstory to anyone, yourself included. . . . Numbers tell part of the story. The birthing person gets to tell their story. If you’re lucky, then you might get to hear it. . . . *Emergencies are a different ballgame with a whole different set of prelabor mindset and decision making discussions. I can’t believe it is necessary for me to say that emergencies are exceptions, but I have had to reiterate it time and time again to people (most commonly medical providers, sadly) who want to make sure the birthing person, partner, and I understand the concept of “emergency.” #dontgetmestarted
Accelerate your workout with a Waist Trainer. The compression will help you have a: 🚶‍♀️↕️ better posture 🏋️‍♀️ lower back support 💦 sweat off more calories Speed up the process with an authentic @doll_revolution WAIST TRAINER * pictured: hidden hooks waist trainer Model is wearing a size M
5 Weeks Postpartum / C Section 🤱🏼 TUESDAY 💦 Tomorrow I go to see my surgeon to check on my c section. I am hoping to be cleared to return to all activities - especially in the gym. I have been and am continuing to modify but increase weight and intensity as I go (as long as everything FEELS right - which it has). I feel great, in fact, but am waiting on the green light to start retraining my abs and squatting heavier weights. In the mean time, I’m still making my self care, healing, and body a priority and getting my sweat on at the gym! #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitmom #fitaf #fitgirl #nuggfit #fitnessmotivation #gym #workout #legday #glutes #deadlifts #weightloss #weightlossjourney #mom #postnatal #postpartum #babyweight #babyboy #csection #cesarean
Anyone have trouble getting their kids to eat? I know people say kids won’t starve themselves - but I was a picky eater as a kid. Some foods literally grossed me out til the point of gagging. So yeah - I would have starved 😂😂. LB is picky too. And honestly - motherhood is hard enough without force feeding a toddler. That’s why he has 1-2 shakes a day. Specially formulated for growing bodies, of course.
About three years ago, I finally stopped hesitating, said “What the hell. Let’s do this!” and jumped in. What if I would have kept making excuses and waiting for the perfect time? 🤷‍♀️ I would not be where I am now: happier, healthier, stronger, leaner, and more confident. — Guess what —there IS no perfect time. Now is all we have! 💗 So what are you waiting for? What are your hesitations, what’s holding you back from living your best life? Why don’t you want to go ALL IN on yourself NOW? — Now is the best time to make a change! Check out my stories to see why!
We all struggle. Life certainly has its challenges. The question is, what do you do what times are hard? Do you shut down? Do you become quiet? Do you give up? Push aside the things you need the most? I encourage you today my friends, to push through. You are stronger than you think and more loved than you know! Tell yourself you are a warrior and set your intentions for a great day!
::Opportunity :::::::::A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do ANYTHING I had been a part of beachbody for 1 month when my coach asked me if I wanted to sign up for the "discount". I was like "sure!". I loved shakeology! and I love me a good discount so yes! and then her next question was..."have you ever considered coaching??"......say WHHHAAATT? Coaching is a thing? You mean I could do what you do?? I had no idea of how the business worked. I barely felt that I knew enough about coaching or the products. I didn't even have an instagram account and I never posted on social media. And I did not want to SELL anything. Yet for some reason, I said SURE! Thankful is such a small word of when I think about how I feel after saying YES to this opportunity. Not only has it given me back my pre baby body {and honestly the best body I have ever ever had} but it has given me👇👇👇 ::Confidence (I thought I didn't need👊) ::Purpose (I didn't know I was searching for) ::Happiness (in so many aspects of my life including my relationship with my husband) ::improved intimacy in the bedroom (🙈🙈yep never thought I would share that on social) :: friends (I never thought I had👩‍❤️‍👩) :: and extra 💰 money in my bank account to spend on MYSELF and my FAMILY So my question today is....WHY NOT YOU. It doesn't take special training. It doesn't take giving up all dessert and wine. All it takes is a little PASSION. A LITTLE 🔥🔥FIRE. And a little DESIRE to be BETTER!👊 #entrepreneur #fitfamily #chooseyourtribe #desserts #sweettooth #athleta #lornajane #selfdoubt #postpartum #absaremadeinthekitchen #money #sidehustle #model #csection #baggysweatshirts #sweatpants #fall #pumpkin #slowcooker #doctormommy #residency #nursingschool
Isn't TOMORROW just the worst excuse EVER? I'll start TOMORROW. I'll commit TOMORROW. I'll do the thing I've been putting off: TOMORROW. I'll exercise and eat right..throw the crappy food away TOMORROW. Keep this is mind tho! Your forever on this earth is not composed of TOMORROW, OR MONDAYS, OR NEW YEARS. It's right NOW. And everything you can doing to make TOMORROW even better. So tell me, what does your forever look like. ? 😊 We can't control our future...only God does that. But we sure help shape it with our day to day decisions!
Emily is 4 months old today! She’s mostly a happy baby which I am thankful for. I will find out her weight and length on Friday at her 4 month checkup. 💜 • The last 3 nights she has slept from her bedtime at 8ish to 6am. Today she leapt til 7am. 😊
I post this picture for two reasons. 1- @ao8training is having a give away and I love to win😏, and 2- because I’m working my butt off to get back in shape after Eleanor and I’m damn proud of myself!💪🏻 . . After Amelia, I never thought I would have a flat stomach ever again. C-sections really do a number on your body. After 8 long months of constantly working out, changing my diet, and discipline, I was able to lose the 40lbs I gained. At the same time, with everything medically going on with her, I was battling severe depression which made taking time for my physical and mental well-being extremely difficult. With Eleanor, I knew I had to be different. I am fortunate enough to have a partner who makes me to put myself first so I can take care of our family. Who reminds me that celebrities bounce back in a month because they have personal trainers and chefs around the clock. I’m doing the best that I can while raising two beautiful little girls. And sometimes that means eating ice cream because Ellie cried all day and I worked nonstop🍦🤷🏼‍♀️ . . I wanted to do boxing/kickboxing because I needed a challenging workout. To change up my routine and focus on building strength. I’ve learned so much about my body from the barely two weeks in worth of classes. Like how my mind and body are not in tune with each other anymore. And that I am so much weaker than I thought I was. And that’s okay. Having a baby will do that to you. I know my body will come back eventually and be stronger than ever. I am grateful for this body. I am grateful that it gave life to my two girls. I am grateful that it continues to work every single day allowing me to be alive. It’s all about your perspective🧠💭 . . @ao8training @roncasperbjj @rayhray #ao8prizepackage #ao8training #ao8family #ao8 @ap8bjj #gymselfie #gymjunkie #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitmom #fitgirls #fitfam #strongwomen #strongmom #fitinspiration #sandiego #kickboxing #boxing #workout #inspiration #momsofinstagram #momsinspiringmoms #csectionmom #csection #vbacsuccess #vbacmom #vbacsupport #naturalbirth #mentalhealthawareness #supportmoms #womenempowerment
One month ago today, on the 21st July at 12:44, our son Noah was born by emergency caesarean section weighing 8lb 8oz. I literally couldn’t be happier or more content with life right now 💙
КАК ПРАВИЛЬНО УКЛАДЫВАТЬ РЕБЁНКА СПАТЬ Монтессори-педагог Наталия Гончарова рассказывает, как укладывает спать своих сына и дочку: — Придумайте «ритуал сна», которому будете следовать ежедневно. Чем сложнее происходит засыпание, тем строже соблюдается ритуал. С моими детьми я заметила, что чем раньше начать готовиться ко сну, тем проще перейти к укладыванию. В будни мы соблюдаем последовательность особенно строго, в выходные — пропускаем некоторые пункты или ложимся позже. Вот как выглядит наш ритуал, выработанный годами: — За два часа до сна ужинаем лёгкой сытной едой. — После ужина — спокойные игры, творчество, чтение. — За час до сна дети принимают ванну около получаса. Дочка переливает воду или моет кукол — такие игры снимают напряжение. Сын играет в ванной в сюжетные игры с фигурками. — После ванны мажу детей кремом массажными движениями. В отличие от классического массажа движения идут от центра к конечностям, например, от плеча к кисти руки. Это расслабляет. — Около получаса отводится на чтение. Дочке читаем вслух, сын читает сам, иногда ему читаю я. Дети никогда не засыпают во время чтения, поэтому я не пытаюсь говорить тише или размереннее. Если ваш малыш засыпает, когда вы ему читаете, постепенно снижайте тон голоса. — Перед выключением света они выпивают стакан тёплого молока. — Я гашу свет и ложусь рядом. 10–15 минут отвожу на спокойную беседу шёпотом. Я считаю, что это особенный момент, когда можно поделиться чем-то важным. — Беседа заканчивается признаниями в любви, пожеланиями спокойной ночи и поцелуями. После этого выхожу из комнаты. Какой ритуал сна у вас? Расскажите нам в комментариях. #монтессори #momlife #funny #lol #me #scar #csection #csectionscar #csectionmom #csectionrecovery #cesarean #momsworld #momsblog #momblog #momdaily #mombelly #belly #mother #parenthood #мама #кесарево #шов #креатив #мамскийблог #мамавдекрете #кесаревосечение
Hearing the sound of your bub’s cry after 6 losses ❤️ . What a moment captured by . . . . . . . #motherhood #rainbowbaby #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodalive #motherhoodslens #motherhoodmoments #pregnancyloss #csection #birth #infantloss #birthphotography #labour #babyluno
Here are just a few Top tips Mamas. It may affect how comfortable you can be to feed after the surgery and aid recovery too. Did you breastfeed after having a C Section? Share your top tips for Mamas to be to benefit from too. #breastfeeding #csection #cesaerean #birthstories #sweatymama #sweatymamastories #csection #cesaerean #sections #birth #labour #pregnancy #givingbirth #baby #born
The All-NEW Maternity Place at Broward Health Coral Springs Hospital~ ✓ Private Rooms ✓ Birthing Suites ✓ Custom lighting and temperature ✓ 3 “C-Sections” operating room ✓ Childbirth Concierge and much more! Call for an appointment: ☎ (954) 368-9656 📌 9750 NW 33rd Street Suite 111 Coral Springs, FL 33065 #obgyn #obstetrician #gynecologist #pregnancy #csection #delivery #midwife #womenshealth #coralsprings #coralspringsfl #miami #weston #parkland #ultrasound #4dultrasound #coralspringsultrasound #papsmears #DrNissethUrribarriobgyn #MarinRandsNurseMidwife #UniqueWellnessCenter
Starting my mornings out a little differently - - Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude!
MY BABIES 🌸✨🌈 3 babies. 3 pregnancies. 3 births. 3 different experiences. Frankie, a dream run, easy pregnancy, textbook natural delivery (on my due date!) Ruben, our star, diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis, horrendous and almost failed induction, stillborn at 29 weeks. And Lulu, our surprise rainbow baby, emergency c-section at 31 weeks due to heart failure brought on by Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome (SVT). I won’t lie - I am so done lol. All of my maternal instincts - desire to ever be pregnant again ... (crash and burn sound effects). Before any of my babies I was studying midwifery ... I always thought I’d finish it but now I’m not so sure. Whilst pregnant with Ruben I began my diploma in Childbirth and Parenting Education, which I never thought I’d want to go back to after all the kids and their dramas. But lately there’s been an urge to finish it - to use my experience and put it forward to something I’ve always been passionate about. I LOVE reading about others experiences and birth stories so I figure maybe it’s a sign? Maybe I should finish it? I am excited for this adventure, terrified of how I’ll manage to find the motivation to get it done with the 2 ratbags but here’s to coffee (and wine), fuel for the nerd mumma 🤓
A couple months ago I had the privilege of photographing the birth of baby Lua. Her strong mama labored for days before ultimately needing a c-section. Even knowing most births usually don’t go as planned, it can be hard to make that emotional adjustment. Kate & Adam we’re such troopers ❤️ Thank you for inviting me into that sacred space.
One year ago today I went to my OB to have my 37th week check up- I just knew after my visit I would be running my errands and going about my day as usual. To my surprise, when my blood pressure was checked I was an astounding 167/115- I honestly didn’t know what those numbers meant and didn’t feel any different then normal. My nurse took my pressure with three different machines bc she didn’t believe that those numbers belonged to me- after all, my pregnancy (thank God🙏🏾) had been beautiful. I was physically, mentally and emotionally in a great place. When my doctor came in the room he was really serious, the most serious I ever heard him speak- he said “get in the car and go straight to the hospital, don’t make any stops, I’m calling the hospital now to let them know you’re on your way.” Honestly guys- it still didn’t hit me how serious whatever was going on with me was- of course at this time my feet and hands were swollen, but I thought- being pregnant this was a normal side effect. After being monitored, having my blood drawn and hooked up for about 3 hours the nurses came in and told me I had #preeclampsia and my blood pressure was not coming down. They then informed me that they were keeping in contact with my doctor and he (told) them to let me know that I would be delivering (via #csection ) my baby that night. All I could think about was the fact that I hadn’t gotten his diaper bag, lol! That thought alone made me cry so hard in the room that evening, lol. That night on August 21st my beautiful baby boy welcomed Q and I as his parents. What a tiring, loving and informative year it has been for me Cameron and Q! I’m so grateful and thankful for the family that my Lord have given me🙏🏾 Happy First Birthday to my number 1 little guy! May God continue to look over and BLESS your entire life❤️ #MySolarEclipseBoo #HappyFirstBirthday #BiggerThanAStar
“Stop waiting on someone else to fix your life” (Rachel Hollis) . . 🔸🔸 . . That someone is YOU and today is the day..not tomorrow, not when school starts or the new year begins..your time is NOW!! . . #startnow #summerbodiesaremadenow #whatareyouwaitingfor #strengthtraining #hiit #shredded #momabs #csection #fulltimemom #workfromhome #balanceyourlife #fixyourlife #accountability #liift4 #nopainnogain #healthylife #healthykids #wellnessmama #liveyourbestlife
I'll repeat... Society does a SHIT job at preparing women for pregnancy, birth, postpartum & transitioning to motherhood. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . This is one of the things that I learned from my first birth (a planned C-section). Full story on the blog. . . And WHY I am so passionate about supporting and empowering moms. . . Let's change the conversation ladies. Follow along for real talk, support, education and empowerment in your new role. 💫 . . Have you checked out my free online birth classes yet??? 👩🏻‍💻 . . #pregnancycoach #birthdoula #doula #digitaldoula #childbirtheducation #vbac #vbactips #vbacmom #csection #cesarean #gentlecesarean #csectionmom #firstpregnancy #empoweredmoms #birthclass #freebirthplan #birthplan #birthaffirmations #pregnancyaffirmations #laboranddelivery #labortips #childbirthtips #pregnancy #birth #labour #labourtips #pregnancytips
Invest in a Doula. Your birth matters. How you feel before, during and after your birth matters. It’s your child’s birthday. Investing in a doula provides you with education, a sounding board, encouragement, skills, an ear to listen if things happen in your birth that you need to talk about, a safe space, a personal trainer for birth and loving arms for fourth trimester. Sure, your cot and pram matter, but so does your birth and mental health 😘
NEW VLOG // Link in bio 🎥 We are both stoked I’m able to pick Lex up again post csection. There were many challenges in becoming a mum of two but as you guys know the biggest one I found was being limited to what I could do with Lexi. She’s a good chunky 16kg and she wiggles and jumps and sprints and for some stupid reason I tried to keep up with her after having Lola. I hurt myself pretty bad and then got mastitis. Lots of you have asked about recovery post c section with a toddler and it was harder than I expected because you want to so desperately be there for your toddler. I speak about this in my latest Vlog as always trying to give you my honest experience with all things but especially motherhood. If I could go back, I would have told myself “This is 6 weeks of the rest of your lives together. This will not permanently negatively affect your bond. It will become stronger than ever in the months to come. Give yourself TIME to heal.” Hope it helps any mama’s out there about to face the same challenge 💕✨
The team of obstetricians are performing c-sections when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life/health at risk, for example when complications such as breech presentation (baby's buttocks, instead of the head, exits the pelvis first), fetal distress, cord collapse, failed labour induction and macrosomia (baby's weight >4kg) occur. Either a transverse or a vertical incision may be made on the uterus. The choice of incision is based on several factors, including fetal presentation, gestational age, placental location, and presence of a well-developed lower uterine segment. The incision selected must allow enough room to deliver the fetus without risking injury (either tearing or cutting) to the uterine arteries and veins that are located at the lateral margins of the uterus. In more than 90% of cesarean deliveries, a low transverse incision is made 1-2 cm above the original upper margin of the bladder with a scalpel. The initial incision is small and is continued into the uterine wall until either the fetal membranes are visualized or the cavity is entered, with care taken not to injure the underlying fetus.  The incision is then extended bilaterally and the presenting part of the fetus is identified. It is delivered either as a vertex presentation or as a breech, with the help of the obstetricians and the contractile forces of the uterus.  In many cases, elective c-section is dictated not by medical necessity or obstetrical indication but specifically the request of the pregnant patient. video: @dralarcon via @medicaltalks #medmad #medicmad #medicinemad #neurosurgery #neurosurgeon #medicine #medlife #medschool #surgery #surgeon #blood #emergency #emergencyroom #traumatic #traumatology #trauma #doctor #hospital #futuresurgeon #dokter #medicalstudent #doctorsofinstagram #medical #medicina #premed #medizin #futuredoctor #nursery #csection #givingbirth
Idag känns som den första riktiga vardagen sen hon kom till världen och tog oss med storm. Den här sommaren har gått fort förbi och det känns som att dagarna flutit ihop. Det känns som hon föddes igår samtidigt som det känns som att hon alltid varit en del av vårt liv 💙 Med pappa på jobbet och storasyster på förskolan igen så ska vi nu försöka hitta rutinen hon och jag. Våran lilla lugna tjej som redan utvecklat personlighet och visat sig bli en jäkligt aktiv och ganska krävande donna. Hon hade ju bråttomt ut redan från start och det verkar som vi ska fortsätta hålla det tempot. Nu kör vi! Välkommen vardag! 💙 #svea #csection #vardag #föräldraledig
One of our dearest surgeons, Dr. Randolfo De Leon, retired this week after ten years of working locum tenens assignments in rural Iowa. The beloved surgeon, age 77, delivered 2,000 babies via C-section in his career. Congratulations and thank you, Dr. De Leon; we will miss you! #locumtenensweek #LocumTenens #proudtobeLT . . . . . . #physicians #csection #locumphysicians #doctor
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