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❤️❤️❤️We used real moms with all very real and very unique birth stories for our #igavebirth campaign🤰🏻. Aaaaand we’re SUPER excited to introduce Priscilla🎉🎉🎉. Her story just warmed our hearts, with a c-section and VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). . We loved this story because many women are under the impression (or told) that once you have a c-section... you always have to have a c-section. Did you know that there are thousands of women who have delivered vaginally after having a c-section with their first baby 🤷🏻‍♀️? . For many women, VBAC is an option. In fact, research on women who attempt a trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) shows that about 60 to 80 percent have a successful vaginal delivery. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 . To read Priscilla’s full birth story, head over to our IG Stories, we added a link to take you straight there 😘. . TLMB x EBP (@empoweredbirthproject ) Collab now live and in the shop! Anyone can take part in this campaign by snatching an EMPOWERED tee and posting a pic sharing your birth story for the world to hear using the hashtag #igavebirth .
Today was tough. I got up late because I haven’t been feeling good and missed my morning workout. Kylie was super fussy this morning and just cried the entire time I got ready. I felt awful and hate that I had to leave her like that, it’s the worst feeling not being able to hold your daughter when she needs you 😭 and she was just as fussy after work 😭 my poor girl wasn’t herself today but that’s ok because we were snuggle girls tonight and it was just what we both needed. - Today may not have gone as planned But that’s ok because tomorrow is a new day. - Good night world 😘
💜 Everything is Love 💜 @thefairfourquads • • • • • A year ago tonight, we ordered in pizza and cookies to share with our awesome nurses, watched Netflix, and went to bed thinking we had just a few more nights before the babies arrived. Turns out, it was actually our last night before becoming parents! I can not believe the babies will be 1 tomorrow! Everyone says it goes fast, but this went way too fast for me. I wish I could slow time to get a few more years of baby snuggles in. I also want to make their birthday special for them! We have a few ideas for tomorrow but would love to hear your traditions! I feel like the pressure is on since this is our year to start fun traditions to continue through their childhood! - - - - #quadruplets #32weekspregnant #bumppic #csection #twinsandmultiples #highriskpregnancy #bedrest #fertilityjourney #iuisuccess #firstbirthday #birthdaytradition #newmom #hospitalgown #familyof6 #parenthood
#repost @lanebphotography “To the midwife who missed tucking her kids in for bed... again. To the midwife who has to respond to another invitation by saying, "If I'm not at a birth." To the midwife comforting a laboring mother who needs to transport to the hospital and won't get a homebirth this time. To the midwife holding a mom's hand during an unplanned c-section. To the midwife riding the birth high after watching a woman become a mother. To the midwife who just crawled into bed only for her phone to ring with another mother in labor. To the midwife talking about placentas with another birth worker at a local coffee shop. To the midwife who is questioning her calling. To the midwife who had to miss her child's first day of school. To the midwife who stayed all night at the hospital with a laboring mother even though she didn't have to. To the midwife helping a mother learn to breastfeed for the first time. To the midwife crying in her car after a tough birth. To the midwife crying in her car after an amazing, butter birth. To the midwife who can't even remember the last time she ate or what day of the week it is. To the midwife who hasn't slept in days. To the midwife who is sleeping on the floor of her client's bedroom. To the midwife who can't imagine doing anything else with her life. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to each and every family you serve. You are changing lives in more ways than you can imagine. Today we celebrate your hard work and endless sacrifice and honor your commitment to women around the world. Tag a midwife who deserves to be celebrated today!” . . . #midwifelife #midwives #haliburton #bancroft #haliburton #homebirth #hospitalbirth #epidural #csection
Been thinking about this day an awful lot lately. I sit here an replay it over and over in my head and remember ever detail so vividly. One of the best days of my life was this day. It changed me. It wasn’t about me anymore, but all about him. Pretty soon that tiny little human we made will be 5 years old and maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about that day so much or it’s the baby fever I don’t know lol but one thing I do know is that little boy and his daddy make the happiest person in the world and I wouldn’t change a thing🖤 #memories #andreslucas #neverforget #blackandwhite #instamom #love #family #explore #overcome #youngmom #mybaby #csection
We welcomed this little guy into the world today via emergency cesarean section.🐐// @camryn_gibson7#goat #vettech #veterinarymedicine #workflow #csection #birth #baby #emergency #instagoat
Don’t forget to join me tomorrow morning for our Coffee Break! #csection #silverlining
Today’s work was mother freaking hard. Like you think you can handle 20 minutes and then Shaun T reaches you another thing. . I will get stronger. I will get better. I will not give up. . Not every workout is going to be rainbows 🌈 and unicorns 🦄 but you keep going. You NEVER give up. You NEVER throw in the towel!. . Remember that!
4 weeks & 5 days #postpartum ..., finally decided to actually post myself .. I will say having a baby changes u ... in more ways the 1 ... I’m slowly growing my confidence back & it takes a lot considering no women feels the same after giving birth. & not to mention I’m a C-section mama! ... I don’t feel as attractive as I once did , but I still love myself .. it’s jus sumn I gotta work on ! #mommy #newmom #postpartum #csection #csectionbelly #boymom #mother #selflove #confidence #blackgirlmagic #selfconfidence #motherhood #loveyourself #Queen
One of the BIGGEST takeaways from a program I completed last year was this: “your breathing doesn’t control you, you control your breathing” • I have to repeat this to myself constantly to remember to be mindful of my breathing. It may make me slow down during a workout but at least I don’t feel like my lungs are going to explode! So repeat after me! • Your breathing doesn’t control you, YOU control your breathing. • #tiptuesday #icanbreatheagain #cardioishardio
What’s not to love? #mamasboy
Both of my pregnancies had a lot of things in common: ✅ No nausea. In fact I could eat anything, anywhere (picky eater disappeared from my vocabulary). ✅ Huge bellies. Well I am pretty short so I guess the poor boys could only grow outwards 😂. In both pregnancies I ended up gaining ~40 pounds. ✅ Sweet tooth. Before my glucose tests I made this super sweet Venezuelan dessert (marquesa de chocolate), so I could kill that craving in case they found gestational diabetes) 🙈😖. The only difference is that with Diego I suffered from back pain and had difficulty moving at night. With Victor I started to do yoga every day for no more than 10min, and what a difference! It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are. I hope you don’t find the time to exercise. I hope you MAKE the time to exercise ⭐️. . . . #pregnancystories #csection #csectionrecovery #cravings #sweettooth
Mums? When you can't sleep do you find yourself looking through baby photos (old and new) (photos that is) (your own babies) lol. well I do 🙊👶🏻😊🙋‍♀️💗 #mummypowers #newborn #baby #babies #love #happy #bestday #cantsleep #whatsnew #instababy #csection #postpartum #motherhood #birth #labour #ouch #cesareanbirth #csectionrecovery #csectionscar #beautiful #pixie #babygirl #itsagirl #newmum #mummy
Just in case you weren't sick of my progress pics. The is my full post partum/ post C-section journey. I have come a long way and I still have some goals to accomplish. (My husband says he doesn't think I can get a six pack so I am out to prove him wrong) But most importantly, I am so pleased with how much better I feel on the inside and out! I have lots of New Year groups forming, give me a shout to see if one might be right for you! 👊 #postpartumbody #newmommy #momof3 #csection #babygirl #postpartum #toddler
Banana egg pancakes for the win!🍌🥚⁣ Since this boy has 0 teeth I’m limited with what I can feed him! I know babies have a great reflux but this mama gets so worried!⁣ ⁣ 2 bananas + 1 egg + dash of cinnamon ⁣ Mix it all together & then cook up like a pancake (I recommend blending it as last time it was too clumpy when I just mashed it with a fork😉)⁣ **I made a double batch which made 10 pancakes. Great to have for the entire wk!⁣ Oh and the big boys liked there too! ⁣ Do you have any simple & easy baby food you like to make?! Plz share!⁣ - - #babyfoodrecipes #babyled #babyboy #9months #babyfoodideas
Ten years ago today Olivia Gianna was born. I was terrified and in tears as they prepped me for surgery. I didn’t know anything about being a mom and definitely did not feel prepared to care for an infant. But the moment she was placed in my arms all my fear disappeared and was replaced by a love so intense that I knew everything would be okay. Was it easy? No. Did I mess up? A thousand times. She was the first to teach me how to truly love selflessly, and I couldn’t have had a more beautiful teacher. Olivia, your life, and all life, is precious. #happybirthdaybabygirl
Lets talk.. lets be real here.. lets talk excess skin.. the "pouch" the "hanger" the "built in fanny pack". Only 5 weeks post #gastricsleeve op and i already know i will need plastics done. I feel as though im stuck with an inflatable ring around my waist.. it flops.. it flaps and during doggy style it claps. I'm not even at my target weight yet. This is gonna be one hell of a ride. #postop #looseasfuck #truth #nobullshit #postpartumbody
💫My life has changed when I decided to make myself a priority. 🌺 . 💫I have heard all the reason why people cant get fit and healthy , they are to busy ,busy with the kids, thier is no time, I have work, i am traveling. . 💫What about you ! 🤷‍♀️ . 💫You matter!!!!👈 💫 If you dont take care of your self it will catch up to you in one or another way . You need to put your self first. Add your self to the top of that todo list. I promise taking 30 min of your day to work out will not make you a bad mom, wife or fall behind at work. If anything they will thank you . Your mood will change . The way you see life! You will have more energy you will be confident.. . 💞You deserve it !! ................ #myworld #momworld #wifelife #workforit #workingmom #life #dogs #coffeefirst #loveflowers #loveyourlif #lifeisamazing #lifeisagift #health #goals #bereal #pushnegativityaway #wine #momofgirl #csection #beyourbestself #blessed #nomoreexcuses #lagirl #michoacana #proudmexican
Hello beautiful winter weather! Yes, it’s January and Mother Nature gave a 72 degree day in Arizona to enjoy Yoga and kids by the pool. Thank you @vieactivewear for my active wear ❤️. _________________________________________ Olá inverno no Arizona . Mãe natureza presentiou com um tempo lindo para fazer yoga e brincar com os filhos. #vieactive #winterfashion #beflawsome #gifted
Health & happiness comes in all different shapes & sizes. This, was NOT healthy. I was in a toxic relationship, barely sleeping, over-exercising, barely eating, addicted to diet pills, hated myself, & smoking a pack & 1/2 a day. 😔 . I was completely codependent in my long-distance relationship & it was ruining my life. I had zero self respect, because I stayed every time he cheated or treated me like I was nothing. Everyone could see it but me. . That’s the thing, WE have to come to terms w/ our own truth, on our terms. 📝 Truly, it’s your choice to stay in a life of pain, self-destruction, & misery. The alternative could be, decide enough is ENOUGH!!! Ask for some help to get out of your current situation, research alternatives & create a life of freedom & happiness!!! 💜🌈🥰 It’s just around the corner. I’m always a listening ear. You deserve to be loved & respected 100% . . . . #boymom #firsttimemom #csection #athomeworkout #fashionlover #fitpregnancy #recoveredbulimic #recoveredanorexic #denver #personalgrowth #HustleandHeart #yogalover #infertility #recoveredED #fightanxiety #promomodel #postpartumbody #dogmom #beyourownboss #freedom #beauthentic #designer #IVFJourney #quitsmoking #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #8monthspostpartum
Happy Tuesday! 💙 I know - it’s been a while since I posted. Life has been oh so busy! Traveling back from vacation (hmm, this sounds like a great idea for a post - traveling as a pumping mama!), getting back into the swing things, tackling a mountain ⛰ of laundry and a few major snow storms here in the Midwest just to name a few. . Ive got a few ideas for upcoming posts, but wanted to post this picture because it resonates so much right now! Just having one of those days and the mom guilt is real (and boy let me tell you of how sick I am of hearing “oh you just pump for your baby? You don’t nurse him?” Oh what cause pumping isn’t good enough? It isn’t justttt pumping. Give me some damn credit here people!!) . Just because I pump, doesn’t mean I don’t breastfeed 🤱 my baby. He still gets my milk and that’s all that matters. The pumping life chose me and I’ve grown to accept it. My son has grown and thrived all because of my incredible body providing the nutrients for him. It really is amazing when you think about it! So moral of this story: pumping is an emotional roller coaster, it’s hard, demanding and sometimes a huge interruption (and well, flat out inconvenience sometimes) to life, but it’s my choice and couldn’t be more proud that I can provide for my son. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise - you are all amazing mama’s! Pump on! ❤️ . . . . . #exclusivepumping #exclusivelypumping #exclusivelypumpingmom #exclusivelypumpingmama #exclusivepumper #exclusivelybreastfeeding #exclusivelybreastfed #pumpingmom #pumpingmilk #pumpingmama #pumpingatwork #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingawareness #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingisbeautiful #breastfeedingmommy #normalizebreastfeeding #firsttimemom #firsttimemama #postpartum #newmom #csection #csectionbirth #vaginalbirth #epingmom #epingmama #sometimesnursinglookslikethis #sometimesbreastfeedinglookslikethis
Mamas are so strong! 👏 "I just had our baby girl on Monday and she was born via emergency c-section due to being breech! I’ve been wearing my @mamastrut since Tuesday...best thing ever! The hospital has binders so I tried theirs for one night and said I’ll be using mine when I go home...I had to have two people help me get it on every time, well by Tuesday morning I switched and haven’t looked back. With the Mama Strut I can put this on all by myself each and every time and get in and out of bed with confidence! Thank You for a great product!" - Jenna
😒 nervous about posting this but here we goooooo. I'm posting this to keep myself accountable. Now you've seen current me 👋🏻😬 I've been eating healthy (occasional cheat meal 😋), along with working out 5-6 days a week for the last 4 weeks. I'm gaining muscle and losing fat, but the scale hasn't changed much. That's ok😊 I am just trying to become the best version of myself 💕 I don't have a "goal weight" or an end date, BUT I absolutely DO have a goal of getting under 200 pounds and keeping it that way. 👊🏻 My account isn't a fitness account and I don't sell anything, & I don't plan on it (it's just not for me😊). But I have def found posting about working out & eating healthy has kept me going for the last 4 weeks (I post a lot in my stories!!) So I hope you don't mind, and hell, maybe you'll join me!?
Yes we love @janapittman400 and @turiapitt using Qiara to avoid mastitis and breastfeed for longer .. but we love the 350 parent reviews and testimonials on our FB page and insta posts - SHARE our breastmilk probiotic news and your stories 📷 💻 📱.. #mastitis #pregnant #pregnancy #newborn #birth #labour #thirdtrimester #colic #gut #immunity #antibiotics #microbiome #bacteria #health #probiotics #probiotic #motherandbaby #csection #obstetrician #midwife #lactation #paediatrics #maternal #maternity #breastfeeding #breastmilk #instamum #celebrity
I've NEVER liked to read but now it's one of my favorite things to do!! I know a lot of people that like the audio books but I'm the type of person that has to see the words on a page! I could listen to a book all day and not remember a damn thing that was said but when I actually hold the book and read it myself I retain almost all of it!!! So where am I going with this??? Everyone learns different! Some people are audio ( they listen and retain everything said), some are visual ( need a picture or see words on a page), and some are kinesthetic (need to do it!) OR you are a combination!!! (THATS ME!!) IM VISUAL AND KINESTHETIC! WHAT ARE YOU??? It helps in life if you know what you are that way you can succeed in whatever you put your mind to!! It also helps to understand what your partner is because sometimes as visual or kinesthetic learners we dont fully hear what our partner is saying!!! It will help us communicate better with others! So . . . WHAT ARE YOU?
Find the people who love you, support you, and encourage you, especially as you grow. Your tribe is out there, and we want to help you find them. @motivatedmamassociety is set on fostering a relationship of motivation, inspiration, and education with the goal of empowering women in their lives. We are looking for 4 women who desire to influence, embrace a tribe mentality, and want to grow both professionally and personally. Together we will build your tribe! Applications open through Monday the 28th! Enrollment includes: 1. Website 2. Team brand 3. Weekly coaching calls 4. Growth potential to six-figure business Interested in finding out more? Shoot us an email! . . . #workwork #momlife #mommainteasy #findyourtribe #teamwork #momspoweringmoms #momsunited #momblogger #thecollaborative #momtribe #motivatedmamas #csection #csectionmama #breastfeeding #bottlefed #formulafeeding #allmomswork #momstrong #wahm #sahm #workingmom
It’s Carnival Season 🇭🇹 🙌🏾🙌🏾. Come get ur body, cardio and mind right with me for that costume and the road 🙃🥰🙂 #AtlantaCaribbeanCarnival #Atlanta #westindiandayparade #MomsWithMusclesRock #MomOfBoys #Fitness #AfroGirlFitness CARIBBEAN TONE. FITNESS MADE FUN 🙌🏾🙌🏾 💃🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ Weights, Cardio, Toning, Sculpting, Burning Music: Soca, Salsa, Afrobeat, Reggae, Merengue, R&B, all things PUMP IT UP 🙌🏾💃🏽 #Dance Fitness at its Best Total Body - Burning & Toning Saturday 1/26/19 @ 9AM Precision Athletic Corps 4826 Fulton Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, Ga 30336 RSVP 678-907-3223 @pacfitnessbootcampatl #MomOfBoys #FitMom #pregnancy #postpartumfitness #momofboys #csection #rebuildyourbody #diastirectisplit #positivevibes #kreyolhaiti #zumba #gains #healthylinving #GirlsWithMuscles #mindbodysoul #muscles #toning #weights #cardio #legs
Throw back to the weekend before I had Harper Rose 😱 she arrived 4 weeks early!! ( I looked like a whale 🙈😂) I did love being pregnant tho...It's hard to believe this is over two years ago... #pregnant #2yearsago #baby #newbaby #labour #csection #breechbaby #mybaby #babygirl #5lbs13oz #tiny #contractions #love #life #newlife #instagood #brandrepsearch
Carly will be 6 weeks old on Friday which means I am almost 6 weeks post C-section which means I am ready to get back into shape! I had forgotten how much c-section recoveries suck and how uncomfortable the postpartum body can be 😬 Completed my first workout today and it felt amazing! So glad BBG has a post pregnancy program 🙌 #postpartum #bbg #bbgmoms #bbgmomsover30 #csection #csectionrecovery #postpregnancyfitness
Me 6 years ago. The night before my planned c-section. I can't believe my baby is going to be 6! We didn't know what were having but both Brad and I admitted after at our relief of having another girl, I'm not sure why maybe it was the unknown. We love our crazy, funny and completely unique Florence 😍😍😍 #pregnant #pregnancy #cesareanbirth #csection #babygirl #suprise #6years #daughter #memories #proud #mummy #secondchild
One year ago at 10:49am I heard my baby cry as a midwife held her up over a ‘thank god I can’t see what they just did to my guts’ curtain like a little baby Simba and I bawled my eyes out with happiness and relief. This little IVF miracle who we were privileged to meet when she was just a little bunch of cells has been with us for a year today and watching her become a sweet, strong minded, outdoors loving, clever little PERSON with a penchant for eating everything she finds on the ground and hugging her jellycat bunnies fiercely, has been a joy. Happy birthday, little one ❤️
Finn started breastfeeding this morning and he's doing amazing!👶💙 He's so good at it even though he's so little! I'm so proud of him! This is his happy, content face after he's been fed. 😋 He's possibly getting off from the oxygen tubes tonight at midnight which is great and he just needs to be monitored for 24+ hours and keep eating well. 😊 • • #baby #newborn #babe #premature #boy #36 #cute #adorable #amazing #breastfeeding #breastfeed #mama #mommy #life #loveyou #grow #eat #son #love #joy #life #miracle #thankful #thankyou #Jesus #heal #body #mybaby #birth #csection #delivery
Can you guys comment below this post and tell me if you’re like this? I cannot be trusted around baked goods! 🍰 🥧 🍪 Maybe you guys have better resistance than I do and if so, 👏🏻 awesome, but I know myself and if there is anything around that we baked, I will eat it until I’m just about 🤮 ‘ing. Therefore, we rarely bake! However, my girls wanted to make a fruit pizza 🥝🍓to bring to their grandparents a few days ago and I thought it sounded fun and it meant a lot to them, so we did. It was delicious! I ate several pieces over the next two days and fully enjoyed them! I didn’t feel bad! I actually lost weight one of the days because I still followed the nutrition principles that I’ve learned. 🙌🏻 It was all good! Now, this won’t become a regular thing, but every now and then we have to let loose, right? Some may think I’m depriving our girls by not baking together more often, but I don’t feel that’s true. We do lots of fun things that don’t revolve around food and it’s better for them & me so 🤷🏻‍♀️ there ya go! So tell me—do you identify with this at all?
26 hours in labor with little to no changes, crying because of the intense contractions and discomfort, having a #csection and being scared shitless, kissing your beautiful face and hearing your sweet little cries were all worth it in the end. Greyson Snow came out a whopping 9.2lbs and 22inches. I wish we were together but Mommy is thinking of you and praying for you to heal and get better so we can finally really meet and be skin to skin. I love you more than my life itself. Let us both heal together for each other so we can be strong and take on our new life together. 💕 #newmom #momlife
Chicasss el registro esta abierto⚠️ Eh estado trabajando en poner este plan para todas las nuevas mamis que quieras recuperar su figura!! Con mi plan he logrado bajar 34 libras y llegar a talla 4 después de tener a mi beba hermosa por cesárea. Estás lista⁉️ Es un plan que te ayudará a cambiar hábitos en 21 días y sentir un cambio increíble no solo en tu físico si no también en tu energía y actitud!😁 hagámoslo juntas no estarás sola🙌🏼 • • • Envíame un mensaje para mas información. Estoy lista para ayudarte a alcanzar tus metas 😇👍 #letsdothis • • #newmom #nuevamama #fitmom #postpartum #csection #csectionrecovery #backinshape #21daychallenge
✨ Be kind, and have courage ✨
C SECTION: This is a wicked insta-grammy looking post. This is my c section incision 6 weeks postpartum. You can’t tell with me laying down but it’s not flat and that’s been bothering me. There’s a ridge over the incision. We will see if it goes down. It feels numb about 1-2” around that incision. Is my incision lower than normal? Not sure. 🤷🏼‍♀️. #breechbaby #csection #csectionrecovery #csectionscar #csectionbelly #newborn #postpartumbody #postpartum #maternitydress #maternityshoot #pregnancy #birth #momblogger #mom #momlife
Goddesses!! Each and every day counts!! You can pump for one day or you can pump for 100 but you've made it through one more day! When it comes to EPing, I find that baby steps and small goals are the most achievable. My first goal was 1 month, then 2, then 4, and then itll be 6 then 8 and finally one year! Baby steps ladies! And give yourself a reward for each goal! At the end of my pumping journey (who knows when that'll be) I'm going to get a breastmilk ring and I'm so excited for it! Happy pumping! #breastfeed #breastfeeding #baby #pumpingmom #exclusivepumper #breastmilk #spectra #medela #breastpump #breastpumping #momlife #exclusivelypumping #fedisbest #eper #bottlefeed #expressedmilk #pumpinggoddesses #csection #cesarean #vaginalbirth #liquidgold #maternity #lactation #sometimesbreastfeedinglookslikethis #exclusivepumping #newmom #newborn #nicu
Dang ma, it’s only Tuesday?! 😅
Carla sempre quis ter um parto normal, mas na primeira gestação foi levada para uma cesariana sem ao menos ter o direito de escolher. No segundo parto com mais informação, ela queria que fosse diferente. Viajou do interior para a capital no final da gestação porque queria parir. Na verdade Carla não só queria parir, ela desejava MUITO parir. Existe uma diferença bem grande em apenas querer um parto normal e DESEJAR um parto normal. Quem realmente deseja, vai atrás de informação, empoderamento, vai atrás de uma equipe humanizada, vai atrás de uma doula, vai atrás do sonho de parir. E Carla foi. Mas não foi fácil. Nem um pouco. A maioria dos trabalhos de parto começa com contrações menos intensas, mais espaçadas, sem ritmo e depois vai se intensificando, mas esse não foi o caso. Seu TP começou com contrações intensas, ritmadas e bem doloridas, fomos para a maternidade e ao ser avaliada ela estava com 2 cm. 2 cm. Poderia ser um banho de água fria, mas não para a mulher que desejava um PN, que se preparou para esse momento. Voltamos para casa e as contrações continuaram muito intensas. Mas Carla pedia que Deus desse à ela o TP que ela merecia, e não o que ela queria, e ela aceitaria isso e 'carregaria essa cruz', como ela mesma dizia. Num determinado momento eu disse pra ela acreditar, pra confiar, que ela ia conseguir, ela me respondeu: "Eu não vou duvidar, eu fui feita pra isso!" Quanta fé essa mulher teve! Sempre aprendi que nossa fé pode mover montanhas, e nesse parto eu vi uma mulher mover montanhas. Ela moveu a montanha do medo, da insegurança, da dor, do desespero, da dúvida e pariu. Pariu sua bebê da maneira que desejava. Seu TP realmente não foi o que ela esperava, mas foi o que ela precisava, para curar seu coração e pra acreditar que ela é muito mais forte do que pensava ser. Obrigada Carla por me ensinar tanto nesse parto, por também mover as montanhas das minhas limitações e me transformar numa doula melhor. 💗
Four years ago we brought this little squidge home, and I was so proud! But what I didn’t realise was that after a fairly traumatic birth which ended in an emergency c-section, then countless boring days in hospital, then harassing the staff to let me go home, being discharged at midnight for being a pain in the arse, packing up all our stuff in the middle of the night with little H attached to my boob...didn’t make me failure...it made me a rock star! I was baby wearing before I even knew it was a thing! Although I do remember sinking to my knees in tears when I saw the dog! 😂 Keep on rocking mamas, we have totally got this! 😉 #birthstories #csection #mumsrule #strongmama #newborn
I'm only ONE WEEK into my new fitness program, and I can already see results. • Not only can I see the physical results of 3.8 lbs and 4 inches gone, but I can already see the mental and emotional results too. I'm happier, more calm, less angry, more energized, and my thoughts are less cluttered. • And this is all because of eating real food and doing 20 minute workouts 6 days a week. • If I can do this, why can't you? What's holding you back? If you have questions about what I'm doing, or if you want to try one of my workouts for FREE, comment your favourite emoji below. 👇❤️ • #Free #Fitness #WeightLoss #Energy #Calm #Anger #MentalHealth #Clutter #Results #YEG #YEGMoms #MomLife #MomsOfInstagram #MomsOfLittles #MomCommunity #MomBod #MomminAintEasy #GirlMom #BoyMom #ToddlerLife #ToddlerMom  #Postpartum #PostpartumFitness #PostCSection #CSectionMama #CSection #WifeLife #WivesOfInstagram #WomenInspiringWomen
Last night's Shepherd's Pie. Killed it! It was so good I had a second helping (sorry thighs!). ➡️ I did ensure to add lots of fresh veggies like celery, zucchini, carrots and onions. ➡️ I substituted lamb for extra lean ground beef. #foodig #foodporn #foodforthought #foodfit #food #yum #recipe #dinner #delicious #foodie #changeforthebetter #changeitup #busymom #mom #momlife #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #addme #vegetables #healthylife #health #recovery #csection #momof2 #workhard #inspire #create #growth #challenge
Click the Link below and have a little read of my c-section experience! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ - - - - - - www.jessicarhutchings.wixsite.com/ameliasjourney Subscribe now ✔️ #csection #csectionrecovery #csectionscar #csectionbirth #csectionmama #csectionbaby #mumma #mumlife #mumandbaby #mumanddaughter #birth #pregnant #pregnancy
You know that saying “if you don’t know your options then you don’t have any”? Well it’s particularly applicable when it comes to birth! Getting educated about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is ESSENTIAL if you want to set yourself up for success! In episode 69 of the podcast we’re talking to Chloe Quinn about why investing in thorough childbirth education is so worthwhile. Chloe is a nurse practitioner and childbirth educator with years of experience working in labor and delivery. We loved talking with her about this important subject and can’t wait for you kweens to hear the episode when it’s released on Thursday! 📸: @vanessamendezphotography
First breaths. First cries. Mothers are blessed to be there for them all. Check out Heather’s blog post today about her darling daughters’ strength.
HE IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!! Born 01/08/2017 Time 17:12 Height 19.75 inches Weight 7.5 lbs Emerging via csection #lucasallenthorsen #babyboy #newbornboy #csection ##emergencycsection #dadholdingbabyforfirsttime #twicethemother #postpartumjourney #beautifuldisaster #mamalife #medicalfacemask
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