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CLASSIC OVEN BAKED PIZZA🍕🧀 • Super love everything they served here! 😍 From appetizers to mains and desserts, all the dishes here are served from great ingredients 😋 Authentic taste of Italian cuisines that is worth every my penny 💕👍🏻 It’s definitely sets a whole new standard for my tastebuds in Italian food👌🏻😂 #snaptasterepeat
Best accompanied with a bottle (or two) of our ice-cold Pandan Lemongrass Tea #homerootsid
Looking for a salad that is fresh and spicy? Ting Tong is the answer! Made with ripe mango, juicy pomelo, more nutritious greens and Thai Lemongrass Vinaigrette that gives this signature creation it’s wonderful zest! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Union x Lolla Featuring CVNE Wednesday, 31 October 2018 7PM onwards Union Plaza Senayan . Presenting Lolla: the Singapore small plates restaurant previously featured on New York Times and Zagat. Sample their signature dishes like the luscious Sea Urchin Pudding and creamy Scrambled Eggs with Shaved Bottarga, paired with cult Spanish wine CVNE. . Kindly RSVP at Plaza Senayan +6221.5790.5861-62 #unionjkt #winedinner
Whether you want to enroll into culinary school full-time, or you prefer short-term courses that will fit your busy schedule, National Culinary School has many flexible options and will work with you to find a program that best caters to your needs!
We guarantee 2 things about our Signature Salads: they are nutritious and delicious! As for the experience eating them, nothing short of joyous! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
MENYA KOKORO SG SPECIAL MENU🍜🥢🇸🇬 • They are offering special menus for Singapore which includes curry mezasoba/rice and a vegetarian option! 🙌🏻 Super love their curry rice with extra drizzle of their special vinegar atop 😋 Not to mention the onsen egg that adds in more elements to the dish👍🏻 So fret not if you are hanging out with your vegetarian friend as they can still enjoy some nice dishes here too 😁 Check out @menyakokorosg page and show them some love 💕 #snaptasterepeat
New menu exclusively available at Union PS - Atlantic Black Cod w/ Miso Butter, Spinach. For RSVP please call Plaza Senayan +6221.5790.5861-62 #unionjkt #newmenu
Doesn’t the Oh Crab Lah! salad look so yum? Enjoy it with our new Spinach Wrap and you’re guaranteed to be saying “Oh, I love this, lah!”. #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
MENYA KOKORO SIGNATURE MEZASOBA🍜🥢 • Super love those mezasoba texture and great pairing with their signature vinegar sauce 😍 Next up is their spicy mezasoba!😋 AND ITS MY FAVE! You can tell from the spicy onsen egg atop that it is spicy🔥 You can tell that it definitely has a more spicy kick than the original mezasoba so if your spicy tolerance is quite low do consider opt for the original one😁 Never tasted the one in Japan before though but this one here is soooo good! 💕 Let me know your thoughts of their mezasoba at Japan 😊 #snaptasterepeat
Back to the Monday grind, which is all cool when you love to live an active lifestyle. Get your healthy energy for the day with our protein-rich Chihuahua warm quinoa bowl! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Feeling a little blue from missing Japan, miss the cheap & fresh sushi, bento box meals, takoyaki, etc...and just then, I discovered this little new gem in: @sawadarlinghurst ! Came early and was lucky to have their limited quantity, early bird Sushi & Sashimi bento box (sushi, sashimi, tempura, salad & miso soup) for only $16/box! You know they say early bird gets the worm 😉 . If you come for dinner, definitely must try their cold dishes, such as the kingfish carpaccio, and the kabachi (medley of avocado, enoki, salmon & tuna sashimi cubes). Pair those with Japanese sake and your dinner for the coming hotter summer days is sorted! In frame: - Sushi & Sashimi Bento Box AU$16 (limited to 10 boxes per day, from 11.30am) - Takoyaki AU$8 - Salmon Teriyaki AU$20 - Kingfish Carpaccio AU$13 - Kabachi AU$8 . #culinarybonanza #sawadarlinghurst
Kicking National Dessert Day off the best way possible! We'll have one of each. 🍩🍰🍪🍮
So we checked out this place, which recently won @timeoutsydney ’s Best Casual Dining award. Have to admit that the place is a versatile venue offering brunch (banquet / a la carte) & coffee, lunch & dinner, wine & sake in the evening. The menu reflects an interesting take East Asian/Western fusion. Could use bigger portion for the price they charge 🤔 Forked out at least $60 for these small-ish brunch that still left us partially hungry. Would you say yay or nay? . In frames: - Shallot pancake, jamon & shiitake AU$16 - Chicken Karaage with mussels cream sauce - Taco-yaki: bulldog sauce, rice flour tortilla, grilled octopus AU$8 each - Coffee (large) AU4.80 / Mocha (large) $5.50 . #culinarybonanza
Yes, we have the freshest ingredients combined together with a collection of skillfully-crafted recipes. But what makes our salad and wrap great is the passion that our Salad Artists put into creating them everyday. #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
This is what we call taking shrimp to the next level. 🦐 Because everything tastes better when it's wrapped in bacon.
Newest addition to our snack, pasta and main menu - Crispy Pork Truffle Salt, Spaghetti Miso Butter and Bone-in Pork Chop Katsu. Exclusively available at Union PIK Avenue. For RSVP please call +6221.2257.1168 #unionjkt
Nothing can beat a good unagi bowl! They give a huge fat piece of unagi covered with a lovely sauce! This could be one of the most worth for the money unagi don in Singapore! #igotfoodcoma #burpple
Yo! It's Ox Tongue Sambal Matah served with Rice and Sunny Side Up
Try the Upstream from our new Warm Protein Bowls selection, made with baked salmon, Japanese soba, nutritious greens and Wasabi Honey Soy. You’ll be absolutely enjoying this one! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
So many things in my life to be grateful & thank God for! Today we’d toast to the weekend 🥂 and also to the miraculously speedy visa grant that allows me to travel urgently and to us finding each other when almost all hope was lost ♥️ Now, what would you toast to today? Do share in the comment below please ☺️ . #culinarybonanza #mytimtation
The menu @1bentst is designed to share with loved ones just like you would at home. It’s all about home-style dining & ambience here. That would explain the 6m long communal dining tables, open kitchen, and corner dedicated to slicing freshly baked sourdough. . We enjoyed 8 seasonal dishes from their menu: 1. Baked scallops, bacon thyme, garlic butter. 2. Kingfish crudo, buttermilk, horseradish, mountain pepper. 3. Grilled Southern calamari, nduja, baby peas, lettuce 4. Grilled asparagus, radish, green goddess. 5. Grilled beef intercostal, anise & coffee rub with marmalade. 6. Braised prawn & eggplant sandwich, black sesame rice cracker. 7. Apple core jelly, blackberry fool. 8. Burnt blood orange tart, yoghurt ice cream. . Got so comfortable until we realised we had gone over the timeframe for the reservation ☺️ . . . #1bentstreet #timeoutsydney #finediningsydney #bestrestaurantssydney #sydneyrestaurants #sydneyeats #sydneyfoodies #sydneyfoodblogger #sydneylifestyle #sydneylife #mikemcenearney #zomatoaustralia #goodfoodaustralia #sydneycbdeats #sydcbd #dimmiau #firsttable #culinarybonanza
And the beautiful feast that we shared that evening: - Baked Scallops, bacon, thyme, garlic butter AU$36 (1/2 dozen) - Kingfish crudo, buttermilk, horseradish & mountain pepper AU$26 - Braised prawn & eggplant ‘sandwich’, black sesame rice cracker AU$24 - Grilled beef intercostal, anise & coffee rub with rhubarb marmalade AU$26 - Apple Core Jelly, blackberry fool AU$15 - Burnt blood orange tart, yoghurt cream AU$15 . My favourite was the baked scallops and the braised prawn & eggplant “sandwich” in the delicious broth, which was reminiscent of dumpling soup ♥️ . #culinarybonanza
Early birds get the best & first table...it almost felt like a private dining ♥️ #culinarybonanza
Next Friday! . PIZZA NAPOLETANA Friday, 19 October 2018 7PM onwards Union Pondok Indah Mall . Hand-stretched, wood oven-fired, with a perfectly puffy, chewy crust. Tender and flavourful from a 24-hour rise. Introducing our new Neapolitan pizzas. . Topped with bacon and eggs or spinach and creamy blue cheese, they’re mind-blowing paired with our specially-priced wines. . Kindly RSVP at +6221.2952.9781-82 #unionjkt
Not only tomato, we also have new Spinach Wrap for you to upgrade from the regular one. Extra green, extra delicious! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Our programs emphasize the skill sets sought by employers and are recognized by leaders in the restaurant, hotel and corporate food + beverage industries. In fact, many recruiters visit National Culinary School to interview our students while they are still attending class. Take the first step to an exciting new culinary career today!
Rainy days comfort food: Korean fried chicken with spicy gochujang & garlic soya sauce 🤤 Finally got to try this famous chicken & beer chain from Melbourne! . Boneless chicken fillet (750gr) comes with slaw salad & 2 sauce options AU$34 Gamitto Soju cocktail AU$8.50 #koreanfriedchicken #culinarybonanza
Your source of nutritious and healthy food has now opened at Central Park Mall, LG floor! Discover fresh salads, wraps and new Warm Protein Bowls today. #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Sekarang kita sudah bisa pakai OVO loh, ada promo menarik yg ga boleh kelewatan ada cashback 10%. . . Selain itu debit BCA dan FLAZZ juga sudah available ya disini. . Yuk kunjungi outlet kami segera! 😊 @patopa_greenville . . Cicipin lezatnya crispy chicken patopa . #jktfoodbang #foodgasm #foodgram #buzzfeedfood #foodporn #vscofood #foodstagram #jktgo #jktfoodbang #starvingtime #foodies #f52grams #eatandtreats #insiderfood #anakjajan #jakarta #feedfeed #instafood #foodnetwork #gofoodjakarta #crispychicken #patopa #patopaid #patopagreenville #jajan #anakjajan #foodbloggerindonesia #foodbloggerjakarta #culinarybonanza #daddytjeuw #hungrydoctor #cashbackovo
Brighten up your day with the deliciouness of this Zhuma volcano sushi roll and we assure you'll be dancing with joy after tasting our yummy treat! #tbt thank you for a great shot 📸 @aldrianpraditya . For reservation, please call📍Zhuma Japanese: Senayan City (Phone: 021- 7228 1237) Pasific Place (Phone: 021- 5797 3351) Kota Kasablanca (Phone: 021- 2208 3595) Cilandak town square (Phone: 021 7592 0216) . #foodlova #vsco #foodporn #foodstagram #onthetable #handsinframe #dailycortado #instagood #instago #eatandtreats #eeeeeats #WTFfoodies #yummytraveler #anakjajan #jktgo #culinarybonanza #jktfoodbang #jktplacestoeat #eatingfortheinsta #igfood #wisatakuliner #tasty #makananjakarta #kulinerjakarta #yummy #explorejakarta #viral
New healthy lunch specials: Steak & Quinoa Bowl! Available from 11AM - 4PM. #unionjkt
Your source of nutritious and healthy food has now opened at Central Park Mall, LG floor! Discover fresh salads, wraps and new Warm Protein Bowls today. #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
What makes National Culinary School unique? We limit the size of each class to 15 students or fewer. We maintain small class sizes to provide our students with plenty of hands-on training and interaction with our highly qualified chef instructors.
That melted cheese! Available from 11AM - 4PM everyday at Union Cafe only. #unioncafejkt
You can't ask for a perfect monday, but you can ask for a perfect lunch
Your source of nutritious and healthy food has now opened at Central Park Mall, LG floor! Discover fresh salads, wraps and new Warm Protein Bowls today. #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Delicious final meal before departing Japan...still can’t forget the taste of those tender &juicy slices of black beef, served with black sauce & runny omelette. . Japanese Black Beef Steak Rice Bowl ¥1,810 . #culinarybonanza #poundya #hanedaairport
Pastry heaven. #unionjkt
Sharing? Why not? Celebrate your special moment with us at Zhuma, We could serve you on your preference of your personalized celebration! #tbt thank you for a great shot 📸 @foodloverjkt . For reservation, please call📍Zhuma Japanese: Senayan City (Phone: 021- 7228 1237) Pasific Place (Phone: 021- 5797 3351) Kota Kasablanca (Phone: 021- 2208 3595) Cilandak town square (Phone: 021 7592 0216) . #foodlova #vsco #foodporn #foodstagram #onthetable #handsinframe #dailycortado #instagood #instago #eatandtreats #eeeeeats #WTFfoodies #yummytraveler #anakjajan #jktgo #culinarybonanza #jktfoodbang #jktplacestoeat #eatingfortheinsta #igfood #wisatakuliner #tasty #makananjakarta #kulinerjakarta #yummy #explorejakarta #viral
A bowl of Sunshine Jakarta salad reminds us of how we want to be the healthy culinary sunshine to the people of Jakarta 🇮🇩 (and beyond). • We are NOW OPEN at Central Park Mall, LG floor! #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Look at those perfect grill marks! 👌 A nice, searing sizzle ensures that your chicken is tender, juicy and full of charred flavor.
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... Makan ala Jepang kuuyyy... 😁
We feature the humble yet nourishing #turmeric as much as we can - keep swiping to learn more about this golden miracle spice! #homerootsid
Our homage to home #homerootsid
Golden dust that’s good for the soul #homerootsid
Happy friday everyone.. 😊 .. Hooray!! Momimuss cake ready to ordered today 😍😍 (contact on bio or visit us on tokopedia) .. Let's Share Happiness 🙆‍♀️
It’s very easy to wrap your head around the idea of eating healthy and tasty: just get one of our nutritious salad wraps! 📷: @foodaffair #saladstop #eatwideawake #trustfoodagain #eatfortheplanet
Sate telur Lokasi : PKL Soekarno hatta - Malang Harga : Idr 1.000
Terimakasih tuan sudah pesan momimuss untuk hari spesialnya.. ❤❤ .. Sebentar lagi weekend tiba, yuk pesan momimuss dari sekarang.. langsung aja hubungi wa yg ada di bio ya.. 😊 .. Momimuss ada 3 pilihan rasa : • Nutella • Ovomaltine • Coffee Cream Semuanya bebas pengawet, pengembang dan tambahan kimia lainnya.. just fresh ingredients 💖💖
Satisfy your matcha cravings with our Matcha Cake. #unioncafejkt
Head over to our story to learn more about this beautiful golden spice! #homerootsid
Our local spice gold ✨ #homerootsid
Starting our day off right with this colorful spice spread #homerootsid
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