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[AD] Sam and I got up super early today to have a breakfast picnic before the day got too hot. My @verivalbio orange granola was as delicious as ever. Then we hopped on a train heading down South. The train ride was hotter than hell so we had to have a post-train nap to recover. Looking forward to venturing to the Temple of Seitan for dinner! What have you been up to today? #verival #verivalmornings #wherevhavebreakfast
🍷 Tell me about your first sip of wine! Where were you, how old were you, what did you drink, what did you think?🍷 . . My first sip of wine was while studying abroad at 19 at a winery in Jurançon France (in the foothills of the Pyrenées). All I remember is it was a white wine, probably dry. I took one sip and had enough! One of my friends finished my glass for me. 😁During my semester abroad, I definitely acquired a taste for wine and it was such a culture shock to return to the 🇺🇸 and not be legal to drink anymore! 😆 Is the U.S. the only country with a legal drinking age of 21? 🤔
Saturday afternoon coffee break! ☕🌿 It's been a busy couple of weeks, settling into my new job as a Tax consultant and getting used to the daily routine of corporate life but it has also been super exciting — yes, I'm sticking with that adjective to describe taxes — so please excuse the lack of posts for now. I don't want to post just for the sake of posting. But enough about that... how's your weekend going? ☺️ #teampixel
(Yummy有米茶餐厅)- How do you define a good Hong Kong Coffee Shop? Is it the food? The efficiency of the chefs? Or the rowdy facial expressions given by the service staff? To me, a true authentic 茶餐厅 have to encompass all the following. Ever since leaving Hong Kong, I had never liked having my meals in a "Hong Kong Coffee Shop". It is not only expensive, but the food tends to be really bad. However, this perception changed when I tried out "Yummy 有米茶餐厅". Smacked right at 天河 district in downtown Guangzhou, this eatery is opened by a professional photographer, and a true friend I made in Guangzhou. *Disclaimer, this is not a paid commercial!! As the owner of this F&B outlet, he only brought this idea to Guangzhou because he felt that there was a missing culinary experience in Guangzhou and he wishes to bring back all the classical favourites that anyone could order in a coffee shop across anytime of the day. (Classically found in Hong Kong Coffee Shops) ---------------- Dishes tried: 1. 招牌有米黑武士, Charcoal French Toast @RMB28. 2. 牛由油西多士, Classic French Toast @RMB20. 3. 起司多士, Cheesy Toast @RMB15. 4. 黑蒜牛肉饭, Black Pepper Beef steak with Rice @RMB32. 5. 蒜香鸡扒饭, Garlic Chicken Steak with Rice @RMB28. ---------------- Price💳: An average cost of #affordability #localfood #simplydelicious #foodporn #foodie #foodphotograhy #foodsg #foodmatters #sgfoodtrend #exploresingapore #sgfoodie #foodstgram #allabouthongkong #eatingfortheinsta #culturetripfood #hkfoodblogger #hkfood #sginhk #hkfoodie #hkig #guangzhoufood #chinafoodie #ilovechina #hongkongfoodblogger #discoverhk #hkfoodbites #gzfoodbites #chinaeats #discoverchina
We came to grab some cheese for a picnic, but it started raining so we stayed inside and tried all the ice cream flavors in the menu. Not so bad after all 😉 #ohthosesummerdays #afternoonscenes
Diet starts tomorrow 😋 . Thank you @jessicacjames for this yummy pic! Are you a foodie? Tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured.
It’s 8am somewhere 🙈☕️🙄
Did You Know! Guacamole dates all the back to the 1500s! 🥑 🥑 The Aztec empire created this spread with the same exact ingredients that local restuarants use today. The Aztecs called this saucy spread "ahuaca-mulli" which translates to avocado-mixture or avocado-sauce. 🥑 🥑 The Spaniards encountered the Aztec people and their ahuaca-mulli while exploring the New World and knew it would be a hit back home. Unfortunately, avocados are not native to Europe so there was a problem when trying to recreate the dish with substitutions for the avocado but failed. 🥑 🥑 Here's another little fun fact for ya, did you know that a mailman patented the most popular avocado variety? Yup! A postal worker named Rudolph Hass purchased the seedling from a farmer in 1926 and filed a patent in 1935. The original tree stood, and bore fruit, for nearly 70 years in La Habra Heights, California.😁 🥑 🥑 How do you like your guacamole? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #avocado #guacamole #mexicanfood #mexican #aztec #foodie #foodiedubai #foodiegram #instafoodie #dubaiblogger #foodphotography #eeeeeats #foodlover #foodgram #dubaieats #dubaifoodbloggers #culturetripfood #instagood #tasty #foodcoma #instadubai #uaeblogger #igersdubai #goodeats #picoftheday #foodporn #foodgasm #amazing #food #dubailife
Tadaaaa! So here is the god father meat ball sauce by @mobkitchenuk which we recreated, stuffed in our ciabatta 🤤 Hungry much?
Un-PHO-gettable meals aren't just about delighting in amazing food. The right foodie companion is also a must, especially when they have a new find they want to share. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Double the enjoyment, over the oxtail ragu fries 🍟 which has been one of the best foodie treats I've had in a long while...but then again fries always make everything better? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Even if I'm full, leave in front of me a bowl of fries (or chips) I will still go off snacking away at them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Homemade taramasalata, freshly backed bread, seaweed crisps - just some of the appetizers available at @bucketlondon 🐟 Review now live on @fluidlondon
Happy Saturday! 💜 We spent this sunny morning picking blackberries in Hampstead Heath. In love with this wonderful London summer!
Ladies & Gents introducing our todays special: Pan fried Sea trout with grilled asparagus, slow cooked egg yolk and crispy wild rice. Is already flying from our pass! Hurry.
When your coffee looks almost too pretty to drink 😋 Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
Mặt trời nhỏ tươi vui cho ngày mưa cuối tuần bớt phần ảm đạm 🌦 Mấy ngày này trời mưa, vài chiếc bánh gối nóng hổi, vàng ruộm, thơm giòn ăn kèm dưa góp và nước mắm pha chua ngọt dịu nhẹ chắc chắn sẽ làm tâm trạng của chúng mình tốt hơn rất nhiều đó 💕
Hello folks Ram Ram Sa 🙏 Right from childhood I grown up eating Rajputana ( Rajasthani ) food and still person favourite! However there aren’t many additions of Rajasthani recipes on my blog, but there is always room to add some in the near future. After so many weeks today I have cooked my mum’s favourite Rajasthani dishes and that too in her own style as well. Brings back those precious memories 😍 We small group of friends @jcookingodyssey @cookingwithsapana @foodiejayashree decided to post #thaliseries every Saturday! Today I am posting my second thali that is Rajasthani. I have prepared one of the the most popular Rajasthani dish Gatte ki Sabji ( Chickpea flour dumplings in yogurt gravy ) recipe on the blog. Kaddu ki Sabji ( pumpkin curry) vegan 🌱 recipe on the blog. Tamatar ki khatti Mithi Chutney ( tomato chutney) Plain boiled rice Roti ( whole meal flour chapatti ) Sliced onion and green chilli for salad Check out uncropped pictures in my Instagram Story! Have a great weekend! . . . . . . #jcookingodyssey #thali #indianthali #rajasthan_diaries #rajasthanifood #tasteofindia #wahhindia #desikhana #madefromscratch #tasteofhome #liveauthentic #ukfoodblogger #londonblogger #food52gram #vegetarianrecipes #vegansofig #igramming_india #walkwithindia #foodonmytable #foodpicture #indiaeats #beautifulcuisine #culturetripfood #savourmag #inmykitchen #rusticfood #traditionalfood #desibloggersdailyme @ndtv_food @foodtalkindia @thefeedfeed @food_glooby @incredibleindia @bbcgoodfood @food @hautescuisines
Could I have posted any more of a #basic picture to start my Aussie Instagram Feed? ✌🏼 • Day 1 : Hiked all the way to Manly (10km) in jeans (would not recommend that clothing choice👖), wandered round for a bit, ate vegan food, drank coffee, impulsively bought an expensive jumper because I was cold 🤷🏽‍♀️ • • • #sydneyfoodie #visitsydney #nothinglikeaustralia #veganeats #sydneylocal #sydneybrunch #travelgram #traveltheworld #ThePrettyCities #mydomainetravels #stillswithstories #SUITCASEtravels #travelwithfathom #Finditliveit #traveldeeper #verytandc #SDMtravels #beautifulmatters #tasteintravel #wonderful_places #travellingthroughtheworld #awesomepics #gglocalgems #culturetrip #bestcitybreaks #pathport #petitepassport #goopgo #hello_worldpics
Happy weekend! Starting off with a Desayuno Criollo & Cachapa Tower by the canal 🇻🇪☀️ 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 #thedonutgroup #comidavenezolana
Celebrating Singapore's 53rd birthday with classic local flavors at @miammiamsg. 🤩🤩🤩 . Miam Miam has introduced these 7 new dishes with a local twist: 🏷Golden Salted Egg Chicken Karaage 🏷Chili Crab Pasta 🏷Chicken Rendang Souffle 🏷Gong Bao Chicken Pasta 🏷Souffle D'Coco 🏷Bandung Shake Personally recommend the Golden Salted Egg Chicken Karaage, Chicken Rendang Souffle and Chili Crab Pasta. The serving is good enough for 2 person to share 😀 Thank you @kenpgl and @singaporefoodlisting for the invite 😀 #igdaily
... Keep spending most our lives Livin' in a piggie's paradise...
Childhood dream achieved ✅ I got to meet Bert from Mary Poppins and feast on afternoon tea at @aquashard . The new themed tea is running Monday to Sunday’s from 1pm to 5pm and is a celebration of the famous book by PL Travers. You can even end your experience there with candy floss!! #aquashardxmarypoppins #SilverSpoonStories #aquashard invite
Last weekend we kicked things off with pickled pear and blue cheese and pickled grape and welsh cheddar. Two things are to be learnt here, 1. everything is better PICKLED 😋 2. you can absolutely start a meal with cheese. #eatlondon #pickledpear #pickled #preserve #beautifulcuisines #whatsonmyplate #zerowastefood #sustainablecooking #culturetripfood
One of the most memorable meals I had in Copenhagen was @barrcph , where the original @nomacph once lived. The team here is bringing some very exciting things to the Danish food scene. Same magic, different tricks. Full experience on the guide 👉🏻 link in profile. #empiretraveller #EmpireTravelsCopenhagen ————————— #iamatraveler #storefrontcollective #prettylittletrips #ihavethisthingwithtiles #abmtravelbug #cntraveler #SUITCASEtravels #culturetrip #pathport #TLpicks #dametraveler #getoutandgather #mylpguide #trottermag #seemycity #ROAMtravels #culturetripfood #bestcitybreaks #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #cerealmag #lovelettertoeurope #thespacesilike #postcardsfromtheworld #speechlessplaces #darlingplaces #postcardplaces #mytinyatlashello
Kale and Broccolini Orzo. 🍃 А у нас на обед мелкая паста "рисони" с припущенной летней зеленью - брокколини, молодыми побегами брокколи, и кейлом, кудрявой листовой капустой. 🌿
Little beauties traditionally grown in Padron, Galicia. According to the legend were grown for their aphrodisiac properties. They are right in their season which is from May to September. Pop in for your 1 of 5 a day!
[#Nashville #restaurant ] Chef Philip Krajeck is well known for his pasta making. Indeed, at Rolf & Daughters, a section of the menu is focused on homemade pasta. As an Italian, I have to say that the pasta is not only well done here but there is an interesting American, even Southern, twist in the recipes. We had delicious corn agnolotti (pasta was filled with a corn cream) with jalapeño, lime and pecorino. Impressed! | #rolfanddaughters #corn #chef #philipkrajeck #americanrestaurant #seasonal #locavore #naturalwines #cocktails #pasta #newamericancuisine #veggie
Tickle your tastebuds with our Tuna Carpaccio for an Appetizer - Yellowfin tuna with coriander, chilli, celery, capers and tomato salsa. Deliciousness on a plate that will definitely leave room for more.
We are all set for today’s #Souldrop event 🔥🔥🔥 Can’t wait to get you to try the @mobkitchenuk god father meatballs with our fresh Ciabattas 😍
You must be very hungry after this long week! Come find us at Tower Bridge from 11 to 4pm and at the Old Royal Naval college garden in Greenwich from 11 to 6pm!
When the sun is out. Brunch by the docks is a good idea 😎☀️☁️ Enjoy tasty food, exciting combos of flavours, beautiful presentation and scenic views @dokkelivingroom #cloudeggs 🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤 #dokkelivingroom #dokke #stkatherinesdock #brunch #lunch #hiddengem #towerhill #eastlondon #weekend #goodmorning #brunchflatlay #breakfastlondon #eeeeeats #infatuationlondon #londonguide #londoneating #londonbestbites #tastelondon #foodculture #londoneats #culturetripfood #foodieslondon #londonfood #londonfoodie #foodporn #foodhub
Irish breakfast. ☕️🍃
The excitement!!!! Our first courgette flowers picked from the veg patch we started in May. Jonty Denham wouldn't eat a courgette ever but he was intrigued by these ones with their pretty flowers. The best stuffed courgettes I've ever tasted were from @thewellingtonarms ... sensational! Such a great place, foodie, interiors, garden, bee, geese, chicken, goat heaven. You'll love their account!💚 Thanks for the veg plot advice @nickysleap 😁
Riverine wagyu MB6 + is on the menu this week!! 🐮🐮🐮🐮#moonrestaurant346 #restaurantmoon346
goddam. (ˈɡɒdam) adjective used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration. • WHY YOU TASTE TOO GOOD?! • Wish I never had this, cause I can’t get this here in Sydney. #goddammit Well seasoned, not oily, super crispy and incredibly moreish. 🤤
Weekend Lunch Menu start today!!! Pls book the table. 🙏🙏🙏 #moonrestaurant346 #restaurantmoon346 #weekendlunch
You get eggs your way, toast, bacon, chorizo, kale, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, hash browns and tomato relish. Talk about a big breakfast! #sizedoesmatter
BBQ Roast Chicken Breast from @bannock_to Juicy tenderlicious summer taste mmm #Bannocklicious I somehow made time to #LiciousTO in between travels. #DoingALot #blogTOLicious18
#flashbackfriday = sharing all my fave travel content i never got to post, including this beautiful lunch box from kyoto 💁🏻‍♀️🍣 #tseparfaittravels
Can’t get enough of these plates 💙
A large plate of cheese, also known as the most perfectly French way to end your dining experience with us 🧀
Esta #ensalada #sefardí de #pimientos y #tomates 🍅 solo tiene un inconveniente: las hortalizas van al horno, pero todo es ponerse 😊 Enlace en bio http://bit.ly/ensaladasefardipimientos #thenewhealthy
friday and I are a matcha made in heaven 🍵
When you forget to buy salad for your lasagna 😅 but it’s okay, I just paired it with an #organic red wine. Perfect 👌🏻
{thank you @stedecourtretreat for the amazing tip about #zaatar on toast! I’ll be using it on everything now}
If you need me this weekend (or any weekend, really) 🍕 this is generally what I’m doing. Preferably @pizzahut , but if the @Rangers score 7 runs the day before we go for papa johns cuz we like half price Za. 🤑🤷🏻‍♀️ Just waiting on the lifetime Pizza Hut collab to slide into my DMs #PizzaThirsty . . Ok real question, my pizza bio has been the same for - what - 5 years? I know everyone says to make your bio tell your deal (I’m a Dallas blogger yada yada yada) but I can’t bring myself to ever change it. What do you think? Keep pizza bio or get more professional? . . Also that 👆🏻was a pointless question, I’ll never change it.
Banh khot (#bánhkhọt ) are incredibly delicious Vietnamese mini rice pancakes, topped with shrimp, and eaten with herbs. • VUNG TAU • There were so many moments during my trip to #Vietnam where everything I knew was challenged. Most particularly, my understanding of #vietnamesecuisine . For so long, I thought banh khot were yellow mini pudgy soggy pancakes topped with frozen prawns. I was oh so wrong, as well as the banh khot in Sydney.
🍕🍕🍕 A weekend of fun out, also meant a local takeout with @justeatuk and our favourite at home - pizza! Four cheese as standard, but love the Turkish special with sujuk sausage and the chicken tandoori hot from @pizzaxdrink ! - Just Eat actually have a food festival next week from 20-22nd July in Shoreditch that play on these twists. Starting with a classic you love, they’ll remix the tastiest elements with another dish. - Do love when collabs can get inventive with food without it being too silly. Always loved the idea of a chicken curry bao or cheeseburger tater tots. What fantasy dish would you make? #spon #justeat #justeatfoodfest #foodfest
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