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We had a fun daddy-daughter day with lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Ft Lauderdale and some shopping, we got hats! Also, I met some nice guys from New York ☀️🌊🌴 #daddydaughtertrip #whitehats #beachin #saltlife #vacationmode #sosunburnt #merica #newfriends
London / Paris reflections...sooo much fun with Annabelle! #daddydaughtertrip
Watch out Alaska, these boots haven’t hit your turf before 👸🏼❤️ #alaska #firsttime #dia #byepikespeak #excited #travel #adventure #hiker #explorer #daddydaughtertrip
Visiting @jods10503 today at her base #toronto #daddydaughtertrip
Traveling with my daddy to Jamaica 🇯🇲!!!! #daddydaughtertrip #70nationalconvocation #imready
Last few pictures of Portugal. These were all taken in Obidas. Beautiful walled city one hour north of Lisbon. . . . #portugal #obidos #vacation #history #beautiful #daddydaughtertrip
Skating the canal with my girl in our second annual daddy/daughter trip. #travelphotography #ottawa #rideaucanal #ontario #winterincanada #itsathingtodo #iceskating #daddydaughtertrip
My immediate family hasn't needed a Disney Park Map between 1982-2002. And in 2002 we only needed it for Disney Animal Kingdom. Even with the app my dad and I still were turned around. Loved every minute though at @disneyland. #daddydaughtertrip #disneyland #firstvisit #parkmap #howdowegetthere P.S. We were in New Orleans Square trying to make it to Mickey's Toontown.
She's all grown up now. No matter how old she get's she still my baby. #fatherdaughtercocktails #DaddyDaughterTakeOver
So ready for these 2 to be home. Our house isn’t the same without them. They have about 15 hours of flight time and I’d love your prayers for safety and endurance. I know they are both exhausted, even though it may not look like it. 😉 Here’s hoping I get some sleep. #worldtraveler #israeltrip #daddydaughtertrip
Can’t finish the day without wishing my dad @dfunds a Happy 62th Birthday. Best dad a girl could ever ask for . His favorite saying to me, “Be powerful!” 👏🏾❤️love you Dad.
Taking off with Nora! #DaddyDaughterTrip
Toy Story Mania was the only game I could beat my dad at. Until today😢... I had a nice run though. #newyearsresolution #dailypicture #44of365 #toystorymania #daddydaughtertrip #nicerun
Jerash is a huge ancient Roman city that was buried in the sand for centuries. It’s in the Bible as Garasa, one of the ten Decapolis cities the Roman’s built to extend their influence in the region. Hadrian’s Gate, the Philadelphia Gate (Amman used to be Philadelphia), the main road, the Nymphium where citizens got their water. And best of all, Brooklyn found some kind of millipede. Very amazing. #jerash #worldtraveler #daddydaughtertrip
The Mount of Olives. How gorgeous and no filter was used. I’ve been asked a few times if they are with a tour so I thought I’d explain a bit. Brian looked into tours, but they start around $10,000 😳 and that’s just not in the budget. He has been putting money aside for the last two years for this trip. He went to Israel in college so he is somewhat familiar with the lay of the land, so to speak. He booked everything himself. The airline tickets were the most expensive he said. He found an amazing hostile to stay in with a private bedroom and bathroom. That helped keep the cost down. Then he booked his own tour with a tour guide, again keeping cost down. So Israel can be done on a budget and if you are interested in more info message me and I’ll pass it along. I know this is a bucket list trip for so many people. It can be done, but it does require more work on your part. #israel #daddydaughtertrip
I find it fascinating how God gives children desires from a very young age. I remember back when Brooklyn was three years old. She was fascinated with maps. She knew all the continents and she would play with a globe for hours. We even installed a large wallpaper world map down in our basement that she could write on. She begged her dad to start a GeoBee club for homeschoolers, which he so lovingly did. (By the way we don’t find out about how she did on the state test til March 4th. Top 100 go to state). She went to Paris with us when she was 6 months old, then to London and Paris with us at age 9 and now she walks the Tel Aviv airport at age 13. She got to pick where she wanted to go with dad for her 13th birthday. She picked Israel without hesitation. I mean, that would not have been my first choice at her age. I would’ve gone with Hawaii. 🤣. So excited for her this week and all she will see and do. My prayer is that she experiences the Holy Spirit in a tangible way. Grateful she’s with her daddy who loves travel, geography and history just as much as she does. #daddydaughtertrip #worldtraveler
These two are having the time of their lives on a daddy/daughter trip to Alaska 🖤🖤 absolutely gorgeous views and incredible adventures! Cheers to your special day @burtward and @bradleykylenelson ! 🍾🥂🍾 #daddydaughtertrip #adellamonae #alaskaadventures #weddingtime #mamasgirl
One last daddy daughter trip before daughter number three arrives. Trip to Hershey Chocolate World where they made their own candy bars. Their favorite part per usual was the hotel room #mygirls #myprincesses #daddydaughtertrip #toomuchchocolate
Ice rink lighting is hard 😂 scroll for obligatory game photos and a #boomerang fail 🍻🥅🏒👏🏻❤️💚💛🧡 #chivsmin #chicagoblackhawks #hawkey #xcelenergycenter #twincities #daddydaughtertrip #hawkswin #chelseadagger
The best part of taking our away game trips is venturing out for fun activities and good eats!! #twincities #thebutteredtin #ricepark #herbiesonthepark #publickitchenandbar #cossettas #italianmarket #chicagoblackhawks #chivsmin #daddydaughtertrip
We were headed to stadium. #eagles #birdgang #sblii #daddydaughtertrip
Y’all gonna be sick of me, cuz I’m sharing memories ALL DAY! 💚🦅🏈 #eagles #birdgang #sblii #daddydaughtertrip
Trip with daddy- @11PM wondering in Tokyo searching for sweets😑 #daddydaughtertrip #daddyspoilsher #daddysgirl #kidsintokyo #sweetshunters #nowondershelikesdadbetter
These two have decided to embark on an adventure across the US and Canada to support the @vegasgoldenknights and visit every hockey arena/stadium. First stop for them BB&T Center. #marcandrefleury #29 #VGK #soccerplayerturnedhockeyfan #daddydaughtertrip
When I told my parents I was going to quit my job to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur I thought they were going to tell me I was crazy. . . I thought they were going to try and talk me out of leaving a predictable salary with benefits and be disappointed in my decision. . . To my surprise they were very supportive and understanding. More than that, they were genuinely excited for me. . . I should've known. My dad is a successful business owner and I grew up watching him work harder and harder to give my mom, sister, and I, an abundant life. . . They see that same work ethic in me and know the sky's the limit. It's my turn to follow in his footsteps. . . We’re flying to Italy tonight for a daddy-daughter trip and I can't wait to spend this quality time with him. I plan to pick his brain, get great advice, and learn as much as I can❣️
Oh you thought your baby was cute. Welcome to the cutest baby on earth. I LOVE YOU AIVEN REESE 🥰🥰😘 #daddysgirl #daddydaughtertrip #myworld #perfect #angel
Here is a little throw back for the man of the hour... my Dad. It was his 70th birthday yesterday, but he doesn’t act a day over 30. So when I got my heart broken in my early 30’s, lost my first big girl job, and felt like things were just kind of crumbling... he knew just what to do. Travel! We took a Daddy/Daughter trip to Panama. We decided on the quiet, secluded islands of Bocas Del Toro. Red Frog Beach Island Resort was the perfect mindful vacay. You take water taxis to get to the mainland. Golf carts are provided to get from villa to the main restaurant, zip line, boat dock, beach etc. Our villa had its own private soak pool. Ahhh. And just to top off the trip, we took a few wooded mile hikes around the island that led us to the most secluded, picturesque beaches. Our journey was filled with sloths and the islands name sake red frogs along the way. #happybirthdaydad #70isthenew30 #actyourage #travel #daddydaughtertrip #daddysgirl #panama #bocasdeltoro #redfrogbeach #redfrog #sloth #soulsearching #islandgetaway #villavacation #thatview #morningmist #picturesquepalms Www.redfrogbeach.com
Daddy date took the girls to Claire's got their new beanie baby toys and piper got her ears pierced #daddydaughtertrip #dadtogirls #earspierced #thelittlemoments #daughters #fitdad
Swipe ⏪ #fbf archives from Father’s Day in DC • “Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, which the Lord your God commanded to teach you, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go to possess it; And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” Deuteronomy‬ ‭6:1, 7‬ ‭• It’s the birthday of a king, a legend, an icon. If you know me, you know how much I ADORE my father. He is one of the reasons I am who I am, let us not neglect Marcy’s consistent efforts. My father though is a TRUE DAD! A learn-from-your-mistakes, let-you-stumble-and-even-fall-knowing-all-the-way-down-his-hand-is-there-to-soften-the-blow kinda daddy. He is the consistent, do-what-I-say-I’m-gon-do, never-break-a-promise kinda dad. Even though he’s also the I-can’t-make-it-I-gotta-work kinda dad, I see now it’s because he wanted us to never lack for necessities. Even in my adulthood, his words are law. I learn from him daily. His commitment to evolution is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He refuses to be left behind or out of touch. His love for humanity, especially its children, is admirable. I’ve watched him clothe, feed and nurture his foster children as his own, refining their characters and sending them back out into the world as equipped as he knew how. He is a game-changer, a bread-winner, a man’s-man. Oh and if you think I’m a trip, I got NOTHING on this loon! 😹Dad, I love you with my whole heart! Thank you for IT ALL! There has never been a time where you weren’t a call, text or visit away. I’ve never known fatherlessness because you were RELENTLESS about us! Thank you. Happy birthday! 🎁🎈🎉🎂 #birthday #happybitthday #bestthingbreathing #daddysgirl #daddydaughter #daddydaughtertrip #washingtondc #ainttooproud #broadwaydad #blackexcellence #nmaahc #fosterparent #blackfathers #blackdads
I was warned many times how blonde hair would attract some attention in Asia. 👱🏼‍♀️ So far, it gets some attention, but nothing overwhelming like this day!⁣ ⁣ @redbeardedwayfinder and @lucywayfinder took a day trip with our new buddies @raggedshoes to another island of Indonesia. 🛫🏯🛬⁣ ⁣ The two girls, with blonde and red hair, were literally swarmed!! 🐝 The dads had to step in many times because the girls couldn’t even move. Sometimes 50-100 girls and women would swarm them like a hive and line up for pics with them. 📸⁣ ⁣ While it it funny now, it was a bit much for the girls. I saw the video when they got home and just chuckled. Even @redbeardedwayfinder had a few pushy cameras on him 😂⁣ ⁣ Have you ever been a random photo op?
#tbt to our favorite place in #America ... @acadianps. My daughter and I climbed Cadillac Mtn. and rode our bikes around the carriage trails. Living in Maine, it makes it easy to visit every year, and every year we fall in love with it again. . . . #roadtrip #travel #nationalpark #acadianationalpark #acadia #firstclimb #summer #maine #hiking #nature #camping #hotcocoa #campfire #familytrip #daddydaughtertrip #travelamerica
Mia is loving our castle getaway. Living likie the true princess that she is!! 🤪😂 #DaddyDaughterTrip
Made my way back to Atlanta today but can’t stop the feels from such an amazing (and impromptu) long weekend. - This guy is hall of fame in my book. I am so grateful to call him Dad, friend, and a hero. He’s a great leader; not because he has it all figured out but because He knows that he doesn’t and Who to go to in order to learn and love deeper amidst that. His passion is unmatched and he’s got the coolest ideas - I’m thankful to have him in my life to share in these moments. - Time spent together on this trip will forever be etched in my heart; hundo-p 😄 #butreally #daddydaughtertrip #comehangwithme
Me and daddy left Crowville about 8am and got to the apartment in Houston around 5pm. He will start his test at MD Anderson at 7:30 in the morning. He has several throughout the day. We will see the doctor for his results Wednesday evening and should be coming home Thursday. Please pray for good results. And also pray that he will start feeling better. He has been feeling pretty terrible the past 3 months since his last checkup. #wehateallcancer #carcinoidcancer #cancersucks #ilovemydaddysomuch #ineedmydaddybetter #mdandersoncancercenter #houstontexas #daddydaughtertrip
We had some great adventures at the beach today. #maine #daddydaughtertrip #soulrestored
Rest day today...and good timing bc it’s falling now and it’s heavy...looks like tomorrow is set for #japow #hakuba #cortina #daddydaughtertrip
Cadence got her wish! SNOW!!! #newhampshire #winterwonderland #daddydaughtertrip
Good morning Happo One! 30cms of pow overnight and the sun breaking through...great day for #daddydaughtertrip #hakuba #japow
This girl had her first Daddy/daughter trip this week 💜 they had such a blast despite missing mommy 😉 their special bond amazes me. She was such a mama’s girl when she was an infant until she was about a year and a half. Then she discovered her main man and since then he is her world and the other way around #azblogger #snowfun #flagstaff #flagstaffarizona #daddydaughtertrip
Happy Thursday! They’re off, ready for a trip of a lifetime, and to swim with the manatees! #happythursday #daddydaughtertrip #floridabound #morningswithemmeandmax #maketodayamazing #myheart #itssoearly #mommaneedsmoresleep #prayersforasafetrip
Daddy and daughter trip to Ireland #daddydaughterplaytime #daddydaughtertrip
Daddy daughter weekend in Nashville, ✅ a big success ! My sister and I don’t live near my dad. Both recently married, we wanted to spend time with him and we thought what better than a surprise trip. My sister didn’t tell him we were flying him to Nashville until the week of. He thought he was going to her house. He didn’t know I was coming until I showed up at the @airbnb . We enjoyed the food, the shopping, the bars and we didn’t let the blast of cold weather ruin our fun. The way we see it, dad is in his 60s. We’ve got to create memories and cherish every moment we have together. 🤗 #blacktrekking
throwback to good times in Stockholm 🌝 #studyingwasfun #erasmuslifewashard
Battle in Bellevue! 1st on floor 9.35 and 6th all around 34.55 #toepoint #riverside #fly #battleinbellevue #daddydaughtertrip #salute #team
Ayers Rock with my Princess #bloodyhellitshot #daddydaughtertrip
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