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WADDUP Daddy followers? We KNOW you’ve been missing your #dailydoseofdaddy ;) . We decided to end this cold week with some warm pizza, hosting a couple of Day1 friendos. M-Daddy and J-Daddy pulled out all the stops (and all the bowls) to create a ~creative~ create-you-own-pizza situation. #create #creationist #creationism
Remember when I broke my foot like 2 years ago? This is what REALLY happened. #dailydoseofdaddy #dadhack
Real Estate Investing classes resume Jan 8, 2019 https://www.investorentourage.com/phillyintro/ message me for details #newyearnewyou #realestateinvesting #dailydoseofdaddy
Meowy Catmas Eve ❄️
I am so happy this guy is officially home with us daily & I am looking forward to our 3 day weekend together. Through it all he has been my person, after all these years , the ups & downs , he is still into me. We now have a beautiful family,a home of our own & something that can't be broken. Something I've always dreamt of but never felt worthy of him/his love which is why it took so long (on my end) to get where we are. He is stellar & I love him to pieces.πŸ’«πŸ’• How are you guys spending your labor day weekend?
Was feeling ornery today lol, plus I've seen too many people posting this one already so I had to put my foot down & remix this jawn, Daddy-Style! #dailydoseofdaddy #philadelphiarealestate
Ask me how my weekend is.... πŸ’“ Missing my Jude in this but my weekend has been perfect. . . . #iloveyouforevryn #motherhood #parenthood #parenthoodunplugged #dailyparenting #dadsofinstagram #dailydoseofdaddy #dontforgetdads #kurebeach #beach #vscovisuals #vscocam #saturday
This man has always gone above & beyond for us but these last few months take the cake. We bought a new home,welcomed our second son & he transferred here to my hometown. Back & forth every week wasn't easy but today he starts his new job only 40 minutes away & will now be with us every single day. I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes my heart. Seriously. We can officially start to live our lives,in our home with our babies. We have prayed for this job & it's finally his. Wishing you a fantastic first day with your new crew. We love you. πŸ’“πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ #fatherhoodwithoutfear
Man, Raleigh is HOTπŸ”₯πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘… β€’ #selfie #gay #raleigh #nipslip #dailydoseofdaddy ?
Today this man goes back to work after being home with us every single day for the last 2 weeks. I'm not looking forward to spending my nights/days without him again but it's one day closer to his new job & being here with us daily. He has literally taken care of everything while I've been recouping after having Evryn & I seriously can't thank him enough. I can't tell you guys just how amazing this man is. This house just isn't a home without him in it & The boys/I are going to miss him but we won't have to do it much longer. (yay!) He's the best daddy to our boys & I'm so blessed to have him. See you soon babe πŸ’“πŸŒΉ
#DailyDoseofDaddy πŸ–€
When you think the snuggling is because they look up to you when they're really just trying to pick your pocket. #truestory #babygame #dailydoseofdaddy
Who loves ya? #dailydoseofdaddy
Seize the day. Don't let the day seize you. #monday #dailydoseofdaddy
The realist thing you will see today... #dailydoseofdaddy #dadstuff
How to handle "the talk" with your kids. #birdsandbees #dailydoseofdaddy #dadstuff #whosyourdaddy
I believe in you. #motivation #dailydoseofdaddy
#dailydoseofdaddy Stand out from the crowd and http://brand-u.today #brandu #brandyourself #branding
http://daddysfastcash.com/ #dailydoseofdaddy #pretty #handsomelivesmatter
#dailydoseofdaddy Ever Thursday night, come learn #realestate with us :-) How? Hit me up.
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