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Frantically googling 'how to keep an overactive 16mth old quiet and still on your lap for 2 hours?' HELP 🤯🤯
Babies are the sweetest reminder that even the simplest moments are amazing!!
Como no puede pedir “huevos - arroz” cuando salimos a almorzar, el plan b de Leti son las “hamburguesitas” . Así en plural y con carita feliz de salsa de tomate y acompañada de muchas papitas a la francesa. —- Muchas me han preguntado si me preocupa que Leti coma comida rápida de vez en cuando y la verdad es que no. (Aunque Mac Donald’s está vetado) Creo que en la vida todo debe tener un balance y eso incluye altas dosis de verduras y comida “chatarra” de vez en cuando. . . . #motherhood #maternidad #momlife #mommylife #motherhoodunplugged #simplychildren #livethelittlethings #letthekids #magicofchildhood #nestlingly #motherhoodsimplified #momswithcameras #dailyparenting #inbeautyandchaos #clickinmoms #liveauthentic #joyfulmamas #unitedinmotherhood #momblog #momlifeisthebestlife #mama #mamabloguera #mamablogger #hijos #crianza #bandofun #ig_motherhood #toddlerlife #parenting
Baby Zac | Newborn . Lifestyle newborn sessions have become one of my favourites. I don’t believe your baby belongs in a basket or perched in some unnatural over posed way but in your arms! My newborn sessions involve your family in your home capturing those first fresh weeks, because let’s be honest those days are a blur! I want to capture what you may be too sleep deprived or overwhelmed to remember. And I want you to realise that you were and are doing a wonderful job!
Crazy in just 4 days I’ve lost 4 pounds with just two of our amazing products!! 😮☕️ I cant wait to see the end results at the end of the 90 days!!!! . . . The products that I am using is our amazing •Keto Coffee ☕️ & •FatFighters 💊 ———————————— If interested in losing that stubborn fat or just want to have extra energy though out the day⚡️ go ahead and let me know below or message me. #thepursuitofjoyproject #getfit #fitspo #iwill #motivation #findyourstrong #justdoit #positivemood #dreambig #staypositive #youcandoit #activeliving #foodlover #delicious #dailyparenting #momblogger #momadvice #documentingmotherhood #mamablogger #bestofmom #justmomlife #unitedinmotherhood
‘Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.’ A quote I read and remembered & something so true 🌊🍂🍃 #outdoorchildren #katyindevon #bertieindevon
This week was hard for a lot of little reasons. This pregnancy is starting to reach the rough stage. My body aches from how fast it is changing with these growing babes. My hormones have me crying over everything. Eisley is transitioning to one nap, going through a sleep regression and knows how get out of her crib (and is PERSISTENT about it). We are two weeks away from closing on our new home and I’m SO over the trailer life. I tried so hard to adjust my attitude and adjust my routine but I felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t win. I couldn’t turn the week around. So this mama is waiting on her girlfriend to get into town from Washington and we are headed out to explore Portland, kid-free, hotel to ourselves, the world is our oyster. 🙌🏻 Hoping to come home feeling refreshed. Girls weekend could not have come at a better time.
Learning 💙 Slug In A Jug before bed tonight. This one is constantly wanting to learn these days and he amazes me daily. Before this we were doing yet more maths homework and finished his reading book. At least now Sunday will be school work free! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. #myboy
Me aged 3. . Roland Rat was my best pal 🤣
We officially moved...AGAIN 😭 I cleaned out this corner just for a photo, and behind the camera sits boxes on boxes of stuff. We landed our dream apartment, however, the excitement hasn’t truly been able to set in because of pure stress. Moving takes a toll on everyone. Our marriage, because Corey and I just bicker about the stupidest stuff that really doesn’t matter. Our bodies, because of the Tennessee heat and the endless amounts of stairs. Our sweet toddler is stressed out of her mind, and not totally understanding what’s happening and pooped on the floor today because I hadn’t unpacked her potty 🤦🏽‍♀️ I could sit here and tell you that I whipped out a bottle of Stress Away essential oil and it was the magic cure, but that would be bull shit. I’m diffusing it, while laying on the floor upstairs, wanting to hire someone to organize my life, and feeling so stressed out and tired I want to cry. All that to say, we’re going to call this place home for as long as possible for multiple reasons! 🙈 I’m going to cry a little more, and then take it one box at a time while my child unashamedly watches Spirit on Netflix(which...Ermagahd why haven’t I discovered it before?!) . . . #realshit #momlife #moving #newapartment #essentialoils #igmotherhood #nashvillemom #parenthood #motherhoodblog #imomsohard #motherhoodunplugged #mommyandme #littleandbrave #childhoodunplugged #momtogs #letthembelittle #teammotherly #momsofinstagram #motherhoodrising #momswithtattoos #dailyparenting #honestmotherhood #healthymom #nashvilleblogger #vegan #marriage
Honest talk time: Living a natural life isn't always the easiest path. 🌿 Not at all. . It would be easier to run to the store, buy conventional products and processed foods. To wash my hands of thinking about what I am putting on my body, in out bellies, in my family's home and in our environment. It would be easier to not think about tomorrow. Or next year. Or the next 5-10 years. It would be easier to not think about how our choices of today will impact our tomorrows. . But I can't not think about those things. About our future. Because I know the tomorrows will come quickly...and I don't want to look back on today and think "If only...." . So I opt for natural living. To invest my time in research and my money on the natural. To DIY. To skip conventional for more traditional. To live life as close to natural as possible. . And do I know for a fact that what I am doing today is going to ward off the negatives of tomorrow? No. No one can. But we can try our best. And this is my best. My best is to follow my intuition. To never stop learning. To be an advocate for my health, the health of my family, and for that of my followers. To keep living the natural life. 🌿 . . . . . . . . . . . #ig_motherhood #motherhood #parenthood #essentialoils #dailyparenting #motherhoodrising #momlife #momblogger #mom #crunchparenting #crunchymom #naturalparenting #naturalliving #nontoxichome
So long sweet summer, you’ve been good to us🌻
🌬🌧 Where's the sun gone? 🌧🌬
I never have any doubts that she is my child...her passionate love of sugar definitely comes from me 😂😂. She called a ring doughnut a "sugary bagel" 😍😂 #thingskidssay #cakeislife #ilovefood #mumofgirls #2yearold #parenthood #dailyparenting #lifewithgirls #everydaymoments #documentyourdays
This is me before the ride started I am an adrenaline junkie but this one really brought me to tears! The fact that it was raining and my husband and kids were underneath me laughing in hysterics didn’t help either! But I haven’t had fun like this for a long time so it was definitely needed today! . . #pbloggersuk #mumswithcamera #mumbloggers #family #oureverydaymoments #igkidsclub #letthembelittle #cutekidsclub #kidsofinstagram #mommyblogger #childhoodunplugged #capturingchildood #uniteinmotherhood #myhappycapture #rememberingthesedays #dailyparenting #momswithcameras #littlefierceones #lifecloseup #magicofchildhood #igmoms #littlestoriesofmylife #candidchildhood #worldoflittles #ukparentbloggers #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherdaughter #motherland #childhoodunplugged
There is an importance to your child when you hang their work at home. It shows your child their work is valued and builds their confidence and self esteem. I used #command wire hooks to hold up the clipboards I ordered on #Amazon . The hooks hold up to 2lbs which is perfect so that I can put new artwork over the older ones. Zahra loves to see her artwork displayed and talks about each masterpiece with so much enthusiasm! So go ahead use that refrigerator, a cabinet, a door, or maybe even a whole wall! Put up your child’s work, and show them that you are proud of their achievements! #Stayathomemom #Mommy #Momlife #Iteachtoo #dailyparenting #parenthood #toddlerlife #Toddlersofinstagram #alphabet #read #goals #minazzzworld #artwork #display #drawing #photooftheday
Another birthday party for my little bubs today🎉🎊 Thank you so much @angelchiplin24 for inviting us to Neives 3rd birthday party💖 we love you both lots!
I have spent many a day this week wishing away the hours until bedtime for a bit of peace from the chaos that is 2 children. Brody is teething again and refusing to sleep during the day for more than 10 minutes at a time which means come 5pm he is as grumpy as they come. Riley seems to be going through a phase and cries at everything we say he can’t have, or if any little thing goes wrong. It’s tiring. Im finding myself constantly clock watching and literally doing a little fist pump when I see it’s only half an hour till bedtime for the boys. It doesn’t mean I don’t love them. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that I have two healthy happy boys. It just means it’s been a hard day. After I put them to bed I’ll still sneak in and gaze in wonder at how cute they both are when they sleep and how much my heart bursts with love for them. Then I’ll sneak out ninja style making sure not to step on any creaky floorboard. The point is, it’s ok to be overwhelmed. It’s ok to countdown the minutes till bedtime. Its ok to feel mum guilt about feeling that too. It’s ok to put your feet up after they go to sleep! I know that’s what I’ll be doing tonight. The cleaning can wait!
To all parents who have completed successful potty learning with their children since the beginning of humanity I salute you 🙌 🙂To those who have / have ever had more than 1 toddler at the same time you majorly have my respect ✊🙌 🙂Single parents / parents in unsupportive partner parenting relationships you amaze me and I hope you’re able to find the support and peace you need💪🙌🙂We’ve recently started #pottylearning at home with Lounes and while he’s doing grand at remembering / following prompts to use the potty it’s calmly chaotic at the moment😅😜😮😃It’s our first time on this parent and toddler learning curve so I’ve ordered a copy of #ohcrap by #thepiedpiperofpoop which I’ve heard happy recommendations for which I’m actually looking forward to reading 💩😬🎉 #rocknrollreads 🤘Independent spoon feeding and potty learning simultaneously means plenty of bath times which Lounes is happy about 🎉👦🏼❤️🛀 If anyone else is going through this transition with their little one and wants to trade poop stories I’ll be glad to listen and share! 😅✊💩 #pottylearningherewecome #pottytrainingboys #toddlerlife #lifemilestones #ohcrappottytraining #ohpoop 💩 #thepoopemojiadventures #dailyparenting #parenthood_moments #toddlerindependence #mumblog #boymama 💙 #pottypride #pooppride #sahmlife
Is she just 3 or 16???!!! The pout and crossed arms that came with this was classic. I laughed. Out loud and hard. Then Daddy laughed too. Probably not the right parenting response? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😂 The coming years are going to be fun! What lines have your kids used that just made you laugh? Claire Xoxo
Grainy but still delicious 🍁🦔Autumn has suddenly crept upon us. Temperature is plummeting, heating has been fired up & sniffly noses have become a thing in our household! Ohhh the joyous months ahead 🤦🏼‍♀️😅#autumn 🍁 #myhappycapture #raisinglittles #documentyourdays #simplybaby #parentinglife #dailyparenting
We ventured out of the house today. All four of us. It was the perfect sunny but chilly day and Autumn is definitely almost here. 🍂 I wore Iver today too, with our @mezayababysling it’s two way stretch and a complete dream to carry baby. If you’re looking for the right one for your newborn I’d highly recommend this one! #wearallthebabies
Rainbows || Mustard accents, foliage and plenty of creams. Loving my flow of nursery inspiration and cannot wait to bring it to life (and reveal) very soon. Thank you to @katrienkru for sending me this handmade cream muslin. So very thoughtful of you 💛 .
. . . . . . . . . #nurserydecor #kidsroom #nursery #habitandhome #interiors #homedecor #pursuepretty #momsofinstagram #writeyouonmyheart #thebloomforum #mytinymoments #ig_motherhood #our_everyday_moments #documentyourdays #honestmotherhood #takeheartmydear #dailyparenting #momtog #motherhoodunplugged #documentlife #vscomom #momtog #flatlay #kidsinterior
Happy first day of Fall! 🖤🍁🍂
To Be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You just need to accept yourself. You are worth finding. Worth knowing. Worth loving. You and all your one million layers.
Summertime ✌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Unrelated but sort of related - we wanted to thank everyone that follows along with us and engages with us. Thank you for every single like + comment. It means a lot to us - and it’s odd how sometimes even people you don’t know IRL can be so supportive. Thank you 🙌🏻❤️
Celebrate Motherhood 🌿ENTER BELOW to WIN a $75 SHOP CREDIT to @bellefinery 🍃for a Maternity or Nursing Dress of your choice. Let’s celebrate pregnancy + breastfeeding + motherhood and #twirl2happiness . . ENTERING IS EASY👇🏻 1) Like ♥️ this pic 2) Tag 3 friends who’d be happy to win (more tags = more entries) 3) Comment what makes you happy 4) Follow @bellefinery + @livingratefully BONUS ENTRY (Worth 10)👇🏻 Comment what @bellefinery item is your favorite. More than one? You can use code: MORGAN10 to save on your order. I’m wearing the Fleur Dress in Size Small. I’ll put the link in my bio. . #motherhoodunplugged #pregnancy #pregnancyphotos #pregnantbelly #pregnancyhumor #preggo #preggers #motherhoodthroughinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #dailyparenting #momsofinstagram #bumpstyle #bumpdate #bumpselfie #ig_motherhood #memoirsofmotherhood #uniteinmotherhood #whp #preggolife #momtobe #pregancyphoto #pregnancystyle #pregnancyisbeautiful #targetstyle #postpartum #postpartumbody #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom
Perfect Saturdays 🌿 . This morning we registered Isla at school for next September! School?! I can’t believe that she is going to be old enough to go to school!! The years really have just flown by too fast. Then we went into town for lunch and are now eating sweeties and popcorn that Isla proudly made herself whilst watching one of my favourite Harry Potter films! . Isla also showed me the writing that she has learnt at nursery this week. They have been learning how to write their names and Isla can now write the ‘i’ and the ‘a’ so perfectly and clearly. It was the first time that she has shown me and I was so proud I could have cried! 🖤
I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. . •• I love this little family of mine. 🧡🍂
He is just perfect.
It’s the first day of Fall! 🍁 So here’s a throwback to last year when my baby was little and my hair was blonde. Time moves so fast. 🍂 #firstdayoffall
Lazy afternoons 😍
•I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as to how I allow the bad and the good things that happen in life to change me, shape me, if you will. Wether it be choices I’ve made, or encounters that I’ve had no say in. It’s easy to feel as though all is well when things are going smoothly, without a glitch, and on the flip side it’s just as easy, if not easier, to catch a case of the blues when hard times come our way... the truth of the matter is that never is all well, and neither can everything be all bad. I believe that we must intertwine the bad with the good, glean an understanding and strength from both, and in doing so we forge a trail that will benefit us in the long run- a stable mentality free of the highs and lows that seem to be the expected approach to life and all that it offers.
This girl is almost 16 months old which totally blows my mind!!!! I also can’t believe I’ve been away from the classroom for just as long! It is amazing how God prepares your heart for new seasons and how He uses your gifts and calling in a totally different capacity. I never knew I would be teaching other women how to run an online business! While I’m DEFINITELY not an expert, I’m come so far in the last 3 years!! I’m so thankful to Jesus for my AMAZING fitness influencing team and all the change they create in the lives of others every day!!!!💕💕💕 #TeamGraceAnchor
We have a few of our Mini Boss Sweatshirts Back in stock. $19.95 and we ship too 😊
I can honestly say I do a happy dance when I see things like this 💕 thank you so much @mrs_wilde__baby_bea for this wonderful review and pic of your beautiful girl ❤️ #Repost @mrs_wilde__baby_bea with @get_repost ・・・ Bea was so excited to try on her new leggings from @emilyjane_clothing and who can blame her! They’re absolutely gorgeous and look so comfy. Perfect for her play date today with her friend Percy 🌹 #supportsmallbusiness #toddlerclothes #playdate - [ ] #thismamaloves #candidchildhood #mum_hub #dailyparenting #makingmemories #thatsdarling #toddlerlife #ourprecioustime #oureverydaymoments #beautifulbaby #toddler #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #littlebutfierce #ig_motherhood #camermama #babybea
enjoying this fall weather with my best gal pals 💓
Zwischen hohen Gräsern, Tannenzapfen und raschelnden Blättern. Das Herbstlicht ist und bleibt das Schönste, und heute hat sich dann auch noch die Sonne gezeigt, und wir konnten sogar noch barfuß über den Waldboden laufen! Ich hoffe, ihr hattet auch auch einen schönen Tag!• {Werbung} Teaser! mein absoluter Lieblingsrucksack begleitet mich überall hin, war sogar mein treuer Begleiter auf 2300m in den Bergen, in der Stadt und auch im Wald. Er ist unverwüstlich, und ihr könnt im Oktober ein Modell wie dieses, einen Roll-Top von @schwedenmaedchenhandmade bei mir gewinnen! Ich verwende ihn als Wickeltasche aber er ist sehr universell einsetzbar. Die liebe Claudia ist DIE Taschenfee und steht hinter den wundervollen Taschen, die sie sehr geschmackvoll designed und selbst näht also #handmadeinaustria und #mitliebegemacht schaut unbedingt mal bei @schwedenmaedchenhandmade vorbei • . . . . . . #wildernessculture #intothewild #wildchild #waldkinder #inthewoods #visitaustria #mamablogger #igersniederösterreich
. On Saturday’s you’ll find us on the fields⚽️#soccermom . . .
Double tap if you agree😊
She loves looking at herself! #babyjoy #totesadorbs #saturdaybrunch
Time for double trouble with our tableware in pink!😍 📸 @shesdeedash #twistshake
Data indicates that sticker charts do work to help a child to change his/her behavior. Obviously they do not work with every child, but in general, they are effective for parenting. The most important thing with toddlers is that you must make it clear what behavior you are working to change. Try to target no more than 2 behavioral changes since it will be overwhelming to the child. Identify the prize so they are engaged. Lastly, be consistent. You must give a sticker AS SOON as they engage in the targeted behavior. I got these little tabs from the #dollartree but you can make one yourself! #Stayathomemom #Mommy #Momlife #Iteachtoo #dailyparenting #parenthood #toddlerlife #Toddlersofinstagram #alphabet #read #goals #minazzzworld #artwork #display #drawing #photooftheday #behavior #stickers #school #read #goals #mom #3under3 #learn #school
An easy weeknight dinner is coming at you on the blog! Ready within 30 minutes and loaded with veggies like zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and onions this prawn pesto pasta is sure to be a family favourite! Beleive it or not this is one of Logan's favourite dishes ❤️ Not into pesto or prawns? You can easily sub chicken and alfredo sauce 😊
Our day didn’t quite go to plan today 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ as @theunmumsymum once said “today will just have to go in the f*** it bucket” 😂 But now this one is fresh out the bath, all snuggly in her pj’s, popcorn & excited watching @bbcstrictly 💃 Every time someone finishes a dance she shouts out “good job, good dancing” 👯‍♀️ #saturday #mygirl
Love you to the moon and back. #humansofjoy
Saturday well spent at the Ludwigsburg pumpkin festival 🎃
CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? New research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business explored the consequences of honesty in everyday life and found that people can often afford to be more honest than they think. In this research, honesty is defined as "speaking in accordance with one's own beliefs, thoughts and feelings." In a series of experiments, the researchers explored the actual and predicted consequences of honesty in everyday life. Experiment 1: participants were instructed to be completely honest with everyone in their lives for 3 days. Experiment 2: a laboratory experiment, participants had to be honest with a close relational partner while answering personal and potentially difficult discussion questions Experiment 3: participants were instructed to honestly share negative feedback to a close relational partner. Across all the experiments, individuals expected honesty to be less pleasant and less socially connecting than it actually was. The study suggests that avoiding being honest, even for good reasons, may not always be wise or necessary. I agree with this, as a foundation value for me is authenticity and honesty. I find that if the truth is delivered with empathy and kindness (vs aggression), relationship trust improves and attachments can deepen. PHOTO: Wood carving of Pinocchio discovered while wandering around Venice June Gay Psychologist #psychologistchatswood #psychologydemystified #honesty #honestyisthebestpolicy #honestyiskey #lying #deception #trustworthiness #healthymarriage #healthyrelationships #psychologyandmore #psychologytip #emotionalintelligence #emotioncoaching #attunement #empathic #empathy #empathyforlife #interpersonal #parentingteens #parentinggoals #dailyparenting #emotionalawareness #eq #mentalhealthresource #truth #trust #truthfulness #alwaysspeakyourtruth
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