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Depression and Anxiety is not just crying everyday. It's not just the struggle to get out of bed. It's more like being stuck in limbo and watching the whole world carry on around you. It's being happy on the outside but wanting to shut down on the inside. It's the girl who gives love and attention but sometimes wants to be alone. It's the girl who wears to much makeup in the hopes that no one will see her sadness. It's the person next to you always smiling. It's the person you tell it's all in their head. It's me. #notashamed #depression #anxiety #dailystruggles #nevergiveup
To most my illness is an invisible daily struggle, it doesn't make it less real it just means I try really hard to not let it drag me down or show to much. Sometimes it's harder then others to deal with my body trying to destroy itself. Today I am grateful for doctors who care and listen and are able to ease some of the struggle sometimes. #invisibleillness #chronicillness #potssyndrome #pots #dailystruggles #stayoptimistic #optimistic #killwithsmile #iwillbestonger #itwontkeepmedown #gettingstronger #getbackupagain
why is this me, lol
I think I am starting to evolve an ED. I often change my diet, eat less, try to fast (but I always get sick when doing that so I stop it midway in), etc. I don't know tbh. 🙁🍊
I think all the emotions of this week have now hit me. I'm run down and feeling very lost today, it's been creeping for a few days but all I've managed to do today is drink a cup of tea and eat some food. The rest of the time I've spent crying not completely sure what about, I feel useless, disconnected and worthless. #itsokaynottobeokay #feelinglow #dailystruggles #goingbacktosleep #safeplace #mentalhealth
On days where things get to me, sometimes I feel I need to go where NO ONE can get to me... #alonetime #dailystruggles #highplaces #rooftops #fardrops #dontdothisathomekids #parkour #freerunning #climbing
Whole smorgasbord of food today but had fun with great company. Ate way way to much!!! Hitting the gym hard tomorrow. #struggleisreal #foodaddiction #dailystruggles #tommorrowisanewday #thegrindisreal
Okay, having a common first name is a struggle sometimes. There is always a situation where someone else has the same name. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For me, it’s everyday at work. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There’s a girl in my office who has the same name AND same title as me. Talk about confusing! Yes, we spell it differently, but people don’t notice half the time. In our whole company, there’s at least five other Brittneys/Brittanys... and, let me tell you, I receive a lot of their emails 😂. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To try to avoid the confusion, I’ve established myself as the Britt of the company. All my email signatures are signed Britt, the directory says Britt, I respond to Britt. I am so used to Britt now, however, I am now overly shook whenever someone calls me by my full name. Sometimes I don’t even respond to my full name now! It’s all fun, but the struggle continues... Does anyone else deal with this too? _____________________________________________ #commonnameproblems #workproblems #britt #brittneypalsa #dailystruggles #dailythings #newblogger #bayareablogger #lifestyle #quickrant #commonname #workstruggles #nickname
I'm sorry, but I'm just a girl. Not usually the kind to show my heart to the worI'd. I'm pretty good at keeping it together. I hold my composure, for worse or for better. So I apologize if you don't like what you see but sometimes my emotions get the best of me & falling apart is as human as it gets. You can't hide it, you can't fight what the truth is, You can pretty lie and say it's okay, You can pretty smile and just walk away, Pretty much fake your way through anything, But you can't cry pretty. 😢😭😌🔮💖 #challengesoflife #dailystruggles
"if you want to know if someone's dedicated check their alarm" In the gym for half five this morning for and hours HIIT followed by an hour of speed work in the pool. Had a day of rest managed a nap and and hour of stretching and mobility work. Before getting back in the gym tonight followed by a high intensity hour in the pool. #dedication #hardwork #gym #hiitworkout #swimming #swimmingtraining #RDASC #speed #recovery #diet #sleep #sore #thepainisworthit #nopainnogain #crohnsandcolitisuk #dailystruggles #ulcerativecolitis #balancedlife #cantwaitforsleep #mentalstrength #lovingtraining #gottolovethegrind #grind #comeback @fit2kinect @crohnsandcolitisuk
Hey parking meter guy 👮 Let's play a game 😆 #dailystruggles #nycparking 😡
Sometimes...it's the little things you see throughout your day that help push you through. This customer has no idea how much he helped me by giving me his keys for his appointment. #keeppushing #youmeantheworldtosomeone #dailystruggles
The struggle is real with having such an ambitious and passionate personality 🌟 🤦‍♀️
Why can't I just forget what was said?
Yesterday I cried, a lot... for so many reasons! But I just allowed myself to cry and to feel angry. Angry that every time God reveals something to me or lights my heart on fire, Satan is right behind him to knock my feet out from under me. Angry that my flesh is so weak. Angry that I let my need to control everything take over. So I cried... like ugly cried y’all! A friend told me to listen to “Not Today” by Hillsong, and I cried some more. I asked my kids to forgive me, for reasons they don’t understand yet (hormones, exhaustion, fear, small health issues that make me feel bad, the fact that I miss my husband terribly) and they were gracious towards me. I thanked God for forgiving me and for all of the good things He has done! Then I decided to take the rest of the week off, and boy do I feel a weight lifted 🙌🏻 Homeschool will be there next week and we are going to try and rearrange our schedule... and I’m going to put less pressure on myself. Sometimes it’s ok to take a break. Sometimes it’s ok to cry so hard you give yourself a migraine (it’s all good though I had Copaiba oil to save me). Sometimes it’s ok to fall and let God pick you up.... just make sure you let Him!
To Spank or Not? • It seems like we are always talking about what is wrong with the generation of kids growing up these days. Some say it’s to much sugar, access to social media or could it be because most parents do not spank their children anymore. • Growing up I was raised in a typical Pakistani household, where my mom use to spank us every now and then. When I think back at it I only have some memories of my mom slapping me. But I’m sure when my brother and sister think back they had nightmares, lol I was the good child. 😇 • There may be a difference of opinion on this topic, but I have never spanked my children. I always try to talk it out with them, even though spanking would take far less time then reasoning with them. I know it doesn’t always work, but it’s a promise I made to myself that I would never spank my kids and wouldn’t let my husband either. Fortunately, my husband agrees with me as well. I just don’t see the benefit of causing my child physical pain in order to correct or punish their behavior. But that’s just me! What are your thoughts on this topic? • #spanking #childabuse #power #the80s #discipline #punishment #momblogger #momlife #kids #dailystruggles #muslim #pakistani #hijabi #momproblems #momlifeisthebestlife #blogging #blogger ##momof3 #parenting #reallifeproblems #talkingitout #listening #reasoning #desimoms #muslimmommy #socialmedia #tomuchsugar #butwhy #worldwidemomma
Pretty much how my day is going so far. I accidentally shattered a glass thermometer while trying to shake it down 😭😭
Confession: I’m having a hard time making myself get out of bed this week. My alarm goes off at the same time...5 am and I just don’t feel like getting up . If I don’t get up to get my workout done typically it gets pushed to the very end of my day. I’m tired then and not motivated to get it done. . If I do get up my body gets moving, I’m more awake, proud I got my workout done, I feel good and it keeps me on track with my eating for the rest of the day. . Is it hard? Yep...somedays it is. Is it worth it though. Absolutely! Every time! . I just want you to know that just because I coach and just because I workout a lot doesn’t mean I don’t have he same struggles as you. It comes down to mindset and making that choice. . . P.S. I risked my life for this photos as I was being hunted by our resident mosquito who hangs out by my front door 🤣 . . . #wednesdayvibes #dailystruggles #wakeuptime #weightloss #mindovermatter #positivethoughts #accomplishsomething #fitfam #yourbestyou #chesttriceps #8weekprogram #liftrestrepeat #modernmom #mommyhood #nike #toddlerhood #momofboys #boymom #singleparents #coparenting #arizona #losangeles #workoutonthego #houstontexas #arizonasummers #stillhothere
Last night, I woke up crying in the middle of the night. This morning, I woke up in tears again. And I don’t know why. My brain hurts. My heart hurts. And I want to be able to go to the gym to walk it off on the treadmill but I can’t even leave the house. But then I caught a glimpse of my lower body in the mirror and noticed some progress on my booty, so that cheered me up just a little.
//Let me add to the life story! . . . . . //Life is a book? 💐 . . . . . . You can't skip chapters, thats not how life works. You have to read everyline, meet every character. You won't enjoy all of it. 🔥🌠 . . . . . . Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks. You will read things that you don't want to read, you will have moments when you don't want the pages to end. But you have to keep going. Stories keep the world revolving. ✨💯 . . . . . . . Live yours, don't miss out. 💯💯💯 . . . . . . . ~Also this beautiful picture is from everyones favouriteeeee photographerrrrr OMG ❤❤😍😍😭😭😭😭 . . . . . #thedailythoughts #lifestyle #lifespam #dailystruggles #lifequotes #everyday #rollercoaster #blogger #blogs #readwrites #dailythoughts #dailyquotes #positivity #vibes #lifehacks #positivevibes #feelings #instagram #followers #perspectives #ideas #future #instalife #followup
My second coffee of the day ☕️ how many of you are struggle with the daily routine ? My day is full on at work and after work I don’t stop, house needs tidying, dinner needs cooking, dogs walking, and all other house hold needs looking after. I think break on the sun is seriously needed at some point. I need to search for some weekend flights in October #workingmom #wednesdaymotivation #dailystruggles #morningcoffee #kitchendecor #quartzworktops #roses #oxfordshire #havealovelyday #belfastsink #purebeckstone #molesbreath
Flawless ✨ vs. Flawless-less.... . 🇭🇺 Amikor a fodrász szárítja a hajam.. | amikor én... . Hibátlan ✨ kontra vmi hibádzik 🙄
Hey friends, new video live on my channel Liinkk in bio 😀❤ #appreciatelife
Revenge is the dish best served cold🍴 . . . . . . . #food #pinkfood #imperfectcook #bakerysucks #fruitgateau #whipped #colours #dailystruggles #foodie #foodprep . . . . Thanq @priyavirdi0 for knick knacking it to make it look acceptable🌲
Yep! 😂 story of my life! #dailystruggles #mumlife #happyhumpday ✌🏻
🚙💨Headed home sweet home today🏡 . I used to feel like I couldn’t share about my business but SHOOT—how cool is this?! I was able to leave town unexpectedly for 6 days without having to call out of work and I could press pause⏸ on my work for a few. But when I was ready to get back to it, I just needed my phone/laptop and the discipline to work on MY time. I’ll take it!👩🏼‍💻🙌🏼 . My team and I have some pretty big things in store for brand new boss babes who are ready to do the same! Can’t wait to get started!
I feel this way all too often. Being the “strong” person out the family or out the group of friends. I always find myself trying to figure out someone else’s problems. One thing I’ve learned is that there will always be bad days. I trust that my Savior will continue to guide me and keep me through every obstacle I face. I understand that having a weak moment doesn’t make me weak. And it’s OK to get tired sometimes. Shit I carried for a whole day... but o had to dry those tears and provide. We have no choice but to make it. We will make it. I refuse to let life break me down. I FIGHT BACK!!! #KeepFighting #GirlTalk #Life #DailyStruggles #DepressionIsReal #TherapyThroughTruth #LetsTalk #HowDoYouHandleStress
EATHER YOU RUN THE DAY OR THE DAY RUNS YOU - Jim Rohn Wieder zurück in Zürich, kurz 30 min trainiert, geduscht, umgezogen und jetzt auf dem Weg nach Luzern. Egal wie wenig Zeit man hat für ein Selfie reichts immer... 💁🏼‍♀️😂🤷🏼‍♀️ #forthegram #dailystruggles
Last week I was down and out for 2 days straight due to anxiety and let it take over my life. I was mad at myself for getting drunk with my friends to celebrate a friend's birthday during the week. Then on top of that I am not working right now or traveling or doing much on a day to day basis and because of that I allowed my fear, what other people are doing with their lives and my insecurities of that to take over my life for 2 whole days instead of living my life. When I judge myself I start to put that judgement onto other people and think they feel the same way that I am thinking. When in reality I am the only one knocking myself down. I was the one mad at myself. I was the one being disappointed in myself not doing more with my life at this moment in time. I am learning how to be nice to myself. I am learning how to care for my mind, body and soul. It's not easy. It's an everyday, multiple times a day task, but it gets easier every time it happens and that's progress. Dealing with my anxiety is admitting meditating really does help me, it's admitting I need help and can't do it all on my own and that really is okay, it's admitting that exercise brings me happiness and herbal supplements calm my body and mind. It's admitting that my life isn't as bad as I'm making it out to be in my head which is great! I am healing. It is taking longer than my patience was willing to give myself at first but it's working and I am growing. . . . #30minutesaday #exercise #healthyhabits #dailystruggles #toneitup #toneitupteam #tiuteam #TIUCA #tiubayarea #tiucalifornia #TIUCaliforniaCrew #mentalhealth #patience #selflove #healing
I have incorporated yoga back into my life and it feels amazing! Meditating after every work out too has brought my mind back to center and I feel like I have a lot more energy now. Positive energy :) I ran for 25 mins straight yesterday and even pushed myself to run faster at the last minute mark. I did that last week too and it felt so good! I have a long ways to go but feeling strong babes! 🏃‍♀️💪🙌🏼❤ . . . #30minutesaday #exercise #healthyhabits #dailystruggles #toneitup #toneitupteam #tiuteam #TIUCA #tiubayarea #tiucalifornia #TIUCaliforniaCrew #mentalhealth #patience #selflove #healing
🌑 | Ik ben geen bang mens en ken niet veel angsten, maar er is er één die me al vijftien jaar achtervolgt. Ik ben een volwassen vrouw van 25 jaar, moeder van twee kinderen, en ik ben bang in het donker. Nog steeds. Als in zo bang dat ik ‘s nachts niet alleen naar het toilet durf. Dat ik bij vlagen geen vin durf te verroeren als Koen ‘s avonds is trainen en ik alleen thuis ben. Ik uren in bed lig met wijd opengesperde ogen omdat ik steeds bang ben ergens iets te zien of horen, als de rest van de wereld wel slaapt. Nu de dagen weer korter worden en de zon ergens net na achten alweer onder gaat word ik met mijn neus op de feiten gedrukt. Ik dacht altijd dat het vanzelf wel over zou gaan. Dat het ‘gewoon’ bij me hoort. Maar als iets wat ‘gewoon’ bij je hoort je zo belemmert in de dagelijkse dingen is het misschien tijd er wat aan te doen. Toen ik Koen vannacht voor de zoveelste keer wakker moest maken was ik er klaar mee. Ik ga me er niet meer voor schamen, maar ik ga er wel iets aan doen. Vijftien jaar is lang en het is mooi geweest zo. Ik ben het beu! Werk aan de winkel. •• •• #dailystruggles #banginhetdonker #nietalleenvoorkindjes #monsteronderhetbed #maardanvoorvolwassenen
I'm starting to feel down and I don't like it... I guess I'm gonna try to keep myself as busy as I can, talking to people and doing what I like... I don't wanna get back on this road again... #universitylife #lifestories #dealingwithdepression #dailystruggles
Lately, I look careless just in my photos.😪 ... Because in real life I lack sleep, I am always hungry and constantly working on something. Moving from one task to another, from one meeting to other. Funny part is even though I want a break, my mind is like naaaaah, you can do this.🙄🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️ ... #studentlife #dailystruggles #utwente #writingmythesis #belike #loosingsleep
😈 Kleiner Trotzkopf 🧒🏼 ——————————————————————— Hell yeah wir stecken mitten in der Trotzphase! Also ich meine MITTENDRIN 🙈 Heiliger Bimbam, ich hätte ja niemals nie für möglich gehalten, das Kinder im zarten Alter von 2,5 Jahren soooo einen mega starken Willen haben können (wollen). #alldaylong „Mama, nein das will ich nicht“, „Mama, nein jenes passt mir nicht“, ich will das nicht anziehen, ich will das nicht essen, ich will nicht nach Hause.. ich will nicht, will nicht, will nicht 😱 und dieses „will-nicht“ endet meistens in einem Tränenmeer 😢 Das #mamaherz blutet, aber alles kann man ja nicht durchgehen lassen - der-auf-der-Nase-Tanzbär lässt grüßen 😫 Alter Schwede, wann geht das vorbei?? Ich bin ja abends echt froh, wenn wir gegessen, uns bettfertig gemacht haben und ich die Lichter aus machen kann 🤫🤭 Und nein, natürlich liebe ich das #tasmanischeteufelchen trotzdem abgöttisch! Sorry #instapolizei , hier passiert nix schlimmes. Aber manchmal, ja manchmal, da würde ich ihn gerne mal ganz kurz zum Mond schießen (um ihn anschließend schnellst mögliche wieder zurückzuholen)🤪 #imgoingcrazy Any tipps for bärenstarke Nerven 🥃 Schwieriges Thema, I know 😵 ——————————————————————— #trotzphase #trotzphaseolé #trotzkopf #mamaichwillnicht #toddler #dailystruggles #thestruggleisreal #hellyeah #kleinkind #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #ichliebeihntrotzdem #dickkopf #ganzdiemama #holyshit #omg #momlife #thatsreallife #aycaramba
It does not take an expensive gym membership to start your day off. Don't compete against the world until you have trained the lion inside of yourself. Training the lion inside lets you stand on your own in your jungle of life... #dailystruggles #championyou #loveyourselfdaily #becomeabetterpartner
Ok, so there’s this door. And when it beeps, food magically appears! 🧞‍♂️How do I get into it???? 🤷🏼‍♂️ #foodhole #magicalfooddoor #wheresmine #griffonlife #dailystruggles #fergus
My everyday struggle 😂😂😂😂 #logisticscoordinator #dailystruggles #challenge
Hey checkout ma old account which is about 2 years old last time i had mania ....couldnt delete it as i forgot my passwords and ma phone got taken off me by my SEXY HUBBY ....6FT TALL ATHLETIC BUILD ....SEXY SMILE AND .....A WICKED EVIL HEART ..... MAMMACiTA IS BACK !!! #mammacita #beauty #mania #euphoria #forgetreality #high #nodrugs #menareselfishbastards #singlemomsaresoldiers #dailystruggle #dailystruggles #notimetocry #mothersgotresponsibilities
This is so true as moms we wonder if we are doing things right for our children right? But it’s no big secret there is no real right way it just doing it the best way you can and hope for the best...welcome to our world our crazy stories our bad or good choices our cries and laughs and how in the end we figure it out even if we screwed up the whole way. This is the 5 crazy moms blog page. We are just getting started so please stay tuned and follow.... #moms #momlife #dailystruggles #ourcircle #ourtrials #ourstories #thecrazy5 #Mom1
Thanks to go go juice⚡️ and #BOD 😅— we got in a good 25 minute workout AKA mood enhancer. Even while out of town! . Ya want the truth though? I didn’t want to do it... at all😖I’ve eaten everything and anything that had chocolate on it. But it’s Monday and it’s a brand new day. We always have the opportunity to start fresh! . God always throws us curveballs⚾️⚾️It’s our responsibility to decide how and what we do about it! BOOM!💥
AUTISM AWARENESS- . Well our latest shopping adventure wasn’t quite so successful on Sunday; a bit of a mixed bag! It’s hard for me to explain the anxiety I get when going on these outings. I always hope for the best (fingers 🤞🏻 and toes crossed for luck); but more often it turns into a very challenging situation for not only Imogen but for us. 👀 The onlookers only add to this anxiety 👀 however I’ve slowly learnt to not give two hoots what other people think. I do dread the day when Immy starts realising SHE is being judged though; for now she is oblivious 🙏 One of my biggest fears is that one day Imogen will start isolating herself and we will become forced hermits in our home 😫 So we continue to try to access the community. Some days successfully and some days not so much. What I do know is that ordinary weekly tasks like shopping for groceries would be incredibly difficult without the support of our family and of Alicia (Imogen’s support carer and friend). The NDIS funding we receive for supporting Imogen in accessing the community is life changing for our family and makes me feel so much more confident in trying these things. . We had some CHALLENGES... ❌ Not wanting to enter the shopping centre ❌ Refusing to ride the travelator and sitting in the middle of the walkway ❌ Meltdown cause she wanted to go to Reject Store and she couldn’t tell us ❌ Refusing to come to get groceries ❌ Getting fixated on riding the elevator up and down for 15 mins 💪🏻 Alicia and I had to divide and conquer so my groceries would get done and Imogen wouldn’t lose it completely . Some WINS to CELEBRATE 🎉 ✅ Immy wore her ear muffs on an outing with us for first time successfully (usually only wears at school) ✅ We got into the shops whilst it was very busy and crowded ✅ Lined up and paid for lolly ✅ Told us she wanted “Playground”. She remembered it from over a year ago and we were at the opposite end of Westfield 🤷🏻‍♀️ ✅ She sang happy birthday to a child at the playground AND didn’t steal any cake! ✅ She chose rainbow ice cream out of all the flavours and expressions this to Alicia. ✅ Greeted people off the elevator - “bye bye! See ya later!” .... SEE COMMENTS
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