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You know what's sad? As a woman you upload a pic half-naked because you like it or because you love yourself but society isn't okay with that. As a woman you upload a pic half-naked because you want attention or you want people talking about you or because you're a slut or because you want to attract or to provoke boys. You can't upload a nude because you love yourself. Oh, of course girls, love your body and love yourself but you're only allowed to love yourself dressed. Don't forget that. People keep telling me, that it's my own fault guys are sending me dick-pics. I post so many pics in underwear where you see too much skin and boys feel attracted. It's okay if boys feel attracted. It's also okay if women feel attracted. But it's not my fault that some men can't deal with a little bit of "too much skin"? It's not my fault that some of you are just disrespectful and disgusting af. It's so sad that girls always need to think about this. It's sad that it's always the girls fault. It's so sad that we live in a society where it's only okay to love yourself dressed if you're a woman. It's so sad that a girl can't upload a nude just because she likes her body or the pic. Well, but oooops. I am doing it anyway 'cause I love myself and I love my body and listen ladies: just do whatever the fuck you want. you aren't a slut because you like sex or you have a lot of sex. you aren't a hoe because you love your body and show it (online). you are beautiful and you can do whatever the fuck you want 🌞 #fuckyousociety #mybody #mybodymychoice #girlssupportgirls #supporther #dailyreminder #dailysupport #selflove #bodypositivity #selbstliebe #lassdieleutereden #summertb #bikinibody #grlpwr #womanpower #wearestrong (📸 by @melanie.ottendorfer )
Literally takes me one minute⏭ of a morning to set myself up with a yummy healthy breakfast full of 25 vitamins ✔️and minerals ✔️ plus protein ✔️ and fibre ✔️my body needs for the day ahead. 🍫 #herbalife #healthy #shake #teasndaloe #chocolate #pdm #f1 #nutrients #followme #followmyjourney #healthygirls #fitmum #workingmum #protein #weightloss #breakfast #startingmydayright #breakfastgoals #globalresultsteam #health #musclegain #dailysupport #bodytransformation #nutrition
And today I choose you Chocolate🤪 How genius to get 25 vitamins, high quality protein, carbs & fibre all in one drink without consuming too many calories 😉 #lowcaloriemeals #dailysupport #nutrition #vitamins #protein #highquality #chocolate #gainz #fatloss #fitfam #fitdad #nutrition #fitmum #workout #protein #musclegain #weightloss #herbalife #weightlosstransformation #bodytransformation #globalresultsteam
Decided to take a page out of @essentialmermaid ’s book and make up a bunch of these veggie caps 😊 They are now part of our morning routine, just take one every day! Why use these specific oils? 👇🏼👇🏼 Yarrow|Pom - antioxidants, cellular, immune and nervous system support, metabolic boosting, combats free radicals Turmeric - metabolic boosting, supports healthy nervous system and cell function, immune boosting, supports good gut health and anti-inflammatory response Frankincense - cellular support, emotionally stabilizing, immune boosting, excellent for ALL the things 🙌🏼 Copaiba - excellent for temporary inflammation/aches, supports cardiovascular health, immune, digestive and respiratory support, antioxidants, soothes nervous system, and calms the mind We also topped each capsule with IQ Mega - this does mean they have to be stored in the fridge. You could use avocado oil, MCT oil, olive oil, etc in place of the IQ Mega and then you wouldn’t need to keep them cold 👍🏼 #dailysupport #forallthebodysystems #andemotionalhealth
Осень - время, когда нужно позаботиться за свою иммунную систему и здоровье, чтобы не простудиться и не заболеть. ULTRA HEALTHY DAILY PACK 30 - это наиболее популярный и правильный витаминный комплекс для ежедневного употребления как мужчинами так и женщинами. Один пакетик "саше" содержит 6 капсул необходимых витаминных комплексов и макроэлементов, в которых так нуждается наш организм. - Защита от окислительного процесса - Поддержка сердечно-сосудистой системы - Стабилизация кишечной функции - Улучшение сна - Чистка пищеварительной функции UltraHealthy Daily Pack - это инновационное предложение, которое исходит из идеи предложить программу для полной ежедневной интеграции в практическом формате, который нужно держать всегда под рукой, чтобы способствовать психофизическом благополучию тела, поддерживая некоторые важные функции физиологии. Специальная упаковка с 30 практичных ежедневных пакетиков, содержащих мягкий гель с омега 3 и еще 5 таблеток. Саше содержит шесть различных добавок, в общей сложности 32 ингредиента, включая необходимые питательные вещества, активные ингредиенты отборного качества, отличающиеся своей эффективностью. Применение: 1 пакетик с 6 капсул один раз в сутки после или во время еды, запивая достаточным количеством воды. Для видов спорта: Велоспорт, Бег, Командные виды спорта, Фитнес, Бодибилдинг, Триатлон, Плавание. Не используйте в течение длительного времени без медицинской консультации.
#winningmonday 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈⭐ #2pacshakur #americamostwanted #demboyz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🌏 May everybody have a #blessed 🙌 week ahead #dailymotivation#dailysupport 💯 #staysolid 💯 #simpleshit 💙
I just love Sunday mornings 👍 Lie in until 8, no red wine headache (OH drank 3/4 of a bottle), no rushing about, kids are quiet, and I've plenty of time to fit in 2 workouts, a cardio one and Yoga session 😍 Now I'm feeling really relaxed and ready to take on the World 😊 Happy Sunday everyone 🙏😇❤️ #sundayvibes #sunday #yogatime #shiftshop #sundaytimeshome #wakeuprefreshed #recoverydrink #selfcare #timeforme #routine #mylife #myfamily #familylife #timeout #makingtimeforme #feelingloved #dailysupport #believe #chamgecanhappen #starttoday #freshvibes #sundaymotivation #qualitytime
A dear family member was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer. She is young. It was quite a surprise. And it came shortly before they found a lump on me, which turned out to be a benign cyst. ⠀⠀ But it made me realize that life is short. And reminded me how passionate I am about supporting women who are going through the most challenging times in their wellness journey. ⠀⠀ October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. ⠀⠀ But it could also be renamed Cellular Health month. ⠀⠀ And, guess what new product is awesome for supporting cellular health? ⠀⠀ PINK PEPPER! ⠀⠀ In honor of all those warriors out there, let’s chat about this oils that can support our body’s cellular health. ⠀⠀ And it has pink in the name, so that basically makes it perfect! ⠀⠀ This oil can be used topically or internally for supporting healthy cellular replication. ⠀⠀ It also •calms and soothes the nervous system when taken internally •can promote alertness when used aromatically •supports healthy respiratory function •supports healthy immune function •supports the digestive system •supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol ⠀⠀ So, the real question is, what doesn’t it do? 🤷‍♀️😉 ⠀⠀
Product knowledge is extremely important to help others understand how the program works. It's simple and easy to follow and IT WORKS! #isaunisydney #products #isagenix #cleanse #nutritionsupport #dailysupport
Changing lives one drop at a time! This is the doTerra vision and they are making an impact around the world with their pure Essential Oils. When we know we have something good we can't keep it to ourselves. #healthisthebestinvestment #doterraessentialoils #dailysupport #health #supportwithessentialoils #supportingthebody #heartfeltcompany #changinghowweviewourhealth #ourbodiesarestrong #madeinhisimage
As a key botanical of the traditional Ayurvedic health practices of India, turmeric root and turmeric essential oil have a long history that has inspired modern uses of turmeric today. ⠀ Steam distilled from the turmeric root, Turmeric essential oil has two unique chemical components, Turmerone and ar-Turmerone. Most commonly known for their nervous system* and emotional benefits, these components make Turmeric essential oil a staple in your daily health routine. ⠀ Promoting feelings of positivity,* Turmeric is beneficial both internally and aromatically. Advantageous to the immune system, Turmeric may have soothing benefits that promote a positive immune response.* As well, Turmeric can help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. ⠀ Use Turmeric daily to support healthy immune function and response along with healthy circulation.* In addition to the many benefits of Turmeric essential oil, Turmeric acts as a great burst of flavor to your favorite savory meals. ⠀ *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ⠀ #essentialoils #turmeric #blackpepper #absorption #immunesupport #instagood #picoftheday #dailysupport #jenniferaccomando #nervoussystem #instadaily #turmericlatte #turmericmilk #turmericmask
#homemadeapplecider #Itfinallyfeelslikefall !! And what I love most about fall is curling up on the couch with @wadeoverturf and drinking apple cider! Last week the girls and I made applesauce and took the leftover cores in simmering water with a little coconut sugar and ground cinnamon. After about an hour on low heat, I removed it from heat to let it cool. After it cooled, I poured into a glass jar and add a few drops of cinnamon bark, orange, and clove essential oils. The great thing about these essential oils is they are apart of Young Living's vitality line which means they can be safely ingested. .... These oils not only add so much flavor with just a few drops in a large about of cider, but they also can give support to our bodies during this fall season. ... How are you enjoying the #fallweather ? Are you giving your body the #dailysupport it needs?
Essential oils are 500 times molecularly smaller than other oils. #funfact This means they can actually penetrate your cells to kill germs, viruses and bacteria so your immune system can do its job!! #amazing We are always encountering germs and bacteria, it’s just a matter of whether our immune system or the ‘bad guys’ win the battle. We use dōTERRA’s On Guard every single day for Immune Support and as a mama of 2 toddlers, let me tell you IT WORKS!! #doterra #doterraessentialoils #doterraonguard #immunesupport #peaceoutgerms #empoweredmama #wefeelsomuchbetter #healthyliving #healthytoddlers #coldandfluseason #pghnorthoils #grateful #dailysupport #routine #morningroutine
I am looking for 10 people to spOIL. If you are interested to know more about Essential Oils and haven't been able to get to one of my workshops, then I would love to send you some samples of some of our favorites so you can experience doTerra's Essential Oils in the comfort of your home.🏠 Once your samples have been sent out to you, you will be added to our spoil yourself group where you will receive daily support and education over 5 days. In the group we will be covering - 😄 A video a day on each oil plus daily posts and Q&A. 😃 Covering safe use of essential oils. 😀 Daily support plus a giveaway at the end. ☺ Starts October 22nd to 26th. If you would like to receive some samples send me a DM or comment Yes below. 👇
Boy got out their kids collections before school this morning! My eldest read out the different oil blends and how and why each oil works! Blends of choice for them today are Thinker and Steady! Thinker is the Focus Blend, its perfect for when concentration and attention are needed, so helps with remaining on task. Steady is the Grounding Blend great for those emotions are scattered and when feeling anxious, so helps to find the right balance. Have you little ones got the Kids Collection? No we’ll let me know and we get get these oil blends into your little ones lives. These oils are available via our international warehouse. Xx Bec xX #kidscollection #essentialoils #oilgoodness #myfamily #dailysupport
I finally hit up the dollar store and splurged on these weekly supplement boxes. SO much easier than opening each bottle everyday! . LifeLong Vitaliy - food, omega and antioxidants . TerraZyme - digestive enzyme . PB Assist - pre & probiotic . DDR Prime - cellular complex . Copaiba softgels - mood and pain management . On Guard + - immunity . Other added supplements might include TriEase (seasonal allergy support) and Mito2Max (an energy and stamina complex). . . . #supplementation #health #wellness #support #dailywellness #dailysupport #immunity #dailyhabits #healthhabits #staystrong #doterra #essentialoils #everymomeos
Guten Morgen zusammen ☀️ |Werbung da Marke,Ort,Person| . Heute gibt es gar nicht viel zu sagen, außer das das Wetter heute mal wieder mega werden soll, ich deshalb absolut nicht weiß was ich anziehen werde, da es morgens immer noch super frisch ist sich dann aber extrem erwärmt 🙈 #whataproblem Außerdem ist heute Donnerstag, dass bedeutet für mich heute einen langen Tag, denn die Bank hat bis 18 Uhr geöffnet 🙈 Ich wünsche euch einen tollen Tag, haltet durch, morgen ist wieder #happyweekend 💕🍂 #prettylittleinspo #inesdailylove #ootdfashion #germanblogger #instainspo #dailyinspo #chillysbottles #influencer #inspiration #instainfluencer #followme #supportme #instasupport #photooftheday #postoftheday #dailyquotes #dailysupport
Hi everybody! 🙋‍♀️ In case you’ve missed out on my last posts... 😅🙈 I’m in a contest right now with the chance to exhibit my art in Miami!! I know a lot of you have been voting and have seen this already, but there’s a lot of you that I’ve talked to who haven’t seen any posts yet!! 💛 So anyways here I go... repeating myself again, but this contest means a lot to me! If everyone could CLICK THE LINK in my bio it could be a real help to accelerate my presence in the art scene. You can click to vote everyday!🤞😘🍀 #thanksguys ❤️ Here’s a drawing I did a while back. (Sold) Mixed Media on BFK Paper. This one reminds me of water and land, and the meeting of the two. It reminds me how it is important to have connection with both. Sometimes It can be easy to separate ourselves from nature. What does it mean to rethink this, and how can we transition to a different way of living with more appreciation of neglected spaces or our environment?
Waiting very patiently for the new Turmeric Essential Oil to arrive in this month's order. ⏰ Turmeric can support a range of things from the nervous system, immune system, healthy cellular function, metabolism, high in antioxidants, promotes positivity and is soothing for skin. To read more on Turmeric Essential Oil click on this link 👇. https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/doterra-turmeric-essential-oil #turmericessentialoil #doterraessentialoils #antioxidant #naturalsolutions #cellularfunction #newoils #dailyhealth #dailysupport #wellness
You know the thing about ENERGY is we have to create it! . These ladies work hard all day - have stressful jobs and lives...have so much going on- we all do right? . But they make time out of there day to exercise at lunch with me and guess what? . We all leave feel more energized. . More productive . Happier . Seeatier😉 . And just refreshed! . I was just checking in with my Best Life Tribe (many of these ladies are in there too) and so many positive posts checking in today with their workouts - the early risers were saying how it’s amazing how much more energetic they feel starting their day with exercise. The mid-day ladies were taking about how they felt refreshed and it helped get the cobwebs out for the rest of their work day. . It’s simple really . And yet so many of us don’t do it... . This doesn’t make you bad or any other terrible lie you tell yourself- it just means you have to change your HABITS and the awesome thing is you can decide to do this- right now... . It’s October and WE HAVE less than 3 months of this year LEFT - wouldn’t be amazing to end it feeling way better than you started? . It’s not too late! . I’d love to help😉💗 .
The oils I have on my desk everyday 😍 I am covered for focus, tension, energy, tummy issues, smelling amazing, germs and immune support 🙌🏼 #essentialoils #doterra #dailysupport
I am looking for 5 people to spOIL. If you are interested to know more about Essential Oils and haven't been able to get to one of our workshops, then I would love to send you some samples of some of our favorites so you can experience doTerra's Essential Oils in the comfort of your home. 🌱 Once your samples have been sent out to you, you will be added to our spoil yourself group where you will receive daily support and education over 5 days. In the group we will be covering - 😄 A video a day on each oil plus daily posts and Q & A. 😃 Covering safe use of Essential Oils. 😀 Daily support plus a giveaway at the end. ☺ Starts October 22nd to 26th. If you would like to receive some samples and are not currently being helped by another doTerra advocate, send me a DM or comment Yes below. 👇 #spoilyourselfwithdoterra #sampletheseoils #ilovesharing #doterraessentialoils #whenwefindsomethinggoodweshare #naturalsolutions #dailysupport #health
I am looking for 5 people to spOIL. If you are interested to know more about Essential Oils and haven't been able to get to one of our workshops, then I would love to send you some samples of some of our favorites so you can experience doTerra's Essential Oils in the comfort of your home. 🌱 Once your samples have been sent out to you, you will be added to our spoil yourself group where you will receive daily support and education over 5 days. In the group we will be covering - 😄 A video a day on each oil plus daily posts and Q & A. 😃 Covering safe use of Essential Oils. 😀 Daily support plus a giveaway at the end. ☺ Starts October 22nd to 26th. If you would like to receive some samples and are not currently being helped by another doTerra advocate, send me a DM or comment Yes below. 👇 #spoilyourselfwithdoterra #sampletheseoils #ilovesharing #doterraessentialoils #whenwefindsomethinggoodweshare #naturalsolutions #dailysupport #health
N I N G X I A R E D A delicious little pouch of energy you need in your daily arsenal. Here’s 4 reasons why I love Ningxia Red: ——— +MACRO-NUTRIENT: a supplement that uses the WHOLE fruit to create a perfect drink to support your health. Ningxia doesn’t just pick and pull certain parts of the wolfberry, it uses the whole dang thing. +LIQUID SUPPLEMENT: being a fluid, Ningxia Red is easy for our digestive systems to absorb and distribute to our bodies systems ASAP +ANTIOXIDANTS: ORAC is a system for measuring antioxidants. Antioxidants=immune support. They help our bodies fight free radicals. Wolfberries have an ORAC value of 25,300 (blueberries are at 2,400) +ESSENTIAL OILS: duh. Of course Ningxia Red contains essential oils for that extra oomph. A lineup of Orange, Yuzu, Lemon & Tangerine help you support healthy blood sugar levels, circulation, digestion, neurological support, immune support and body detox. ——— The PSK comes with 2 samples of these babies. Make October your month to take actionable steps for your heath.
Mama’s best friends 😍 🙌🏼#progessenceplus is a blend made with wild yam extract which is amazing for natural hormone support, and oils like sacred frankincense, peppermint, copiaba, cedarwood, bergamot, and clove! I know when I’ve been too busy to remember to apply this one, and I’m quick to find it! I mean how can you raise two tinys and stay sane without some hormone support? 🙃 #endoflex is a new one around our house, but i think I’ve found another oil I’m in love with and won’t go without! It’s wonderful for supporting your endocrine system and thyroid as well as those pesky hormones and weight! It has oils like spearmint, myrtle, geranium, German chamomile, and nutmeg😍 I’ll definitely be updating y’all on this one once we get better aquatinted! #naturalhormonesupport #mamasbestfriend #oilymama #crunchymama #plantbasedliving #momlife #momofboth #survivingtoddlerhood #dailysupport #myobsession #raisingwilds
💫Happy Thursday💫Liz @happyhealthyprosperous came out last week from California 🌞We missed her so much💓Thank you so much to the people that came out to support and all that sent positive vibes. 🙏🏽If you didn’t get a chance to enter the drawing, you can still send your quote to @happyhealthyprosperous 💫It will be an opportunity to be featured in her “I am Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Motivational Card Deck” 🦋🙏🏽 💫You can also drop your quote off at the shop here in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Link in bio💫 #attitudeofgratitude #happyhealthyprosperous #motivationalquotes #carddeck #dailysupport #lifeenhancer #selfvoyager #levelurself #camstenacityteam #californialove #dumbobrooklyn
@wils_pat 🔥 . . . . En thalapathy 👉 @wils_pat 🔥 Aalaporan Thamazihan😍👉@wils_pat 🔥😍🔥 Rockstar 🔥 rocking star 🔥 #love #instadaily #tiktok #dailypost #dailylove #dailycrush #dailysupport #dailyfans #dolike #doforlove #doforself #dofollow #domoresupportforus @wils_wilskaari_fans_page 💕@wils_pat 🔥
Repost from @organicburst Thyroid balance plays a big role in our health on many different levels. To name a few; low energy, sleepy, hair loss, dry skin, & mood swings. I have a new Instagram page for healthy support tools. @citrusoilgirly If you’re interested in learning more about some of the tools I use follow me over there. #maca #thyroid #health #vitality #dailysupport #takecareofyou
Chooseday is TODAY! Still time for you to choose to do something for you... Don’t wait... act now... Contact me for details on how you can lose weight and become a healthier version of you. For your sake... for your family’s sake... #letmehelpyou #itsnotselfishtotakecareofyourself #itsnotselfish #takecareofyourself #actnow #noregrets #liveahealthierlife #gainmoreenergy #dailyhelp #dailyadvice #dailysupport #withyoueverystep #nutritionplan #nutritionhelp #justsayyes #ifnotnowwhen
Six months ago I started my Online Health and Wellness business and the difference it has made in my life is incredible. I struggled hard to get myself back on track after I lost my beautiful Mum 3 yrs ago. But this amazing business opportunity has turned my professional life back around, giving me a renewed sense of purpose and drive. Now I’m a Mum On A Mission! And I’m feeling fitter and healthier than ever! Working this online business at home, around the children and family life has enabled me to reach out to so many customers, guiding, supporting and encouraging them to reach their goals whilst also mentoring a team of coaches to do the same. My Mission is as simple as this👇🏼 If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, get healthier or just have a clearer mindset and feel strong then I would love to support you and motivate you throughout your journey. With over 600 online workouts to choose from ,plus a wealth of Nutrition plans and advice, there really is something for everyone! And if you are interested in grabbing the opportunity to build your own business, one that fits around your busy family life, get in touch and I will tell you how you can join our incredible Elite team of coaches. DM me for more details! Lisa xx Mum On A Mission
IT’S NOT TOO LATE! There is still time to book for Spooktober... Let’s blow the cobwebs away and make positive changes in your daily health and fitness habits.... it only takes 21 Days to make a new habit 💯 #spooktober #letsdothis #blowawaythecobwebs #habits #ittakes21daystoformahabit #newhealthyhabits #healthandfitness #giveme21days #startyourjourneynow #dontwait #ifnotnowwhen #letmehelpyou #dailymotivation #dailysupport #groupsupport #allinittogether #workoutfromhome #dailynutrition #nutritionplan #justsayyes #justdoit #now
Isn’t that blue gorgeous?!? ⠀⠀ When I began to hear about all the possibilities and benefits of Yarrow|Pom, I couldn’t wait to try it! ⠀⠀ And while I haven’t had it for long, I am so looking forward to the daily benefits of this oil. ⠀⠀ Taken internally, it is wonderful for supporting •healthy cardiovascular function •healthy blood pressure •healthy metabolism •healthy immune function •cellular health (it contains ALL the antioxidants) •memory ⠀⠀ Use topically for •young and healthy looking skin •helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes •a soothing massage experience for areas of tension •emotional support ⠀⠀ Basically this combination of Yarrow and Pomegranate oil is the super duo that we didn’t know we needed. ⠀⠀ But we ALL need it 😂 ⠀⠀ What benefit are you most excited about? 👇 ⠀⠀
Today is the first day of the new Challenge. I am totally ready for it. Let's all do our best and to see what our health and our body can change in 21 days 💪💪 Hoje é o primeiro dia do novo desafio. Estou pronta! Vamos todos fazer o nosso melhor e ver a maravilhosa transformação que podemos ter em apenas 21 dias 💪💪 #healthychallenge #weightloss #musclegain #results #groupchat #motivation #accountability #mealplan #grocerylist #workouts #dailysupport #goals #friendship #fitfamily #toronto #mississauga #cambridge #portugal #france 💚
#fitness #nutrition #mealprep #mealplan #shakes #dailysupport Message me if you are in, or click the link in the bio.
Just me. Always eating (good stuff.....well, most of the time), always with my little girl and always in my gym kit! Happy Sunday all! 👌🏼🐶💪🏼* #Vida6 #nutritionist #fitover40 #fitover50 #fitover60 #programming #weightlosstransformation #healthcoach #change #dailysupport #starttoday
A praying Man is a powerful Man. In God se trust. #INSIDEYOURHEART #INSIDEYOURSOUL #hapililife #dailysupport
My sweet friend helped me make a diffuser bracelet. I chose Tiger’s Eye stones to go along with the lava beads. Lava beads are porous so they absorb drops of essential oil + naturally diffuse it throughout the day. 🖤🌿✨
F u e l Y o u r B o d y • • I've been able to have the energy I do, wake up before my alarm, have a clear mind and make empowered decision because of the knowledge around clean eating, nutrition, the body over the last 9 month that I've focussed on my health. • • I have got to the bottom of two really potentially serious problems, that i've been able to heal through what I eat and which has taught me the best gift in the world, listening to my body. • • I dont diet, I'm not restricted, I know what I want and what makes me feel good, i don't weight myself, count macros or micros, cals, etc. I do intuitive consume, I make sure i get plenty of water and rest and exercise, I make sure I do something that fills me up (my mind/soul) every day, and that includes sharing what I do, so others can have the same choices and our #30daystohealthyliving and beyond Program with the @arbonne nutrition package has been that vehicle for me that lead me to realise my abilities to teach a holistic lifestyle with the other amazing women who share their advice, knowledge and story. • • #watchusorjoinus #arbonne30movement #teamprosperityHLC #onlinehealthylivingprogram #dailymotivation #dailysupport #dailyknowledge #everythingisdoneforyou #yourewelcomechicka
“How many times have you bailed on yourself to watch tv? How many times have you given up before you’ve even started? How many times have you made real progress, only to face a set-back and then give up completely? How many times have your family and friends or coworkers watched you quit? How many times have your children watched you give up on yourself over and over and over?” ~Rachel Hollis 🤔I remember how when the “holidays” were coming, I’d let loose. I’d eat what I want. Gain some weight. Tell myself I’ll start fresh in January. 🎄 All to realize, once January started, I had built these bad habits which made it feel like a hole almost impossible to crawl out of.😩😩 I’d go strong with eating right and working it for a good 3-4 weeks by then👉🏻👉🏻oh shoot!!! Bad habits kick back in.👎🏻 “I’ll start fresh again Monday...” became my motto week after week. Why did I STRUGGLE so bad to stick with it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Can YOU relate to this too? ⁉️ It wasn’t until I had DAILY support and accountability PLUS a plan to follow with my nutrition/workouts that I was able to break those bad habits by pushing through those tough moments 👊🏻💥where I wanted to quit and start over (like every other time) and replaced them with GOOD habits. Now, I’m still going strong 💪 4 years later. I WILL finish the year strong. I WILL take care of myself these last 3 months. I WILL enter the New Year feeling positive and good about myself. I WILL enjoy myself without “falling off the wagon.” ❣️How will you end your year? Will you finish with the “I’ll start in January” mentality or will you finish STRONG with me?! 💥Need that daily support and plan to help you break those bad habits and replace them with good ones? That last? That are sustainable? 👉🏻👉🏻 comment below or message me and I can make an AWESOME recommendation that actually freaking works. #finishstrong #newdaynewyou #startnow #gethealthynow #strongmamas #momoffour #fourkids #momswithmuscles #loveyourbody #healthyrecipeideas #dailysupport #positivemindsets #keepitpositive
Sitting here dreaming up my next concoctions! The options are endless!! Until I got into oils I literally had no idea just how many uses there are for essential oils - they are so versatile and each bottle has like a million different uses! I’m now using them daily to support my hair, skin, emotions, sleep, immune system and even cleaning with them! Yep I’m in love 💕
This is Frank. Frank and I kick it every day and for good reason. Frank helps me to feel calm, stay focused, helps me keep my skin looking healthy and youthful, supports me on a cellular level and cleans my air and airways. I love me some Frank! I encourage you to look up what Franky can do for you on pubmed.gov! • • • • #myeo #frankincense #kingofalloils #essentialoils #doterra #health #wellness #prevention #livingonpurpose #intentionallife #dailysupport #life #lifetools #immunesupport #respiratory #gettingolder #aginggracefully #cellhealth #goodvibes #keepcalm #mood #stayfocused #keepinitreal
Work place necessities! Volunteering at our local Free Health Clinic is fulfilling but also hard. You know what I want to say to help people with supporting their bodies 😏😉 #ningxiapower #allthehieves #perennialoiler #dailysupport #preventivecare
Emotions. Big. Small. Adults. Children. We all have them. And it’s ok. I use these on the regular to deal. Because sometimes the emotions need a little spark to guide them into the right direction. . . ✔️Cheer - for when you are looking to express joy, happiness, laughter and smiles. This is your blend. . ✔️Passion - for when you want a little romance, spice in your life or when you need to express you passions and devotions for a project, person or thought process. . ✔️Console - for when you need an outlet for your sadness, grief, or just need to feel like a big hug and security blanket is around you. . ✔️Peace - for your daily meditations or help to ground you after a tantrum, overwhelm, anxiousness, find your personal zen. . ✔️Forgive - for when you need to forgive someone or yourself, when you need a positive expression for anger, resentment, frustration. . ✔️Motivate - for when you feel lazy but need to get stuff done, when you want to step into your power and own the day and your habits. This is the action blend. . . I use this kit almost daily to help manage my emotions, my husbands and also my young children’s (these oils work amazing for this!!!!) Who needs help diffusing a temper tantrum? —Peace blend will be your new best friend! . This kit also comes with the Lumo diffuser. And the best part is that it is on sale now until Sept 30. For $165US (the regular price for the oil kit is $165 so you are getting a free $100 diffuser). Ya I know. This is huge savings and a huge deal as these kits rarely (I’m talking 1x a year) go on sale. So don’t miss out! If you order in the next 24 hrs I will also send you a free 5mL Wild Orange! 🍊 . . Link in Bio to order or msg me to help you personally! . . . . . #emotions #emotionalhealing #dailysupport #bebetter #loveyourself #healyourchildren #compassion #empathy #goodenergy #love #forgiveness #passion #liveinjoy #doterrasale #spiritualhealing #journey #motherhood #mamasrock #expressyourself #tillsonburg #norfolkcounty
Book your place NOW... Which Challenge suits you best? For more information message me below with a 🎃 or a 🖤 SPOOKTOBER - 4 Week Challenge 🎃 • Want to lose 7lbs or more? • Easy Nutrition Plan Supplied • 5 Day Exercise Plan with 2 day Stretch/Recovery. BLACK TIE EVENT - 8 Week Challenge • Want to lose up to a stone? • Workouts streamed into your home • Personalised Nutrition Plan • A months supply of a Daily Superfood Drink • Nutrition Guide • Calendar • Weight Progression Chart • 2 x Resistance Bands with Handles #newchallenges #newgoals #stronger #strongertogether #groupsupport #workoutathome #workoutwhenitsuitsyou #girlswholift #boyswholift #nobingowings #nomiddleagespread #toneitup #strengthen #onlineworkouts #justpressplay #workoutstreaming #dailysupport #dailyadvice #fitover30 #fitover40 #fitover50 #letmehelpyou #letmementoryou #justsaying #ifnotnowwhen
I use this amazing blend EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s THE BEST for tired muscles, achy feet, and cramping calves. I love the way it cools, soothes, and helps me bounce back faster- all naturally! • • • • #dailysupport #aromatouch #doterra #essentialoils #workingwoman #healthcoach #personaltrainer #coachlife #health #wellness #natural
Despite everything that's going on in my life at the moment I feel strong emotionally and physically ❤️💪 Coaching has helped me look at my life and has helped me to focus on me 😁 It's helped me realise my potential, and taught me that I can do anything 😊🙌 I'm empowered, and I'm challenging myself to try out new things. Rather than sitting there thinking about what I'd like, I'm actually making the changes and making it happen 🙋 My transformation wouldn't have been possible without my Coach, daily accountability and my commitment to the nutrition and fitness programmes 💪🙆 So if you want to transform your body and change your life around then you might want to consider working with a Coach... And that's where I can help you 😁 👍As your Coach I can guide and support you through real life problems with real life solutions that incorporate nutrition, health, fitness and accountability into your life...please contact me for more information 👍👌😊💕 #coach #weallneedhelp #lifestylechange #strongwomen #coaching #transformationtuesday #empowered #dailysupport #justrightchallenge #yourlifematters #onebody #fitnessforhealth #emotionalhealth #mentalhealthgoals #naturalhigh #fitOT #OT #Teamzest #fitnessgroups #fitmumswithkids #makeithappen
Easy. Daily. Check in system. Want to try it? Go for it! We want you to Do. Life. Better! #dailysupport #pickyourbetter #succeed #pushdaily #checkin #getbetter #whatcanihelpyouwith #reformedliving #dolifebetter
Liebe Menschen da draußen, es ist uncool, ein Kompliment zu machen und dabei Andere nieder zu machen. Sätze wie "Du bist viel schöner mit deinen Kurven, als diese skinny Bitches" sind keine Komplimente. Ich will Dinge hören, ohne, dass Andere schlecht gemacht werden. Ich will, dass andere akzeptiert werden, ich will nicht, dass man jemanden besser darstellt, nur weil einem etwas besser als etwas anderes gefällt. Ein einfaches "Deine Kurven sind schön" ist viel schöner. Dir muss nicht alles gefallen, aber du hast nicht das Recht zu urteilen, was besser oder schlechter ist, du hast kein Recht andere nieder zu machen, nur weil es dir persönlich nicht gefällt. Schönheit ist relativ. Bitte hört auf Komplimente zu verteilen, in denen ihr andere Dinge schlecht macht. Wir führen keinen Konkurrenzkampf untereinander, wir müssen nicht besser als irgendjemand sein. Wir sind gut genug. ❤️ (credits to the one and only: @melanie.ottendorfer ) #selflove #bodypositivity #supporteachother #wearegoodenough #summervibes #loveyourself #dailysupport #allbodiesaregoodbodies #grlpwr #spreadlove #inspireeachother
3 spots left in our BACK TO YOU GROUP plus when you join us you will be entered into our draw for a $25 gift card! 🌟8 weeks 🌟4 x workouts a week 🌟30 Minutes per workout 🌟Nutrition plan provided 🌟DaIly Support 🌟High Motivation 🌟 Be Part of an Epic Community 🌟Prizes and positive vibes all included😊 Message me ASAP for more information and snag your spot!
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