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UPDATE: Dallas November Conference Rescheduled For March 2019. Additional details coming soon...#dallasentrepreneneurs #womanpreneur #entrepreneur
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I've wanted to do this for a really long time. * * A few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to help navigate a lovely group of women through the tumultuous journey of determining where their ministry is, where they want it to go, who they want to attract, and where they will find those humans. * * Strategic planning is a sweet spot for me, and watching the light bulbs go off as the plan begins to make sense gives me some serious joy. * * To make the experience all the more bubbly, I got to share the space with @olivia_ramsey with the @initiativenetwork. She is wise beyond her years, friends. Keep your eyes on her -- her journey is one to watch. * * Big thanks to the Fellowship of Professional Women for trusting us to be a little light through this part of your journey. We are blessed to be on the road with you. * * #TeamZoeComm #marketing #strategy #strategicplanning
Y'all - our first Get Hired event in Lancaster was #solid ! If you know someone looking for a job who might need a little *extra* help, send them our way on June 12 or July 31. Space is super limited, so send them to sign-up ASAP at GetHiredLancasterTX.Eventbrite.com
[Peep my tee] I'm wearing my favorite shirt to work on my business today. Peep what's written. - Entrepreneurs, do you agree or not? - Bonus points if you know who wrote the answer and around when they posted it 😊
2 years ago today we started Entrepreneurs Dinner. - Since that date, over 100 entrepreneurs have grown with us. - Entrepreneurs who have quit their jobs, formed partnerships, earned equity stakes in fast-growing companies, started businesses together, became CEOs, hit revenue goals, moved to different cities to chase their dreams, contract big name clients, had children, get engaged, became married, and made progress down the path of living the life they dream for themselves. - Just 2 short years. - Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me 🙏🏽 - And to anyone who is looking for inspiration or permission to do what you love, here's your permission. - Go. Now. Do your best to live without regrets. - You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - None of us truly know what we're doing. We're all figuring it out as we go. - Best we live a life aiming for what we love rather than accepting only what we tolerate.
[Link in bio] My Entrepreneur on Fire interview w/ @johnleedumas is live! - In "How businesses win in the new economy", I share how I almost lost my business before it got started and the best advice I've received. - Props to @johnleedumas for his consistency in producing value to his listeners and inspiring a community of entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams! #eofire
[Private Entrepreneur Dinner Party w/ VIP Guest] - Our next event is "Entrepreneurs Dinner Dallas VII: Private Dinner Party" on Saturday, April 14 in Dallas, TX! - A co-founder of Chili's is expected to attend our event, enjoying the evening with our entrepreneurs! 😊 - "Entrepreneurs Dinner Dallas VII: Private Dinner Party" is a classic, upscale event for entrepreneurs and change-makers seeking powerful connections, profound mind shifts, deep bonds, amazing food, intimate conversations and unique opportunities to accelerate your growth and give back to others. - We're hosting this private dinner party so that you can use what you've experienced from the evening and the connections you've made to play an even bigger game and significantly expand your ability to accomplish bold things. - What makes these dinners even valuable is that we attract an incredible group of entrepreneurs ready to make genuine connections and truly interested in helping you to grow your business. - Greg Keathley of MOAR Creative says of Entrepreneurs Dinner, "The food is awesome. The connections are real. The principle of 'giving first' truly permeates the event." - Entrepreneurs Dinner has been able to bring together ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the country together for our intimate dinner events. - Our dinners come complete with experienced private chefs serving delicious 4-course cuisines, bartenders serving your favorite mixed drinks, photographers and videographers capturing the entire event, prizes and more! - What we've built is special. It's intimate. It's truly life-changing ― both for our entrepreneurs and for our vendors (who are also entrepreneurs). - Our dinners are designed for our entrepreneurs to develop genuine relationships that will accelerate their businesses to the next level. - A few quick rules about our events: ― NO business cards allowed. We're developing authentic relationships not engaging in transactions ― The location is a SECRET requiring to use clues to learn the location ― Limited seating available. Once seats reach capacity, no more applications will be accepted - How do you know if Entrepreneurs Dinner is for you? - (Cont'd in comments 👇🏽)
I was featured in Voyage Dallas magazine today. (Link in bio + below) http://voyagedallas.com/interview/meet-robert-collier-entrepreneurs-dinner-uptown-dallas/
"Are you crazy f***s going SKYDIVING for your dinner?!" 😳 - Yo, Entrepreneurs Dinner is BACK in 2018!!! Our next event is on Saturday, April 14 in Dallas, Texas! - Knowing me, as you watch this video that's what you may be asking. - Fortunately for you lucky entrepreneurs, the answer is "No, we're not (yet)." - But, as you can see, we have done it before as a group... so don't count it out for the future - The skydiving was awesome, but what makes our dinners great is the people. - We bring together ambitious entrepreneurs from all over the country together for our intimate dinner events. - Our dinners come complete with experienced private chefs serving delicious 4-course cuisines, bartenders serving your favorite mixed drinks, photographers and videographers capturing the entire event, prizes and more! - If you want to connect with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors who want to help you take your business to the next level, I encourage you to apply. - Applications are now open! - APPLY HERE: entrepreneursdinner.com/apply or click the link in the bio! ☝🏽️☝🏽️ #entrepreneursdinner
There, I just shared the secret of success with you
One of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn
Lotta great story tellers out there... #fiction
The ideas, the promises, the “we gonna do this” dreams and all of that mean absolutely nothing if your actions don’t back it up. Once someone’s word loses it’s meaning, it can never gain fully regain its value. Relationships, businesses and teams fail when the words stop having accompanying action.
Confession, I’m a historically weak weight lifter. My arms are long, my position in football never required me to be strong and I didn’t enjoy weights so I always gave myself excuses to not get good at them. But lately, @innergyfitness has @brittonbarbee and I on a great plan And this morning at 6:30, my brother sent me this insane amount of weight he was lifting on his 5th set of 10. All morning I was thinking, man I just want to get to the point “one day” where I can lift 225 lbs (the weight they use at the NFL combine) which I’ve never lifted. Then I sat here and thought, why not now? Workout was over but why make it a one day dream when it could be today? Why not see where I’m at? Why not see if my hard work has been paying off? So I tried it. And I got it. No one here. Just me. And I’m celebrating like I won the Super Bowl! Why? Because it means something to me. I turned a “one day” dream into a Today reality by consistent hardwork and ATTEMPTING to do it. It coulda stayed a “future dream” but my action made it a new standard for my life. The point is, get up and do it! Celebrate the seemingly small victories, even if you’re alone. You don’t need the validation of others to confirm what represents achievement to you!
My brother @brittonbarbee told me this once, and I’ve applied that thought everyday since then.
High five the man in the mirror
Surround yourself with those looking to help prepare the meal not just show up when it’s time to eat.
Those who don’t shoot for their own goals, will take shots at your character. Be careful
Ambition has A high cost... that cost is often people
One year ago today, I released #Wintality . This morning I’m so thankful As I reflect on the countless messages of what it’s done for those who have read it. To the thousands of people who read it in the past year, I’m truly appreciative. Let’s take it to another level. #Wintality
So proud of @hannahotline_ , her music video release for #Swangin was awesome. She’s definitely a great artist. Check her out, EP coming soon.
When it comes to your life, their opinions don’t matter. Yours does.
Their ego doesn’t wanna hear it though 🤷🏽‍♂️
Believe it or not, this isn’t a rap video shoot... apparently I’m just that animated when I talk. Gearing up to launch some great content for the creatives industry. @linc.pro
Well, I learned I’m not a good painter but @paintingwithatwistdallas is so fun. I call this piece, “Faith in the Forgotten Forest” as a reminder to keep the faith even when you feel alone because those prayers will be answered if you don’t give up.
Block out the noise. Get the result.
But what do I know? 🤷🏽‍♂️ do I need to #blessed for you to feel it? 🤔
#fbf quote from 4 years ago.... still applicable today
You’re a priority not an option. Respect yourself.
I don’t need the flowers, my joy comes from making a difference in your life.
Just sayin...
My dad sent me this today in the morning email he sends out to his team, if y’all wonder where I get it from 😏
Pass that test and everything else falls in place.
These stresses are the blessings I prayed for back when no one gave me an opportunity or wanted to work with me 🙌🏽🙌🏽
4am thoughts
As long as the mirror smiles back, keep doin what you’re doing
They’ll try and hurt you (Judas) With Empirical Thoughts You better watch for Brutus Such is the life of Leaders
Judging at #PitchUTA at @utarlington w/ a $10,000 grand prize going to the 1st place winner! Looks like @thisisagni is putting on a great one for UTA on 2/23/18 at 5pm. Go to mavschallenge.org or click @thisisagni bio link for tickets. #thisisagni #utarlington
Let your self love be greater than their disrespect
She says do you love me, I tell her only partly I just love my med ball and jump rope I’m sorry 😂😂💪🏽
Have a great #ValentinesDay , but practice loving yourself daily
Great morning workout with @brittonbarbee ... who is 250 miles away. No excuses over here. cc: @innergyfitness (PS I know my pull-up form sucks, but I want y’all to see the “during” not just the before and after.) #250mileaccountability
You gotta know what you’re working towards.
Win anyways.
The ups and downs in life make me stronger. W/ @innergyfitness
A year ago, before the release of Wintality, I wrote myself this note and mailed it to myself. Sometimes, you have to be your own support group and encourager. Thank you to the thousands of people who purchased and read Wintality, we’re just getting started!
It’s #WINSDAY . Want to become elite? Start by realizing that motivation isn’t the first step. Watch the weekly winspiration to see what is. Check out @shopsushiiimilk to see where I got this great bamboo elite shirt that was so perfect for this week’s video.
Work to become the progress not the “work in progress”. This new workout @innergyfitness has @brittonbarbee and I on is crucialllllll 💪🏽
The difference in boys and girls
You willing to risk it all?
A question you gotta ask yourself
It’s early. It’s not fancy. It’s monotonous. It’s not fun. But you still gotta do every rep. Every set. Every day. Your destiny depends on it. @innergyfitness
Life’s great when you don’t have to pretend
It hurts, you want to stop, you tell yourself that you can skip this rep. But you can’t. Gotta do every rep. Every set. Every day... And such is life. #healthhouse @innergyfitness
Shoutout to all the wonderful ladies grabbing life by the horns and making a difference through their entrepreneurship, dreams, and passions.
Had a great time at the @bayloruniversity letter Winner Sic ‘Em luncheon celebrating Dutch Schroeder’s 94th birthday! So much knowledge in the generations that came before us. They referred to @andino34 and I as “youngsters” 😂
And Vice Versa
It’s WINSDAY! Don’t let the naysayers of the world (who’ve never accomplished anything) tell you what you can’t accomplish. (Full Video at fb.com/baylorbarbee)
A guest told me that Saturday’s event was “the most inspiring three hours of my life!” 😳 - I enjoyed speaking at Microsoft for Imaginary Glass Ceiling’s event “Breaking Through Fear: Unleash The Champion Within”. - One great breakout class included a live session where a neurolinguistic psychologist helped guests to make a traumatic event more positive! (Great job Gary!) - The strategies shared were actionable and insightful, and the guests were really great! - The event included 5 speakers sharing practical methods for how to break through fear, 2 breakout sessions ranging from executive coaching to franchise opportunities, a fashion show and the launch of @jeannettacollier ’s book, The Best You: A 365 Day Motivational Journey. - If you’re interested in attending a future event, the next one is on April 28, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. - You can be notified when tickets become available at the link below: - ImaginaryGlassCeiling.com/events
I hear you dreams, I hear you
Hard work doesn’t lie.
What do you think? What’s the worst advice you see being shouted on here? 🤔
I’m being interviewed today for Entrepreneur on Fire w/ John Lee Dumas! I guess I’m🔥🔥 @robertjamescollier
Less talk. More action. That’s how you get respect. Be a Shark!
Hang around people who are better than you At something. It’s the only way to learn. @massivdigital was teaching me about frame rates, shutter speeds and all sorts of stuff I don’t currently understand so I can start making better videos for y’all.
That’s all I ask. I’m strong enough, my faith can carry us
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