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Weekend vibe 🌴 ▫️▫️▫️ @beautybakeriemakeup Cake Mix Foundation 23 #beautybakerie "Love You Latte" Cake Face Concealer #beautybakerie Yellow Flour Setting Powder @colourpopcosmetics "Black n Brown" Precision Brow Colour @benefitcosmetics Bad Gal Bang Mascara #BaeLocs
Full face (pretty much) of @lacolorscosmetics ! As you probably already know, @lacolorscosmetics is one of my fav brands. There products are beyond affordable and such amazing quality. They’ve recently launched a bunch of new products at Family Dollar and Dollar general and I was on the HUNT For them. While I couldn’t find my shade of their new radiant foundation in stores, my shade is online on their website. I ordered from a different retailer and the shade match was way off. I made it work with darkening + warmth drops and that works fine. I probably won’t do a dedicated foundation review yet until I get my correct shade tho. This look isn’t my fav cause I was super tired when I did it and my face is having a hormonal/stress related break out 🙄, but I wanted to do a full face on the new products so bad I did it anyway. All of the products were $5 or under and I love everything I got! I also incorporated older @lacolorscosmetics I already own. ✨@lacolorscosmetics Products used✨ Face Primer, radiant foundation, ‘Conceal it’ concealer in ‘orange’ & ‘deep’. 16 color eyeshadow palette in ‘Brave’, Iced powder pigment in ‘Flash’, Strobing illuminating powder in ‘Flashing pink’, Ultimate liquid eyeliner in black, matte liquid lip color in ‘Fierce’ and I used their setting spray to set my whole face. ❤️
Most of the new @lacolorscosmetics products I’ve gotten/hunted down over the past few weeks! Full face of mostly all @lacolorscosmetics coming later tonight! (Foundation was way too light but I made it work🙌🏾)
Good morning ALPHAGLAM family and here is a video on how i gave myself a light makeup. This type of glam can be worn for everyday look or other ceremonies. #wce I hope you learn some makeup tips from it👌👌 . . Product details: Brows: @davies in 03 Primer: @theadventuremakeup Foundation: @l.a.girlpro foundation in rich cocoa Concealer: @milanicosmetics in 03 Powder: @zikelcosmetics powder palette Contour: @maybelline powder in cocoa Eye liner: @zaroncosmetics in jazz Lips: @kenahcosmetics nude . . #bridalinspiration #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas
Its a bridal inspiration 😍😍😍 I conquered my fears and mixed different shades of purple together😊 Rate us from 1-10😙😙 . Its Friday and your favourite mua, ALPHAGLAM is now available at ile-ife and is ready to glam your faces😍😍 Let the bookings start rolling in😊 . ALPHAGLAM on my forever muse @j.tomii Thanks so much for sitting pretty . . #bridalinspiration #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance
Natural Beat for @SadeEmoni ‘s Photoshoot we did last year 👑 Hair & Makeup by UrGlamSquad 😍
Hello! 😊 I’ve been wanting to incorporate more of the skin care items I love and use on my page. Is that something you’d all be interested in? I never was huge on a skincare cause I still get mistaken for 19 even tho I’m 30😂🙌🏾 but I actually have a few conditions I deal with that make my skin super iffy sometimes. There are some things I can’t control but I’ve taken initiative and started buying more products so I can atleast help & try to reverse the situation. This black soap foaming face wash ($16) from @ainiorganix (Black owned brand based here in Atlanta) is the BEST THING I EVER PUT ON MY FACE. SERIOUSLY. I have combo skin (oily t zone, normal everywhere else) My skin isn’t sensitive and can handle a lot. But over the years I never found a face wash I truly loved until I started using dove soap. I thought I had found my holy grail, I thought it got no better than Dove. But one day me and my sister went to @atlantaindiemarket and @ainiorganix was vending there. They had a lot of products I was interested in but I didn’t buy. My sister picked up the Black soap face wash. At home I got curios and started using it. This put my beloved Dove bar to SHAME. It made my skin feel soooo amazing; SO soft, and smooth and clean. It even looked amazing after the first wash. My skin looked like it was glowing. I’m in aesthetics school right now and the professional products we use in class don’t even come close to measuring up to this. It’s THAT good, I promise you. I can’t get enough of it, when I go back to Dove my skin feels a lot more dry and craves this again. It has the typical black soap earthy scent to me, mixed with some type of lemon like smell/honey scent and I really like it. I want to try literally everything from them now, I can only imagine how good there other products are. I HIGHLY recommend this face wash, you will not be disappointed. They have a Mother’s Day sale going on for 20% off your purchase so it would be the perfect time to pick some things up. Let he know if you get anything and how you like it ❤️
Its a bridal inspiration 😍😍😍 I conquered my fears and mixed different shades of purple together😊 Rate us from 1-10😙😙 . Its Friday and your favourite mua, ALPHAGLAM is now available at ile-ife and is ready to glam your faces😍😍 Let the bookings start rolling in😊 . ALPHAGLAM on my forever muse @j.tomii Thanks so much for sitting pretty . . #bridalinspiration #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance
Keep trying because its a matter of time to get there👌👌 . My favourite aunty/student @solaokunoren caught the beat and is looking so yummy😍😍😍 She really loved the look especially the lips🙌🙌 Tell us what you love bout the look🤗🤗🤗 . . #beauty #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance #headies
Keep trying because its a matter of time to get there👌👌 . My favourite aunty/student @solaokunoren caught the beat and is looking so yummy😍😍😍 She really loved the look especially the lips🙌🙌 Tell us what you love bout the look🤗🤗🤗 . . #beauty #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance #headies
Just because it looks like I only have beauty guru collaboration makeup...here are swatches of the @anastasiabeverlyhills #AuroraGlowKit ✨ And this just went on sale at @sephora for $20!
Its another monday and its time to grind harder than before & pursue our dreams persistently👌 Dont feel defeated or discouraged, keep on moving because progress must be made . Throwback to when @j.tomii slayed effortlessly to her dinner😊 ALPHAGLAM gave her the best glam that she blushed all the way🙌🙌 Thanks for your loyalty sister😙 . Glow: @zikelcosmetics Lips: @kenahcosmetics . . #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance #headies
Chillin in the backyard, trying to find a cool spot in this 93° weather. Getting some Lauren Hill vibes from EllariexColourpop Hennyways topped off with a little bit of Alissa AshleyxE.L.F lip gloss, what a combo! #alissaashleylipgloss #alissaashleyxelf #ellariexcolourpop #girlchristopher #girlchristopher 💋#beautifullyaged1 #youtuber #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #beauty #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupforblackwomen #naturalhair #makeupover40 #blackbeautymatters  #makeupforwomenofcolor #wocmakeup #darkskinnedmakeup   #browngirlbeauty #melaninarmy #beautyjunkie #beautylover
Looking at all the unknown possibilities in this life and the curious, stubborn me says "Go on, take a chance!"
#tb to this little number just because I loved this look so much. 😍 I used @maccosmetics passionate eyeshadow blown out all over my eyes (literally packed that baby on) & also used it as a blush on my cheeks. #ohdarling highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes. Lined my waterline with my fav eyeliner #teddy and finished of with my go to mascara #inextremedimension3dblacklash . Lip combo is #lustering lipstick and #chesnutlipliner 💕 #inhermakeupbox #myartistcommunity_uk
How old do I look in this photo? #blackdontcrack
Happy new month Fam😍😍😍 Its a month of miracle and assurance for us all🙏🙏🙏 . Throwback to a clean ALPHAGLAM for @slimzee_bae on her mum's birthday. She really loved her look especially her brows and eyes. This is the smile ALPHAGLAM gives you😚 . . #darkskin #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #assurance
Swatches of the @lacolorscosmetics highlighter trios!(ty so much for gifting me these @nianeuman 🤗,she knows my love for affordable makeup and @lacolorscosmetics ) I believe these are $1 at Dollar Tree stores. In order of the slides I have the trios in ‘Candlelight’, ‘Enlightened’, ‘Moon Beam’, ‘Wild Child’ and ‘Time to go’. I’m so happy with these! The quality is bomb and these swatched amazingly. These swatches are one swipe!😍 they come in different finishes in each trio; One is more metallic, one more satin, and one more in the glittery side. All gorgeous, especially the more metallic and glittery shades! You all should know by now how much I love glittery highlights and these definitely don’t disappoint. I included a video of the ‘Wild child’ trio because that orange-ish shade is my fav out of them all! It’s so pretty and actually shifts in color but you can’t really tell from the video quality. Sooo pretty. If you don’t like glitter highlighters you might not like all these. But being so affordable I’d say give them a shot anyway!
Happy Saturday! Don’t forget to check out my latest video #linkinbio 😘
thank you my dear friend @rileyblanks for capturing the light that is entirely mine, and does not at all belong to me. beyond. read the stunning insights from our beautiful phototherapy session @wokebeauty
Who missed me??🙈🙈 Here is another makeup video of how i transformed😊 Changed my makeup routine by starting my brows first and also, highlighting before applying my foundation. I hope you learn some few tips from it too😚😚 I couldnt take nice pictures of the look and i cant wait for @house_of_miney to teach me editing skills😊😊 ENJOY😙😙 . Product details: Primer: @ponds oil control cream Brows: @davies brow pencil in 03 Concealer: @zaroncosmetics in deep Foundation: @maybelline fit me in 368 Powder: @zikelcosmetics powder palette Glow: @zikelcosmetics glow kit Lashes: @redcherrylashes Lips: @nyx lipstain Setting spray: @nyx settingspray . . . #darkskin #bridal #melanin #makeuptutorial #makeupartist #makeupartistworldwide #eyeshadowpalette #makeupgoals #melaninrich #highlight #smokeyeyes #lipgloss #alphaglam #mua #blackskin #beautiful #bridalshower #bridalmakeup #bridalhair #naija #naijagirlskillingit #muaannoucer #darkskinnedmakeup #bbnaija #makeupartistinogun #naijabestmua #muafollowtrain #undiscoveredmuas #kissdaniel #4dayz
Got so many compliments on this look I wore to my esthetics class night using my FAVORITE palette at the moment, @bhcosmetics ‘Glam Reflection L’amour’ palette with the ‘Gilded’ liquid eyeshadow from the @profusion ‘Mixed metals eyes’ kit. ‘Pink heart’ from the @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Moon child’ Glow Kit on the inner corners and cheeks. @collabmakeup liquid lipstick in ‘Out of breath’ on the lips. 💕💕
Full face of @amuse_cosmetics from @alwaysmeishop ! 🤗 SWIPE THROUGH to see the full face look I did using (mostly) these products. I used the @amuse_cosmetics ‘blank canvas’ ($1) eyeshadow primer which I thought was gonna be like my beloved @maccosmetics paint pot but it wasn’t 😞. I do like it though! I did have to go over it a little bit w/my paint pot cause I wanted my shadows to REALLY pop, but on subtle makeup days the @amuse_cosmetics will work just find. I also got the ‘Matte Finish Foundation’ in shade ‘8’ which I thought was my shade but it looked darker in pics than it did in real life, so I used a diff foundation for my look and used that as concealer and it was fine. The highlight/blush palette, ($1.50) bronzer($1.50) and eyeshadow palette ($2) )the name of this one is ‘Ice’) we’re my favs! You’ve already seen the swatches of the shadows I. My left post, I love the way the apply& the ease of use! And the color scheme is so pretty and dec something I didn’t have. The blushes and highlights are super pretty&pigmented & the bronzer in shade 4 is the perfect bronzer/contour shade for me cause I love a warm contour shade that’s still subtle and most look too ashy or cool and intense for my preference. This one was perfect for me. I love how my look came out 😍🙌🏾. And I’m def pleased with my order from @alwaysmeishop. (Lips are @nyxcosmetics lip liner in ‘urban cafe’ ( my fav) with @lacolorscosmetics matte liquid lip color in ‘Suede’. Halo eye base done with @elfcosmetics ‘beautifully bare’ smooth eyeshadow in ‘Nude linen’)
Swatches of the @amuse_cosmetics 12 color eyeshadow palette in ‘Ice’ & the 6-Color Blush & Highlight Palette in ‘1’ from @alwaysmeishop. They have a very extensive Amuse cosmetics product collection & I can’t wait to pick up more. Man, when I tell you these palettes are PIGMENTED, I’m shocked! They do have kickback but I’m totally fine with that. Both palettes were under $2 & have better pigmentation than a lot of other, more expensive products I’ve used! I’m shook!😱 I’ll tell you now, they apply amazingly! Full face using all the @amuse_cosmetics I got coming soon!❤️
Makeup by me, all products are from @maccosmeticsuk : ✨ studio fix fluid - nc46 ✨ prolongwear concealer - nc42 ✨ waterweight powder - dark ✨ msf - sun power ✨ hyper real glow - rosy glow & light of the party ✨ warm neutral x15 palette ✨ indianwood paintpot ✨ smoulder eyeliner ✨ #48 lashes ✨retro matte metallic liquid lipstick - gems and roses 💕
DRUGSTORE products are really coming through these days. In this video I used a lot of @makeuprevolution products. Have you tried them? Or what drugstore products are you loving at the moment? Let me know, I need ideas 🌚👀 - - - - @makeuprevolution makeuprevolution foundation stick in F17 and F18 @makeuprevolution conceal and define in c14 @morphebrushes eyeshadow palette in 35O2 @lauramercier translucent setting powder @makeuprevolution liquid highlighter in Gold - - - @divinedarkskin @makeupandmuas @undiscoveredwocmua @undiscovered_muas @featuremuas @hairnbeautydirectory @black_makeup_videos @muaposts #undiscovered_muas #wakeupandmakeup #makeuprevolution #makeuprevolutionconcealer #melaninmakeup #discovervideos #1minutemakeup #makeuptutorialsx0x #darkskinnedmakeup #morphebrushes
Review of the @nickaknewyork ‘Perfection B.B. cream’. I’ve been using this bb cream/foundation for the past few weeks and I’m here to share my thoughts on this product. I ordered this product straight from the @nickaknewyork website. I usually find their products at my local beauty supply stores but I hadn’t seen this and decided to order from the site. It’s $5.99 & comes in 4 shades on the darker side of the spectrum. ‘Light medium, medium, deep medium, and dark.’ I got the third to last shade in ‘Deep medium’ which is a perfect match. The description from the site reads “Experience the full coverage of a standard foundation with the lightweight, moisturizing formulation of a beauty balm with NK Perfection BB Cream.” I initially was interested in this because it sounded to me a lot like the It cosmetics bye bye foundation or similar to it. (Which I wanted but wasn’t gonna but) I’m happy to say I’m so pleased with this. It does in fact remind me ALOT of the It cosmetics ‘CC cream’ (which I read the bye bye foundation was pretty much the same thing) I loved that foundation but I wasn’t a fan of the shade range. This def gives me those vibes but much cheaper and with shades for us women with melanin. The coverage on this is a high medium that can be built to full without getting cakey. It feels SO LIGHT and nice and hydrating and fresh on the skin, not heavy at all. For a little more coverage I let it sit on my skin before I blend it out. It does leave a dewy ( not oily ) finish that I know dry skin will love; if you have combo skin like me or oily skin I def suggest setting with powder. That’s how I use it and I lover how it looks on me. Definitely a ‘your skin but much better’ look. It just feels so light weight on, even when I touch my face after setting it it feels like I just have a light dusting of powder on, not like I have a foundation on. This is gonna be AMAZING for summer since it’s so light. I want to get three more bottles to stock up on it, I can def see this being my go to for summer❤️.
So, I haven't counted my pallets in at least a year. Last count was more than 80... so I decided I was going to use every single palette in my collection. I guess this is a start to a "series" although I have posted other looks with unused pallets in this format (the 3 pic collage). Should I make this a YT series as tutorials? @colourpopcosmetics "You Had Me At Hello" I've had this pallet for months and haven't used it once until today, I Love it! #girlchristopher #girlchristopher 💋#beautifullyaged1 #youtuber #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #beauty #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #over40beauty #makeupforblackwomen #naturalhair #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopme   #blackbeautymatters  #makeupforwomenofcolor #wocmakeup #darkskinnedmakeup   #browngirlbeauty #melaninarmy #beautyjunkie #beautylover
Joanie does #coachella right! 👏😍 @joansmalls (and @nicolescherzy ) know the key to festival beauty is keeping the skin fresh, lips simple and adding a simple pop of unexpected color. Swipe left to see the #nontoxicbeauty breakdown. . 💄Eyes: @alimapure Mix the top 2 colors on the left (Myth and Cosmic) with a touch of @vaselinebrand to create the ultimate teal 💄 Face: @rmsbeauty Press Un-Cover up firmly into skin with a damp beauty blender 💄Lips: @supergoop AcaiFusion Lip Balm with SPF30 . ✋Most celebrities at #Coachella get thier photos taken with whatever is trendy - for the 'gram/snapchat, then they go wash thier face and throw on big sunnies. Why? Because they know the quickest way to get an allergic reaction is to wear metallic tattoos, glitter adhesive and gem glue in the middle of the desert for 10 straight hours. Do NOT do this. Also, leave the tiny sunglasses in 1990 where they belong. You're frying your crows feet by the minute, sis. . #palmsprings #indio #joansmalls #alimapure #nicolesherzinger #rmsbeauty #supergoop #festivalbeauty #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #celebrity #celebritybeauty #celebritybeautysecrets #partybeauty #festivalmakeup #coachellamakeup #darkskinnedmakeup #cleanmakeup #greenmakeup #nontoxicmakeup
Hiya 👋🏾❤️✨@maccosmetics lustering lipstick & chestnut lip liner. 💕
Wearing my ‘Pretty Girl’ lashes from @linabeautylashes. Use my code ‘ronieluke10’ to save some coins 😘
Been too long, who's missed me? . . .. ... ... Brows: regular brown pencil Concealer: @lagirlcosmetics fawn Foundation: @maybelline rich caramel 332 Powder: @zikelcosmetics Setting spray: @zaroncosmetics Lashes: mine 😌 Setting powder: @rcmamakeup (No color powder) & @bennyemakeup banana powder Glow: @zikelcosmetics glow palette Lippie: @oriflame absolute blush & gloss #fleeek_onnn #fleeekonnn #fleeekonnnhijabs #nigerianwedding #sadytaheer #mua #darkskinnedmakeup #darkskingirls #darkskinwomen #beautygeekng #weddingdigestnaija #sokotomua #naijabestmua #africanmakeup #sadytaheer #africanmakeupartistshub #africanmakeuphub #melaninmakeupdaily #motd #melaninmakeup #woc #bbloggers #makeup #instamakeup
Swatches of one (of three) of the new @kokiecosmetics ‘Artistry palettes’ in ‘Treasured’. ($15). I had been waiting anxiously for @kokiecosmetics to drop these palettes ever since they teased them a few months ago. I wanted all three but I decided to go with one that peaked my interest the most and was something I didn’t have anything similar to in my collection. I haven’t had time to play with these on my eyes yet (I will soon!) but I did get to swatch them for you guys. I LOOOVE the packaging. It looks and feels so high end, especially for $15. Now, I truthfully wasn’t that excited when I swatched them, the colors seemed to swatched pretty ‘meh’ to me. I thought the bright metallics would ‘POP’ more based on pictures, but I’m not too bothered by that cause I almost always use metallic shades wet so I’m sure they’ll give me what I’m looking for when I do that. I also read @beauddiction ‘s review and she showed herself applying the shadows with her finger AND a brush and they performed much better with an actual brush, which is the case with a lot of palettes. Swatches are good to see color but they aren’t always indicative of what potential a palette actually has. Some palettes perform amazingly when you use them the way they are meant to be used; with brushes, building up, etc. I’m super excited to create a look with this palette and as soon as I do I’ll post 😊. You can only buy these on their site right now but I read they’ll be in Walmart’s soon ❤️.
@lacolorscosmetics all over my face today! I wore the ‘Truly matte’ foundation in ‘Cappuccino’ (review already on my page a few posts back) , the ‘Sweet!’ 16 color eyeshadow palette in ‘Brave’ with the ‘Iced pigment’ powder in ‘Toasted’ on the center of my eyes(reviews swatches for both on my page as well). I looove @lacolorscosmetics , I y’all about them and buy from them frequently cause their products are such good quality for a very nice price. One of my fav brands. @physiciansformula ‘The healthy lip’ liquid lipstick in the shade ‘red-storative effects’. This liquid lipstick formula is AMAZING and this color is such a unique red, this has been one of my fav lippies to rock lately.
One of my favorite looks 🦋. - - - - @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Dipbrow pomade in Darkbrown. @nyxcosmeticsnl Ultimate shadow palette in Brights. @juviasplace The Magic palette. @morphebrushes 35OM palette. @nyxcosmeticsnl Pigment in Vegas Baby. @lorealnl @lorealmakeup Perfect slim superliner @hannahsigma @sigmabeauty Brushes
@bhcosmetics Glam Reflection ‘L’amour’ palette in action! See my previous post for my thoughts/swatches of this palette.💕
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