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At the last minute, on a whim, I applied to the @newhopeartsandcrafts show and I got in! So...off I go to this show in New Hope, Pa, a place that’s near and dear to my heart. I will be there September 29th and 30th. If you are in the area I hope you come see me! #dowhatyoulove #luckyme #creativelifehappylife
Почему моей авки ещё нет в ленте?! 😅😜
The Playing Games table by Dooq Details
#Regram @familystaysg ・・・ What a surprise to see his classmate at a movie preview! Debunk the myth behind the legend of the #smallfoot or.. bigfoot in this funny and heartwarming movie opens on 27 Sept (my birthday hoho)! Noah missed school so much and now seeing his friend made him so happy today! Seeing the two of them together gave me that warm feeling of looking at my daughter in law 😝 . . . . . . . #Familystaysg | #smallfootmovie |#warnerbrosg | #vivocity | #ohheymama #kidsfashioninstamodel #instatoddler #instakids #cutekids24 #spectacularkidz #igkiddies #instasg #fashionkids #kidzootd #igsg #sgig #humansofjoy #darlingdaily
H e l l o F a l l 🍂
“It was a heavenly day, aflame with autumn.” ~ Anne Bosworth Greene . . Hello Autumn. Glorious days ahead. #BeautifullySaid by #annebosworthgreene #author #artist #farmjournalist #quotabelle
- Celebrating a new season 🍁🎈🍂🚗
Actually so disappointed in myself for sitting at home alone because I have no friends instead of going to the rodeo by myself seeing as it was the last one I’d ever be in Darwin for.. #foreverdisappointingmyself
It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall!! 🙌🏼 as soon as I saw these little guys I wanted to make a little fall basket for the new mantle. So whole Henrik napped yesterday I shot both the photos for the blog post ANNNND ... wait for it .... a video! Because I’m the world’s worst vlogger and it’s literally been an entire summer of no YouTube updates even though I fully promised in the second last video to shoot two videos a week moving forward lol 😂 anyways no more promises but yea that will be on the blog this Monday. #bluebirdkissedhome
The right time to try is when you have nothing to loose. The right time to fight a battle is when you have nothing much to loose. As humans, our greatest problem is fear. We’re afraid of trying new things, “What would happen to me?” “What if I lost all I have?” “What if I failed?” Above every other enemy of success and progress, fear is the most harmful. However, at a time when we find ourselves in dangerous zone, we could easily garther courage to fight hard. What happens to you when you see someone pursuing you with cultlass? What happens when you see fire burning in your home and your children inside? What happens when you perceive danger around you and have to jump from a story building? Those are tough times and (surprisingly) you’re likely to be brave in such situations. You’re likely to do impossible. The reason is because you are likely to be desperate at the tough time than at the easy period. He who is on the ground cannot fall, so why not trying? You could direct your desperation at this time to better your financial life. I discovered myself at the point of desperation. at the point when there was no other opinion than to try it or die. Life will not give you what you want but what you demand for. Standing up and doing something with your life is hard and only few people would ever take this dogged road. But I wish you’re one of those few people. I am challenging you. Be strong! Stop Complaining! Get Busy! Get your hands dirty! Start something!. Love from Value Mama #ladypreneur #beingboss #savvybusinessowner #girlpreneur #womeninbiz #smallbusinessowner #solopreneur #femaleenrepreneur #creativepreneur #theeverygirl #risingtidesociety #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #livefullyalive #dowhatyoulove #thehappynow #choosejoy #fempreneur #createeveryday #mybeautifulmess #darlingdaily #creativebusinessowner #dreamersanddoers
first day in #tokyo . welcomed by these two tiny creatures 🐶
The grapes are harvested, the view is what we enjoy... 🍇🍷
Autumn has arrived, and I am loving it. We're back to cold crisp mornings, latte runs, and extra warm blankets. Also, the leaves are starting to change and I'm bursting with excitement. 🍁 Growing up in Florida, there is only warm, to warmer, to hot, to cool, to chilly, back to warm. Needless to say, I'm like a kid in a candy store getting ready for autumn. 🍂 We have some dear friends coming into town today which makes this season even more exciting, and I'm busy making a bucket list so we don't miss anything! People that experience autumn (specifically in England), what's a must do?!
Combining prints like a pro😎🌸 (can't believe I'm supposed to be an actual pro in a few months 🙈🎈)
I have finally started a job I have been avoiding for a long time now...⠀ ⠀ To sort the thousands and thousands of photos that I’ve taken over the last 10 years into one place, in some kind of order. Ready for me to put them all together into some photobooks and keep memories, like this photo from our wedding, alive! ⠀ ⠀ Easier said than done! 🤞🏼Anyone else have a stack of photos piling up they need to organise?
My dear and little nephew Staś, is calling me "my daughter" - it is so funny. I am waiting for our next meeting 💙 _______________________ #lovethismoment #darlingdaily #darlingmoments #momentslikethese #balticsea #bałtyk #mechelinki #naturelover #sky #mojewszystko #happyplace #jesień #wrzesień #weekendvibes #feelfreefeed #thehappynow
Finally rosé season! I am one happy girl 🌹
After a long day in London yesterday taking advantage of a moment of calm waiting for this rain to stop. Heading out to catch up with friends for lunch and this rain is going to ruin my new boots! #animalprints #rainydayvibes
I had a very interesting discussion about IG with a friend of mine the other day. It encouraged me to revisit my IG identity again and I’ve decided to let it have that multiple personalities “disorder” that it wants so badly. I can’t and don’t want to stick to one single theme because I am more than one single theme: 🔻I’m a mama & I want to share my motherhood journey 🔻I’m also a parent & I find IG parenting tribe to be very enriching 🔻I’m a nomad, who lives abroad & I want to share my experience of raising a multicultural / multilingual family 🔻I’m a traveler who hopefully will never stop exploring🔻I’m a marathon runner who is planning on going back on trail (as soon as I figure out what to do with the kids 😛) 🔻I’m a huge lover of nature & outdoors 🌲 and I’ve started a hashtag #find_us_outdoors to bring outdoors fans together🔻I’m on a journey towards a simpler, slower & greener life🔻A helpless book worm & I cook to relax🔻finally, Im an ultimate altruist, I find helping others to be the most life rewarding experience . And I want to share moments from all of the above mentioned sides of me. You might have no single reason to follow me or you might have a few. To those who have at least one : Welcome 💚 #find_us_outdoors
Açai powder - what’s the deal? So many outrageous claims can be made by manufacturers when they jump on board a ‘super food’ fad. And Açai isn’t “immune”. Despite some of these crazy claims like “cures arthritis” etc. Açai powder actually packs a decent nutritional punch for such small berries.⠀ .⠀ These little berries are jam packed full of healthy fats, antioxidant rich, full of fibre and vitamins and minerals. When the berries are freeze-dried it instantly preserves the active components. Making it a great supplement to add to smoothies and juices!⠀ .⠀ As with any superfood and /or supplement, it’s not a replacement for a balanced diet full of whole foods.⠀ .⠀ What flavours do you taste when adding açai to your smoothies?⠀ .⠀ This smoothie bowl was in fact my breakfast made up of frozen banana, blueberries and raspberries, peanut butter, water, Greek yogurt and açai powder. Topped with crunchy granola and shredded coconut 👌🏻
Forgot how easy it is to take pictures of a baby. Hence the Winter spam...! ✨🍂
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder It doesn't provide any coverage but controls oil in the face and keeps it Matte as the name suggests. It lasts a good 3-4 hours after that you will need retouching. But heyy at this price point, i can't be complaining because literally it cost me less than a drink at Starbucks! Originally priced at Inr 250/- Sale price is 125/- (available in @mynykaa )Now that's a steal deal!
Gonna miss my short roommate, her mirrors I can barely see myself in and her half dead plants 🌿 Thank you @thuyxluna for letting me stay with you during my last month in Munich💖 #servusminga
What are you waiting for? . The only time that matters is now! 🙌🏼
Let the Mid-Autumn festivities begin! 🌝🏮🍵 #rescusg #flatlay #midautumnfestival #中秋节
Birth place : Earth Race : Human Politics : Freedom Religion : Love . . . . . . .Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend with loads of love and appreciation from my heart. . . . . . #DoseOfOiza #aboutlastnight #gliincredibili2 #weekend #darlingdaily
Trying to create little felt flowers for elf's headband🙈
It’s been 1 week since I last used a pump and I feel like we may be weeks/days away now from our last morning feed together. I am also off the motillium as I have slowly been weaning off. . . I tell you what though, it feels so freeing to stop pumping! 🤣 Who else can relate?! . . I will forever treasure our breastfeeding journey together, I really adored it so much and I feel very grateful that I was able to experience it. 🙏🏻 Not all Mumma’s can or want too and that’s okay too, every journey is different and every journey is sacred and beautiful. . . . . . .
Saturday mood 😎💙 ~.~ I thought the summer was over and then the sun came back... I'm the fastest getting my bikini on! . I love the beach and exploring the beautiful ocean, but when it comes to relaxing I rather be at the swimming pool reading a magazine...yes, I can be that lazy sometimes! . I have spent a really nice summer but also have been working hard. Going away on the weekends and getting the best of my free time. However I definitely have not unlimited energy and lately I felt the need of getting some rest, sleeping longer than usual and try to stay healthy for some days. Morira was perfect for recovering! . #AdventuresinStyle
how deeply are you sleeping or are you still awake? a good friend told me you've been staying out so late; be careful my darling, be careful of what it takes, what i've seen so far the good ones always seem to break
You know when you go up on a shopping journey and found the most beautiful staircase EVER?? ✨
🐾 Сладкие лапы мои на неделю
What's your colour? 🌈
Saturday night feels like...
”Be as you wish to seem” - Socrates
// Duniya ke is shor main Sikha hai mar ke Hoti zindagi kia Main dooob raha doob raha Bachana mujhe bachana
".... You ain't no blushing flower, darling, but something ancient and strong. So bloom, tall and wide, so alive Nature has no choice but to wrap herself around you." Excerpts from a book I will never write in a small museum of Paris, 2018 . . . . . . . . . #artofvisuals #lovelysquares #darlingdaily #flashesofdelight #wildatheart #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmlifeissweet #abmhappylife #thedarlingmovement #livecolorfully #distractionsandinspirations #thecaptionclub #artinspo #inspiremyinstagram #ig_paris
20 days today... #plantbased diet, no junk, no cravings, and I'm feeling like I have more energy. Years and years AND YEARS of bad eating habits, yo-yo dieting, unsure of what's good for ME, I think I finally found something I'm in love with and I'm actually sticking to. It isn't hard to do! I also have so much willpower, determination, and strength to do this! I know it's been almost 3 weeks, but hey... if I'm feeling this great, than I know I'm going to feel even greater in a year! I had no idea I'm surrounded by plant based eaters too! And... I love how much my husband supports me!!! Okay....I just had to brag about this amazing feeling!!! . . . #hawaii #maui #youareloved #alohalife #mauihawaii #mauivacation #hawaiivacation #havealohawilltravel #loveandaloha #darlingdaily #verilymoment #seeksimplicity #momentsofmine #posttheordinary #simpleandstill #simplepleasures #makeitblissful #mauinokaoi #hawaiiinstagram #instagood #smoothie #healthyfood #plantbased #cleaneating #veganfood #smoothies #healthyeating
Colour Pop...💕 We're wishing for a SUN filled Saturday and look forward to seeing your in our Gallery to collect some colour goodness for your homes✅✅✅ OPEN from 11am today...👌🏼 Happy Holidays🦄 C x . . #WYATTART . . . . . . #abmlifeiscolorful #dscolor #artdealer #homedecor #nothingisordinary #studiosession . . . . . . #interiordesign #melbournart #puresuepretty #artdaily #artste #dsart #darlingdaily #homedecorating #colorsplash #designerhome #inspiration #thedesignfiles #luxurylifestyle #myunicornlife #acolorstory #houseandhome #habitandhome #candygirlgang #daringmovement #pocketofmyhome #huntgramcolor #visitballarat #artistofinstagram
District 6 Museum.
Happy Friday Everyone! _______________________________________________ Here are some of my favourite single eyeshadows at the moment. I'm still on the hunt for a mustard yellow (that will show up on a medium skin tone) and a khaki green. Any recommendations?
Skincare Review: Sorbet Salon Skin Vitamin Rescue Masque (around R55 for 100ml). _______________________________________________ If you've been reading my reviews/watching my Insta Stories for a while, you'll know that I love this mask. Enriched with kaolin clay, shea butter, lemon fruit oil, orange fruit oil, and bergamot fruit oil, this mask is cleansing and nourishing. This product has a smooth, clay-like consistency and applies pretty easily. It dries down after 10 minutes but I like to keep this mask on for 20 minutes. Even though this mask is relatively easy to remove, I suggest using lukewarm water and a face cloth to remove this mask. _______________________________________________ I love clay masks because most of them do an excellent job at deeply cleansing the skin. However, many of them leave the skin feeling dry and stripped. Thanks to shea butter, this Sorbet mask has the opposite effect. It does a good job at cleaning out the pores but what I love most about this is the fact that it leaves my skin moisturised and nourished. In addition, it soothes the skin and helps with skin texture. Because of this, my skin feels softer and smoother after use and my makeup applies so much better! _______________________________________________ As you can tell, I'm a fan and I do think this is a mask that will suit most skin types. Will I repurchase? Obviously, I always keep a back up or two of this. Also, shoutout to @bymegankelly for recommending this 💜 Have you tried this mask? Let me know below! #burgundyxsorbet
↠ there are planets & stars in your eyes ↠ and there are fires & oceans in your veins ↠ your head is a forest ↠ your heart is a meadow ↠ and you are a work of art ↠ 3.a.m. ↠ • ✨ Big Love to @glamourmejewellery for always delivering the goods & satisfying my jewellery-craving every time 💛✨ Happy Friday Lovelies ✨✨✨ . . . . . . . . . . . #bloggervibes #bloglife #bloggerslife #peoplescreatives #peoplescreative #floralfoam #flowerphotography #instaflowers #blogwithme #blogger #instablogger #flowerchild #flowerlover #iloveflowers #mybeautifulmess #persuepretty #travelcommunity #traveltagged #gltlove #darlings #darlingdaily #glitterguide #beautifulmatters #australianblogger #beautygirl #femmetravel #girlsborntotravel #worldnomads #ladiesgoneglobal #sidewalkerdaily
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