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6-10! 6. Marty Scurll The Villain! Whether he’s singing on BTE or battling it out with Okada! Marty is nothing short of entertaining, his moveset of breaking fingers and CHICKEN WINGS never seem to fail. I’m still kind of mad he wasn’t in the UK tourney but I understand WWE isn’t the end all be all for anyone. Wherever he is, I’ll be watching. Fav Match : Vs Will Ospreay at NJPW Sakura Genesis 2018 7. Hiromu Takahashi The ticking time bomb comes in at number 7, I actually wanted to put him higher but I remembered I’m not going in any order. My love for Naito started to grow more and I started paying attention more to his tag matches and after he won the G1 27, I watched these series of events where he would team with this Junior named Hiromu! What a ball of energy, with a high speed moveset and crazy daredevil charisma. He’s made me watch every promo just to see what he has to say, LIJ has done that for me! GET WELL SOON HIROMU-SAN Fav Match : Vs Taiji Ishimori at NJPW BOSJ Night 14 2018 8. Zack Sabre Jr The Submission Machine! I first saw Zack in the cruiserweight classic, and he looked like a regular no name cruiserweight. But I would later find out he was way more than that! Taking a step back and watching RevPro I saw a bunch of matches where Zack would twist you up in ways you haven’t imagined. There’s a reason this guy is no super junior he’s a heavyweight. The 2018 NJ cup winner is destined to break out and win more titles! Fav Match : Vs Sanada at NJPW Cup 2018 Night 8 9. Pete Dunne The Bruiserweight! It seems every single time he’s in a promo or on TV, I’m watching. When I first heard of this UK Tourney, I will admit I was not accustomed to household names such as Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven. But boy was I in for a show, as soon as I saw him attack Sam Gradwell and make a statement. I was hooked, him & Tyler bate have this way of blending a high flying moveset with old school England moves it’s nothing short of amazing. Fav Match : Vs Tyler Bate at NXT Takeover Chicago 2017 SEE COMMENTS FOR #10 ! 10-15 tomorrow!
Cm punk said he can't even watch 8 seconds of wwe and will not be making a return but then again he did say the Cm in his name stood for Cookie Monster , Chicago Made but it really means Chick Magnet from his backyard wrestling days #wwe #wweisreal #finnbálor #finn #bulletclub #balorclub #docgallows #roh #njpw #kennyomega #cmpunk #wweppv #indys #indepentwrestling #wwenetwork #karlanderson #killerelitesquad #villianclub #martyscrull #tamatonga #badluckfale #johncena #kingofshovelstyle #FINNBÁLOR #kotaibushi #suzukigun #kingoftheindies #darryltakahashi
Day 3 of #ShirtsUntilWrestlemania . Be tranquilo, brothers.
So my fiancé decided to surprise me for my birthday and get me a Darryl lol. I love her so much! Lol. #Darryl #Wrestling #DarrylTakahashi
When your #friyay was everyone else’s #monday and you’re left with a smorgasbord of conflicting emotions #lordhero #kingofnursingstyle #daysoff throwback to when I had the pleasure in meeting @toksfale and brought some justice for #darryltakahashi #losingobernablesdejapon #njpw #bulletclub #bc4life #wrestling
this is probably the most tiring Saturday ive ever had by far. got home at 2am today and i had to wake up at 5am to go to my workplace which is soo far away from where i live, so i only got 3 hours of sleep and for the whole day ive been really busy and right now i'm tired as HELL... drank about 5 cuppa coofees during work. just as i thought this Saturday couldnt get any worse, right after i opened my instagram, boi i knew i was wrong. i can't believe someone would die in such a young age! #RIPDarrylTakahashi from the bottom of my heart, you will always be missed!