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Uh yea, everything looks fiiiiiine! For real I just paid off a credit card! 🎉🎉🎉 I'm so excited to be done with this card!! This card sucked so bad, it was the lowest balance we, and we've had it for the least amount of time, but it had the highest interest of them all! So glad to be done with Chase, never again! . . . . . . . . #daveramsey #financialfreedom #fpu #debtfree #debtsnowball #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #payoffdebt #paidoff #cashisking #debtfreeliving #budget #budgeting #sucess #debtfreedom #financiallyfree #personalfinance
Hiking with my awesome family who also likes to hike which makes them cooler than your family 💚. #runonsentence Thank you Hayden did sending me this pic!!
Today I finally updated this chart to reflect the paid off pickup! 🙌🏻 Swipe to see how it was when we began. . Our monthly minimum payments have gone from $1,800 down to $552.36. . We've been on this journey for what seems like forever, but we've been killing it and have only ever truly had one income. We've added two children and moved literally a half dozen times, paid thousands of dollars toward Murphy visits and so on. Even when you feel like you're stuck in a rut, if you continue your positive behavior you WILL make huge gains! Don't let anything get in the way. 👊🏻 . . . . #positivity #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #wewillbemillionaires #familyfinances #singleincome #daveramsey #totalmoneymakeover #milso #milsobloggers #debtfreefam #debtfreeasap
Gratitude is a choice and it can help make difficult things easier. It can open doors in all areas of your life including your financial wealth and your overall well being. #LeverageMy401k #Investinyou #daveramsey
T.G.I.F. 🎉 Am I right, tho?? 🎉 . . . This is my #gettinouttadebtdance 💃🏻 it makes my husband super proud... I think? 🤷🏻‍♀️We like to keep things SUPER cheesy 🧀 in our household, but we really do have something MAJOR to celebrate & these spectacular dance moves weren’t wasted on nothing... update coming soon!! . . . HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!! . . #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #gettinouttadebtdance #debtfreefriday #cheeseballs #lameparents #OR #coolparents #itsallaboutperspective #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #babystep2
I literally could not wait until this paycheck. It feels so surreal to not have to make a payment towards debt. While we are building our Emergency Fund, we still feel like we can breathe a little deeper. This feeling is what makes it all worth it! Helping others achieve what we did was worth it! I will never look back and say that none of this was not worth the blood sweat and tears along the way! I love being a Financial Coach and the rewards I’m seeing before my very eyes helping others create a solid plan to be financially successful!👊 • • • #financiallyfitfriday #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #daveramsey #babystep2 #debtfreejourney #proverbs22v7 #proverbs31woman #debtsnowball #debtfreeliving #saynotodebt #beintentional #livelikenooneelse #theborrowerisslavetothelender #budgetgirl #everydollar #ynab #minimalism #purger #determined #goals #buildwealth #professionalorganizer #financialfreedom #mastercoach
Today is a good day! I got my contract for this coming year (raise included) and I made $10 selling a Facebook listing! #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #moneymatters #pennypincher #daveramsey #budgeting #moneytips #frugalliving #sidehustle #sinkingfunds #cashenvelopes #studentloans
🌸People say to me all the time, "I could never do what you do. I'm just not like you.” 🤦🏼‍♀️ And I just think, "Then you don't know me at all!" 🤷🏼‍♀️ Because the only miraculous thing that I did is literally set a goal that I 🏔 failed to meet multiple times and never give up. 💝 I learned from every experience and I kept going. #keepmovingforward #believeinyou #goals #tbi #tbisurvivor #traumaticbraininjury #concussions #successquotes #daveramsey #failforward #nevergiveup
Debtfree community I need your help. How do I budget/save when I live paycheck to paycheck? I’m having a hard time prioritizing and deciding how and where to assign any little bit of money leftover when I’m paid. Anyone else on a very tight budget have any advice you can give?? Thanks in advance :). #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #daveramsey #savings #savingmoney #paychecktopaycheck #bills #help #debtfreegoals
As you can imagine, we are over the moon! We were able to throw another $944 to debt with this paycheck and that takes our consumer debt total to just under $20K!!!! Can someone say "PARTY!"?? Of course... our party is happening at Aldi's with our cash envelopes but a victory is a victory! #debtisdumb #cashisking #freedomfromdebt #daveramsey #livelikenooneelse #debtfreecommunity #DebtFreeWannabes
Working on a team isn't ALWAYS 🦋 and 🌹. I remember a time that my friend, Shalom, and I were working on a project. I at one point not so kindly said, "what you are trying to do is a waist of time, just Google something and print it off". 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😩😮😱 (Can you say #FootInMouth ) • I've written before that sometimes I just "want to nail it out and get it done" and I often don't think" "what would I enjoy bringing to the table and doing". In this moment with Shalom I learned a HUGE lesson on being a good friend and work partner. • I learned that my point of view isn't the only point of view. What I may not see as "value" and as a "waist of time" doeant actually mean it's true. We all bring something to the table and to work well on a team, you have to see from the others perspective and find value in what they bring. Thankfully Shalom is so kind and forgiving and we were able to move past that and finish the project strong! • We have one life to live and I am working on not just "getting it done" but really allowing myself to find beauty in something and bringing my gifts and strengths to the table and other trying to play every role. • Tag a friend who has loved you through a "growing and leaning" (😂)! #Letsberealtogether
(Disclaimer: we do still have a mortgage) Today we paid off our last consumer debt and I couldn’t be more excited!!!! We started this journey 10 months ago, and before starting this journey, I didn’t think we’d be able to get out of debt. We didn’t have a lot of debt, around 15k, but we are a one income family, and it’s a small income at that. We buckled down, cut everything that we could from our budget, and sacrificed a lot, but it was all worth it!!! Next on our agenda is to cash flow a vacation before starting BS3. If you haven’t started your debt free journey, quit making excuses and start today, you’ll be glad you did. I can’t even begin to tell you the relief you’ll feel when you dig yourself out of debt! There’s a whole community waiting to cheer you on! #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreegoals #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #debtisdumb #debtfreelife #financialfreedom
The sweetest lady has kept Gatlin at her in-home daycare since he was 3 months old. She is a friend of my sister in law, so she has always given us a great deal. However, she is moving to Illinois to retire where her family is living. I totally understand it, but we are going to miss her so much. We toured a couple traditional daycares and a few in-home daycares. They all gave me so much anxiety. Finally, we visited one on Wednesday night that was AMAZING! The owner and staff are so laid back! We signed Gatlin up right away. It is a $40/per week increase payment wise but I will pay every cent to have peace of mind that he is being cared for properly! #debtsnowball #debtfree #daveramseybabystep1 #daveramsey #daveramseybabystep2 #debtisdumb #debtfreedom #debtfreelife #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #debtfreemama #debtfreeteacher #debtfreeliving #debtfreefamily
Who are YOUR people? I’m working on our office and organizing books. Dedicated the top shelf to those titles that get me in the right mindset anytime, EVERY TIME! What titles or authors would you add? #emerson #drseuss #pooh #disney #antoinedesaintexupéry #briantracy #rachelhollis #garyvee #jensincero #jeffolson #daveramsey #motivation #bookshelf #bookstack #boymombookworm
What is your ikigai? 🌅 Find your life purpose. Link in the bio! #ikigai #LamFinancials
It’s Friday! Which means it’s pay day! And this also means I’ve officially survived my first two weeks using the cash envelope system. I did pretty well these past two weeks didn’t go over my budget and was even able to go out with friends a few times! Overall, I would say it’s a success! #cashenvelopes #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtfreejourney #daveramsey #payday
When I look at it all on paper, it may take me 2 years to get out of BS2. Just 2 short years of being strict and disciplined and reprogramming my spending habits. That's it. 2 years to be completely debt free. It seems overwhelming. Especially if you follow others of the plan and see them paying of $100,000 in like 6 months. Lol but everyone has their own pace and I'm not in it to race others. I'll be in BS1 longer than I want to, but I'll get there!
Some people ask me why I have stock accounts. One of my stock accounts has gone up 69.6% in the past 52 weeks. It is a solid stock in the company where my husband works (this is outside of the regular 401k contribution). Everyone is different and I will probably end up opening a vanguard index soon, but 69.6% increase in value is much more than my traditional savings accounts 🤷🏽‍♀️.
For paying off debt faster while saving money on interest, the DEBT AVALANCHE method can help you do both! ✅ With some crafty budgeting, any extra payments you can apply towards loans, credit cards (any bills with interest) will get those those balances paid down quicker. This leaves you paying less in interest (YES!), closer to debt free (YES!) and empowered (YES!). ✔️✔️✔️
My husband is my everything. We started this journey not on the same page, he thought I was crazy suggesting this plan. He wasn’t on board for months. I did Baby Step 1 by myself and had to hide the cash at home so he wouldn’t spend it. It took him one time listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast and he was hooked. Now there are months where he is more intense then I am for the plan. But last night we talked about our goals again and where we want to see ourselves in the next 3 years, 10 years and 30 years. This journey has been amazing for our pockets but more amazing for our marriage- no more “fights” about money but healthy discussions. If you and your spouse are struggling to be on the same page about your finances check out the podcast !!
I so needed this today. I ran out of my shape tape concealer by tarte and, with today being payday, was so tempted to go out and buy some. But is $27 and my beauty budget is only $20. Instead I bought a cheap foundation from Walmart that I’m going to use in its place. It’s hard to be a makeup addict on a budget but I know it’s worth it in the end! Now I’m off to eat ramen. 📷 @_life_makeover_ #budget #lifeonabudget #girlonabudget #debt #debtfree #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #willpower #selfcontrol #totalmoneymakeover #daveramsey #workhardsavehard #spendlesssavemore
I swear how does everything relate and apply to our #debtfreejourney ?! 💛 one thing i am looking forward to more than anything is looking at this instagram account 4 years from now and seeing how far we have come 😍• • #debt #debtfreegoals #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #beweird #budget #fire #financialpeace #financialfreedom #financialpeaceuniversity #debtfree #debtfreedom #budget #beweird #beintentional #behaviormodification #debtisdumb #debtfreecommunity #totalmoneymakeover
💰💰IT'S PAY DAY 💰💰 💲 Getting ready to take out my cash envelopes and sinking funds for this week 💲 The amounts have changed ⬆️ because silly me just realized I only have 14 more checks until I get 3 months of UNPAID leave and my sinking funds need to be fully loaded until I receive income again 💲 This week I have two one time items (laundry and baby sitter) plus I can't take out an odd number from the ATM so I had to find a fund to throw the extra $3 at. 💲 💲 I also have all my bills set to automatically deduct on the due date so I have to know how much to keep in my account. My rent is set to automatically go into my savings every check. So on the first I just transfer the rent amount to the apartment complex. Instead of having a large number in my checking and risk spending it. I keep gas in my account because too lazy to pay inside, pump gas, get change inside, walk back to car. I keep my groceries in my account so I can track my spending off my bank statements. This week I have a doctor's appointment and my SON'S BIRTHDAY. So everything else went straight to savings 🤑🤑🤑🤑 . . #BabyStep3 #daveramsey #livingmybestlife #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #accounts #savings #sinkingfunds #organization #prepared #cashenvelope #cashenvelopesystem
$1222.00 🗣It’s August 17 and I have knocked out $1222.00 in Credit Card debt and hit my monthly #Poshmark sells goal this morning 😬 in 17 days with half the month to spare 🤟🏽😭😳🤯#AugustIsMyLittleB #debtfreecommunity #nothingButGod #debtfree #babysteps #teamsmallshovel #daveramsey #everydollar #bitmoji #happydance #livingmybestlife
This got me fired up 😡 seriously over $2k a year in interest do you know what I could do with $2k? That’s almost my annual vacation budget, thats two LV bags, 2 Stuarts 🙄 🚗, unlimited mimosas 😅 j/k but seriously that could get me out if a lot of jams. I cant find the girl who posted this to give her the credit but I went on Navient into tools and request and found the interest calculator and thats where it showed me that the daily amount of interest accrued $6.18, I multiplied that by 365 days in a year and that’s how I got the total. I cant wait to start on my student loans. I remember only being in the 30’ks in student loan debt and now im in the mid 40’s 😡 I cant even imagine people paying this for years on years. Student Loans are bad debt they should be treated like credit card and all the other debts because they accrue interest as the credit cards do. Dont let these financial gurus tell you otherwise. I feel like Arya from Game of Thrones and that kill list she had.
Going through my cupboards and forgot I had bought this last year in Walmart.....it’s soooooo nice 😋🙌🏼 Might need to stock up in a few weeks when I’m back in the states 🇺🇸 #menuplanning #pantrychallenge #daveramsey #budget
🙄🙄🙄 #RealTalk
#TBT Yeah, I know I'm a day late with this throw back, but the reality is, that in about 12 weeks, this is the scene we're going to be seeing all over our feed because Christmas is coming fast y'all! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So the big question is, is your budget ready? Do you already have cash on hand for all those family photos, Christmas cards, gifts, decor, travel, food, etc.? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If not, now's the time to start getting ready! Are you going to be joining me for a #debtfreeChristmas this year? It'll be our 6th one! To join the challenge, sign up at the link in my profile! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #reallifeonabudget #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeliving #budgeting #frugalliving #daveramsey #personalfinance #homemaking
Last week I scoured the internet and saved a few recipes that were somewhat healthy, had few ingredients, and looked easy to make. I swung by the stored and grabbed the items and didn’t spend an insane amount of money. This is HUGE for me! Typically, Josh does all of the shopping and cooking and we eat out when he needs a break. With school starting and our focus on #babystep6 I decided to be more intentional about supper time. I am actually excited to try these recipes and have our friends over for a cookout tonight! I’ve heard @daveramsey say, “beans and rice, rice and beans” a million times. I’m trying it on for size with a Kielbasa skillet. Stay tuned to see if it’s any good. Maybe Dave is on to something there. Side note: Josh and know where to splurge. Aldi French vanilla coffee makes our Saturday mornings amazing! . . . #daveramsey #debtfreeaf #debtfreeliving #debtfreecommunity #mealplan #mealplanning #frugalliving
Let me know- what do you want to see on our page? We are open to posting what you wanna hear about!! . . We are this close to having PMI gone forever! . #debtfreescream #debtfreecommunity #mortgagefree #daveramsey #frugalliving
Giving up my espresso addiction is just not an option. I invested in a espresso machine since a double espresso was costing me $2.42 at Starbucks. I add premier protein vanilla which has 30g protein and only 5g carbs. I get a 12 pack of these for $16.66 at Sam’s club. This is my typical breakfast and many days my lunch as well! Has any one gave up coffee on their debt free journey? ☕️ #daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #espresso #breville #premierprotein
After today, I have ate out 6 times this month 🙄 I was comparing last month's cash envelope spending tracker for my Food budget, and man, what a difference! You can definitely tell that I slacked on my meal planning this month. Today, I gave the last of the lunch meat to Chris for his lunch, which left me nothing for leftovers or a sandwich. I have been trying to save as much money as I could this month, and without meal planning, it meant a lot of ceral and scrounging for things in the kitchen. After comparing my cash spending logs, it made me wonder - How much do I really spend on lunches during each pay period? From eating out to lunch supplies, I'm curious to know what percentage of my food budget actually goes towards lunches while I'm at work. If I want to save more money in my food budget, I need to look at all areas of my food budget - not just dinner. So starting with my paycheck on the 20th, I will be breaking my food budget down into two major categories - lunches and dinners. It will be interesting to see what my expense trackers tell me. From there, I'm going to look at ways I can cut costs! #cashenvelopesystem
Here is my Bi-weekly budget clips. Clip amounts are still a bit high, but next paycheck I’ll be back to normal 😊. These started on 8/15. All cash is still in them but $10 from my lunch clip. It’s so weird that before my journey I would have that this amount of money would get me nothing. I was so wasteful for sure! - #debtfreejourney #debtfree #debtsnowball #debtfreeisthenewsexy #debtfreedom #debts #debtfreeliving #debt #debtsucks #debtslave #nocredit #change #savingmoney #journaling #payingoffdebt #getoutofdebt #babysteps #budget #budgeting #saving #pennypinching #money #findingpeace #nomoredebt #daveramsey #minimalism #fpu #cashisking
Back to school week had me all 🤯 My oldest started 2nd Grade and my little one started Pre K. I was all jumbled since public school started on Wednesday but my little one started Monday. Running around, getting adjusted and trying to get a routine in place. This is my first time having both kids in school (even though my youngest only goes 3x a week). Hopefully I can start getting some more stuff done around the house and continue on with my decluttering/reselling mission. #debtfreecommunity #daveramsey #declutter
Finally got my reimbursement check for a work trip earlier this month, I just deposited it and set it to transfer to #debtsnowball number 2 on Monday!! #babystep2 #daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney
On set with @chrishogan360 for the #everydaymillionaires book trailer. Available for preorder now! Super pumped for this, Chris! . . . . #creatives #ramseycreative #daveramsey #chrishogan #nashville #production #productionlife #reallionaires
Give me my money 💸💸💸 If you want to get out of debt faster get yourself a side hustle. This might not seem like a lot of money but it adds up. There are people out here making serious money on eBay. Buy cheap sell higher .There no reason to be broke
Last nights pantry challenge meal was yummy Asian pork chops and coconut rice. It was the last of the fresh meat we have. Tonight I gotta figure out how to make dinner magic with a couple of frozen breaded chicken patties. I’m hoping to make What little we have left last until Tuesday. Challenge is actually kind of fun and we have saved around $150-$200 #pantrychallenge #zerofoodwaste #useupwhatyouhave #fridgechallenge #fridgecleanout #debtfreecommunity #mealplanning #budgetingmom #daveramsey #rachelcruze
I honestly wouldn’t know how
Happy Friday! I wish I was still off but there is too much stuff left to do at work before the weekend comes. I would've loved another day to work on my blog but life doesn't work that way sometimes lol. What do you have planned for the weekend? Any parties? Concerts? Craft fair? I found this great reminder from the @the.frugalfox 😊
This week has been so stressful for me. . . . Messing up? Totally normal. Fixing it? Totally possible. Your mistakes don't have to be utter failures -- take some time to find the lesson, then adjust your habits so it doesn't happen again. You got this! ✨ #Repost @thefinancialdiet . . . . . . #budgetingmommy #debtfreedom #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #budgeting #budgets #debtfreejourney #roadtodebtfreedom #financialfreedom #debtfreeliving #budgetplanning #moneymanagement #daveramsey
I just went grocery shopping & I showed the money who is boss! Kroger is having ridiculous sales & #Ibotta & #Checkout51 have some serious rebates too! I’m getting $9.50 in rebates on top of the $108 I saved at Kroger. Also I spent under $165! Insane! Grab the Kroger ad & search out the deals!! Worth it! Cheese is $0.99, cereal $0.99, lunch meat is on sale for $2.79 (the good natural stuff) etc! #groceryshopping #budget #financialfreedom #debtfreecommunity #coupon #rebate #daveramsey #financialpeace #financialpeaceuniversity #familyof6 #momlife
@daveramsey I agree Mr.Ramsey, I agree
BOOK GIVEAWAY! This one taught me how I could be smarter with my money. I wanted to learn more about investing and budgeting as part of my goal for achieving financial stability. Retire Inspired by @chrishogan360 is my favorite finance book I've read so far because it explains investing/saving options and what we can do TODAY to spend smarter. I've already been implementing these changes and am so grateful for Chris's wisdom. I loved this book so much that I wanted to pass it on and gift it to one of you who also wants to take care of their money and learn smart ways to save and spend. HOW TO ENTER: 1. Follow me on Instagram 2. Comment on this photo and tag at least one friend below 3. BONUS: Write at least a few words about why you want to read this book (this will help your chances of winning so write as much as you want) Enter as many times as you'd like. Giveaway ends 8/24/18 11:59pm PST. I will choose 1 person and send them a (gently used) copy of this book. Everyone deserves to feel good about their finances! What are some resources you've found helpful? I also like the EveryDollar app for tracking my spending :) Sending you lots of love!
Today I have a phone interview with a recruiter at a staffing firm!! Currently I’m working part time for a family friend as an assistant which is great because it gives me a lot of flexibility but it’s not salaried and definitely won’t be able to support us once we move back out on our own! This job would be salaried + commission and would give us a lot of benefits!! Definitely going to have to do a pro/con list after I get all the details. Wish me luck! 🙌🏼 #daveramseybabysteps #savings #daveramsey #gazelleintensity #debtfreejourney
New Get The Acceptance Letter #Podcast : Episode 43: How To Use A 10K Scholarship Application To Win Even More Scholarships! ***LINK IN BIO*** https://gettheacceptanceletter.online/episode-43-how-to-use-a-10k-scholarship-application-to-win-even-more-scholarships/ #TomJoynercruise #Essencefestival #Oprah #hbcu #scholarship #debtfree #blessed #collegebound #debtfreedegree #classof2019 #classof2020 #classof2021 #classof2022 #DaveRamsey #Financialpeace #DST
Checking our account this morning and seeing THE LAST minimum payment come out on our LAST debt in #babystep2 is pretty freaking awesome. This afternoon we'll pay the remaining balance and become #debtfree !!! - - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I'm starting year 33 on #babystep3 and couldn't be more #thankful !! This #debtfreejourney started too long ago but we made it! - - - - #debtfreecommunity #daverameybabysteps #daveramsey #bs2 #debtfreegoals #debtfreescream #rachelcruze #financialpeaceuniversity #fpu #debtisdumb #cashisking
We are closing in on the final small balance credit cards we have and we are trying to consider what to do next. When my daughter had her accident, our health insurance ended up covering it 100% because the deductible and OOP had been met. I filed my supplemental accident insurance and we expect around $2000. So where we are struggling is deciding what to pay off next. If we go the normal #daveramsey way, we would just continue the snowball and roll around $125 a month into our next debts. But what we are considering is paying off our bank loan and then starting back at the bottom BECAUSE the bank loan has a remaining balance of $927 and the monthly payment is $145 a month. We could use that $145 to quickly demolish the rest of the credit cards and then move on to our large credit card balances. What do you think? #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreemarriage #debtisdumb #cashisking #snowball #babystep2 #daveramseybabysteps
Why did I ever think this was ok?? . . A payment plan on a phone?? . . I convinced my old self that this would save me money 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . WRONG - PAID OFF!!!!! #AnotherOneBitesTheDust . #daveramseycommunity #financialpeaceuniversity #financialfreedom #savingmoney #fpu #daveramseybabysteps #daveramsey #daveramseywouldbeproud #babystepnumbertwo #changinggenerations #gazelleintense #debtfree #debtfreejourney
Taxpayers with higher 1040 taxable incomes who are self-employed but are not “specified service businesses” may find it beneficial to structure new businesses, or restructure an existing business, as an S corporation to avoid taxable income limitations that apply to the new 20% Sec. 199A pass-through deduction. Visit our blog to learn more: https://bit.ly/2MYeD43
5 month’s using Arbonne’s skincare and nutrition product and this is my teammate’s transformation. Like I’ve said before, I’ll put Arbonne up against ANY other skincare products with full confidence that the results will speak for themselves. Yeah- this stuff works. 💁🏼‍♀️
A quick $8 sale! All my cash from selling items goes into an envelope for savings and items that I sell online go to my savings account! #Minimalism #LessIsMore #LessIsTheNewMore #SellItAll #SellAllTheThings #PayoffDebt #DebtFreeCommunity #GettingOutOfDebt #BS2 #BabySteps #DebtIsNormal #BeWeird #DaveRamsey #SavingMoney
Buy what lasts the longest - not what is the cheapest • I’ve probably had 20+ scarves in my life and none have lasted as long as this classic cashmere Burberry Nova from @webuydesigner • There was a time where I would have purchased an item because it was the cheapest available but that’s a surprisingly expensive lesson to learn • It’s always better to buy 1 item that’s expensive that will last many years than the cheapest item that will break in months • FYI, this was £150 pre-loved but they retail for £395 AND @webuydesigner lets you trade in designer items towards a purchase so I only paid £40 • What have you purchased “for life”?
Time to side hustle. #bossman #girlboss #powercouple
A little (LONG) financial update for ya! 🙃 We have been on our #debtfreejourney for 3 months now. And let me tell you, IT WORKS! Making a #budget and sticking to it, having a plan in place with the future in mind gets the #stampofapproval from me and Mr. (who honestly thought I'd gone off the deep end, and still thinks that sometimes 😋). Since we started our journey, we have eliminated credit card debt, we able to #cashflow fees for grad school, a deposit on the place we'll be moving into in December, and several other smaller purchases. It feels so good not to swipe a #creditcard . Not only that, we're about 2 months ahead on our truck payment and already have a small sinking fund for Christmas, moving, and fees for next semester. Sometimes I can't believe that we've done this. Our shovel is small, but it's still mighty 💪💪 We've been telling our money where to go, which led to finding more money in our budget than we realized we had! Also, we finally got the tax return check went been waiting on. It was going straight to savings when we got it (specifically those sinking funds). But guess what?? Mr. got a tax return from 2013! Money we never even expected. We were able to get a few new clothing items that we really needed, all on clearance or reduced price of course 😉 But I could tell while we were #shopping how much more #intentional we were about the items we chose and how much we were spending. Our life has improved greatly in these three short months. I'm so #grateful for the support and encouragement of this #debtfreecommunity 💕 And I am seeing a #future for us that I could not imagine before! #debtfree #daveramsey #babysteps #financialpeace #financialfreedom #goals #lovinglife
And I'm back with the Personal Finance Fridays series. Today I'm going to talk about Baby Step 2! Now that you’re prepared to avoid future debt, it’s finally time to get rid of your current debt. Start by listing everything you owe except your mortgage. This is called the debt snowball method, and you’ll use it to knock out your debts one by one. You’ll order your debts by balance, smallest to largest. Don't worry about interest rates unless two debts have similar payoffs—then you’ll list the higher interest rate debt first. Attack the first balance on your list by paying as much as you can each month while making minimum payments on your other debts. When you’ve paid it off, add what you were paying on it to the payment on your next debt and start attacking it. Your results will keep you motivated to dump all your debt. Before you know it, you're debt-free! My family just became debt free 2 days ago using the Debt Snowball method and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm preparing a special post to talk about my journey into debt freedom, stay tuned. If you'd like to learn more about my journey, feel free to DM me. I highly recommend you sign up for Financial Peace University. Link on my profile. #babysteps #financialpeaceuniversity #debtsnowball #livelikenooneelse #daveramsey #totalmoneymakeover #budgetnerd #fpu #personalfinance #gazelleintense
Found these adorable felt bills and coins at Target! 🎯🙌🏻 In our home I plan to use them for learning to count of course but also as rewards that represent real money! I can’t trust my kiddos yet with the real deal haha Spend. Save. Invest. Tithe. Give. It is NEVER too early to teach our children to handle their money wisely! #Homeschool #Preschool #Target #Counting #RealLifeLearning #Montessori #Budget #Money #Bills #DaveRamsey
Groceries is the best place we can try to save so that we can apply more money to our debt....but y’all....FOOD IS EXPENSIVE! Kroger had some of their Perdue buy one get one free. I went early and was able to score some clearance meat. Great deal. We’ve always bought organic, but we just simply can’t do that and get rid of this debt. It’s been hard for me to accept, but I’m trying let go and just be thankful to have our bellies full each day.
We are in the middle and let me tell you what...it’s not always my favorite part. Who doesn’t love a good beginning where you have your eye on the prize as you begin to excitedly accelerate towards it? Endings usually symbolize mountain tops or finish lines or some voice saying “you have arrived at your destination” whether it’s a robot or the one in your heart. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The middle though? This is the uncomfortable part but also, probably the most familiar for all of us. Maybe it’s because beginnings and endings are brief while the middles take up most of the chapters. And these chapters involve trials, waiting, fears, insecurities, falling, getting back up, struggling, wrestling & trying over and over again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You wanna know the best part of the middle that is absolutely vital for our souls? The middle is the only place one can train for resilient character...it doesn’t come in the beginning or end but in the messy middle where life is unfolding...where magic is happening. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If we gave up when our marriage was at its lowest, we wouldn’t be experiencing the redemptive love story we are today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If we gave up dreaming of being debt free when we moved to Uganda with $65,000 looming over our heads that we knew we wouldn’t be able to touch with a ten foot pole for years, we wouldn’t be dancing on the mountain top right now. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And if we give up hope now as we wait for our adoption story to finish being written, we are robbing ourselves of experiencing the fullness of Gods promises for our family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You guys, the middle is messy but it’s true what Brené says (I mean everything she says is gold amiright?) THIS is where the magic happens. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Keep dreaming. Keep rising. Keeping holding onto hope. Keep believing it for yourself. Keep surrendering. Keep GOING! Please keep going. Please don’t give up on your ultimate joy and freedom, whatever that may be for your story. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #debtfreejourney #adoptionjourney #adoptionrocks #debtfreelife #marriageisbeautiful #risingstrong #daveramsey #vulnerabilityisstrength
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