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Monday Blues. Easily my most worn sneakers #wearyourkicks . . . 🎵And I don't ever got all the famous people following and tweeting me I don't care about a cliche long as God and my fam here wit me I'm content proclaiming Jesus living my dream no matter if you feeling me And that's all facts” 🎵Facts 👏 @iamaaroncole
THE LO LO 🐎🎾🇺🇸 #DefineHeat x #WhatDidJamRock x #PoloRL #GAP #NikeSB #USOpen2018
✨📱✨ The best of all the “Toe” series of shoes even they’re not apart of it. Severely underrated shoe. 🦎AJ1 Chameleon🦎|#fightthehype
✨📱✨ Can’t get enough of these. ♎️Court Purple 1♎️|#fightthehype
Fall’s finally here, still keeping it colourful though 🤷‍♂️ #wearyourkicks . . . 🎵Father, Son and Spirit, that's the three amigos (aye)
Woke up in the morning, I just did my devo (my devo) That's the way I doodoo on my ego (on my ego)” 🎵Coquito 🥥 @andymineo
Friday night feet. Let’s go!
Christ got me as clean as these sneaks ⚪️ . . . 🎵”Oo, what’s the case Oo, what’s the case Yeah, this that love that erased all of my mistakes”🎵What’s The Case? 💼 @tedashii
✨📱✨ Easy choice for a short trip. ♎️Court Purple 1♎️|#fightthehype
I’m gonna keep it a buck. I don’t know how I feel about these. Materials and all are nice but these are mad big and doofy. I can probably put it with something else dope and rock but... 😪😪 #DefineHeat x #WhatDidJamCop x #Yeezy700 #Waverunner #Adidas
10.8.18 Skepta x Nike Air Max Deluxe #DefineHeat
✨📱✨ Has the hype already died on these? One of my dogs photobombed the mess out of this shot. Huge S/O to the homie @double_7_lo pulling Copperfield strings to get my size for me. Much appreciated my G. Some people are ALWAYS good business and he’s definitely one of them.
Recluse ✌🏾
About to get out for a little while. Cool Grey XI always look good on a cloudy fall day.
✨📱✨ Tinker need to stop playing and drop these again. Idc how many red shoes they make, these the GOAT red shoe. 👺Air Jordan 21 Aspirational👺|#fightthehype
Broken, defeated, lost by single digits, used, debugged, exposed, denied, rejection when I walked in the doors. Healed, victorious, won it double digits, feared, admired, and found acceptance when I walked out. Behavior is a cloaking mechanism. Feel blessed if you actually know what someone is going through.
Probably the most underrated shoe I own. Until you’ve seen it in person you can’t truly appreciate it. . . . . . . . . . #jordan #III #atmos #nicekicks #kickstagram #trustedkicks #todayskicks #solelicious #fightthehype #militarysneakerheads #soletoday #jordansdaily #defineheat #goat23flight #chuckie23 #ToyaF7 #msgotkicks #JXNgotkicks
Mclarens and Scooters In Vegas 🏎🏍
✨📱✨ #3MThursdays ain’t the same without my dude @baby_shibs 🐔DB9🐔|#fightthehype
✨📱✨ These were the best Air Jordan Doernbechers to release and it’s not up for debate. #mjmondays 🐔Doernbecher 9🐔|#fightthehype
✨📱✨ Let’s get this new year of life off to a good start. Classic Curb Shot Style. 🎇CNY 6🎇|#fightthehype
✨📱✨ Birthday Kicks 🌌AJ 1 All-Star🌌|#fightthehype
good morning leftovers
✨📱✨ These joints are too tough. Idk how these sat on shelves for so long. #jordanfridays 🌌Air Jordan 1 All Star🌌|#fightthehype
Hey! New fuel, new sneaks. Don’t forget that daily fuel though 📖 . . . 🎵”See, in this life there's only three things that you can depend on: That's death, taxes, and Jesus, they all get you Aye, and yeah, they all get you”🎵Donuts 🍩 by @andymineo
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