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@demar_derozan got hot yesterday 😤
Carmelo Anthony to the Warriors? 🤔 // 📸: @nbatv
rate the jersey 1-100? 👀
Steph can still shoot it from distance 😳 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
all in the past like a ponytail -klay
We back 🤝 via: @warriorstalk
Steph knocking some shots down 🔥 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
Given how final play turned out against Clippers, Draymond generally on his philosophy on when to get the ball to KD/Steph or play make or find another open man 🤷🏽‍♂️ via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
Steve Kerr said Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have spoken. Kerr says he’s “very confident” they’ll get through this 💪🏽 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
Steph Curry working with Rick Celebrini 👀 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
Steve Kerr on Steph Curry injury update. Kerr mentioned he still has symptoms even if MRI was encouraging 😔 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
KD and Draymond getting shots up 🏀 via: Twitter/MarkG_Medina
Draymond Green’s statement on the KD situation 👀 via: Twitter/AnthonyVSlater
Draymond wants his game check back... 🤔
People just made it out to be a big deal. I knew it was NOT anything.
‪Draymond Green on the KD drama: "Kevin and I spoke. We're moving forward."‬ ‪(🎥 via @markg_medina )
Game Day! Warriors face the Rockets at Toyota Center!
New episode of the NBA Is Ruined is up now!!!! We mostly talk about the Draymond/KD fight, but we manage to bring up La La Anthony as well.
E'Twaun Moore 🆚 Timberwolves 🔹 31 Pts 🔹 4 Rebs 🔹 4 Ast
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Sen rookie’sin ya bi sakin ! - @blockby_tr #trier
KD gone 🐍
Way late but idc. Had some shit happen way too deep. Anyways Warriors defeated the Hawks, 110-103. Klay’s stats were: 24 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. • •Follow (me) @seriouslyklay for more content. • Tags: #klaythompson #klaythompson11 #kt #kt11 #thompson #thompson11 #klay #klay11 #anta #gsw #gswarriors #stephencurry #kevindurant #demarcuscousins #draymondgreen #nba #nbaseason #f4f #follow #followers #following #warriors #dubnation #dubs #strengthinnumbers #california #oracle #oraclearena #bayarea #thetown
@ygtrece punches it in off the fast break 💪🏾⚡️⚡️. ( via @okcthunder )
Sorry for the lack of content the last couple days 😑. • Follow me @klayithompson for more Klay Thompson content 🔥💯.
Told you it was not serious. 💯
We will be taking on the back to back Champions, the Golden State Warriors tomorrow at 5pm. LETS GET THIS DUB REDNATION! •••••••••••••• ✅FOLLOW-@everythingcp3 🔥FOLLOW-@rocket_clutch 🤨TAG 5 FRIENDS ##demarderozan #harden #red #jamesharden #michaeljordan #kareem #chrispaul #chris #paul #drake #paulgeorge #russ #russellwestbrook #nbacares #basketball #stephcurry #curry #ibaka #kd #draymondgreen #kevindurant #boogie #demarcuscousins #javalemcgee #klay #klaythompson
Cousins is the biggest cancer in the NBA... hasn’t played 1 game this season and the warriors already have issues😂😂😂😂 - - - #nba #demarcuscousins #draymondgreen #kd #kevindurant #warriors #lakers #snake #donkey #basketball
Episode 491 @thatbeingsaidpod was one of the most fun and interesting we’ve ever done. Talking mostly Warriors and KD and Draymond drama. But also got into some Le’Veon Bell! Go download it at the link in the bio! 🔥
Matt Barnes texted KD & Draymond in effort to broker peace. He said, “I texted both those guys last night saying that, ‘This is what the world wants. The world wants this dysfunction between you guys because when you’re at the top, it’s lonely up there and people are always bidding for you and people always want you to fall.’” “So, I was telling these guys that this is exactly what the world wants. The world wants this dysfunction. And I think it’s up to them, and I know that they know it’s up to them to mend this and keep it moving.” 💯 via: @957thegame
Continuing the series with @dailydribbledrive , here are our picks for the fourth most overrated NBA player. Again, the definition of an overrated player is one that holds a greater value than deserved. I am not discounting the greatness of these players but pointing out those that are held at a higher standard than deserved. I love all of these players and wish them nothing but the best. - That being said, Draymond Green is my pick for the fourth most overrated player in the league. Let’s begin with statistics: over the past few seasons, Draymond Green has been averaging about 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. His Player Efficiency Rating (PER) is below league average at 13.66, which makes him the 173rd most efficient player. Doesn’t look like an All-Star to me. Next, let’s look at his situation. He is on a championship team with impressive talents such as Stephen Curry (1st in PER), Klay Thompson (most 3’s in a game), and Kevin Durant (best scorer in the league), all of which who shoot the ball accurately. With these three bursting off screens, Green just needs to use his slightly above average passing ability to cash in another dime. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the best defenders in the NBA. Green has great defensive numbers, defensive win shares, and should be a candidate for DPOY. However, that alone should not deem him a top twenty player in the league. - Follow @thedailynbareport for more!
The Houston Rockets Instagram had no chill after beating the Nuggets 😮 Follow @strictly_hoopz for more . . . #chrispaul #jamesharden #blakegriffin #jimmybutler #kawhileonard #giannisantetokounmpo #demarcuscousins #demarderozan
@antdavis23 and @jrue_holiday11 have been off to a good start 🙄
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