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When a baby alpaca says 🧀 for the camera 💝😊
dark days lately. 📸 @keenanrivals #keepingitmoving
untitled 07 | levitate
Thinking, where have you been? Right here💁🏽‍♀️, plenty of these moments to share...... @emilyjeanbeauty • #Detroit #Ejb #portsofdetroit #depictthed #motorcityshooters #hellyeahdetroit #liveagreatstory #theimaged #igmasters #illest_shots #ig_today #All2epic #Createexplore #Exploreeverything #Folkvibe #Doports
A foggy stroll through the D🍁
This place was so god damn bad guys. In hind sight it’s almost funny how awkward and terrible it was. 0.0 Frankie.
Black clouds to cover the cityscape. 📸 @detroit_chiver #embracedetroit 🖤
Winter is coming ❄️
@CityofDetroit , I love you. I am taking in this moment to appreciate all we have become together! This frame renders our world's most beautiful pre-depression built skyscrapers staggered behind workers breaking ground on @BedrockDetroit 's J.L Hudson site, soon to become Michigan's tallest marvel of architecture. For three years I parked my car underneath this glorious real estate while I watched Woodward transform before my very eyes. I will never forget all the good, the great, the bad, and the terribly ugly that came with those days, all the struggles that we overcame, what I saw will always remain in memory. I was and am learning, I am growing. This site taught me daily about being on my own, as a man, as an entrepreneur, in a very statistically "Unsafe" & financially BANKRUPT city, making me mentally strong, and physically determined everyday to create a better world for our people. Soon this view will no longer be accessible, but these images, my memories, and the beautifully preserved 1920's crafted J.L. Hudson Beaver Pelt Top Hat I have acquired from Detroit's most historical department store which once stood here, will live on in my family and in my work forever. No matter where I am the world, you are always my home. . . . #TrustTheShooter #MotorCityShooters #CityKillerz #MyCanonStory #DetroitMI #DepictTheD #FullFramed #UrbanRomantix #DetroitLoveStory #GothamCity #PureMichigan #PureMittigan #Michiganders #TeamCanon #USAPrimeShots #ArtofVisuals #YoungStoryTellers #ToneWars #MoodyGrams #HypeBeast #StreetActivity #HistoricalPlace #ArtDeco #LuxuryInteriors #LuxuryDesign #HellYeahDetroit #Woodward #GrossMag #Woodward #Shinola #ObeyGiant
Rep. Mike Bishop stopped by the #MusicTownDetroit studios today to talk to @TomJordann for the @WWJ950 series, #ItsDebatable 🎙
Hello @UpTimeEnergy , I am absolutely in love with your Sugar Free, but some few days I just really love that Cane Sugar boost. My name is Jeff, I am a Detroit based & nationally traveling, + soon to be world traveling photographer, cinematographer, comedic performer, textile designer and all around artistic professional across many mediums. I began this journey together with you during those frigid March mornings in Detroit while creating the initial shots of my upcoming feature length narrative @PlasticMovie , since then, you have helped me so much get though those long nights / tediously creative shifts. We have shared love over IG stories, and this is the first of many articles of content I am able to create for you on a professional level. How do I land a sponsorship with you in exchange for creating truly beautiful world based travel photo / video content as well as on stage and interview product use, on a very regular basis? An UpTime fridge at @MovementFilmStudio would be the most refreshing sponsorship ever!! Thanks for helping me reach the top of the city, let's win together! . . . #TrustTheShooter #MotorCityShooters #CityKillerz #MyCanonStory #DetroitMI #DepictTheD #FullFramed #UrbanRomantix #DetroitLoveStory #GothamCity #PureMichigan #PureMittigan #Michiganders #TeamCanon #USAPrimeShots #ArtofVisuals #YoungStoryTellers #ToneWars #MoodyGrams #HypeBeast #StreetActivity #HistoricalPlace #ArtDeco #LuxuryInteriors #LuxuryDesign #HellYeahDetroit #Woodward #Woodward #UpTime #UpTimeEnergy #HowEnergyShouldFeel
“Ripple In still water”
✨ swipe through to see this twin senior session from earlier in the week ✨
Convinced I have the most photogenic pup ever.
Catching a genuine smile is the best 😁 Captured by @goldenpager In frame: @p.handke Be sure to check out the artist's page, show them some love and give them a follow. Let's support one another Detroit! #POD_goldenpager #portsofdetroit #hellyeahdetroit #motorcityshooters #rawdetroit #puremichiganders #michiganders #depictthed #seenindetroit #detroitproud #detroit #folkportraits #portraitpage #pursuitofportraits #streetphotography
Downtown Detroit: June 11, 2018. This image is possibly one of the last images that will showcase the downtown I grew to appreciate over these wonderful 6 years. The @ShinolaHotel has an open faced 1st floor, and window wells, I remember it very well while working at @MoosejawMadness in 2013 as a boarded up wig shop, and a not very classy one at that. I remember an abandoned Metropolitan Building with painted hearts in every single window. I remember a Wurlitzer building before @TheSirenHotel & @PopulaceCoffee moved in. I remember my first internal tour of the David Whitney @AloftHotel , and watching workers renovate the whole Woodward facing facade from my office at @GrandCircusCo before it's new grand opening. The Book Tower is freshly under it's @BedrockDetroit renovation and will always stand as one of Detroit's most monumental neo-renaissance architectural accomplishments. The J.L. Hudson site has broken ground and is well on it's way to becoming Michigan's tallest building. Detroit, I love you, for the way you were, for the way you are, for the way you will always be. . . . #TrustTheShooter #MotorCityShooters #CityKillerz #MyCanonStory #DetroitMI #DepictTheD #FullFramed #UrbanRomantix #DetroitLoveStory #GothamCity #PureMichigan #PureMittigan #Michiganders #TeamCanon #USAPrimeShots #ArtofVisuals #YoungStoryTellers #ToneWars #MoodyGrams #HypeBeast #StreetActivity #HistoricalPlace #ArtDeco #LuxuryInteriors #LuxuryDesign #HellYeahDetroit #DetroitIGers #Woodward #GrossMag #Woodward #Shinola
Happy #testprinttuesday ! Our buddies at @post.detroit.shop are throwing a birthday bash this Sunday. We’ll be hanging out there and bringing a bunch of oddball stuff, including #testprints and some extra rare greeting cards that have yet to see the light of day.
Detroit, MI.
Stay focused! (...on the #pmgridchallenge )
You guys, this is exciting. 🎉 For over the past four years, we’ve been working hard on our dream to build a creative space and team that celebrates the magic of our city and neighborhood. In a major small business milestone, we hired an amazing manager last month (🙌🏽) and are looking to grow our Eldorado family even more as we head into the holiday season. Are you a sparkly human that wants to help us spread our vision? Send an email and resume to hello@eldoradogeneralstore.com. We can't wait to connect and create with you! ✨✌🏽✨
The Cap.
The Renaissance Center/ GM is a Detroit landmark. It's located downtown Detroit. If you ever visit my city go in, shop, and enjoy yourself.
Detroit LOVE! DETROIT SUPPORT! DETROIT HUSTLE HARDER! DETROIT VS EVERYBODY! ✨ Im from Detroit, MI and I love my city!! Where are my followers from?? Answer in the comments 👇🌹
Who buys Detroit prints for their homes and offices!? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Thinking of adding a sale section to my website 🤔
Bloopers are the best. DM me and schedule your photos today. 😬
“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” -Proverbs 22:6
Reflect. Evolve. Repeat. @kaylanosingles blessing the lens 📸
I’ve never really seen these falls with so much water but this year is just awesome! #tahquamenonfalls
Amazing what a few days in #LakeSuperior how quickly the colors change and how beautiful the #upperpeninsula is. This was just a few weekends ago when it snowed it was so cold and the winds where rediculesly high. Go check out @camera_jesus page and from a few days after or so. His fall colors are at peak. He captured #chapelrock pretty effin awesome! Go check out his work he’s pretty damn awesome! #yoopershit
Three's company
📸 @taradaniellephotography Selected by: @jonburkey 🔥Alliances🔥 @hellyeahdetroit Tag #PureMichiganders •
Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building
Yeet x2
Full disclosure, I’ve never felt quite at home in Michigan. I’ve always longed to live in LA, especially since becoming a professional photographer. I think a lot of creatives end up out there because they feel like fish out of water around their friends and family back home and TBH, I can relate 😬 That being said, I’m here to stay 🤚🏼 I’ve realized I’m beyond blessed to live in a gorgeous state with the most versatile seasons, surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes and amazing people who fully support my dreams 🤗 I’ve made it my mission to make Detroit my own, to seek out like minded Michiganders and overall, just enjoy life 🙃 Sooo if you know of a scenic spot in Michigan, pretty please leave it in a comment, tag me in a pic or shoot me a DM so I can add it to my list of must see’s! 🙏🏻
& they sealed the deal with a kiss!❤️ ~To Megan & Julia~ Thank you for sharing your big day with me, I enjoyed being there with you both for all these amazing moments, you both are amazing. 💛💙
It was a great afternoon of storytelling and live music with Tino Gross and Dumpster Machine on #BehindTheMic with Pam Rossi! 🎙🎶 . . Catch the full episode at Facebook.com/MusicTownDetroit
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