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#theforthvidwasonfathersday #baddayforme Trees are real almost like human they need the same source of energy we do in order to grow and survive but what makes trees so special to a person suffering from depression is the way trees 🌲 can absorb bad energy and release a sense of love and comfort trees can grow together small short ugly tall old or even broken they will never judge each other if a tree falls on another tree the healthier tree will hold that tree up forever until they both fall together the way humans should do but never will that happen if you ever sit with a tree listen to what it says to you it will say sit with me you can talk to me I am here for you and your secrets and your pain is safe with me l love you and no matter what you tell me I will never judge you! My kids often wonder why I spend so much time in the back of my house or at the parks early in the morning it’s because I’m spending time with my favorite friends! In order to deal with depression we become obsessed with things that bring us inner peace. Trees and shoes are my obsession they make me feel good inside why I have to have every pair a buy shoes the way you niggas and bitches buy drugs and alcohol😆😆#❌❌❌#depressionisabitch #loveyoualwayslana 😘 #mytreefinallygrewback 😆
Does anyone else find special occasions hard? I was a bridesmaid yesterday and it was such a beautiful and happy day. I am truly so happy for my good friend that her happy ever after is beginning, but my goodness does it hit hard that I can not and will not ever have that! My dad had already passed away when I got married and my relationship with my mum and also with my in-laws is super complicated, so we just went abroad the two of us which was brilliant, and we had a really good time, but I do get jealous of how much love people get shown on their special day by their loved ones as I never had that. Even if we did have people there, they would have never put me first and thought of kind words to say, and my dad would still not have been there to give me away. Mixed emotions, yet again. This emotional roller-coaster I'm currently on is a bloody tough one!
Some #sassysaturday for you! Feeling #strong , #empowered , and #unbothered ! Happy #pride #twincities ! I'll be repping some #pansexualpride , and some #fierce #allyvibes 🌈🌈🌈 Hustling for your pocket change, NOW with REWARDS! 📸 Tier 1: $5 - Picture of my best derp face Tier 2: $10 - Picture of my booty Tier 3: $25 - Picture of my DOG Tier 4: $50 - Picture of my CAT Tier 5: $100 - Picture of my dog AND my cat 📸 Help me make up for this lost paycheck! 💸Paypal💸: poppy.raucous@gmail.com . . . . . . #twincitiestroublemaker #poppyraucous #bawdyawdyawdy #brokebitches #brokebitchesbelike #brokeandfabulous #paypal #paypalme #community #peoplehelpingpeople #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mddawareness #majordepressivedisorder #depressionisabitch #backonmyfeet #coins #pettycash #donate #support #supportlocalartist
Man oh man do I miss traveling. This day 5 years ago I was roaming around Seville Spain myself, eating tapas and drinking sangria. I traveled around Europe alone several times, lived in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago & Detroit... sometimes living in a small town/marriage & motherhood can make me feel like I’m suffocating. That’s the honest truth. Anyone that is close to me knows just how much I have been struggling... I have always been very independent and loved doing things alone. But at 30, being alone feels a hell of a lot more...lonely... but this is where I’m at. Im just at a different phase in my life, and it’s a beautiful but also a very difficult one. I don’t know where to go from here, but I am just putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward despite the big changes coming my way. This winter was so rough for me. I fear the next winter. But I am trying to be positive & am living life One day at a time. I am blessed that I can look back at photos and remind myself that I have seen a lot of beautiful places and met a lot of beautiful people. It’s not over, just on hold for a bit. Thanks to all the people sending love my way. #wanderlust #honesty #traveljunkie #motherhood #marriageishard #depressionisabitch #bipolar
When I try to look happy, so no one knows what’s inside me. #depressionisabitch #saturdaymood | 🏍 is finally out of the cover, so vroom vroom #summer is here 😁
Sharing from my personal page follow @dasincerediva 😉 yesterday’s Summer Solstice.... So i truly enjoyed the #summersolstice ... early on today i felt my own spirit being under attack. Sadness tried to kick me- i rebuked it. Shame attempted to darken me- i rebuked it. Frustration and stress came HAM- i rebuked those attacks as well.... today is a special day and i truly fought for my joy today. I did. Wasn’t easy but worth it to be sitting in this moment. So rebuke those things that are trying to win that battle within. Fight them. It’s your birthright to manifest your wildest dreams and beyond.... enjoy the rest of the day y’all ✨✨✨✨ #TeamVirgo ✨✨9/19 #chakra #spirituality #chakras #mindbodyspirit #yoga #doglovers #doglover #depressionisabitch #holistic #naturalhealth #crystals #chakrahealing #dogsofinstagram #mentalhealthmatters #summersolstice2018 #emotionalhealth #soulpurpose #crystalhealing #mentalhealthawareness #crystallover #healer #healersofinstagram
Hello, it’s Dahlia. We have almost 20 followers now so that’s really cool, but I’m here to discuss something much more important. I want to talk about how to help your friends who have anxiety or depression, and how to help friends who have self-harmed or attempted suicide in the past. I am not an expert, but I have self-harmed, I have a friend who has been diagnosed with depression, and a friend who has been diagnosed with anxiety, so maybe this could help. As a friend you always want to help. You never want to see your friends suffer and you never want them to be upset or uncomfortable. With anxiety and depression, people frequently feel like this, and so you want to help them, that’s great but you have to be careful how you go about doing it. #blogging #anxietyrelief #anxiety #deppression #depressionsucks #depressionisabitch #depressionisreal #stopselfharm #stopsuicide #anxietyattack #anxietyhelp #anxietysupport #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness #lgbt #selfharmhelp #selfharmawareness #suicideawareness
#vodka with #frozen #fruits , #football , and maybe I manage to finish the #book (been and still am in a #readingslump ) #thatshowirollonafridaynight #depressionisabitch
🚩 This week has been a very emotional one. I learnt that a friend that I got to know throughout my High School years has lost her fight against depression. This came to a shock as she was always smiling and full of energy. Knowing how she felt trapped but kept going, silencing her demons until it was too late made me realised how real depression is and how deep it can root itself in a person's life. A smile can hide a lot of pain, I urge you all to pay attention to your family, friends, colleagues and so on. Listen to what people say and share with you. For those struggling, ask for help. It's ok people love you and care for you, you are not alone.
~hiding in my hood like im part of a cult. #photography #blackandwhite #depressionisabitch #framed #hoodie
Was feeling like garbage last night so didn't post. Ended up ending the day on 19.5syns (i am allowed up to 20) & my tea was the other half of the cheeseburger pasta from the night before. • Starting today afresh even though I am still a bit grotty. Cherry bakewell mullerlight with grapes, bluebs & rasps. Also a green tea. Still haven't gone shopping so need to sort a list out for tomorrow and get my arse in gear! . . . #fatgirlproblems #slimmingworld #slimmingworldjourney #swuk #swinsta #swsupport #slimmingworldcommunity #slimmingworldfriends #swmafia #weightlossjourney #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldfamily #swcommunity #onplan #slimmingworldinstagram #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworldmafia #icandothis #weightloss #thestruggleisreal #babysteps #marathonnotasprint #tired #feelingick #depressionisabitch #mentalhealthawareness
Please ignore the old makeup, but I just had one of the greatest days in a while. Its been too long haha #depressionisabitch
🙁 I feel like the master of the “everything’s fine” mask. I got myself into a strange dating situation, and as you may know, getting into a relationship is one hell of a way to uncover some of your deep insecurities. Turns out mine are pretty damn deep, and if I’m not with the right person, those old scars I’ve opened can become deeper and I could become more wounded. And to be completely honest, I think that’s what is after happening. So my mood has been terribly low, and though I’m reaching out to friends, I’m not showing them that vulnerable side of me. The side the light doesn’t shine on. Tomorrow is another day, my priority will be to get some work done and make a therapy appointment for myself ❤️ • • • • • #deppression #depressionrecovery #depressionisreal #depressionisabitch #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #relationship #adhd #adhdproblems #adhdawareness
CLICHÉ I KNOW ... But Hi Fives🙌 Might Actually Be Therapy!! . Today I Took A Step Back And Decided "I Can Either Carry On, Carrying On"😔 ... or "I Can Get Up And Go Do What I Know Makes Me Feel Better" ... And Yep ... It Did!! 🏋🏽‍♀️ . Being Around Like Minded People, Working To Be Better Versions Of Themselves Is The Most Uplifting Endorphin Booster You Can Get!! 🙋🏽‍♀️🌟 . And Thank You @olilaken @manuegea @ashbennett_chef and @naomiganer Especially, For Getting Me Smiling! 😁
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that mental illness is weakness. Be proud to be a fighter 🖤🖤🖤 #fightthestigma #courage #depressionisabitch #yougotthis
Today is a better day. Clouds are parting and the light is coming through a bit! I'm going to try and cherish every minute of it.
People say chin up But I just feel like giving up People say smile and it will all go away But I feel like crying each day Everything takes effort to do This constant pain is so hard to live through Lye in bed and see the day dawning Hate myself for waking up that morning I know I need help and I know I need support don't wanna spend my life feeling this way, it's just to short But I just can't seem to speak out Say what this feelings all about Even if I did tell someone what could they do? I don't think they could fix this, do you? I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way I want to smile and laugh for real and be happy each and every day There's sometimes in the day when I forget about it all When I smile and laugh, but when I remember it's like a ten thousand foot fall Do you know what its like for your eye's to constantly sting Do you know what it's like to be happy and at the same time feel nothing I don't think I could end it without living the rest of my life See my mind and body shudders when I think of picking up a knife But I really don't feel like I can carry on this way Feeling so low and empty each and everyday It's so hard for me to admit to myself exactly what's wrong Hard for me to show myself that I'm not that strong This idea of happiness, you may say I'm a little obsessed But I think right now I finally see.... I'm depressed #poetrygram #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryslam #poetry_addicts #poetryofinstagram #depressionpoetry #depresssion #depressioncankillyouinside #depressionisabitch #depressionisreal #depressioniskillingme
Maybe just a little obsessed with baths lately. They give me time to think. Not that I don’t do that enough already, but this is a place that I feel safe and warm, so I don’t overthink everything like I usually do. . . . #bathtime #bubbles #hearttattoo #love #tryingtothinkpositive #depressionisabitch #fightingeveryday #gratefulforeverything #kawaii
It’s ok to have a (((((WOBBLE))))) You may or may not live with a mental health diagnosis. But, we all have a wobble from time to time. It’s all about being ‘functioning’ these days, I have to admit the pressure gets all too much for me sometimes and I want to shed all my belongings, scoop up my kids from all this scary mess and go and live in the woods with nature and make fires and grow veg. But usually this is just in complete defiance to trying to cope day in and day out and apart from all the amazing bits that I am so grateful for I do find it all abit mondaine sometimes. I do cope pretty well most of the time I think, (this is Ali by the way, sorry I know it gets confusing us flitting between!) but then sometimes it all feels really dull and boring and the washing starts mounding, the floor gets stickier, life admin starts feeling really daunting and I get pissed off and angry at stupid stuff—and it’s then I begin to rebel (in my head) if you know me then you probably know this phase- you might even do it yourself....there is a sort of empty smile of compliance and distant 1000 Mile stare-the list gets too long and I’m lying awake panicked at how I’m going regain my power back. Gahhh I bloody hate it when the wobble hits. I remain freelance because I like having things different every week and at the very same time I crave just to be on autopilot and have a bloody routine. Oh it’s all abit weird, but I’m sharing because I know I must not be the only one? The reason for this post was me trying to vocalise the feelings that then follow, which i hate and constantly tell friends are completely pointless emotions that achieve nothing- these are ☑️shame, ☑️guilt and ☑️blame- 3 annoying words that literally just whir around with no place to go! I always feel shame that I can’t seem to get in to a rhythm or just get on with it, or be as good or as ‘on it’ as others seem-but the fact is I do function most of the time, and I always pull through - but we are all allowed a wobble right? #findingyourplace #acceptance #depressionisabitch #mentalhealth #mentalmutha #anxiousramblings #wobble #letsallbemorehonest #notnailinglifebutitsok #journaling #thepositiveplanner
And I just can’t keep livin' this way So startin' today I’m breakin' out of this cage I’m standin' up, I'ma face my demons I’m mannin' up, I'ma hold my ground I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up Time to put my life back together right now- Eminem #eminem #notafraid #myanthem #eminemlyrics #eminemsaysitbest #eminemismydrug #helpme #recovery #relapse #addiction #istartagain #iwilldothis #mentalhealthmatters #depressionisabitch #igotme 💯 #mentallyfucked #wolf #staystrong #ineedmeback #imcomingback #fighttillidie #fightofmylife #letsgo
Running on no sleep, gotta go to work early. Feeling like crap. Planning on late night snackables with my evening shift crew but for now one million coffee points. #hotcoffee #firstidrinkthecoffeethenidothethings #sleeplessnights #shiftwork #healthcareworker #healthcareworkerproblems #depressionisabitch #torchandteal
Kinda sad when you look at that and say "Heart attack? Death?... Can't wait" #prehypertension #depressionisabitch
Always feel like nothing and being pushed aside for everything else. #depressionisabitch #fuckdepression #sadness
Nobody does.I'm too good in hiding my feelings (: #Depressionisabitch #depression #is #a #bitch #anxietyisabitch #anxiety #is #a #bitch
Rocky start, but pushing on has been a great ride and this year is looking to be the best I’ve had in a few. #sap #sappypost #calendar #love #letmeloveyou #cheers #2018 #thanksfriends #thanksfamily #thankssanchez #happy #goodthingstaketime #depressionisabitch
Life is like a heart monitor, it goes up and down. If it flat lines you’re dead. @jamielaing says it perfectly. This is definitely what I try to tell myself when I'm having a bad day!
Well hello.. I am a 29 year old first time Mum who who suffers from depression. I have decided to share my thoughts with the crazy world of instagram so fellow suffers know they are not alone, and to give people around those who are suffering an insight on the way depression affects us. A bit of background on me: I had my first child this year My mum passed away this year My dad passed away when I was a teenager I'm currently on maternity leave I'm married I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety as a teen and have been a sufferer on and off since My mum was an alcoholic and divorced my dad before I was 10 I have 1 sibling I don't think there is much else for now. I chose this picture for my first one as my husband is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him. If anyone wants to talk about mental health, just DM me or comment.
I 💖 Jonathan Van Ness. Even when I’m at my worst, I can rely on the fab5 to make me smile @jvn #canyoubelieve @queereye #jonathanvanness #queereye #queereyenetflix #queer @netflixuk #netflix #fab5 #fabfive #depressionisabitch #gay #gaypride #lgbt #lgbtqap
Hey, y’all! I just wanted to share my current progress pics on my road to losing 200 pounds. Depression and anxiety are a bitch and in my battle with them over the past 13 years I gained a lot of weight. 200 pounds to be exact. It took a long time to get my head in the right place to be able to do this. I didn’t care enough about myself or think I was worth the effort for the longest time. I hit rock bottom when I got to 330lbs and I guess the only place I could really go from there was up. I have the best family and the best friends and support system and I realized that I must be worth it if these amazing people want me in their lives. That was when I realized that the voice that was in my head telling me I was worthless wasn’t even my own voice. It was a monster from my childhood and those were his demons I was fighting and not my own. And that was my turning point. That’s when I stopped fighting someone else’s demons and started fighting to get my life and health back. I eat at a sustainable calorie deficit and walk for exercise. That’s it. I decided that I would do this even if it took me another 13 years to get there. I accepted that losing 200 pounds would take a long time. The time is going to pass anyway, so I may as well spend it doing something worthwhile. I refuse to make any changes that I cannot sustain for the rest of my life and honestly that’s made all the difference for me. It’s been just over 8 months and even though I know someone my size could lose much faster I’m thrilled with my progress of 75 pounds lost. My life is so much different now than it was just 8 months ago. I truly live now. No more just surviving for this gal! Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope wherever you are in your life and whatever your fitness goals are that you remember to love yourself and know that you are worth it. You are worth the hard work and effort. You are worth loving and you are worth living a life you love.
In now days people will just look at you and never think of what you are going through. They say oh your fine when you know your not. The constant “why do I feel this way” always hanging over your shoulders. Your friends, parents, even strangers will ignore the signs until you completely destroy yourself. - - - #deppression #depressionisreal #depressionisabitch #depressionquotes #depressionisreal #anxiety #anxietyquotes #anxietysucks
Let’s get real for a minute ☝️We all have “OFF” days. I seem to be having more and more of them than I would like. Days that don’t go our way. Days that are suppose to be used to catch up but instead we can’t ever seem to get there. Days that we use doing things we don’t want to do, going to places we don’t want to be, to meet with people we don’t want to see, etc. . . For some reason all my days have been like this lately and I can’t seem to shake it. For one, there are parts of my life that I know are toxic. There are conversations I’ve been avoiding and decisions that need to be made. These are life altering decisions that I have been struggling with. I’ve decided I’m going to stop worrying about them. I’m going to pray about them and let them be resolved one by one. Not by my means or in my timing but in God’s. I struggle with trying to maintain all the control and always steer in the wrong direction. . . . So for tonight... I’m go by to spin class. I’m going to crush a workout and burn some calories. I’m going to sweat and get my blood flowing. And we can all know that everyone has days like this and it’s ok. ❤️ . . . . #mondaymood #smilemore #depressionisabitch #life #mom #pittyparty #mondayafternoon #downday #healthandwellness #momofboys #boymom #myjourney #reallife #everyonehasdowndays #hopefullyitpasses #positivevibes #weekdayvibe
I don’t think people realise how had everyday life can be for someone... we aren’t all able to just jump out of bed ready for the day, we can’t look forward to what’s going to happen. We all have good and bad days, some more than others. Smiles are worn by all. Some are true, some aren’t! We all have our ways of coping.. my animals help me to see the light even on the darkest day! They remind me that even if I can’t stand being here I’m still needed, even if it’s not by the people around me!! #mentalhealthawareness #bpdproblems #depressionisabitch
man selbst muss sich wohl fühlen! &verdammte scheisse ich fühle mich mega Wohl! 😍 mal ohne Kamera Effekt.. einfach ich. man muss sich selbst treu bleiben.. sei glücklich.. genieße das Leben . 🌷#ohnefilter #lippenstift #lipstick #nomakeup #naturell #septum #ichliebees #orangehair #iloveit #ginga #orange # #kämpferherz #21years #berlin #😍 #browneyes #hiphop #oldschool #rap #sommersprossen #loveyourself #loveisstrange #nosmoke #depressionisabitch #picoftheevening
This is how I look from now on till I see my therapist on the 28th. . . . . . . . #depressionisabitch #depression #seekinghelp #mentalhealthawareness #trishapaytas #trishlikefish #youtube @trishapaytas @mentalhealthdaily
Living with depression for almost two years has not been fun at all. It was a time full of darkness where all I wanted to do was end my life. I hated seeing the sun in the morning where I spent most of my day locked up in my room. I refused to wear colour and hated seeing people wear colour. I always felt jealous of them and thought they had no right to laugh and enjoy life while I drown myself in sorrow 💐 Returning back to my senses took a lot of courage and patience. The colours I wear now gives me so much strength to move forward as a strong woman who never thought I would stay alive 💐 #livetinted #tintfam #tintgirls #tintimonials #strongwomen #depressionisabitch #ilovemyself #photography #colours #instablogger #beautyblogger #beautybloggerau #fashionblogger #happylife #hourglasscosmetics #smashboxcosmetics #nyxcosmetics #beautystandards #browngirl #darkskin #srilankanstyle #srilankan
I did a thing today. You ever been so depressed and the only way you feel you can snap yourself out of it is to change something. That was me today. I’ve been terribly depressed lately about many things, most are beyond my control to change. So I chopped my hair off to help me feel better 💁🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️ and coloring it next. #selfhealing #choppeditoff #depressionisabitch #spwf
I haven't posted as often as I used to over the past couple of years... a lot has happened & I guess it's slowly been affecting me & the state of my mental health. I haven't spoken to anyone about this; I prefer to keep my personal affairs private, but if I want to get past this, I'm going to have to start opening up. I took this photo over a year ago; I wasn't happy. But I at least tried to make an effort back then... I want to start making the effort again. #everyonedeservestobehappy #depressionisabitch #icanchange #icanbemyself
🌫DEPRESSION IS REAL🌫 It Is Not Make Believe🧙‍♀️ It Is Not A Cry For Attention🙅🏽‍♀️ It's A Real Life Ordeal That, If Like Me, Will Continue To Hit You In The Face When You Least Expect It!! 😔🤷🏽‍♀️ . It Stops You In Your Tracks ..🤚 Stops You Feeling Like You ... Feeling Human ... Feeling Beautiful😇 . In This Moment ... Last Night, I Felt Slightly Better and Did Believe I Was Beautiful 🙄 ... But When I Looked At It .. It Also Screamed 🌟COINCIDENCE🌟 . WHY??? Well Because of 2 Things ... Two Things Which I Have Found Vitally Important Everytime, To Get Through These Hiccups ... A PHONE☎️ and A TISSUE BOX😭 . It's Ok To CRY... Crying Is Therapy And ... It's Imperative To TALK ...Talk To Anyone ... Family, Friend, Helpline, Even Furbaby ... Admitting Your Feelings, Helps The Healing😚
Anthony was on the phone to his mum earlier and I misunderstood and thought he was uncomfortable telling her that I was on Sertraline. Turns out he just couldn't remember its name so all is well. But, I literally shouted, "Anti-depressants!" at him as I feel no shame in the slightest about being back on meds to help me even out my mood. You can do all the counselling and make all the positive life changes in the world but sometimes, chemically, something is just a little off and it needs fixing. End of. Medications like this can truly keep people alive. They allow them not only to go to a job, look after their family and take care of themselves but they enable them to do much more simple things that others may take for granted like walking down a busy street or putting the bins out without having a meltdown. Do not feel any shame for any of the meds you need to take. #depressionisreal #depressionisabitch #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #anxietyisreal #anxietyisabitch #bipolardisorder #bpdrecovery #ocd #therapy #cbt #counselling #postnataldepression #postpartumdepression #schizophrenia #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #selfcare #theroadbacktoemma
The last 3 days have been one of the hardest times in my life both mentally and physically but in the long run it will all be worth it. Im so lucky i have the best parents in the world that are getting me threw this. Also thanks to my fam and friends for checking up on me ❤ #postsurgeryfeels #depressionisabitch #eachdayatatime #startofanewjourney #mylifeisunderconstruction
“It’s a tug of war. One minute, your anxiety skyrockets, and the next, depression hits you in the face. I feel glued, stuck, ripped in two. It’s an exhausting cycle, especially when I crash into an episode. All the crying, overthinking, the feeling of being sucked into an abyss I can’t escape from, the constant mood swings, the panic attacks, the suicidal thoughts — it’s a draining feeling that makes me wonder if this life is worth living at all.” - how it feels to live with depression/anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #depressionisabitch
Been laying in bed all day, and it's now 5:30 and I'm finally out of bed. 🤷‍♀️ (this pic is from the other day) #lazy #cute #instasize #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #girlswithgauges #taken #pansexual #pride #imcute #depressionisabitch #imokaytho #igotthis #lazysaturday #freckleface #😍 #throwbacktoafewdaysago #lol
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Depression is a bitch. Depression sneaks up on you when you're actually happy and traps you with its net like it's one of those fucking dogcatchers on TV. When this happens, it is literally paralyzing. Normal function slows WAY down, and my world kind of starts to become a TV channel that keeps flickering in and out of focus. Yes, reaching out to others would probably be a great idea. However, depression has a way (a million different ways, in fact) of completely shutting that option down. If you know someone who is depressed, don't give them a bunch of numbers to call, or tell them to call/text you whenever they need you. These gestures are extremely loving and kind, but they are often useless. Instead, pick up the phone and call your struggling friend. Invite them to do something involving nature/movement, and don't let them back out of the commitment. Do anything you can to reinforce the idea that life is something your friend is actually connected to in positive ways. I'm just begging you not to do nothing, because that's exactly why depression keeps winning more often than it should. . . . . . #depression #depressionisabitch #suicideprevention #suicide #suicideawareness #selfharm #breakthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthproblems #mentalillness #mentalhealth #isolation #breakthesilence #addiction #substanceabuse #alcoholic #alcoholism #alcoholicsanonymous #lgbt #lesbian #lgbtpoetry #poetrycommunity #poetry #poem #poetsofinstagram
I was lost for a good min but I found myself and remembered "I strong, smart, independent and beautiful❤❤❤ #depressionisabitch
Bodyweight workout! With two runs and today’s exercise, that makes the first time in ... like a year... that I’ve been able to hit three workouts in a week. Slowly but surely. #depressionisabitch #lazyfriday
Not SW related but for the first time in a while, I am actually relaxed & not fidgeting or worrying plus may have got my depression under control (for now). It will probably change in about an hour but wanted to record this tranquil moment. . . . #fatgirlproblems #slimmingworld #slimmingworldjourney #swuk #swsupport #slimmingworldcommunity #slimmingworldfriends #slimmingworlduk #thestruggleisreal #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #depressionisabitch #anxiety #mentalillness #endthestigma #letitout #talkaboutit
I am the emptiness that floats around you the nothingness that you seem to forget no matter how visible I’m actually am. I also write poetry if you want to read any it’s on Wattpad my username is the __xxwitchhunterxx__ same as m Instagram name. : : : : #leftalone #ihatemyself #iwannadie #depressionquotes #dyinginside #letmedie #invisible #lost #lostinspace #kms #itsover #depressionisabitch #whyamihere #whycantidie #wherehaveibeen #ignored #sadgirl #thekidsarentalright #sadboys #tooearlytocry #iwannacry #imfine #imnotokay #idontwanttobehere
Dee, Myself and I 🎭 I love playing the role of Dee! I get to cry, laugh, be hilarious and be a total bitch 😎and the most exciting thing is that I wrote this play with my best friend @rosiemurchison 👯‍♀️ Support the ting 😘 #Theatre #PerformingArts #Multimedia #Actresses #Writers #Directors #WomenInTheArts #ReflectionTheatre #WIBProductions #MentalHealth #DepressionIsABitch
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