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This is the hardest day. The one when he goes to his dad's house. I had thought that I would utilize the time when he's away to grow.... It's hard to do more than exist most days #seperation #depressionsucks #glowupstillloading #honestmotherhood
Health and happiness are interconnected. 😊When you eat better, you start to feel better. . So many of you have asked me about mood-boosting 🧠foods and one of my go-to’s is WALNUTS. . This is where everything started to change for me. Ten years ago I would have shot myself in the foot before I touched a bowl of walnuts. I knew they were full of fat, and at that time I was eating everything fat-free and low-fat. 🙉(Those words to me now scream chemical shit show). . But what I didn’t understand is that a huge part of my depression was related to my diet not having enough fat in it. I was basically starving my brain from the omega-3 fatty acids it needed. Your brain is made up of 60-80% of fat. It needs fat to operate at its highest potential. . Ironically, when I started adding in healthy fats, I stopped counting calories and still felt better than before. To me, it was much more important to be eating foods that made me feel better. . Walnuts contain several neuroprotective compounds like vitamin E, folate, melatonin, and several polyphenols. They also contain omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which directly interacts with the physiology of the brain. . That’s your science lesson for today and stay tuned for more mood-boosting foods! I’m making a list to share with y’all.
✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ 20% Me : " I m a fighter at all !! " 80% Other Me : " I cant nothing , I m nothing !! " ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ #hellodarknessmyoldfriend #mondaymood #emo #depressionsucks #blackandwhite #instamood #darkness #unhappy #mylife #tired #emotional_dark_pictures #anxietysucks #scars #imsorry #summertimesadness #whoiam #darktimes
Monday is forever dedicated to underdogs. 2018. Year of the dog. Currently living in the city of smog. I'm busting my ass to make a whole hog cuz you can't be a log when it comes to chasing dreams. You'd plot and scheme too if you knew the boys in blue could take you down with a crew had they known you done it. But we haven't won it and this rat race is only getting slower. Theres no miracle grower for trying to save the world. So how do you speed up the process? Deal with shady bosses? All the losses, or get them to understand? This land is my land but was it really made for you and me? What's the plan and am I really all that I'm me? Were we made to walk in three? Think of the glory there could be if it was you with him and we. Could call it #holytrinity #godisgood #mememonday was supposed be more than getting attention for posting a meme. I wanted it to represent the dreamers, hopers, feelers, wishers and wanters of the world. The ones who walk silent while never fulfilling their destiny, the ones who believe it when they say we're crazy, the ones who took their lives too soon to even figure it out, and to anyone who falls close to the categories. I used to think I suffered but it was me who allowed the words to hold such a bind. As soon as I created new thoughts for rooted views my head plant grew. Those who ache in saddnes needed to know they arent suffering alone. This space is created for that. Them. My mantra for today is: let go and let bee. If you meditate with breathing, do. Channeling your inner bee will not only guide you but give vibration to the Earth that I'll be sending back. Know that when you do see a bee think of this moment, my words, breathing and the karma will relate. My friends, in this world I encourage and challenge you to buzz if you have too but whatever you do, try not to sting 🐝🐕🌲🖤 #bekind #bee #belove #floatlikeabutterfly #mondaymotivation #mentalhealth #awareness #views #depressionsucks #mondaymorning #happymonday #beabeast #yearofthedog #imadog #dogtown #woof #manifest #meditation #channel #vibes #whynot
Never miss a Monday!!! I woke up, and got my morning started off right! Go-go juice, gratitude journal, PD, workout! . I am love, love, loving this program!!! I love the setup, I love the flexibility, I love the meal plan, I love that you can incorporate other activities in with it....I could go on forever... . I am feeling stronger than ever and UN-FREAKING-STOPPABLE!!! . •HAPPY MONDAY•
DON’T FORGET TO CHECK ON YOUR STRONG FRIEND because behind that cape is a human too! Checkout our latest episode “Just one of them days” to learn some facts about depression, the warning signs to look out for, and how to manage the symptoms. Also, gather around the “Sistah Circle” as we keep it real about our own struggles with depression. Link in bio. #4Sistahs #VulnerabilityIsTheNewStrength #fightstigma #instagood #instadaily #mentalhealth #depressionsucks
Reflecting on how much things have changed over the last 2 years and gotta say all the hard has been well worth it! Learning to love ❤️ yourself is Hard AF but once you do it nothing can get in the way! #happymonday #reflection #loveyourself #depressionsucks #selfhelp
That moment when you're at the doctor's office, you tell the nurse about your depression episode this week, and she says, "You look like a million bucks! I never would have known you were having some problems." 🙌 . Hats off to the uplifters of this world, the nurses and teachers and advocates who love others well. YOU are a big part of the reason people like me are still here. ❤️ . #amillionbucks #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealth #advocate #advocacy #depression #depressionsucks #anxiety #lifewithmentalillness #mentalillness #makeadifference #loveothers #loveotherswell #lovewell #livewell #uplift #upliftothers #uplifting #resilience #redemption #resilienceandredemption #jlparson
Always. No matter how many hours I get, I still feel sleepy most of the time.
Some columbian coffee and some journaling/drawing this morning ..☕ #myfavoritebrew #coffeesaveslives #energyplease #writing #journaling #depressionsucks
REAL TESTIMONY Autism & CBD (from our company). I love Molly and her son Jay’s story so much! 💛 If you want to learn more- message me📥 — “This is just one of the BIG reasons I’m passionate about Hempworx CBD. Look it his genuine happiness. My Jay on the 1st floor, interacting playfully with the pups & loving it! Much of his life has been on the 2nd floor. He rarely comes to the first unless he needs food. He rarely would get near the dogs without nervousness. He stayed on the first floor playing, laughing, talking with me and watching his beloved “3 Stooges” in the background too. It has been very rare in his life to have that much going on at the same time & able to keep up without frustration. We went to visit our Popsie this morning who is in his final days. He was sedated and non responsive. He has been a massive figure in my boy’s life since day one. Jay showed appropriate emotion. It was confusing to him and he didn’t like to cry but he was able to express he loved Popsie but he knew he would “be ok in Heaven with Maggie and Jesus.” He consoled me and ask if I was ok. Before CBD- that sort of outing would have done him in for the rest of the day. He would’ve been stimming out of control & the hyperness of the dogs would have driven him mad. He most likely wouldn’t have displayed appropriate emotion and he surely would not have had desire or energy to be so playful and interactive on the 1st floor! I am being able to enjoy my son on a new level. His beautiful eyes making eye contact with mine as he speaks to me, the bits of conversation, seeing him calm and is body settled, gut issues under control, no migraines and hearing him LAUGH and just be able to get though the day in peace!!! The Hempworx products have blessed us as I watch quality added to my boys life using the CBD oil. We are just one family of thousands sharing endless ecstatic testimony! I have watched this video 50 X’s today and Jay would watch it with me. He loved watching himself laughing. Between my Popsie’s decline and the wins for my Jay- it surely has been an emotional day. They are powerfully effective!” Molly C.
❗️SEASON ONE FINALE❗️ . . TONIGHT 🔜 9:00PM EST 🕰 . . Tune in for the last episode of season one of @nguradio. Hosts Liam and Albee will break down the first season, shed light on some key take aways, and also share some sneak peeks of what’s to come in season II. . . #mentalhealth #crushthestigma #anxiety #depression #breakthesilence #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthawarness #instahealth #nevergiveupradio #anxietyrelief #depressionsucks #adhd #coping #endthestigma #mhcanada #selfhelp #suicideprevention #mentalhealthmonday
🤷‍♀️❤️ I am who I am! People hate that and everyone’s walking away from me! 🤷‍♀️#walkaway #hated #mentalhealth #depressionsucks #blueeyes #blackhair #likes #followme #followforfollow #makeup #selfie #likeforlikes ❤️
How do your family and friends react when depression sometimes makes you feel emotionally detached?
It’s been some time now That I have been trying to write But I seem to have forgotten the rhyme. Go with free verse instead, said the critical inner voice, mockingly, as if to rhyme was as simple as breathing which reminds me of this one time I had jumped off a cliff. Not with my beloved. The calm river has a silent roar to it until one gets to its edge. The silence, much like everything we will ever love, started to fade. As if silence was a person now and you could watch them go. As if silence was now your memories with the departed. It’s one of those Rishikesh’s carpe diem things, they exclaimed as I took a leap into the mighty unknown. Mighty and rapid, I mean. Rapid as the heart throbs that happened milliseconds before the fall. Rapid as the constant settling on restlessness within. Time was slower than usual. Cruel how time never shies away from making you feel its presence when you are anxious. And in this pursuit of running away from time, from the anxiety - you jump. You jump to evade life. So did I. Difference was my jump had a life jacket. #mentalhealth
To grab the perfect action shot jumping into a pool, you are going to ask your coach and photographer some things- How high? What do I do with my legs? What if I don't make it? I stink at timed jump shots! A good coach is going to be telling you across the way that you will rock it, pumping you up with positive vibes- not because that is the right thing- but because they GENUINELY believe in you <3 In this moment, my coach and childhood friend (reunited) stood across the pool and cheered me on like she has on this coaching journey. She cheered me on, counted down for me, and screamed YESSSS! when I got the air we needed. I came up and got an awesome high five and seeing that proud smile of hers was the best! This was just for a silly photo but truthfully it feels like it could be a metaphor for all the times I was scared to make the jump- afraid to fail, and every time she said "I got you." I might have had some "fails" and some flops on this journey, but she was there each time to help guide me and tell me the hard truths. The joy she gives me is the joy I like to pay forward to my challengers and coaches. Yes, it is scary making those jumps and doing something new, but you are never alone and you will always have someone cheering you on. "What if I fall?" <3 "But oh my darling, what if you fly?" . . . #anxietyfighters #stressedout #bestfriends #mentalhealthmatters #metime #ibelieveinyou #heretohelp #depressionsucks #anxietyrelief #sweatitout #gradstudent #asthmaticathlete #busylife #alwaysonthego #strugglewithfood #emotionaleating #imweak #actionshots #overcomeobstacles #strongereveryday #goalgetter #bioteacher #shorthairvibes #stronglikeagirl
Diese Frage stellt sich meinen Patienten häufig. Dazu kommen noch kritische Gedanken wie „Was ist nur los mit mir?“, „Das bin ich nicht, so kenne ich mich nicht“. Wenn Patienten nicht das erste Mal psychische Probleme entwickelt haben, höre ich nicht selten selbstanklagende Sätze wie „Ich bin offenbar einfach schwach/dumm/wertlos" . Psychische Probleme haben rein gar nichts mit Schwäche zu tun!  Prinzipiell kann jeder in seinem Leben eine depressive, Angst- oder sonstige Störungen entwickeln. Die Entwicklung einer solchen fällt auch nicht vom Himmel. Vielmehr entwickelt sie sich aus einer ganz individuellen Kombination aus Belastungsfaktoren und der bereits vorliegenden „Vulnerabilität“, also Anfälligkeit. Um das zu verbildlichen (und weil ich über keinerlei künstlerische Begabung verfüge), habe ich mal ein Modell erstellt. Stellt euch vor, eure Psyche ist wie ein Fass. Der Fassboden macht die Anfälligkeit aus, die ist für jeden Menschen unterschiedlich hoch. Sie setzt sich z.B. zusammen aus genetischer Veranlagung, frühen Lebenserfahrungen und Persönlichkeitseigenschaften. Je mehr ungünstige Risikofaktoren vorliegen (z.B. frühe Gewalterfahrungen, Vernachlässigung, Überbehütung), desto höher ist der Fassboden. Das bedeutet dann, ihr könnt es euch denken, dass eure Psyche weniger Belastungsfaktoren fassen kann, bis „das Fass überläuft“. Anders herum, und deshalb haben psychische Erkrankungen nichts mit Schwäche zu tun, kann dein Leben bisher super zu dir gewesen sein. Wenn jedoch die Anzahl und die Dauer an Belastungsfaktoren das Fassungsvermögen übersteigen, ist auch bei diesen Menschen eine Erkrankung möglich. Ich hoffe sehr, dass euch das Modell weiterhilft, zu verstehen, warum manche früher, später oder womöglich nie psychische Probleme entwickeln. #Psychologie #Psychotherapie #depressionsucks #emotional #depression #depressed #sad #suicide #alone #sprüche #mentalhealth #broken #love #ritzen #depri #hate #recovery #anxiety #suizid #cry #depressiv #feelings #hatemyself #lonely #psychologie #traurig #psychotherapeutin #tumblr #worthless
Cause we're all in the same machine, each one with his own broken dreams. passion gives way to failure, so let's all try and understand. ___ @thrice #tandc ___ #music #blameme #findinganoldmusicalfriend #theuniversespeaks #listen #sober #drugfree #alcoholfree #depressionsucks #keepyourheadup #itsthelittlethings #nguns #vegetarian #vegan #xennial #straightedge #freethinker #stayhumble #staywoke #1love #1truth #1destiny
Still can’t believe that in 4 hours of my live video being up, I have 4K views and it’s reach 40,000 odd people from all over the world! Think I may have to start doing more of these! https://www.facebook.com/thisishowIliver/. #thestruggleisreal #depressionsucks #anxiety #nursingstudent #transplant #hospitals #glycogenstoragedisease #crohnsdisease #arthritis #hospitallife #vlog #facebook
The hardest part for me is getting out of bed. Once I'm up, it's better but all I think about is that I can still be sleeping. I know I need to get up and push play before work or it won't get done. Plus, it does kind of wake me up and starts my day off right!!
• Inspiring • Watched @jeffreestar Video this morning after watching Shane’s documentary on him. I’ve always found Jeffrey fascinating and a likeable, relatable person underneath all the beauty and wealth he has. Hearing his incredible story and getting more of an insight in his own video really overwhelmed me. His story of troubles with his mother, not speaking to her for ten plus years, not thinking he would ever speak to her again gives me hope on my journey with family relations (as I too have a disconnect from my mum). Have some hope to those in similar situations. Also his self harm story is beautiful. His quote about the sadness behind a smile really touched me. I’ve got scars, I’ve got story’s and I too and covered with tattoos and long sleeves. But it’s beautiful to see truly who he is, where he’s come from and how he has grown to this incredible human. Forget people’s past, everyone grows up. Some of us have dark past that make us do things we regret, so to all those who cling on to that need to leave. I really think this showed a true representation of Jeffrey. Love you star ⭐️
7 years iv been throwing back pills for major depression and anxiety and on a good day il tell you ‘it gets better’ but in a bad period il tell you it sure doesnt. iv been in a bad way again for a while now and you get good days in that time but theres just less in there. i resent a lot of things around me. i care too much but not enough. i feel extremely isolated but annoyed by everyone. im shaking a lot and always making mistakes cause my brain isnt working. i feel like im always going to throw up and i cant even get my words out properly. i cant stop sleeping. its so hard and weird to understand for me and everyone around me cause im ‘the happy, positive girl on the radio’. i hate doing these posts cause it makes me look like im fishing for attention, but i dont need attention im the god damn centre of it all the time! i do it cause i feel like i need to explain myself & i know i need to share this honest shit if i want to make a difference, so that one day it can REALLY be de-stigmatised, so that people who suffer with this shit arnt just seen as ‘over the top’ and ‘weak and cant handle it’. if you follow me then you know me, and know i aint any of that! ugh anyway im just here hoping that one day the world will accept mental illness like they do physical illness, cause im exhausted 💆🏼‍♀️🙏🏼
I've had a pretty horrible day today. So I went for a hugee bush walk with my mutt 😄 And then I came home to my new #scribblestm waiting by the door for me. Needless to say, this day has improved! ... .. ... #dogwalk #chocolatemutt #bujojunkie #bujolife #deliveryday #bujo #scribblesthatmatter #stm #dogsofinstagram #doggo #bestdog #adogslove #bushwalk #australianbush #perthisok #naturewalk #anxiety #anxietyrelief #stressrelief #depressionrecovery #depressionsucks
People will never understand nor want to even begin to realise what damage they do to other people. If you're an over thinker, ocd, anxiety driven person like me you replay every part of your life over and over again in your mind. You wonder how you can be a better person, partner, friend, mother/father all while thinking you are the scum of the earth. You distance yourself and push people and stuff away because you feel like you're not good enough and people just deem you as rude or weird or both. But you're not. You're human, over emotional, sensitive and you have a lot to give. Be nice to people, be their friend and confidant but mostly be patient 👐❤ #realtalk #ocd #anxiety #depression #bethankful #patient #bepatient #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #anxietysucks #anxious #benicetopeople #itisnthard #lifelessons #ocdproblems #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #depressionquotes #depressionsucks
So last week I posted a blog that had peaks and troughs but was mainly upbeat. It was refreshing to tackle my outpourings on the crazy train in a slightly different manner. Think though I shot myself in the foot. I woke up the day after my last blog post feeling sad. Not depressed really just sad. So unbelievably sad it hurt. Almost as if everything had a forlorn hope connected to it and was pointless in trying to do anything. I tried though. But couldn't do much. Didn't do much. What I did do though was spend an hour or two with a good friend. Someone I've connected with via the blog and we've found a mutual outpouring of the head. Kicking each other's behind when needed and encouragement in regards to training. This was a bit of an inspiration and dual purpose motivation. The training lessened last week too. I wanted to train but just couldn't really drag myself to do it. Other than an FTP test - first time and I loved it- I hardly moved. I even went to running club and Thursday but couldn't get out the car so ended up driving home. Don't know what happened just a mental and physical block stun don't do it. I also completed my first Triathlon yesterday. I didn't race I just completed to learn the ropes and understand the process involved. I'll certainly be doing another at some point. After that me and she who must not e named went out with several of the pack members for a drink and some down time. After the week or low mood I was actually quite relaxed and during a conversation about the race it dawned on me that I didn't freak out during the event. First time this year. So that's a result. Last night I was giddy. She who must not be named , described it as a bit of a bi polar high. We spent the evening in the company of two very dear friends, the original pack members and made some plans for the future, little bit of R'n'R and adventure. I get that much of today's blog is sponsored by friendship. Friends who allow me to share my madness, my insecurities, my inconsistency and irrationality. Friends who allow me to wallow, to be quiet and who understand that I'm not ignoring them I'm just trying to do self care. Friends who make life easier
. ♥️ Have a passionate day!!!! 💋 You are loved, accepted and appreciated. ♥️ Everything is working out to your highest good. 💋 The power is within you to ignite your fire. 🔥 Remember who you are. ♥️ Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, feel it beat fo you. You matter and worthy. I love who you are. 💋 . #passionate #youareloved #youareaccepted #youareappreciated #youareworthy #youmatter #poweriswithinyou #yourfire #depressionsucks #anxietysucks #physicalabuse #emotionalabuse #powerwithinyou #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolencesurvivor #domesticviolence #selfconfidence #chooseyou #rememberwhoyouare #depressionrecovery #depressionawareness #emotionallydrained #fuckthescales #youarebeautiful #loveyourself #lovethemirror #beyou #dontjudgeyourself #myheartbeat #journalyourthoughts
I often hide behind a fake smile but this one is real 😊 #smile #depressionsucks #selfie #mondaymotivation
• Wonderland • Bye wonderland. Amsterdam was magical. I’m not one for really liking being far away from home, or feeling comfortable anywhere. However, that changed here. I found myself at times feeling the ease and finding calmness and relaxation (which I’ve been told my counsellors that I need to find more of). To be away from life where we just grind and work away to feeling free everyday. Looking at the houses in detail as you walk down the street, people watching and dreaming of their story, all those things we forget to do on homeland. Time to embark back into the real world.
When you struggle with chronic depression on a daily basis and little things tick it off, you get out and see what the world has to offer and exercise will clear the head. Most of you don’t know that I have it and I deal with it on my own terms, I’m not really one to talk about it or talk to someone about it but I know it’s ok, to not be ok. With this walk up mt Taylor this afternoon and these beautiful views of Canberra and an average sunset, I know there is more to life and I’ll keep fighting to see more of this country and the world and live my life to the fullest. #itsokaynottobeokay #depressionsucks #livinglife #tothefullest #exercise #fitness #sunset #mttaylor #canberra #australia #buggered #beautifulview #feelings #love #nature
Tonights HIIT workout is brought to by the letters F and U. Too many of my friends have died this year. People I may not have talked to on a regular basis. But when we did we would always open up to each other. I'm slowly finding myself harboring a lot of angst and confusion regarding these facts. So I turn my anger into a fuel and I let the fire rage. #fitspo #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfluencial #workhard #workout #gains #alwaysinbeta #bodygoals #cardio #fitfam #depressionsucks #feelbetter #instagood #instamood #instagram #picoftheday #nofilter #photooftheday #runner #strength #Supersaiyan #change #evolve #hiitworkout #hiit
It’s great how it can hit you at anytime and make you feel lifeless. #depressionsucks #depressionsession #depressionhurts #depression
Ich habe das erste Mal nach einem für mich etwas komplizierteren Mustern gestrickt und leider bin ich nicht so zufrieden, wie ich es gern wäre. Nichtsdestotrotz gibt es jemanden, der dieses Tuch heute bekommt und sich schon sehr darauf freut 😊 Ich wünsche euch allen einen tollen Start in die Woche ! ☀️ #etsyshop #etsyhandmade #etsyshopowner #etsysellersofinstagram #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittingagainstdepression #monday #fightdepression #borderline #bingeeatingdisorder #endstigma #depressionsucks #asymmetrischestuch #zurich #zürich #Schweiz #switzerland
Fuck this shit i'm out😣 btw i love that song❤️
This quote is spot on! If you suffer from anxiety and depression it's hard to control the emotions you have but it's easy to hide them. We all want to be positive and surround ourselves with our loved ones or close friends. However, it's the fear of socialising that holds us back from doing the things we enjoy the most. Anxiety and Depression can cause our emotions to flip at any moment. That's why one minute we care about everything then all of a sudden we care about nothing. #anxietyquotes #anxietydisorder #anxietysurvivor #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxietyisreal #depressionsucks #depressionquotes #depressionsurvivor #anxietyrelief #anxietysymptoms #disorder #fears
Good Morning, have you picked up your copy of Dust to Dew yet? You definitely need your own copy for this Sallah break! Something really nice to tuck into, your ideal travel partner and a good gift for a friend. Order Now! Available @quramopublishing @laternabooks @rovingheights @medpluspharmacyng We deliver nation wide www.dusttodew.com Delivery hot line 08033257606 #dusttodewbybettyirabor #thehandoftraumacanbebroken #depressionsucks #notostigma
Wie oft denken wir "wenn ich Zeit habe, mache ich dies und das"? Oder "ich mache nur noch das hier zu Ende, dann entspanne ich mich mal". Auch beliebt: "Wenn mein Partner/meine Kinder/meine Eltern doch mal ein bisschen Rücksicht auf mich nehmen würden." Derartiges Denken, so verbreitet es auch ist, macht dich letztendlich nur eines: Zum Opfer. Ob du als Resultat unzufrieden bist, gereizt, depressiv oder dich vollstopfst mit Essen, übermäßig Alkohol konsumierst, o.ä. ist ein DIREKTES Resultat deines Denkens und der Tatsache, dass du dich nicht ausreichend um dich kümmerst. Klar ist es schön, sich um andere zu kümmern, und man kann auch eine ganze Menge Energie aus dem Dienst an anderen Menschen ziehen. Aber achte zuerst auf dich selbst. Geh liebevoll und wertschätzend mit dir selbst um, dann kannst du auch besser für andere sorgen. Wenn du dich immer nur um andere kümmerst und nie oder nur ganz selten um dich selbst, wirst du irgendwann krank - entweder seelisch oder körperlich. Übernimm also die Verantwortung für dein Leben und dein Handeln, und kümmere sich heute mal um dich und das, was dir wichtig ist. Und falls du dann feststellen solltest, dass du gar nicht mehr weißt, was dir gut tut, ist es noch wichtiger, dass du dich mit deinen Bedürfnissen beschäftigst. Niemand wird kommen, dir ein Silbertablett reichen und sagen "Hier ist ein bisschen Zeit, tu dir doch mal was Gutes". Wenn du nicht gut für dich sorgst, wird es auch kein anderer tun. <3 #positivity #selflove #mentalhealth #itgetsbetter #selbstwert #selbstvertrauen #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #lifecoach #positivepsychologie #positivepsychology #depressionsucks #depressionrecovery #lovemyself
Just a little promo image from one of my recent Iray shader products at Daz3D. Still riding strong as the Captain of the Struggle Bus. I’m so sick of feeling like this. Working on making things right again. Much love to all my fans out there. Your continued support makes a world of difference. 🖤🖤🖤
I've been having a hard time recently, for no good reason as usual. I played with a little girl at the pool and then cried because I don't have my own child. I want to invite people over, but I'm embarrassed by the laundry stacked up everywhere in my apartment. Little things are really bumming me out, and I know it's just the depression, but that doesn't make it easier or make me able to "snap out of it." #bummedout #depressionsucks #mentalhealthawareness
@c3p_0ops and I pushing each other to get out of bed and go out when we just want to sleep all day. #iloveyou #depressionsucks #endthestigma #titsandass
Bend but NEVER break.....I’m sorry y’all. We all have a breaking point. My children MOST of all deserves a lasting life with their mom. Just trying to remain strong. 😏 #DepressionSucks .....;
#myfirst real piece of #art after a few years . #lostmyself somewhere and somehow just began finding what #ilove again - a spark that was from somewhere #tryingtokeepitalive #venom is in our blood #spidermanfan is in mine 😋 #jointhedarkside will you? #myartwork inspired by #comicartwork #linework is also something I try #roughart is sorta my style 🤙 #mysketch my foundation 🏗️ #findinginspiration what I was tryna do all the while #artastherapy 🎨 I think it's true #depressionsucks 🎭 it does prevent you from being you #mentalhealthisreal #youcandoit #dontletothersbringyoudown #yougotthis #weareone #torontostrong #lovebeatshate ✌️🍁
This girl on line between I am done or should I keep fighting. #Depressionsucks
Sweating like a pig!!! Surely this will start to get easier..I could run for days (heel OK) but try and plank for a min or lift a tiny weight and I'm a sweaty quivering mess... I guess it all helps tho.. I'll get there in the end.. Happy Monday all 😘 #beatdepressionandanxiety #depressionsucks #thisgirlcan #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #marathoner #runninggoals2018 #instarunners #womenrunners #irunthisbody #foodforfitness #fueltorun #getgutgone #chubbygirl #chubbachubba #operationdepodge #staystrong #beatyesterday #beatyesterday #beatthegirlinthemirror #bethebestyoucanbe #beyourownmotivationeveryday #notbadforanoldbird #latethirtiesandproud #strengthtraining #strongnotskinny #♥️ #💪
I’m still having more bad days than good ones in Singapore as of late. Things that are quite commonly found in the USA are not so common elsewhere in the world, and that’s not helping my homesickness much...except this!!! I will always opt for a Cherry Coke over a regular one. So I’m thrilled to find at least one #Subway has it here 🙏🏻😂❤️ #itsthelittlethings #itmademydaybetter #depressionsucks #itsnojoke
I wish people around me understand how social anxiety works. Earlier today, I was asked to entertain our foreign visitors in the office. Our CEO is an old fashioned asian and loves entertainment. And he suddenly asked me to sing in front of everyone. Seriously why would anyone do that? What’s its connection to my job? And knowing my boss I can’t say no to him or he’ll really get mad. But if I can’t have lunch with my colleagues, what more entertain strangers and sing in front of them? I froze. I feel like they are all taking the oxygen in the room. I can’t breathe. I want to run away and hide and breathe. I always have panic attacks. Every single time. But today is worst. Can I stop working for a whole month and just stay in my bed? 😞
There are ways you can fail your children that doesnr mean you are a failure as a parent. Some people are so afraid of being a bad parent that they become a bad parent. Let me say this clearly…. STOP BLAMING YOUR CHILDREN!! THEY ARE A MIRROR IMAGE OF YOU! Any failures of your children are a direct result of something you did! Intentional or not. Perhaps you just didnt give them the skills they needed to cope in life. Perhaps you were too good of a parent and babied them too much. Perhaps your neglect of their opinions and feelings taught them they didnt matter. I didnt come up with the idea that my parents failed me or abused me. Hundreds of shrinks did. Hundreds of people who have seen my life forst hand told me and i didnt want to believe it. Im not blaming them or using it as an excuse. But its an explanation they refuse to accept. In rejecting it they are rejecting the validity of my pain and struggle which in turn sends a message that i dont matter. Acceptance is a vital human need we all share. As society becomes more distant and less of a community family plays a vital role in helping children find their place in this world. If they hear every day of their childhood they dont have a place in the family then no suprise they feel like they dont have a place in the world. Its so easy to do im so passionate about raising awareness about this yopic because i struggle with the repecussions of psychologival  abuse and neglect every day. Physical abuse although present doesnt phase me today. Licing with my parents after all these years again i experience it all over again. The simple eye roll, sly glance, questioning everything i do even the way i wipe my fucking ass. The constant “your a fucking dissapointment wasting your life demenour" is more harmful than words. They dont even need to say it anymore. You can portray a message intentional or not without speaking, by a lack of action. Saying nothing positive, nothing at all and then only voicing criticism is how i grew up. Its how they treated me so its how i treat myself! Their commentary on my life is my inner dialogue and it sucks!
I still remember the day i came home from work to find my husband sitting in the bathtub fully clothed. Head in hands just staring off into space. I instantly recognized the severity of the severity of the situation because i have spent hours in the same position. I remember him coming home from work one day and just lying on the floor. He told me he had just stopped on thw way home and sat on thw side of the road for hours because he was paralyzed and couldnt move. This is depression i told him. Lovingly i listened and told him it would all be ok. I was depressed as hell at the time too. I think it would be a good idea just to see a gp. Thats a good start. I feel like encouraging someone to speak to their gp is a lot less intimidating. People are used to going to that type of doctor. (Its also not me telling them they need medication or to see a psychologist) people particularly men who are known for bottling things are more likely to listen to a Drs advice. Trying to go it alone when you’re feeling down increases the risk of depression or anxiety going unrecognised and untreated. Depression is a high risk factor for suicide, and plays a contributing role to the big difference in suicide rates for men and women. On average, one in eight men will eperience  depression and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives. (Which i believe only shows the statistics for men who actually seek help for these conditions! I am sure there are a lot more suffering in silence! Blokes make up an average six out of every eight suicides every single day in Australia. The number of men who die by suicide in Australia every year is nearly double the national road toll. Everyone’s mental health varies during their life, and can move back and forth along their own personal range between positive and healthy at one end through to severe symptoms or conditions that impact on everyday life at the other, in response to different stressors and experiences. Effectively managing your mental health can give you significant improvements in your quality of life, increase your capacity to support your family and your mates, and let you perform at your best.
Do you know what it feels like to be made of lead? To have sadness exist in your soul festering like a cancer you cant control? For your heart to beat for a reason you cant seem to find? To dive into the waters of hell with your head hung low, wading through the depths of despair trying to find a way out of a place no one claims exists? No one comes searching for you because they dont believe your lost. Your looking for a world that seems so far away, maybe one you have never known. Living in a place that doesnt feel like home, existing in a body that is not your own. Crippled by a power no one understands. Fighting every minute of your life to keep yourself afloat in the dangerous seas of mental illness. No land can be seen on the horizon, no life boat is around. People pass you by, gawk and stare but never lend a hand. they watch you drown. Why you ask? Because they dont think you need saving. Do you know what it feels like to not be worthy of a saviour? to come to the conclusion of years of reaching out that uou are alone in this fight and if you dont save yourself no one will?To then try and fail to the best of your abilities to be stuck in a corpse that wants to return to its grave but a soul that wishes to fly up to heaven? To fight a war you cant seem to win and worse still no one believes you are in? Our plight is ignored, our fight undermined with suggestions, advice and useless opinions about how to win a war a minute ago they denied existed? Experts of the unknown, the strane and bizare they give it to you freely but warn you can end your own suffering if you just believe there was nothing wrong with you to begin with! Braver warriors have lost this fight. Their struggles silent and their deaths missunderstood. All it takes is for us to accept that this war exists to give our soldiers back their reason to fight. To give them hope that what they fight for is real and that it exists. to make it attainable for all. Continue bellow!! Or on my facebook page search "The Bipolar Barbie" Make sure to check out my YouTube channel! Link in bio! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to be the first to see my new video tomorrow!! What should I talk about?
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