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Life is not qualified by fluent English, branded clothes or a rich lifestyle. It is measured by the number of faces that smile when they hear your name.❤️• • • • #blackandwhite
🎦Super easy full tutorial is up on YouTube🎦• If I could get dolled up for a living I totally would! There’s something magical about Indian clothing and accessories like no other, ever since I was 2 years old I’d ask my mom if I could wear chania choli and ghungroo around the house, and she would let me, I remember being a super tiny thing busting out “daflee wale dafli bajaa” on the radio (cassette tape), and just dancing all day long...this is in my blood and the passion I have for Indian- clothing, makeup, accessories, songs and dance can’t be put into words. I wasn’t born in India but I will get gussied up in Indian wear till my last day on earth.❤️🤗
Here’s the much requested details of my makeup and outfit hehe i love how so many of you dm’ed me to post this🙈 choosing one wasn’t an option so I’ve attached the ones that i really liked🙈 also on a fun note i got this really cool pallet from @makeuprevolution it’s called intoxicate it has the best pinks and browns shimmer and mattes so my eye makeup was a result of that palette i took inspiration from @desiperkins and @patrickta video on youtube on the everyday subtle brown smokey eye💕also my foundation is the fast base stick foundation from @makeuprevolution in the shade F6 glides on and blends like a dream a little on the oily side but works well for the winters!! Also coming down to my lipcolour so this may come as a surprise but this lipcolour is actually a lip crayon from @rivajcosmeticsuk in the shade deep red even tho it’s called the deep red the shade comes off as a beautiful browny peachy nude and looks stunning the best part is the formula and the fact that this is locally available ❤️ also my blush is actually the vivid baked highlighter from @makeuprevolution in the shade rose gold lights its legit the best shimmery kinda blush also to top it off i used @beccacosmetics champagne pop to finish of the look!! Outfit: @curvyqueenxoxo Heels : @walkeaze they’re nude so they go with everything and they’re comfortable af!! Hope you guys enjoy the look let me know what you think about it in the comments below tehe💛✨ #fashionblogger #desifashionblogger #thelifeofrabs #karachiites #makeuprevolution #curvygirlsstyle #motd #ootd #karachistreetstyle #desistreetstyle #pakistanistreetstyle #karachibloggers #pakistanibloggers #desifashionista #fashionista #makeupoftheday
.. Resuming something that i hold close to my heart..... Photography !! One of the many things I loose myself in... This gorgeous mama waited so patiently for me to get her pics done.... 😊 .She let me do the styling for this...I felt freedom.😁 . Outfit - @bananarepublic Jhumka - @designerayushkejriwal #photoshoot #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #maternityfashion #styledshoot #designerayushkejriwal #bananarepublic #chunkyjewelry #jhumka #silverjhumkas #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancyfashion #pregnancyphotoshoot #maternityphotoshoot #fashionstyle #fashion #style #styleblogger #fashionblogger #indianfashionblogger #desifashionblogger #ootd #wiwt #ootdmagazine
I had an extra smile when I left the house today, I thought I’d give it to someone I passsd along the way.• I tried to give the smile away but incredibly each time I’d give it to someone, they’d give it back to me.• So now I have a bunch of smiles, what am I to do?• I think I’ll keep a couple and give the rest to you.❤️
Looking back...😊 This pic from a year and half ago popped up in my photo albums. Everything has changed. I have evolved. I have changed in leaps and bounds..both inside and outside. Could not say enough of how the "letting go" attitude has helped me move beyond the past and refocus my thoughts. . #randommusings #lostinthoughts #nomorelonghair #curls #curlyhairgirls #haircuts #bigchop #momanddaughter #nostalgic #fashionista #style #styleblogger #fashionblogger #fashion #lookingback #casualstyle #leatherjacket #theatrekid #theatremom #desifashionista #desifashionblogger #indianfashionblogger #curlyhairgone #ilovemybabygirl
“Can I take your order?”• This is my “I look like I work at Red Lobster” dress🦞🦞• from #jcpenney
An important message today 🌻 Btw, this luscious kantha is from a cherished source. Aindrila offers the choicest slow jewelry, artisanal handlooms & textiles that I wouldn't even know exist had it not been for her. These looks for #KanthaKatha & #XmasKeRang 🌲 The other picture, is my message. Being in Indianwear everyday is never the only way. There's many excuses to not choose sustainable fashion - differing worldwide. In India, sustainable choices are child's play bec we're abundant in organic handicrafts + textiles that are easily accessible. The world admires from afar and affords rarely, we are spoilt with choices. Here come the ageist - and often silly - stereotypes about supporting sustainable. Most Indian women think - "Sustainable means I have to do a kurta or saree. Not sexy. I'll look like an aunty (older/ matronly)" - and continue to flock to fast fashion brands that are, ironically, exploiting workers in India and Bangladesh every moment of every day. Like you, @hm. I need to tell you, this is a dysfunctional mindset. There's way, way, way more to sustainability than a saree or bindi. I'm nobody to tell you what to like, if indian isn't your game, so be it! What I'm wearing? A secondhand shirt, a secondhand skirt, vegan loafers that only resemble leather, earrings + vegan tote that I've used lovingly for six years. Sustainable is caring about your consumer impact, the pollution you cause, the carbon footprint of your shopping. There isn't any PLANET B. Be conscious, avoid brands that exploit humans, dont kill animals for your fashion or cosmetics, dont buy shit you dont need because it was on sale and discard four weeks later. Buy timeless over trends. Make things last. A circular ecosystem instead of a consume-discard dead end.  Sustainability is everybody's concern. It isn't just for those of us who like sarees or dress Indian. THINK - What are my purchases causing? If you don't like indianwear, thats totally cool. But Im sorry this isn't an excuse to be a toxic consumer supporting toxic brands and contributing to the downfall of our planet! 🌍 Wake up, get your research on.
If snowflakes are kisses from heaven, then it means someone up there really loves me because I was literally showered with them today❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️• • • #snowflakes #snowfall #mominheaven
➡️SWIPE➡️• Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.• • • DISCLAIMER: I’ve never had formal training, I always learn as I go, and I always do it on my own, I don’t know it’s a weird thing I have where I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I do things on my own without any help.• • Here are just some of the things I’ve made recently and in the past.• 1st pic: maxi dress/tube midi dress• 3rd pic: white satin skirt with a sequin border• 4th pic: a dress I turned into a top• 5th pic: tube top saree blouse• 6th pic: my younger daughters 5th birthday outfit and headpiece• 7th pic: 1950’s poodle skirt• 8th pic: toddler dress I made for my younger one• 9th pic: wristlets and a luggage tag• Despite what some think, I’m not just about makeup, I’ve made jewelry/ wooden signs/hair clips/candles etc I’m definitely going to share some of those things on here too.• • #blackandwhite
THIS IS PICTURE IS THE MOST PERFECT DEPICTION OF MY MOOD AND LEGIT HOW MY FACE LOOKS LIKE RN!!! I’m ambushed with everything this week is throwing at me! Managing my final submissions, final projects and the thing i dread the most that is final presentations (guys im literally praying i present without having an anxiety attack in the middle) also managing events and most importantly trying to keep myself pumped about my birthday which is at the end of the week which btw is 9 DEC sunday!! (ALSO GUYS DONT FORGET TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GIVEAWAY IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME IF YOU ALL WOULD HELP ME REACH 1k)God I can’t even to explain how miserable i feel the week isn’t even done but i sure am😭 I’m so tired like i only want to eat or sleep, im finding it so hard to manage my diet and workout its not even cute anymore!😭 motivation bae where you @ who else can relate with me? Also kind/motivating words and prayers will be appreciated 🤗💕 #thelifeofrabs #thelifeofrabsgiveaway #desibeautyblog #desifashionblogger #desiblogger #ootd #pakistaniblogger #karachiblogger #fashionsita #desifashionista #karachistreetstyle #curvygirlsstyle #birthdayweek #motivationneeded #karachiites #motd #toofaced #makeuprevolution #prayersneeded #fashionblog #desifashionblogger #pakistanibloggers #pakistanibloggercommunity #desidiaries #desifashiondiaries #desiwedding #womeninblack #browngirls
Well, for what it’s worth here’s my EASY version of Deepika’s reception look.• • I need to get my head in this so called youtube game, I will think about looks and before I finish my thought BOOM, millions have posted it on YouTube! The best thing to do is to NOT do these psychotically popular looks, to be honest I don’t even watch Bollywood, so I’m moving to the era when Bollywood used to be something, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, I’ll leave the latest “in trend” insanely overly done/complicated looks to the ‘pros’.• • Full tutorial is up on YouTube
Life is not a fairytale! If you lose a shoe at midnight...YOU’RE DRUNK!!🍾🥂👠• • • #Rocksbox #rbitgirl • If anyone would like a month free (Rocksbox jewelry subscription), use the code Bragfashxoxo on their site❤️💗
everyday I promote myself , everyday I see something different & getting better day by day 🙌🏿 push myself everyday & my supports are the best 👏🏿🥰 keep going sis 💯 #desifashionblogger #fashionblogger #keeppushing #keepdreaming #keepthefaith #blessingarecoming #blessed #nolafashionstylistdesi #nola #bustabrokebitchclothing
❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Don’t chase,🏃🏻‍♀️• don’t stress,😤• don’t beg,•🤲🏻 don’t be desperate,🥺• just relax.😌• When you relax, it will come to you. Make your wants want YOU💗!• • • #plaid #flannel #theresnoplacelikehome #homebody
➡️swipe➡️• You were born a puzzle piece with curved and cornered sides in a pattern so unique it must be by design.• We all try to change our shape, try to bend and squeeze but everyone all ready fits in the grand master piece.• There’s no picture on a box, no reference you can follow, we have to always try and fail like there’s no tomorrow.• • So this was my Deepika Padukone’s wedding look. I posted a video on YouTube a week and a half ago.
Calling Sehmat By Harinder Sikha is the book that the film Raazi is based on. After watching this film I had so many questions and finally managed to track down the book on Amazon and it was....well you can read my review on my blog to see how I felt about it. This was a shoot where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. My camera stopped working, my sari kept falling down, I couldn’t get WiFi, my earrings broke and it was raining but I persevered to get these shots and whilst I’m not 100% happy with them I thought I would share them with you anyway. Taken on my iPhone on a tripod and self timer I couldn’t decide which photos to use so I used them both! What do you think? Should I do this style of photography again albeit with more preparation? And what books should I add to my list to read? Fiction and non-fiction alike welcome! . . . . . . #selfportraitphotography #bookstagram #30plusblogs #desiblogger #desifashionblogger #discoverunder1k #harindersikha #callingsehmat #fbloggersuk #lbloggersuk #londonblogger #londonbookblogger #ukbookstagram #pakistaniblogger #simplycovered #thegirlgang #theverygirl #abmlifeiscolorful #momentsofmine #simplyhumairareads
Whole fit screaming “DESSSSIIIIIIII” 😱 it’s to die for, it’s everything 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #desifashionblogger #fashionblogger #allheadsturn #slayness #slaywalkers #fashiononreplay #fashionable #speakit #beit #dreamit
Come on nah , give me the attitude with the fashion 🦋 yessss every bit of sassy’ness 🌸🌷 #desifashionblogger #sassyness #sassyattitude #fashiononabudget #fashionblogger #slayness #fashionspeaking #talktoem #nola #citygirl @__beedyyy
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