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On holiday with me . #wearingdabbee accessories for my diabetes
Well this was fun 🙄 Bolused for breakfast and went sky high... tried to correct more and still didn't come down... then realised there were bubbles in my tube so I obviously wasn't getting my insulin in properly. My set had only been in for 2 days and there were no bubbles when I put it in but today there appeared to be loads. Does anyone know if it's common for heat to make bubbles form in the insulin? #diabetes #diabetic #diabeticpump #pum p #insulinpump #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #type1 #t1d #diabetesmellitus #cgm #continuousglucosemonitor #dexcom #g6 #dexcomg6 #heatwave #heat #hot #insulin
Daily comfort... . #wearingdabbee accessories for my diabetes
good morning everyone! bg is 140 and it’s steady!!!! the only disadvantage to the pump so far is the sensor because the tape around it keeps peeling and that’s causing the sensor to lift up a little which gives a more inaccurate reading :/ anyways may today be filled with smiles and good bloodsugars! #dexcomchange #medtronic670g #iphone8plus #insulindependentdiabetic #insulindependent #minimed #diabetes #diabeticpump #cgm
De curso en Madrid, bombas de insulina y monitorización continúa de glucosa. Y luego de verbena ! 😅😛 Feliz noche de San Juan! 🤩#madrid #diabetes #diabetesesp #diabetes #diabetesgestacional #diabetestipo1 #diabetestipo2 #diabeticpump #enfermeria #enfermeriavisible #nurse
Blood sugars over the last couple days just staying high! On a positive note though,6th August I have an appointment about getting the pump!fingers crossed #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #pump #diabeticpump #keeppushing #muscle #pose #malemodel #tattoomodel #inkedmodel #tatts #tatted #tattoos #inked #skin #thinking #august #mylife #myjourney #followme #followmyjourney #letsgogetit #iwillmakeit #walkwithme #t1dlookslikeme
Wekelijkse bezigheid ... nieuw infuus plaatsen 🙆🏻‍♀️💃🏻 #diabeticpump #diabetic #insulinepomp #insulinpump
〰️ This is my life. This is real. Leven met de insuline pomp is steeds makkelijker & fijner! #diabeticpump #diabetic #insulinepomp #insulinpump #type2diabetes #realshit #infuus #lekkerprikken #jammeralsjebruinword #pleisters
This week has been crazy. My graduate collection was showed at Graduate Fashion Week in London and I wanted to share with you all the final outcomes! Many of you already know but this community of type ones has been a huge inspiration to me and my work and I have created garments using recycled insulin tubes from numerous people and their pumps. I can’t thank the guys enough that have shared my shout outs for tubing and supported me through my collection process. Thanks especially to @lunar_lapin @t1d_supergirl @dextralie @nickers94 @laurajanebull @_lindsaydaviessx @that.diabetic.life @poppytype1 @miaaaaa.w @christygen @millyclaxton @medtronicdiabetes who have sent me tubing, they’ve all been used on my clothing in some way and I’m so so grateful! It has meant so much more to have a community of people contribute to my work (My inbox got wiped and the last few weeks have been mental so If I’ve missed you please message me as I’d hate to not include you in this post ❤️)! . . A few years ago i would never have even set up a diabetes related instagram and I can’t express how much you have all helped me maybe without even knowing it. ❤️ Please follow @beckyysian if you want to see more! . . #type1diabetes #t1dawareness #t1dlookslikeme #t1d #diabetes #diabetesproblems #diabeticproblems #diabeticawareness #typeonediabetic #typeonestrong #insulinpump #diabeticpump #pumplife #medtronic640g #insulindependent #typeonelookslikeme #t1dlookslikeme #diabetes #diabeticclothing
SO MY NEW PUMP SHIPPED YESTERDAYYYY!!!!!! if you couldn’t tell that i’m super exited, IM SUPER EXITED!!! I ordered some accessories for it yesterday too and i’m so exited to give it a try! How old is your pump!? The one I currently have is 2 years old but it was discontinued so I had to get a new one! #pumpproblems #qanda #goodbloodsugar #diabetes #diabeticpump #insulinpump #insulindependent #diabetescommunity #diabeticfood
school is out!!! Now I have an online class😂 My blood sugars have still been a mess and my new pump order is having problems!!! UGH! #insulinpump #insulindependent #lowbloodsugar #highbloodsugar #endocronology #diabetes #diabeticpump #diabeticproblems #diabeticrecipes #diabetes #diabetescommunity #diabetescommunity
Ready for the sea. . Accessories #wearingdabbee
One day you won’t want to hold my hand. One day you’ll say you hate me. One day you’ll cry because you think I’m being unfair. One day you won’t want my help. One day I’ll embarrass you. One day you’ll be a a grown up. One day you’ll be a mother to your own child... but for today you still hold my hand and make sure you’re never too far away. I cherish these days. I cherish you, for you will always be my baby girl. You might not always need me, but I’ll always need you. (that’s my diabetes pump on my arm) #typeonediabetic #omnipod #diabeticpump
good morning everyone! so my blood sugar is still plummeting at random times and it gets really inconvenient when I have a band concert!!! i’ve tried a couple of the methods some of you guys have recommended but they didn’t really work🙁 any other ideas??? Q- how often do you go low??? #endocronology #highbloodsugar #lowbloodsugar #lowcarb #diabetes #diabeticpump #diabeticproblems #glucose #carbs #sugar
Today was her first full day on her new Ominpod pump. So far great results. I know its not a cure all but anything to improve her a1c. Its been 11years since we used a pump and they have improved. Along with Dexcom hopefully we'll finally get some control back. Now we are looking forward toward her next check up(a1c). #Ominpod #dexcom #diabetes #diabeticpump #diabetessupport #diabeticonthego
Last night I was coming back from a lovely night out with @sasandyosh and I tapped on instagram as ya do and started reading @bowelbabe s recent post about people being down right mean. “Glamorising Cancer” was the words that got me. I’ve heard this before with @lobellaloves_jo and “glamorising depression “ it just simply isn’t true and am asking and urging us all to be supportive towards anyone who are opening up about their illness to create awareness and conversations. I talk about my diabetes in an attempt to educate and inform people of what it’s like to live with this disease. I have been very open and honest about it , but at the end of the day we won’t let a disease stop us from feeling our best. Here I am with my pump that is permanently attached to my body . I’m so aware of what I wear and whether it’s going to fall out. It’s a huge part of my life. To all the haters, please think before you comment or DM someone with hurtful words. Maybe it’s best just to let your opinion stay with you. Shout out to @panicthemother @thatmumwithcancer who are a few more awesome babes. . . . #diabetes #type1diabetes #diabeticpump #deppression #cancerawareness #mentalhealthawareness #haters #educating #floral #pump
Pro Football, pop music life, actors life, aiport troubles, dodgy landlords, stripper girlfriends, the real world, hypo's, hypers, teenage mutant ninja turtle pyjamas.... a little insight into the play Keep Calm I'm Only Diabetic 😁 The venue is The Etcetera Theatre in London's Camden Town on June 9th. Tickets can be purchased from the theatre website or official site www.officialjonsel.com #keepcalmimonlydiabetic #diabetic #promo #london #health #bloodsugar #blood #needles #injection #diabeticpump #keepcalm #truestory #t1tribe #t1d #diabeast #promotional #diabeticshowbizshizzle #onsale #fringetheatre #tour
Ok, so today, I received some of the best news I’ve had in a long time. I am finally going to get a diabetic pump! 🙆🏼‍♀️ (this is big news for a type 1 diabetic). It is totally going to change my lifestyle and the way I feel within myself, whilst keeping my blood sugar levels stable due to having more control. There are also other HUGE bonuses which include: . . 👍🏼 Fewer injections - I don’t mind doing them...I mean, I’m used to it after 11 years but it’ll be a nice change going forwards. . . 👍🏼 The settings on the pump are instantly adjustable to allow for unexpected/unplanned exercise (super important for me with my job and teaching classes/working out, etc!) . . 👍🏼 The way in which the pump works helps reduce the risk of post exercise hypoglycaemia - this is excellent news and something I have to deal with A LOT and it’s one of my least favourite things about having diabetes - this basically means, my blood sugar levels won’t drop after exercise and I won’t need to have any sugar to bring it back up as it will be well controlled throughout. . . 👍🏼 The pump provides small amounts of rapid acting insulin during the day and night, meaning that my blood sugar levels won’t shoot up during the night making me gag for water and need a wee! (Very much a pain having this issue every night). This also means I won’t wake up sluggish every morning due to high blood sugars - which is the worst start to an early shift. . . 👍🏼 I can actually eat whenever I want in the evening without it raising my blood sugars right through the night and I can rest assured that it’ll be constantly correcting my doses without the need for injecting. . . . There are so many good things about the pump, the above just being a few of them. I’ve worked really hard over the past year perfecting my carb counting, attending several appointments (with my fave diabetic nurse 💕) and this will just be the icing on the cake! It may not seem like a big deal to someone who isn’t diabetic but this is really life changing for me! #diabetes #diabetic #diabetestype1 #diabeticpump #lifestyle #change #happy
So if you couldn’t tell by the first picture I have an insulin pump! I currently use the Accu Check Avivia Combo and this pump has worked great for me! Sadly, the Accu Check brand is no longer a available and Medtronic is soon going to stop supporting my pump. I guess you can say i’m in the boat to buy a new pump! Any suggestion?! #diabetes #insulindependent #diabeticpump #diabeticproblems #insulinpump #accucheck #medtronic #CGM #halfmachine #bionicpancreas #illness #lifetime #fitness #needles #pumpprobs #pumpproblems #diabetescommunity #typeone #typetwo #type1diabetes #typetwodiabetes #typenone
It’s 12:45am and Diabetes does not have time off. Nevaeh’s pump site needed to be changed early because she kept going higher and higher. We are thinking she needs a new site spot and if anyone (or you know anyone please tag them) knows a better spot than the bum please let me know. Vay doesn’t love change so I know this will be hard but her pump site should last 3 days and her site is lasting about a full 2. Maybe some people change it every 2 days and that works too 🤷🏼‍♀️ #t1dlookslikeme #t1d #diabeticpump #typeonemom #helpwanted #t1dyoudontsee
Diabetic Pump Report …… I’ve had my diabetic pump for around 4 weeks now. Thought I would share with you all how it was going. Want to firstly thanks those who have DM’d me with your encouragement. It really does mean a lot. So after the epic fail of doing a live to show how easy it was to attach it to my body. Then the equipment broke and I had to call my diabetic nurse crying my eyes out . I went in the next day to collect more tubing and cannulas so that was all fixed. I’ve pulled out the cannula whilst pulling down my pants ( to use the bathroom, cheeky) I woke up in the night and It had come out. I went to a restaurant / night out and it fell out. Sooo...... I’m trying to remember why I got this thing in the first place. Ok so ... positives.... my correction dose is more accurate, I’m checking my levels a lot more than I used to. I don’t rummage in my bag looking for needles or have a bag full of used ones rattling at the bottom. I can’t tell you if I’m happier, it’s not a life changer it’s just different. In some ways I miss the injections because it was easier to forget, but I need reminding and I need to look after myself. Hopefully the next time I write about it I can be a bit more positive. #diabeticpump #type1diabetic #type1diabetes #livingwithdiabetes #diabetic #type1 #kitchendesign #industrialkitchen #t1d #diabetesawareness
2 years ago 💔 vs 2 days ago ♥️ how time flies when you’re having fun! Just remember how good life is after recovery guys, it’s worth every single tear, anxiety attack, horrible thought. LIFE IS SWEET 🌈
THIS! IS! SO! IMPORTANT! I unfortunately know a few people who portray themselves as happy and 100% ok all the time and it makes me so so sad to see. We are not perfect, it’s ok to be human and show emotions. Allow yourself to be HUMAN. Not a robot ♥️ life isn’t all Hawaii beaches 🌱
My fave meal combo recently ♥️ you all should know by now how much I love salads and I literally have one everyday! This is so simple and only tomato tofu with falafels and salad, beetroot and spring onions! I top it with a little hummus and tomato chutney and 👌 I used to HATE tofu but now I can’t get enough! Especially this tomato tofu and smoked! ♥️
YUMMIEST brunch in a long time! Last morning in Scotland before heading home later this evening 💔 I’m back to work tomorrow and I get to see my friends who I’ve missed SO MUCH! And it’s also this time off has made me realise how much I miss and love my new job! 🤗 im so grateful for everything and everyone in my life atm and I’m super super happy ✨i can’t wait to get home ✨♥️
There’s nothing more Beautiful in this entire world than a woman in love with every breath she takes.. 💖 #selflove #tattooedgirls #tat2dkittykat #meow #smitten #inlovewithlife #itsvitaltoyourhappiness #diabeticpump #type1diabetic #diabeticproblems #inkedup
Dreeeeamy food at @13th_note 👌 flying back home tomorrow and I’m sad to be leaving but I miss Home, my friends and work hahahah ♥️ hope you’re all well and enjoying life ✨
Dreamy creamy oat milk lattes from @hulajuicebar this morning ♥️ mum and I are having so much fun in Scotland and we’re on the look out for a vegan roast dinner for our lunch tomorrow! So if anyone knows please hit me up! 👋🏻 thank you for all the birthday messages yesterday, I had the loveliest day filled with so much yum vegan food and shopping 😏 lots of love to you all ♥️♥️🌈
Happy 21st birthday to me 🌈
FINALLY arrived in Glasgow ✈️ mum and I have been up since 4.30am and we both haven’t eaten until now so it’s safe to say all the words that were said when I was HANGRY 😂 I’m so excited for my bday tomorrow 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Dinner last night was 👌 falafel burger without the bun because bread messes with my blood sugars and sweet potato fries 🍠 🍟 is that only orange juice in my glass or does it have a cheeky bit of vodka in it 😂 this was all followed by some birthday cake, more alcohol and dancing the night away to celebrate my 21st on Friday!💃🏻 I’m off to Scotland tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited 🌈
Sorry not sorry for posting more personal photos but I have so much love for this girl. I’ve only known her for a short amount of time but she has taught me more than some people I’ve known for life. She’s the reason I haven’t had panic attacks or anxiety attacks for 3 months, the reason I’ve been socialising, the reason I’m happy with my body, the reason why I’m happy with life and my mentality has changed for the good. If you ever find a best friend like @alina.lillian.dunworth don’t ever let them go.
My early birthday cake ♥️ banoffee Gluten free cake 🎂 first time in 4 years having a birthday, simply because I didn’t want one because I was scared due to my eating disorder. So this year is the year I say “FU” 🖕🏼I love you @karenlapsley , you mean the world to me ♥️ made by the amazing @little_beebakery
Happy Easter my beaut lil bunnies 🐰 showing off my new tat 😉I’ve spent my day at @romseyveganfaireasterbonanza with my Mumma and bestie eating lots of vegan samples, buying raw brownies, eating too much chocolate and just having SO MUCH FUN! I went out last night for a lil boogie so I’m feeling suuuuper tired today, I’ve taken myself to my room to zone out from the world and just listen to my fave chill band @iamnovoamor using my incredible wireless @sudio headphones ♥️ I have the “TRE” and these are the most amazing pair of headphones I’ve EVER owned and I’ve gone though a lot! I used them the other day when I went on a run and couldn’t believe how long I’d waited to get my hands on them! If any of you would like to buy some I have a 15% discount code - EARTHLING_EM 🌈✨ thank you @sudio #sudio #sudiomoments for creating such incredible headphones ✨
NEW TATTOOO! I got this done yesterday and couldn’t be happier ✨ my blood sugars throughout the whole 2 hour session were dropping low and my dexcom alarm was going OFF 😂 being diabetic we have to take extra care of our bodies and the healing process of cuts and bruises and especially tattoos to make sure our bodies heal properly! I’ve never ever had any problem with the other 8 tattoos I’ve had but would loooove to do a blog post/ post in general about the healing process and tips for tattoos and type 1’s ♥️🌈🦕
Heeeey guys! I took a very short 3 day break from this Instagram just to focus on life outside of my phone! Spent time at work, with friends and by myself just chilling to music. Sometimes I find this account does more damage than good to me and o get a little overwhelmed so the break was needed! I’m going to stop focusing on myself now and more with others too. Im getting another large tattoo today as an early bday present and I’m off on a short break to Scotland at the beginning of April for my 21st and I’m SO EXCITED🤗🌈✨ anyway, hope you all have an amazing day and I’m so scoter to share with you all the exciting posts and events I have coming up♥️
find yourself a friend who will get matching tattoos with you ♥️ @alina.lillian.dunworth ♥️
This is such a huge moment for me. I’m finally getting rid of my size 0 to 4 clothing and I’ve never been so emotional. I’m literally shaking as I type this because I’m so fucking proud of myself. It’s been a year since I would fit into a size 0 clothing and I’ve always held onto my clothing with the fucked up mind set of “what if” I loose weight again and I can fit into them. Today I’m chucking them all out. Selling them. Just GET OUT OF MY LIFE. I’m in such a high with life, my mindset and everything and will NOT allow a clothing size to define me. FUCK you eating disorders and a stupid mentality. IM SO HAPPY AND NOTHING CAN STOP THIS.
Two pics of me in a row...✨ yesterday was such a “rebel” day. I got a new tattoo, a new piercing, buying clothes I didn’t need, dying my hair purple 😈 and just having so much fun! I’m also obsessed with me new T-shirt, it says VEGAN with a cute dinosaur 🦕 hope you all have an amazing day ♥️
From one extreme to another. Can’t get my blood sugar to stay up now 😐😬 I persisted with my pump earlier and it did manage to come down to 6.4. It was then time for a pump change at 8pm. This evening I went to a Turkish restaurant in London. It was absolutely amazing!! I had a huge bowl of creamy chicken pasta with spinach and mozzarella. I gave 7 units for it due to the size of the bowl and I thought there may have been carbs in the sauce. After the meal I power walked back to the train station this resulted in me dropping into the twos. I’ve been low for an hour now 😐😩 I’ve been wearing my pump on my back for weeks now and I absolutely love it!! #livingwithdiabetes #lifeofadiabetic #chronicillness #curediabetes #diabetes #diabetesawareness #diabetestype1 #diabetesproblems #diabetesuk #abbottglobal #freestylelibre #freestylelibreabbott #diabeticgirl #diabetic #diabeticpump #insulinpump #invisibleillness #insulindependent #omnipod #omnipodder #omnipodinsulinpump #omnipodsquad #omnipods #type1diabetes #type1diabetic #typeonediabetes #typeonediabetic #t1dlookslikeme #typeone #t1diabetes
Lil granola sundae made at work today! I didn’t even know this was on the menu until this morning 😂 layers of yog, fresh fruit and low sugar granola 😏🌱♥️
It’s Saturday night and I’m going out! Even though last nights 2am dinner party has left me somewhat red eyed , you can’t stop me. Especially when I’m going out with the hubby as well. Drinking alcohol is not good for anyone let alone a diabetic. My levels were high and low today and I felt rotten for it. Advice to a diabetic, fizz is sugary, and will make your levels rocket . So I’ve learnt my lesson today and will be on my best behaviour. Thanks for being the perfect host last night @thismamadoes I had a bit too much fun. Making friends in the squares and bringing them to life is a bit like internet dating 😂 I’m totally addicted. My outfit is thanks to @wearthewalk by @starsica . . #diabetic #type1diabetes #diabeticpump #trousers #saturdaynight #goingout #goingoutoutfit #kitchendesign #kitchen
Here’s a tip from one diabetic from another, don’t eat dried fruit before bed because you’ll wake up with an alarm from your dexcom at 4am telling you your bloods are high, correct for it, realise you’ve over corrected so don’t go back to sleep and whilst you’re on the bus your alarm is buzzing the F OUT telling you your just a bit LOW 😭 so it’s cool, I’ve only been up since 4am and start a full day of busy work ♥️ (pls note I’m being extremely sarcastic 🙃) hope you all have an amazing day anyway ♥️
I’ve found my newest food obsession...NANDOS! Me being me, I still obviously had a salad, this is the quinoa salad without the dressing and feta as my main haha but with a side of hummus and toasted pitta 🥙 I’ve also tried the green burger with sweet potato fries and that was also absolutely delicious 🌱 hope you’re all having an amazing day ♥️
This morning I went to @thejointldn in Brixton Village . Back in my home turf ( saf London) and boy was it good. Great to see @mamastillgotit_ @booksbabyandback @thehotcrossmum @the_cheapblonde @the_savvy_mummy @themiddlemama @thelondonkid I was so hungry when I went , I was thinking hard about how many carbohydrates I had to tell my machine so it could give me the right insulin. What I ended up doing was telling it 50g of carbs and made sure I ate that much according to eye. My test came back as 7 so it worked a treat. I have to say the fried Mac n cheese was my favourite and I tucked right into the Asian pulled pork burger. Eating out with a pump can be done and eating out at @thejointldn was a good way to test it out! #diabeticpump #diabeticlifestyle #diabetes #type1diabetic #eatingout #brixton #brixtonmarket #mumsbrunch
Weight isn’t the only thing I’ve gained in the past 2 years. Happiness, social life, contentment, body confidence, healthy body, healthy mind, boobs and a bum and the list goes on. NEVER GIVE UP. Recovery from an eating disorder is sooo sweet and I could honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever, ever done. ♥️ p.s anyone else OBSESSED with flares 😏
Wishing I was brunching at @thelonghousecafe but instead I’m sat in my pjs trying not to feel sorry for myself because I had a night of terrible blood sugars, 19.0 mmol + for over 12 hours has left me feeling absolutely awful, drained and really really sad. Today is definitely not working in my favour but I know that the bad days don’t have any impact on all the good days I have been having. My life certainly is not perfect and today is a reflection of this. I can’t stomach any food so I’m just having Salam yummy mug of @oatly chocolate milk warmed up ♥️ hope you’re all having a better day than me 🤗
Bit of Tuesday morning motivation for anyone who needs it today. This is one of my favourite quotes and it means so much to me. Remembering how worthy you are of life and you were put on this planet for a reason. No matter what your brain or anyone else tells you, never forget this ♥️
Porridge is the best food for a hangover 😭 literally had one of the best nights out last night with my friend just boogieing the night away ✨ thank you for being such a special, amazing person and can’t wait for our future adventures together ♥️♥️
And I’m out! I can’t tell you how many times people tell me I don’t look diabetic. Well guys I’m 💯 % Type 1 and I’m going out with a pump hooked onto my knickers. Little nervous, but @wearthewalk has given me the confidence with this awesome outfit by @iamsadieclayton and @krasimira_stoyneva . If you are interested in joining Wear the Walk then I have a discount code for 50% off your first month with “wtwmummyleah” they post you out your clothes and you can switch them as many times as you want. I’m heading out to @luckythingsblog in SOHO now so I’m sure I’ll have some stories to come #goingout #goingoutoutfit #trousers #allinblack #diabetic #type1diabetes #diabeticpump
Jacket featuring over 100 meters of insulin pump tubing donated from some of you lovely lot. Thanks so much to everyone who’s sent me tubing so far - still need more if anyone has any!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 also PLEASE follow @beckyysian if ya wanna follow my progress #brokenrecord . . . . #fashiondesigner #typeone #t1diabetes #t1diabetic #diabetic #diabeticproblems #diabeticprobs #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #t1dawareness #t1dwarrior #t1diabeteslookslikeme #diabeticclothing #pumptherapy #pumplife #diabeticpump #insulinpump #pumptherapy #insulindependent #fashiondesign
Just lil old me hanging out in my natural habitat 💁🏻‍♀️🌱
What do you want to achieve?! It's not all about the losing weight!! Eating a more balanced diet has improved my diabetes more than I ever thought it would! Your health matters most! 😊🍽⛑💯 www.stationeryangels.co.uk
Goooood morning ✨ starting my day off with a yummy cup of tea with @oatly milk! I’m in such a happy place atm, mentally and physically (well currently recovering from a virus but it’s cool)! As you guys may know I changed jobs from retail (🤢) to cafe/ waitressing and this is by far my favourite job I’ve ever had. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since starting, diabetes in general is so much better, my depression...hasn’t made an appearance in MONTHS! everyone here is SO FRICKING AMAZING, customers and just the whole job in general. I can’t even begin to thank my bosses and coworkers as I cant believe how much switching jobs and surrounding yourself with amazing, beautiful people can change your whole mindset on life. Life after recovery is sweeeeeeeet ✨If you’re ever in or passing through Salisbury (yes I live in the town where the whole Russian spy poisoning happened🤦🏻‍♀️) please stop by the cafe I work at! It’s full of so much amazing vegan, GF, dairy free cakes, burgers, sandwiches, lasagna, AND SO MUCH MORE FOOD! drinks, veggie food and also it does have other meat options but the plant based goodness deffo outweighs the other stuff 💁🏻‍♀️ hope you all have an amazing day ♥️
Pre breakfast ➡️ Post breakfast ➡️ Post lunch ➡️ Pre gym ➡️ Post dinner 🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️🎉 Not a bad day at all. I need to work out what’s causing me that big lunchtime spike. Breakfast was a white chocolate chip cookie at 8.15am (very unhealthy I know)! Dinner this evening was low carb. It consisted of breaded chicken (never count the carbs on chicken), cauliflower Mediterranean rice, baby corn and sun-dried tomatoes (4 of your 4 a day on one plate). I then had a low fat yoghurt and some galaxy chocolate. In the gym this evening I did a HIIT and abs class 💪🏽I changed my sensor this evening, that’s why there’s a gap in the last graph! #lowcarb #lowcarbdinner #diabeticfood #fitdiabetic #chronicillness #curediabetes #livingwithdiabetes #lifeofadiabetic #insulindependent #invisibleillness #diabetes #diabetesawareness #diabetes1 #diabetestype1 #diabeteslife #diabetic #diabetesuk #freestylelibre #freestylelibreabbott #abbottglobal #diabetics #diabeticdiet #diabeticlife #diabeticpump #omnipod #omnipodder #omnipodinsulinpump #deadpancreas #deadpancreasgang #type1diabetes ----------------------------------------------------------------- Repost:@n.danielleblog
Spot the peeling dex... time for a relaxing bath and a new sticker to keep this dexcom down! Hope you’re all having the best day ♥️
Such a lovely brunch with my mum and sister for Mother’s Day ♥️ we’re now heading to a cute village called “Lymington” and I’ve never been before! So if anyone been please lemme know of some good vegan spots if they have any! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beaut mummy’s in the world, you all rock ♥️
Good morning you bunch of wonderful people ✨ I came across this picture today and it made me smile so much. Self care and talking to other people is something that I can’t stress about enough, through recovery I literally neglected everything, from myself, my health, to the way I looked and dressed, to the people who cared about me. Now, I’m in a super happy place, so I feel it’s time to start helping others as much as I can. I don’t know how. But I will. Pleas remember I’m always just a message away ♥️
It’s weird to think this bag literally contains my lifeline 🤯 it also makes me giggle every time I see it! This is full of needles, 2 insulin pens, a glucogon, which is a needle that would need to be jabbed into my bum cheek when I go unconscious from hypoglycaemia. Glucogel, which is for when my bloods drop too down I can’t/ might refuse dextrose so it would have to be rubbed into my gums! Lots of dextro tablets, my glasses, antiseptic wipes, spare test strips, back up insulin, hand cream and back up batteries for my blood sugar meter! I think that’s everything hahah! I carry this bag EVERYWHERE with me ♥️ thank you @shopcasualtygirl for making amazing products!! ♥️
A night of restless sleep and reeeally shitty blood sugars of them going from 2.8 for 4 hours up to 22.00mmol at 5am this morning and not being able to get back to sleep 🙄 my mum surprised me with this beenie yesterday from my FAVE brand of @therawclothingco when she got home from work as a “I’m really proud of how far you’ve come” gift and it brought tears to my eyes 😭 I love you Mumma @karenlapsley ♥️
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