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O hai!🙋🏼‍♂️ . Rather than talk about nutrition and goals etc, why not cut to the chase and push on those sensitive nerves of yours? 💁🏼‍♂️ . I’m sure the number one thing you want to read right now is a bearded gorilla with a man bun calling you fat.... . ...Allow me to elaborate 😎 . FAT in the way I use it does NOT mean overweight. . Most of you know that my community is all-inclusive and exceptionally supportive. . What I DON’T tolerate is the fat, lazy mindset. . I truly believe that being fat is a state of mind. . It is your psychological approach to your health and your physical action with your fitness. . We all come in various shapes and sizes which is wonderful. . We also each have our own journey which needs empathy and understanding. . What we don’t need is coddling. . We don’t need comfort, and we don’t need to accept the passive wasting of our greatest gift. . . . LIFE. . If you’re 500 lbs, I’m here for you. . If you’re 125 lbs, all aboard the gain train. . If you’re black, white, beardless, gainless, anything-less, let’s do this together. . Leave that self-pity at the door because no one is crying for you. . No one cares, and no one will step up for you if you don’t step up for yourself. . Being fat is a state of mind, and there is a zero tolerance policy here. . I want you in the fucking zone, and I’m ready to see you take charge of your life. . TAG THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR FRIENDS ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . #DailySwole
Exercise & Your Appetite: The Truth - because eating would cause blood to flow to the stomach instead to aid digestion, your body dampens your appetite to prevent that. Like all good things, this satiating effect ends—about an hour later, when your body starts to crave the energy it used up. #nutrition #fitness #wellness #eatclean #motivation #FITWRLD #markjenkinsmethod #gym #train #natural #liveyourbestlife #trainhard #diethard #healthy #health #workout #exercise #nutrition #cleaneating #healthyeating #food #healthyfood #fit #lifestyle #organic #protein #training #healthylifestyle #instafit #healthyliving
What’s the best time to train? . When you can! . It doesn’t mean there isn’t an OPTIMAL time for you to get it done, but what are you going to do? . Complain and whine about how you have to train at night? . Or vice-versa in the morning? . So long as you are CONSISTENT, just make sure you are getting it done. . Whatever fits YOUR schedule. . Whatever helps YOU stay on point. . I’m proud of you fam. . I’ve been seeing amazing feedback and energy in the comments. . Let’s keep it up beeshes!! . What are you crushing today? 👇👇 . #DailySwole
Yesterday I talked about balance and my body....⠀ ⠀ I want to be very clear that my experiences have brought me to this place. The mindset and mental work I have had to do to get here did NOT happen overnight.⠀ ⠀ I know that if I had not gone through my extreme dieting cycles of contest prep I would NOT be in the place I am now with my body. ⠀ ⠀ Contest prep taught me a lot about how disciplined I can be. It taught me how to prioritize what I thought was my ultimate goal. It taught me to commit and believe in myself. ⠀ ⠀ My bodybuilding diet was an EXTREME diet. At least it was for me. I know looking back that it did lay the foundation for my disordered eating mentality and diet mentality. ⠀ ⠀ The reality...⠀ ⠀ This was me, one week after my physique show in 2014. Here I was about 117 lbs, shredded lean but was I happy? Moments in time, yes but for the most part, I was miserable. ⠀ ⠀ My abs did not make me happy. I did not feel sexy as f*ck. Not this lean. I was so tired, miserable, HUNGRY and my hormones were all messed up. ⠀ ⠀ Restricted, over trained and tired, that is how I felt. This was a result of dieting, hard for a physique show. This is not real life for most people but when clients come to me asking me if they can diet down so they can see their abs, I have to have the honest conversation of what that type of dieting may involve. ⠀ ⠀ This is why having a coach can help you understand the highs and the lows of dieting. It is not all ripped abs and rainbows. There is a cost to getting lean. ⠀ ⠀ I know first hand the time it takes and the discipline required. Even when using flexible dieting protocols and macro tracking there comes a time where poverty macros suck and it gets really hard. ⠀ ⠀ There is way more to this process than just dieting. If you are a woman looking to find your abs and keep them without starving and over-exercising DM me! I can show you that there are better ways, but also educate you on the real issues that can arise. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #coachb #motivateandbfit #onceshredded #onceabodybuilder #contestprepishard #absfordays #throwback #thiswas40 #diethard #nutritioncoach #bodybuilding #retiredbodybuilder #abs #muscle #diets #fatloss
It’s not complicated. . Most of you live in the shadows of some imaginary figure looming over you, judging every move. . Fuck that. . I make my content the way I want. . I’ll say what I want. . I’ll say it how I want. . I don’t answer to jabronis. . If you’re staying in the inside lane, watching over your shoulder at every turn, you are going to get trapped. . Trapped in your own mind. . Trapped in your own world or make-believe. . Let people talk. . Let them run their mouths. . If you know your intent and what YOU are trying to accomplish...none of that shit matters. . #FocusOnYourOwnShit
I see you baby...making those gains 😎#SwoleSeason #ManHumps
Suck on these gains Monday! . Time to get after it peeps... . 👇WHAT ARE YOU SMASHING TODAY? 👇 . #MondayGains
Lmfaoooooooo man what 😂😂😂😂😂 @therealangieescobar why I thought of you when I seen this
Where’s my no days off team?? . Now before you go lifting everything under the sun without recovering, read THIS. . You NEED days off from intense training. . This post is not encouraging exhaustion and injury. . But days off? . What days off? . The world moves on and your heart is still beating. . So DO something positive for your body and your health every day! . Even if it’s meditation, yoga, foam rolling...active recovery and maintenance... . Don’t be lazy and completely immobile. . Focus on your long-term goals but remember that every day adds up. . Go get it. #DailySwole #TeamNoDaysOff
• 95kg mätt och belåten 🍔 • • • Quads, Hammies, Calves, Chest N some triceps today. • • • • •
Arm and hammers baby! Any nail stitching up will get hammered 💪🏾💥
When you don’t want to go is when you NEED to go. . Whether that means the gym, yoga, meditation, eating the right foods... . It’s all the same thing. . Build discipline by doing it when you DON’T want to do it. . That is the true barometer of success. . Master that, and everything else is easy. #DailySwole
Comment below with your question for tomorrow’s Daily Swole podcast! - Your question will be answered during the livecast of #1017 👇👇👇👇 . #DailySwole
The last time I stepped on stage ik I was lean but I didn't feel I had enough thickness. So this offseason that's all I've been focusing on. I was in the mid 190's at state and currently between 212-215. Pushed my limits every day to the best of my abilities. I'm definitely anxious to see what's in store for the 2019 season!
Staying focused on the path ahead is key! Put 100% into your craft and allow everything else to fall into place. I love this sport more than anything else (materialistic) in this world. Ik that if I'm putting all my time, energy and effort into this I'll get that exact response back. Theres no questions of what will be the outcome.
Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. What's one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully. Jon Katz
“The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.” – Henry Rollins . . . . @live_life_fittt @t34mswole @trentridlehoover @emanual_31 @fitness_is_mylife67 @fireline_strong @makaveli_motivation @deenyc007 @chris_tombrello @blakeh_458 @colossus_300 @owens_h7 @courtneyy__r @shieldmaidens_den @therealangieescobar @mquadz23 @fitness1440_hueytown @bodybuildingcom @bodybuildingnation
Seriously. . Go to the gym. . Go even if you CAN see your dick. . Of course if you’re a lady you won’t see a dick anyway, so double for you ladies. . GO!! . I don’t care if you want a dick, no longer have a dick, think you have a dick, dream about dicks, suck dicks, eat dicks, ride dicks, etc. . Whatever sexuality, gender, race, or fucking religion. . GO MAKE SOME FUCKING GAINSSSS #FlexFridayBitches
By changing the angle and adding a band to a regular shoulder press machine you can shock your muscles into new growth. Angles and continuous tension are key!⠀ ⠀ #fittip #strength #power #nutrition #fitness #wellness #eatclean #motivation #FITWRLD #markjenkinsmethod #gym #train #natural #liveyourbestlife #trainhard #diethard #healthy #health #workout #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fit #gymlife #strong #healthylife #fitforlife #fitnesslife #exercise #bodybuilding #getfit
It’s very easy to get disconnected when you’re posting so much content everywhere. . I try my best to stay plugged in and grounded. . Every time I answer a comment or a message, I think about who is on the other end of the screen. . You’re not a screen name. . You’re not a ❤️ on a post. . You’re not just a follower. . You are part of my world. . Literally and figuratively. . You may think that’s cheesy, but who doesn’t like cheese right? . It’s true. . It’s easy to think that the internet is evil. . It’s easy to demonize it. . How can you? . It’s literal communication with other humans. . Yes it’s a phone. . But a person is holding it. . A person is typing. . A person is real. . You make what I do possible. . I want to help you shake the bullshit in the fitness industry. . I want you to pursue your life on YOUR terms. . I try to emulate what I preach, and it doesn’t always come easy. . Late nights, back aches, tired eyes, repetitive editing, etc. . But the purpose is what I love. . That’s what I gravitate towards. . The phone and computer is just the mechanism in which I can reach the most people and have the most impact. . I know I’m crude, I swear, I’m offensive. . It’s part of who I am, but it comes from a place of love. . I actually care. . And it means a lot that most of you see it as such. . This community is amazing. . I wouldn’t trade what we have built together for the world. . And yes, TOGETHER. . You can’t have a one-person community. . If you ever feel alone, just remember that you are hardly alone. . We are in this together, wherever it goes. . Thank you again for being here and for engaging on my posts, videos etc. . It’s fun as hell and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to give you inspiration and hope. . Let’s have an amazing Friday (and make some sick fucking gains 😎🦍💪 . Drop in the comments below what YOU are grateful for. ⬇️⬇️
Let your failures be your motivation! People like to hide the flaws to much and they lose theirselves in being perfect. No 1 is perfect and everyone has failed at a task. I have no limits on doing what it takes to be the best & in time... that message will come to life!!!!
Late night back and biceps! All the equipment to myself!!!
Easy to get upset at something that you have experience with right? . If this strikes home with you, maybe this post ISN’T your main issue. . Maybe it’s time to change your life. . When you get offended...Why? . Because you know you fucked up. . You realize what has happened and now you have work ahead. . We all do. . I’m working to keep from being unhealthy, you might just have to catch up. . Complaining about it certainly won’t make anything better. . Denial of the facts will keep you in the dark and drag everyone down deeper. . This is a MASSIVE issue that keeps being swept under the rug with the fat acceptance movement, and everyone clamoring for kindness. . Kindness is KILLING people. . It’s a REAL PROBLEM. #Facts
Every once in a while we need to do an intro because of all the new peeps hooking into the SwoleNation! . I love my Swolenormous Fam and I appreciate all your attention and support here on IG. Introduce yourself below! 👇👇#BestFamilyEver
Are you ready to grab your workout by the testicles? . Maybe by the ball sack? . What about the coin purse? . Ladies? You can pinch your love-bean too because TODAY is going to be the BEST workout of your fucking life. . Get after it fam. . You are fortunate to have access to healthy food, you have a willing and able body. . Don’t let it go to waste. . Don’t let jabronis at home or at work bring you down. . Fuck the world, GET YOURS. #ThursdayCockSlap #FuckValentinesDay
Best part of the day... Reuniting with my bed 🛏 I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️
Want a freak-nasty superset? . Drop some deep squats right after some step back lunges. . I’m a massive fan of supersets because it saves time AND increases volume. . I also feel safer when I train intensely as less weight is necessary to get the job done. . There’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to increase strength all the time, but long term you will reach the point of diminishing returns. . Focus on training methods that stimulate the muscles, give you variety and allow you to be consistent AS FUCK! #humpday 🍑 #SwolenormousX . Beats: Gang Gang /// King Darius
When they doubt you, let them. When they talk let them. You have nothing to prove to the simple and weak minded people. Only when it's worth proving to self will I show up!
Now once the realization sets in once you wipe your eyes... . ...it’s gonna be a while. . A LONG time. . Want to build muscle? . Strap in Bro Jackson, you’re in for the long haul. . Nothing will happen in a short period of time. . It will be a while. . Months easily. . Years for sure. . Decades, most certainly... . 30 day shred, 6 week transformation..... . All those “experts” can suck my dick. . But they have your money so they must be right. . They swindled you, lied to you...but worst off, you believed it!! . Someone slinging snake oil dangled their sack in your face and you held your tongue out like a good pup. . For shame. . While you’re getting fitness tea bagged, people are out there doing REAL work. . REAL discipline. . REAL effort. . There ain’t no crystal balls. . Just Deeeeeeeeezzzz Nuuuuuuutttzzzz. #LongAndHard
Chest ripples coming from the outskirts of the @underarmour jacket! Chest day was tough tonight. Low on energy and drained but work still had to get done! Shout out to @samanthaaa06_ you survived tonight's hell!💪🏾 😈
Working out and eating right is hard but it’s worth it. It’s also hard to get fat but the rewards are the opposite of good unless you luck out and find a chubby chaser. #strikeforcefitness #TrainHard #DietHard
•Undra hur 15 kilo jämt fördelade muskler till hade sett ut? • # kanskeenvackerdagvemvet • • •📸 @raw.putte
Not sure why my feed has been plastered with these chicks in pastel blue and pink fugly spandex... . But it’s fucking EVERYWHERE. . Holy shit my eyes. . Each profile is the same. . Same poses. . Same smile. . Same fucking leg bent. . Same booty “program”. . Same hashtags. . Same sponsors. . Same profile. . . . You know what I see? . Children crying for attention. . No identity. . No personality. . Nothing of value. . It’s the fitness industry cannibalizing the lack of education in the public. . That’s why I go hard on true fitness. . You get so much smoke blown up your fucking asses every damn day. . The LEAST I can do is lube up before I fist-fuck you with real information. . I appreciate your attention and trust, for I know what else is out there. . I will continue to slap the interwebs with my knowledge cock. . No bullshit. . And certainly no pastel leggings with too much thigh gap. . PS - enough with the cables for glutes already. FUCKING SQUAT you damn twunts. 🔥
Now this does NOT mean “go have an eating disorder” . But truth is, you ALREADY fucking have one. . The fact that I have to say that as a disclaimer just makes me want to put on my steel-toes boots and go cunt-punting (it’s America’s favorite pastime btw). . This goes for training as well as nutrition. SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND PUT IN WORK. . Too much talk, not enough action. Too many words, not enough integrity. . Time to wake up and see what is REALLY going on here. . Everyone likes to post their workouts and what they are doing for validation. . “Here’s what I did today daddy!!” . NEWSFLASH -zero people give a fuck. . Time to put your head down and slave in the silence of your existence. . Repent for your unhealthy sins, pay homage to the gods of Swole and beg forgiveness from your body.... . . . . Well shit, that got out of hand fast...anyway, have a great day! 😎😁😉#DailySwole
Rehabilitacji ciąg dalszy, w związku z urazem odcinka lędźwiowego oraz tradycyjnie tzw. „Kolana Tomasza Vermaelena”, dużo serii, więcej niż zwykle powtórzeń jak na mnie, czyli po prostu priorytetowa objętość skupiająca się na wytrzymałości i stabilizacji. Squat 60kgx10 w 5 seriach Front Squat 60kgx8 w 5 seriach Barbell Row 60kgx12 w 5 seriach Reverse Grip 60kgx12 w 5 seriach. Plus akcesoryjne ćwiczenia takie jak face pull, box squat, lunges, trap 3 rise. #rehabilition #diethard #duży_spokój #fit #lift #uplifted #back #lega #squat #row #raw #love #life #workout #workhard #playhard #neversatisfied #neverlookback #progress
If you don't have much time in your hand BUT still want a good workout, do this routine. . I prefer to do this with #kettlebell but if you don't have it, use #dumbbells . #noexcuses . Do this for 60 seconds and take a little break and then repeat until failure. #letsgo . www.shredwithshah.com
New evidence has come to light on the potential REAL cause of WWII... . What do you think? 👇👇 . Video Credit: Downfall . Full video available on YouTube @swolenormous
Can you spot the difference? 😎🦍💪#MonkeyMonday
That moment, everything changes... . ...FUCK motivation. . Go get shit done! . You won’t feel like it every day, but every day comes nonetheless. . Are you going to give yourself an “out” all the time? . Are you going to push off effort every day? . For what? . To be more unhappy and frustrated that you aren’t making progress? . Results come from work. . They come from doing it when you’re not feeling like it. . People what entertainment and glamor. . Well...enjoy your fluffy soap opera... . It’s time to make some GAINS. #HammerTime #KnowledgeCock
This year is going well From 84 to 89 kilos, less fat more muscle .................................. Este año va muy bien, de 84 a 89 kg con menos grasa y mas musculo. Se que a cada rato prometo ponerme en forma y al mes me ven en los tacos, esta vez va mucho mejor la cosa...hasta el momento 😅 #SmartGainz #ThinkSmart #FeelTheGainz #WorkHard #Trainhard #DietHard #fitness
Everyone asks about motivation. . “HOW DO I GET MOTIVATED??” . “HOW DO I STAY MOTIVATED??” . You don’t and you don’t. . You have to build and earn every fucking day. It doesn’t exist. . You may feel HAPPY or EXCITED to do the mundane tasks on Tuesday, but that feeling will be GONE on Wednesday. . So your choices are: . A) Be a little bitch and give up because you had a bad day. . Or... . B) Suck it up buttercup and put in work again anyway. . Every single champion has dips and setbacks but they keep on going. . What sports team goes undefeated ALWAYS? . None . So stop looking for this fucking unicorn bullshit and do it already. . No one cares if you’re not in a good mood. #SundayTaintSlap
Oh hey! You left this in the gym on Friday...😎#SwoleSunday . Tag a beesh that doesn’t lift on the weekend 👇👇
This world LOVES a good handout. . People love to just pay for something and sit back and let it work for THEM. . The beautiful and PURE thing about fitness is that you CAN’T purchase it. . You can’t get abs with Amazon Prime. . You gotta work. . It takes daily effort. . Focus, discipline, consistency, commitment. . All those “big” words that scare the FUCK out of people. . Well, then don’t do it. . You don’t have to... . ...but don’t fucking complain. #KnowledgeCock #NutsOnYourChin
• Just another awesome movement for biceps, try it 🔥 • • • • •
• Bästa lördag morgon och vi ökar omfånget på BICEPS med några centimeter 📏 • • • • •
• Close Grip Row - Great exercise for hitting mid section of the back. Go heavy and make some dropsets to feel the burn 🔥 • • • •
• 📸 by @raw.putte • • • • • 27/9/2018
💪 • • • •
•Förmodligen den bästa formen jag haft hittills under en av mina "kaloriunderskottssatsningar". • • • •
From todays chest workout • • its all about the squeeeeze ☆ • • • •
• Great classic exercise for chest. Squeese and control the weight • • • •
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