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When you make it an option, there are problems. You’ll make excuses, you’ll schedule other tasks first. . Big mistake. I schedule the gym daily just to keep the habit burning as much as possible. . It’s important to make your training a top priority because it will result in optimal outcome. . It all comes down to its importance to YOU. If you truly want maximum results, then you have to put in the most consistent effort. . Take a look at yourself in the mirror today and be honest when you look in your own eyes. Are you bullshitting yourself? Are you just SAYING you want to lose weight? Are you just SAYING you want to bulk up? Or are you ACTING on that? . Can’t go 50% in and expect wonderful results. You need full effort and relentless consistency. . This isn’t a rah-rah post. It’s a REAL-REAL post. I’ve been training for almost 2 decades and it’s because it was never a choice. It always was a matter of getting it done every day. . Yes, you take days off and do yoga, yes you have to rest, but I think you get the point. You need to earn that momentum. So get after it! #DailySwole
#throwbackthursday to my first season of competing in 2012 at the NABBA, Conquest Classic promoted by @ingridbarclay (pictured here) which followed 5 weeks after my very first show at FitX. This is when I knew bodybuilding was tough - having to hold rock-hard condition for weeks on end. Well, that didn't quite happen... but at the time I thought I was peeled. ___________________________________ It felt like I dieted so hard that the need to cheat regularly overcame me. Every week I'd cave in to the relentless calling of sweets and crisps and in the final few weeks, nearly daily. A bag of snakes on the way to a gym session was not an uncommon thing and I knew I was feeding my muscles the glycogen they needed to get through the gruelling sessions I was planning to have. So as you can tell by the sick level of conditioning I had, I knew my stuff. Thankfully, I took home first place in a lineup that clearly underwent the dieting phase a little harder than I did but to my luck and overall advantage, my high glycogen stores allowed for a fullness no one could match on the day. If my memory serves me correctly I was 93kg (supposed to be 83kg) __________________________________ #peeled #fuckinshredded #novicebodybuilding #amateurbodybuilding
This covers SO MUCH of what I’ve been talking about on the Daily Swole Podcast. . You need to go back to the basics. You don’t need fancy training techniques. You don’t need supplements and the latest fad diet. You need to do what WORKS. . Most of you are worrying about the fancy shit without having your sleep, nutrition, mindset, training, etc figured out. . I’ll tell you one thing...you won’t get results without the foundational execution of health. . There are a lot of voices out there trying to push fast fixes on you...ignore them. Focus on what WORKS. #DailySwole
You want it now. Congratulations. You are the same as a child that sees candy in the supermarket. . I WANT! I WANT! . Stop being a fucking baby. You don’t deserve it, you have no right to have it, you have to work for it. . Most people don’t get results because they don’t work hard enough and they STOP. . Imagine the progress you would see from all your projects that you discontinued. The instruments you started practicing but then quit. If you just kept going...if only... . I’ve been there too. Trying things to find what I’m TRULY passionate about. I tried with instruments, never really stuck with it for a reason. . I learned I just didn’t care. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have quit. . Fitness on the other hand has always been a constant. Top priority. Number ONE. And it shows. . This isn’t ego talking, it’s truth. You have a skill that is far beyond what I can muster. You each have talents and hobbies that you excel at. . The difference is that fitness is LIFE. It is integrated completely with your wellbeing and is essential for everyone to attend to. . Just remember that when you say you “want abs” without being willing to put in the work, that’s equivalent to saying that you want to play Carnegie Hall without practicing for decades. . It takes time and relentless effort. The proof is in the results. Talk all you want but understand it takes years and years, not weeks. . Don’t be suckered into that bullshit. #HumpDayTruth
It’s a marathon not a race. Enjoy the process or hate it any option that gives you motivation. You have to diet. You have to want it. #nooneoutworksme #diethard #4thedamnwin
WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GET SOME! 💪💪💪💪💪💪#TuesdaySwole
TRUTH. What are you leaving on the table by skipping the gym today? Time to get after it. Don’t let your mind win this game. OWN YOUR BODY and step up. #GainTrain
Guten Morgen zusammen 🙋🏽‍♂️ zum heutigen #transformationtuesday gibt es mal wieder ein vorher/nachher Bild. Zwischen den Bildern liegen mehr als 5 Monate in der ich mich auf die #wettkämpfe vorbereitet habe. Das bedeutete auch 5 Monate #wettkampfdiät , ihr seht man braucht Zeit, Ehrgeiz und einen eisernen Willen... ein 8, 10 Wochen oder sonstiges Programm, kann euch keine Abkürzungen verschaffen. Es gibt keine Abkürzungen (#natural zumindest)❗️Geht den Weg, lasst euch davon nicht abringen, egal wie hart er ist, gebt euch die Zeit und ihr werdet eurer Erfolge haben und sehen. #stayclean #staytrue ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #transformation #offseason #vs #shredded #ripped #sixpack #nofilter #trainhard #diethard #eatclean #gohardorgohome #nopainnogain #fitness #fitfam #fitnessliebe #gym #gymlover #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #mensphysique #glaubeandich #niemalsaufgeben #nolimits #instafit
👉🏽Yo if you’re looking for a six pack that will make models drool waterfalls of saliva over, there’s a few crucial tips you should know. - 1️⃣Make sure you are consistent with your diet. If your ab training is world class, but your dieting is weak, then your six pack dreams ain’t happening. - 2️⃣Next is to make sure you’re doing a variety of ab exercises along with heavy compound exercises. - 3️⃣Next is to focus on the quality of the reps. Doing a lot of reps is great, but if your form sucks, your abs ain’t going to get proper stimulation. - 4️⃣And lastly your abs are just like any other muscle. They need proper recovery. This is easily done by getting more sleep, so if your six pack is non-existent, it might be time to start limiting the late night partying. #sixpackgoals #stillwantasixpack #stillwantabs #musthaveabs #washboardabs #absabsabs #sixpackcrew #howtogetabs #howtoloseweight #howtoloseweightfast #crunches #recovery #musclerecovery #musclegrowth #abexercises #abtraining #gymtraining #onlinecoach #consistentdiet #diethard #dietinglife #highprotein #lowfat #lowcarbdiet #planks #plankchallenge
💪TAG YOUR TRAINING CREW💪Have a dirty floor? Need some quad sweep? Get it? Get it? . Use skier squats if you want to smash the outer quads. Make sure you have heathy knees and great hip and ankle mobility. . You can also do this with two dumbbells which allows you to counter balance and sit back more at the deep squat position. . I’ll post more options in the future but if you’re looking to take your leg game up a notch, there’s nothing fancy about hard work! #LegDay
Let the gainz begin!!! #TimeToGrow
Whatever the reason...GET IT DONE! Float some biceps and gorillas in the comments if you made SICK FUCKING GAINS TODAY!! 🦍💪🦍💪🦍💪🦍💪🦍💪🦍💪#SundayPumpday
Loving the results from my hard work 😊💪🏻! Talk the talk and motivate the people you coach by living the lifestyle 💪🏻 sunny El Paso, Texas my favorite city in the whole wide world 🌎 ☀️! #Gym #Tgif #passion #blessed #work #physicallyfit #diethard #worksmarternotharder #lifestyle #fitness #motivate #gohard #mytime
If you’re trying to do the BEST for your body, then do your BEST... . Don’t just think it and assume it’s going to be true. It takes effort. Not as much as you might think too. . You can eat things, or NOT eat things. Simple choice. Follow your goals and ambitions and give yourself the best chance at being successful. . Show your body that you respect it by giving it REAL food. Forget the number counting, diet fads etc. isolate the best foods for you and stay on track. . Your life depends on it 💯#RealTalk
Each year will be about growth. I will never be satisfied and that alone will keep me motivated in my drive to success not only in this sport but also in life as well. There will always be room for improvement!
Just destroyed chest. Feels good to have my full strength back. Them carbs have been good to me
. . ****************** CLIENT UPDATE ******************. . We are only about 6 weeks into his transformation and this is our current progress update on my client Scott!! . . STAY TUNE FOR HIS FULL TRANSFORMATION !!! . . 1) Do you have trouble losing weight, building muscle, or toning? 2) Do you have any injuries that is preventing you from doing daily activities? 3) Have you tried all diet and exercise programs and still they simply don't work for you? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you can book a free consultation with me and we will go over your goals today!! . NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A CHANGE!! . . . For more information on how I can help you please contact me via: . . Facebook: Phu Nguyen Instagram: @hyperplasian_pn @hyperplasian_pn @hyperplasian_pn Email: Phuongsnap1@gmail.com . . . Personal training packages all include: . 1) 1-on-1 supervised workouts 2) extra prescribed workout plans, 3) diet plans + diet manipulation techniques 4) supplement plans. 5) weekly checkups and monitoring . All individuals are unique therefore require specific programs designed for them. . DONT DELAY!!! . . CONTACT ME TODAY TO INQUIRE HOW YOU CAN GET STARTED !! . . TEAM HYPERPLASIAN !!! . . . #teamhyperplasian #getfit #personaltraining #personaltrainer #getlean #loseweight #transformation #beforeandafter #fitlife #fitlifestyle #dietplan #resistancetraining #guysthatlift #fitfam #toronto #markham #scarborough #uxbridge #stouffville #thornhill #shockingtransformation #epictransformation #weightloss #gainmuscle #workhard #diethard #learnhowfitnessworks #losebabyweight #dedication #diet #stouffville
Are you turning up the heat or getting ready to destroy everything you worked hard for this week? . Have free time this weekend? Of course you do. GET MORE DONE. . So much resting going on. Not enough work. Yet then you’ll bitch about the fat around your stomach. . If you aren’t working hard every day, you need to close your mouth and step up your game. . I’m ready to smash my workout right now, who’s ready to SMASH!?!? #FridayRage
Talk the talk and motivate the people you coach by living the lifestyle 💪🏻 sunny El Paso, Texas my favorite city in the whole wide world 🌎 ☀️! #Gym #Tgif #passion #blessed #work #physicallyfit #diethard #worksmarternotharder #lifestyle #fitness #motivate #gohard #mytime
Finally found some jeans I can wear year round 🤣🤣🤣 sh!t gets expensive
Simple trick - make a list (just like your mother, grandmother, great grandmother....) and ONLY purchase those things. Just put your head down and beeline straight for those items. Not on the list? Not in your cart. . Another amazing hack is to order groceries online. You either get them delivered to your door or they bring it out front at the supermarket. Most places offer this service. . Not setting your foot inside the market is a great way to break bad habits until you have self control. . Have more ideas and strategies? Share them below 👇👇👇#FoodHack
Do not be convinced that you are a bad person for looking out for yourself. People LOVE to knock others that prioritize their own well being. . Usually it stems from personal insecurity about their own efforts. . Stay the course and make sure you continue to put yourself at the top of your list. #ThursdayGains
I get a lot of comments about how fast food is so accessible and that’s why people are obese, all the temptations blah blah blah... . Just don’t fucking eat it. . Eureka! PROBLEM SOLVED! #CommonSense
This evening's cardio views..At 7.30am this morning we got a flight to spain.. Yes i know I am on prep.. This is an opportunity to take some time away from my busy life and concentrate on my prep.. To train hard stick to my diet plan and sleep.. Today I took as my rest day but cardio still had to get done. So I hit the pool for a solid 25 minute swim and cardio along the coast in 27 degrees heat.. and extra cardio tonight was a walk to the supermarket to stock up on food which we carried home in our back packs as well as 5 litres of water.. 😜💪💦💦 Never underestimate me... I love a challenge and i will be honest this is the first time being away I haven't had a drink...LOL .. Let see what i can achieve this week.. 👊👊 #pcaofficial #preplife 💕💪 #spain #sunshine #bodybuildingcompetition #fitnesscompetitor #challange #neverunderestimateme #strongmind #stronggirl #fierce #bikinigirl #mastersbikini #trainhard #diethard #shreds #sticktotheplan #foodonpoint #cardio #restandrecovery #pcabritishfinals #sunsets #lovewhatyoudo #bereal #blogger
It takes you sticking to your plan. It takes you making it a top priority. It takes you and only you. . Good and bad days are guaranteed. They are also subjective in how you perceive them. Challenging days are tests that give you tools to prepare for the next storm. . Tools are meant to be used, fortified and honed. Develop your approach to take those tough days and chew them up. Use them as fuel. Keep crushing. #humpday 🐪
Everything wide but the midsection! #Blessed
Its important to grow and to better yourself. Focus on what you need to accomplish. . We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and believe it or not, you aren’t going to have a great, well-thought-out plan all the time. Every day won’t work out as expected. . There are challenges to overcome. There will be things that come up that make you feel you didn’t get anything accomplished. . It’s not easy day to day, but it’s not SUPPOSED to be either. . Challenges help you figure things out so you can keep figuring things out efficiently. It’s just part of the process. . It’s just practice. #PracticeMakesBeards
Chest and shoulders taking care of. Now time for some low intense cardio. Feeling out more day to day
There's no such thing as objective information. Zero, in the end, journalism is the product of a human mind." -Diethard Ried
Meu Amor, meu Amor, meu Amor, meu Amooor... . Mais um mês se passou, mais amor se cultivou, mais elo se criou, mais histórias foram vividas, mais e mais de td de bom nós criamos... obrigado por td meu Anjo!! . Cada dia q passa, cada mês, cada minuto q vivemos, aumenta mais e mais essa nossa ligação, nosso amor, nosso cuidado!! . Agradeço tanto a Deus por ter ao meu lado!! . E agradeço a vc por compartilhar sua vida comigo mais e mais!! . Q venham mais meses, estamos preparados e dispostos pra tudo isso!! . 01/09/18, mais um pra nossa conta!! . . TE AMO ABSURDAMENTE VIDA MINHA!! . . . ...”Ser feliz é bem melhor q ser Rei!!”... . 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . #CasalMaromba #CasalPowerLifter #SemMiMiMi #TrainHard #DietHard #Vida #Love #Princess #Grudinho #PraVida #SSS #Futura #Menina #Mulher #SintoniaPura #TeAmo
My biggest goal is to not be called small again 💪🏼 #fitfam #bulk #work #behumble #trainandgain #diethard
🍏 ALMOST 0 CALORIE GREENS?! 🥒 • Hit that save ↗️ Follow 👉🏽 @vcfitness_ • What’s happening guys. Dropping these green goodies that are close to 0 calories per serve. • Include these into your daily diet for more volume! A fat loss tip with eating is if you have “more” food on your plate, you’ll feel fuller 😜 • Which one is your favourite? 👇🏽 • #0calories #cleaneating #diet #iifym #healthyfood #healthy
You don’t have to know me to agree with me. No boobs? NO THANKS. #freethenipplemovement . Full video link in bio 🔝🔝
Easy to get upset at something that you have experience with right? If this strikes home with you, maybe this post ISN’T your main issue. . Maybe it’s time to change your life. . When you get offended...Why? Because you know you fucked up. You realize what has happened and now you have work ahead. . We all do. . I’m working to keep from being unhealthy, you might just have to catch up. Complaining about it certainly won’t make anything better. . Denial of the facts will keep you in the dark and drag everyone down deeper. This is a MASSIVE issue that keeps being swept under the rug with the fat acceptance movement, and everyone clamoring for kindness. . Kindness is KILLING people. It’s a REAL PROBLEM. #fatacceptance
8 weeks out! Still a lot of work to be done on the body fat but really starting to get that classic physique size and thickness 💪#classicphysique #postworkoutselfie #muscular #tattoo #workhard #diethard #physiqueprogress #8weeksout #musclemass #collab #personaltrainer #training #competitionbound #nopainnogain #competitor #alphaathlete
Throwback to the time I was some weird dude posing in a park. . What doesn’t get discussed on IG is the silly concept of setting up your phone or camera to take a picture of yourself. . It’s an advanced selfie. . But, until you can have people doing it for you, you have to set the ego and opinions of others aside, and do what needs to be done. . Remember to do what needs to be done. It’s not always going to be ideal or convenient. . But it is non-negotiable. It needs to get done. . Do it, then refocus on the things you aspire to achieve. Ebbs and flows fam, ebbs and flows. . You won’t always have be faucet on full blast. Can’t maintain that pace.. . Know when to pull back and when to turn it up. #PatienceAndFire #kegels
Sunday is supposed to be my rest day but I thought since I've been working on the gym floor, why not increase today's deficit? That way, come Thursday's morning check in with The Boss, he'll be able to say unequivocally, "Yep, you're as flat as a waif. Well done." _______________________________ #resistancebandslol #glutehamraise #legdaypart2 #glutesworkout #norubberbands #dohertysfrankston #4weeks #ifbbproleagueoz #quadzilla #legdaybaby #compprep #contestprep #recomp
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