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Chart of our client's latest campaign. Kind of crazy when you think about how this would look just a few years ago. We're definitely living in a mobile-first world.
This was just an #idea I literally jumped out of bed with 3 months ago. I put #pentopaper and began my little journey with a few pieces of #work , my #digitalmarketer and #photographer @tremaine_naidoo. I worked tirelessly #dayandnight on this idea turned concept and... The next thing you know, @BridalGiftingConcepts is 300+ people strong and #clients at my door! An #entrepreneurslife is never boring. The most important thing to remember is, to try! It doesn't matter if you fail or #succeed , enjoy your #life . In the end you need to look back and be #happy you took a few #risks . #thankyou for the #support everyone. #bridal #gifting #wedding #local #weddingtray #engagement #success #power #womenempowerment #independence #makeshithappen #beyourself
No vayas a por ellos. Atraelos Inbound marketing
"Idle hands are the Devil's workshop".Proverbs 16:27 • • • How long will you continue to be stagnant in your comfort zone? Live your best life on #purpose .
Confiança não tem sete vidas...
Church service was really powerful today.I mean I had woken up on the right side of the bed,lectures went smoothly and I didn't have any disagreement with anyone today. You see why today was just perfect right? To top it up I was wearing my favourite grey,pencil skirt;the one that hugs my hips perfectly and my pink chiffon top.Your girl was looking and feeling good! 😎 I started to walk towards my lodge after service,I needed to take a shower and have dinner before picking up my phone to go through the tons of messages I must have received in my absence from WhatsApp. Just one step and I would be in the safe walls of my self contained apartment I shared with my roomie. I heard a masculine voice call my attention:"Excuse me,can I talk to you for a sec?" My mind jumped at the cute sound of his voice My spirit on the other hand told me to keep going forward. What could be harmful than saying hi and making new friends? I thought. I heeded the advice of my mind I turned and said Hi! There he was looking so handsome and dashing. We introduced ourselves and found out his name was Kayode. We clicked almost immediately and began to chat like best friends. I've finally found a close friend,why else would we have clicked at the first meeting? I thought. We quickly exchanged contacts and he promised to call me later. Oh! I waited eagerly for that call,I mean I want some interesting company around me since my roomie was hell bent on being boring. The next day I got a call from Kay asking me to meet him in a restaurant close to my place.I told him I was preparing to go to my aunt's place but I'd see him before I leave.I got a slice of cake on my way there and he offered to get me a bottle of fanta to go with it. We got talking and I found out that he was in his third year in the department of geography. He asked me if I had someone and I told him no. Continued in the next post 👉👉 #blog #girlboss #misstourismnigeria2018 #TheKingsWoman #nigerianblogger #nigerianblog #lifestyle #campusstoryseries #truestorytuesday #portharcourt #abuja #lagos #baad2017 #glow #styleinspo #glossbomb #nofilter #2018 #tutorial #promua #naijamua #entrepreneur #digitalmarketer #instablog
Love this quote. You should always give the consumer the same amount of respect as your loved one. Listen to them and account for their needs and you are halfway there. #einsteinmarketer #davidogilvy #quote #legend #marketing #digitalmarketing
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Lip Bonbons Tinted Lip Balm. Treat your lips to a creamy, smooth and extra-nourishing tinted lip balm. Link in bio or at katieritz.net
Продолжаем рубрику "ВОПРОС ИНСАЙДЕРУ". Разбираем актуальные и каверзные вопросы от клиентов⚡ДОБАВЛЯЙ В ЗАКЛАДКИ, на ТАКИЕ вопросы не ответит ни один МАРКЕТОЛОГ! ⠀⠀ 🔴"Маркетинговые агентства предоставляют очень размытые прогнозы. Каким образом вы определяете бюджет и выдвигаете гипотезы?" ⠀ В маркетинге очень сложно предсказать точный результат. Специалисты это понимают и стараются максимально спрогнозировать траты и уберечь от незапланированных. Для прогноза мы берем ОСНОВНЫЕ ПАРАМЕТРЫ: ⠀⠀ ▪ СРОК проведения рекламной кампании ▪ рекламный БЮДЖЕТ ▪ КОЛИЧЕСТВО заявок (и/или цена одной заявки) ⠀⠀ Оределив ЛЮБЫЕ 2 из них, уже можно СОСТАВИТЬ ПРОГНОЗ📊Приведем примеры: ⠀⠀ 🔼 Срок — 1 месяц, рекламный бюджет — 50 000. Соответственно, количество заявок (как и их цена) станут прогнозируемой величиной 🔼 Или же, если КОЛИЧЕСТВО желаемых ЗАЯВОК составляет 500 шт, а рекламный рекламный БЮДЖЕТ равен 50 000 р, искать мы будем СРОК, за который придут эти заявки. 🔼 Таким же образом, если нужно 500 ЗАЯВОК за 1 МЕСЯЦ, то искомой суммой будет рекламный БЮДЖЕТ. Разумеется, такое уравнение работает, если еще нет накопленной аналитики. ⠀⠀ "А что надо сделать, чтобы получить более точный прогноз?" Нужно провести тест. Распишем по этапам, как это происходит: ⠀⠀ 📍 Внести тестовый рекламный бюджет 📍 Настроить кампанию 📍 Включить кампанию 📍 Провести аналитику 📍 Основываясь на этой аналитике, сделать прогноз и выносить управленческие решения. ⠀⠀ Важный момент: нужно сделать полноценную, качественную настройку рекламной кампании; к тестовым запускам относитесь максимально серьезно, иначе результаты будут не правдивыми. ⠀⠀ 📜И да, увы… Только чтобы узнать, сколько Вы можете получать клиентов из интернета, нужно сначала вложить деньги… Таково положение вещей в интернет-маркетинге на сегодняшний день. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Понравился текст - похвали команду лайком и комментом💓 Больше полезных постов в нашей группе в Facebook - ссылка в описании!.
"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." . Design by @shavuotkreatifsolusi PT Shavuot Kreatif Solusi -Creative Solutions for Digital Marketing- Creating The Right Tools For Online Marketing Success! We Make It Simple. Powerful, Reliable, Affordable! Simply Creative Solutions! Quote by late Og Mandino. An American author. . #shavuot #kreatif #solusi #design #creative #solution #developer #internet #internetmarketing #digital #digitalmarketing #work #business #company #motivation #marketing #technology #websitedesigner #people #creator #brand #daily #qotd #quoteoftheday #success #internetmarketer #digitalmarketer #quote #today #webdesign
Definitely some of my favorite conversation topics have to do with questioning the common sense rules of the "real world" that are simply a collection of socially reinforced illusions. Society teaches us WHAT to think, not HOW to think. And what better way to get the conversation started by asking this question? What is your answer to this question? What is the pot of gold that justifies spending the best years of your life hoping for happiness in the last? How would your priorities and decisions change if you could never retire? I would love to hear your thoughts below!
Great day in #London yesterday, recorded at @googlecampus , had a meeting at @global hq, a nice lunch meeting and a brilliant meetup with some great podcasters in the evening! 😀 ——— #podcasters #podcasting #podtips
Social media marketing is like clay. -- You're probably thinking, "Great, another analogy 🙄" But, let me explain! -- As marketers, we have to take on the role of the sculptor and work with what we have. -- ⚡️Click the link in my bio to read more! ⚡️
I've had a huge miscomunication with a friend/client before. I thought she wanted me to do X amount of work per month for her (since that's what I usually do), so I said, OK! ...but it turns out she was expecting me to do that PER WEEK. I was obviously like SH*T, that's WAY underpaid. And second mistake, I didn't make a proposal/contract because she's a good friend. There are so many things I let happen because she's a friend (I know, I know, I've learned my lesson), but the biggest thing I learned is that I can always bring it up later, rather than never. I took care of it after a couple weeks and made a contract. What are some biz mistakes you've made that you've had to adjust along the way?
Adesso inizio a divertirmi #video360
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New on my blog: How to gain trust as a #virtualassistant 👩‍💻 Gaining trust in a virtual world is not easy, but we are not helpless. 👩‍💻 Click on the link in my bio to get ideas on how you can build it up with your client. 👩‍💻 #virtualassistance #personalassistant #executiveassistant #projectmanager #digitalmarketer #freelance #freelancelife #freelancer #workfromhome #workfrimhomejob #workfromhomemum #remote #remotework #remotepal
Marquita Johnson is a  licensed  counselor in Georgia, a nationally certified counselor, distance credentialed counselor, speaker, and dating coach! She started working with students in Atlanta to help them with with preventative care. This led to communication skills training with millennials where she taught and still teaches the value of communication and knowing when someone says no. Millennials are paving their own path, are go getters, and passionate in their approach to life. Therefore Marquita knows she has to be well equipped to meet their needs. Her advice to those who are seeking balance? It starts with you. Marquita's private practice located in the heart of Atlanta and another satellite location south of the city. She offers online counseling and coaching. Her specialties include women issues, millennials, career, dating, divorce, step-families, and grief counseling. In an effort to promote healthy relationships, While working as a college counselor she found that students were struggling with intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Hence she has embraced the call as Atlanta's "Millennial Dating Coach." In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, visiting new restaurants and traveling. You can listen to her episode here: bit.ly/WE_MarquitaJohnson You can also find Marquita on Instagram @MillennialDatingCoach and on her website. millennialdatingcoach.com
Però è la malattia del secolo 😂😂😂
Are you maximising your customers value? Optimising your product range? Or reaching your business’s full potential? Discover the secrets with our Value Ladder guide.... link to our blog is in our bio. Please follow us for more great marketing tips and content. #einsteinmarketing #digitalmarketing #marketingtips #valueladder #blog
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Yes! Happy to report that the creative juices are flowing fast and furious today. I'm going to be needing them for a FB testimonial cover video commissioned by a client in Missouri. 😊
Hi, I help businesses take the guesswork & stress out of marketing their business. I have marketed ton shit of products in last 12 years and seeing amazing success in last 6 months. Everything I am touching is leading to hockey stick like spikes in revenues & bottom lines. This has earned me some big accounts (worth 500crores+) offlate and exposed me to more budgets, experiments and learnings. In last 6 months, I have also earned a new tag in #DigitalMarketing industry, The #ClickToCash guy. If you have a established business and you want to scale it up let's talk today. Testimonials on website (link in bio)
Mañanita de rodaje y muchas, MUCHAS tomas falsas 😍
A lovely review from @graciebeau._ ❣️ GracieBeau is home to all things Hair & Beauty with Grace herself specialising in high quality Hair Extensions. Swipe ⬅️ to see her fabulous work! 💇🏻‍♀️💫 • • • #hair #hairextensions #extensions #easilocks #brighton #hairextensionsbrighton #salon #bbloggers #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaadvertising #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer #brightonbusiness
✨ L’essentiel n’est pas de vivre, mais d’avoir une raison de vivre ! ✨
Creativity = possibilities
Here’s an outline of what we offer here at Einstein Marketer. For further information including our informative blog posts, please visit our website. Link is in our bio. #einsteinmarketer #aboutus #digitalmarketing #marketingtips
On the train. 1st class, baby 💋
Don't try to rush things that need time to grow | ..#successkey #besmart #stayfocused #digitalmarketer #rwanda
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