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Last week, we kicked off a new adventure with the opening of our Copenhagen store – a place where you can work, connect or simply relax. With our Startup Guide Membership, you can have access to our space, community events and unlimited hot drinks to power your day. Pick your seat, first month is on us! Follow the link below, or pop into the store in Sydhavnen to say hello and know more about the membership plans.
One of those snowy mornings we definitely need more of 😍🥶
#frosty #❄️
Reflections in the library
〰️15/365〰️ • • • Dicen de ella que es un imprescindible en cualquier viaje a Copenhaguen! • • • Lo mejor: el paseo entre parques, canales y zonas residenciales hasta llegar a ella! • • • #retotrasteandoxelmundo #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #travellingthroughtheworld #ilovetravel #neverstopexploring #travelling #viajar #discover #picoftheday #viatjar #iamt #igtravel #igers #catalanspelmon #denmark #copenhaguen #discovercopenhagen #hygge
Cerveja beeem gelada + cobertor pra esquentar.🍺🧣 É assim que a maioria dos pubs e restaurantes com área externa fazem em Copenhagen, na Dinamarca. Isso sem contar os aquecedores instalados acima das mesas. Assim ninguém passa frio e consegue aproveitar melhor a noite! 😋 Legal, né?
Country #21 : Denmark - Copenhagen, 2014. Turns out I deleted most of my Copenhagen photos by accident, so other than these three low res pics of the opera house, words will have to illustrate how much I like this easy, no-nonsense city. Highlights include a cheery, eclectic-styled Airbnb apartment; exploring colourful, alternative Christiana, where drugs are apparently tolerated and cameras frowned on; taking a boat trip around the many canals (including under one bridge so low we had to duck) and Nyhavn; light, textured cuisine, including amazing fish, elaborate open sandwiches and rich, warm rye bread. We walked a lot on this weekend - and two walking memories stand out: one was wandering along a busy thoroughfare at 5:30pm, and realising rush hour in Copenhagen basically meant there were more bicycles than normal. The other is walking several miles home after visiting a cinema (something I like to do in foreign countries) one night: the city was almost deserted as we walked and talked. I’d return for a chilled (though not cheap) weekend. . . . . . #40by40 #40byforty #40by40challenge #travelchallenge #travel #instatravel #travelgram #wanderlust #exploretheworld #traveltheglobe #travelwishlist #denmark #copenhagen #copenhagenoperahouse #explorecopenhagen #discovercopenhagen #visitcopenhagen #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #bnwphotography #bnw #bnw_city
How cozy and inviting is this coffee stand?! It just screams Fika-time. ☕️ Taken this past December at Tivoli in Copenhagen.
Rediscovering Copenhagen - with a smile on my face, completely relaxed & joyful, I realised what inspires my fascination with this wonderful city. @adrianpeakman calls it a "bijou city". You will find out why we love it by watching my latest vlog. https://youtu.be/_ZeUNsVegBQ #landinside #discoverCopenhagen #traveldeeper #traveleurope #Copenhagenlight #scandinaviantwilight #amberlight #danisharchitecture #urbanlandscape #urbanhistory
...and now, a 'sad fact' about this picture instead: after having left "that" family behind (see previous post), I reached the Statue and it was still before the sunset. While on the spot, I had to ask to 5 different persons to take a picture of me because everyone was taking awful shots 😪.... When the last guy I asked to started to take pictures, he was not framing them properly. When he finally managed, the artificial lights of some lamps behind him had already gone on, and they were projecting on me the shadows of the fence just underneath them... That's why there are those dark lines on my face and body...! 😤😤😪🤦🏼‍♀️ After that I had no more energies for other pics, it had got already dark and very cold so I just enjoyed the view of that little lady for a while longer, before heading back to the city centre. 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️ #thelittlemermaid #copenhagen #kobenhavn
The best tour we took in Copenhagen was the one of the Opera House. It wasn't even there first time I visited Denmark, in 2000! "It has architecture, technology, esthetics and stories behind" - @adrianpeakman , an IT specialist with a classical music background, said. Admire the beauty of these chandeliers. See how they reflect the sunset. Read the story later on my website www.landinside.co.uk. And take the tour yourselves. #copenhagenoperahouse #landinside #beautyandtechnology #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #architecture #contemporarystyle #sunsetcolours #qualityoflight
Light like a butterfly 🦋 Model: @annasuzukilee
The day it rained during our trip to Copenhagen we took one of the canal boat trips. I have done it as well 3 years ago, but it was @adrianpeakman 's first visit. It rained on us and the boat didn't stop at the spot where the little mermaid surveys the sea. Still, I concluded my vlog there and I recommend the trip. #landinside #lovecopenhagen #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #rainyskies #canalboat #copenhagenoperahouse #traveldeeper #travelwithus #boattrip
Here she is: THE LITTLE MERMAID, the character of the homonym story by the danish author Hans Christian Andersen, who became one of the symbols of Copenhagen and a mandatory spot for everyone visiting the city. 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️ Now I want to tell you a SAD FACT about my visit to this lady: I was walking to this statue (it is a bit outside the city) and when I was in the area, to be sure I was on the right way, I stopped a little group of adults carrying also a baby and asked them: Sorry, is the Little Mermaid close by? They looked at eachother, with a question mark on their faces and one of the man told me (he had a french accent): We don't know; What is that?? My facial expression did change, and I needed a few seconds to be able to speak again. I asked them: how come you don t know the Little Mermaid? It's the symbol of the city, it's in every postcard, magnet... But they had no clue. I said thank you and kept walking. But then I stopped, it was stronger than me, and I went back to them and told to the man: Sorry, now that you have come this far, you cannot not go to see her. Please. I don't know if they ever went there. I had many more things to tell them, but I just avoided. I had the idea they were thinking i was crazy. But really: Copenhagen is a small city, with only a few sights, and the Little Mermaid is one of them. Everyone in the world knows her come to the city especially for her. I am still speechless. Just tell me if you think, like that man, that I m crazy, or if these people should just feel very ashamed! . #thelittlemermaid #kobenhavn #lasirenetta
Highlights of our visit at one of my favourite museums in Copenhagen - step into the National Museum of Art. Just like predicted, @adrianpeakman felt fascinated by the qualities of Danish and Scandinavian art. He maintains that it's all about the light in all of these paintings. Also, how could we skip the cafe with organic food and freshly baked bread (like everywhere in this beautiful country) where we had something similar to Welsh bara brith. #landinside #statesmuseumforkunst #Danishart #discoverCopenhagen #traveldeeper #culturalbridge #qualityoflight #Scandinavianpainting #lovecopenhagen #traveleurope
Rounding up the day, this prolonged twilight fascinated us. We also took advantage with a lot of photography. While @adrianpeakman 's phone camera makes much better photos than mine, he also helped me with vlogging. I will soon publish great footage from here. #landinside #scandinaviantwilight #sunsetcolours #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #traveleurope #traveldeeper #darknessandlight #colourofthesky
If you walk towards the Opera House in Copenhagen, don't bring any love locks around. They are not allowed on those bridges. At least they inform everybody of it! Rounding up our 3 hours walk around the city today, a sunset image will follow. #landinside #offthebeatenpath #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #nolocks #bridgesincopenhagen #traveleurope #walkwithme #walktogether #scandinaviantwilight
How love feels in Copenhagen - colourful, joyful & peaceful. While recording my vlog in Nyhavn I couldn't stop my cheerfulness overtake. And the locks of love just fit my state of mind. #landinside #lovebridge #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #littlejoys #coloursoflove #danishbeauty #lovecopenhagen #loveandjoy
Good morning Copenhagen! As I woke up for a glass of water at dawn I came across this display of colour, darkness & light. I couldn't help but take my phone and capture if before returning to bed for more sleep. #goodmorning #landinside #discoverCopenhagen #keepexploring #atdawn #darknessandlight #sunrise #colourofthesky #traveleurope
#fbf to celebrating my 30th birthday with some of the people I love most in Copenhagen! Absolutely loved this city! 🎉
Kurzurlaub in Kopenhagen. Tag 1. Da es schon dunkel geworden ist, als wir ankamen, gab es noch nicht so viele Möglichkeiten für Fotos draußen. Dafür haben wir aber in diesem kleinen tollen Restaurant ganz lecker typisch dänisch gegessen. #kopenhagen #copenhagen #køpenhavn #visitcopenhagen #visitdenmark #discovercopenhagen #bestcopenhagen #cafesorgenfri #restaurant #lecker #cphpicks
It’s super easy for me to get wrapped up in my mind and all the things I “have to do” and I forget to create time to have fun and PLAY. Today was a day for total play though 🤗⁣ .⁣ We woke up and the sun was out for the first time since we’ve been in Copenhagen so we dropped all our plans to go to Tivoli Gardens. Basically a winter wonderland amusement park and it so AWESOME!! 😍 (So grateful we have flexibility in our work and lives to be able to say yes to things on a whim like this!) ⁣ .⁣ I can’t remember the last time I went on a roller coaster or felt the emotions I had today on the rides. It was blissful joy mixed with that tinge of fear and exhilarating excitement. It felt SO good to scream on the rides and laugh until I cried. And not really being sure if I was laughing because of how fun it was or how scared I was 😂 Both of our inner child’s needed a day just like today 🙏🏼 ⁣ .⁣ If you haven’t in some time, get out, go somewhere, stay home, whatever! And have yourself some time to PLAY. Our hearts and souls need more of it, that’s for sure! 🦋 . . .
As 2018 walks out the door on its last legs I can say that it was a rough ride but I’m ready for the year of the fortunate pig 🥳💕
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