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Calories don't count on vacation, right? Someone back me up here! 😁😂👑🏰❤🦄 #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado #HappyBirthday
I see you my pretties! Disney overload is coming! #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado #HappyBirthday ❤🏰👑
The #carsland #christmasdecorations were so unbelievably amazing at #disneyscaliforniaadventure park! I absolutely loved every detail. And each section of Carsland was different! I definitely took the most pictures in this part of #DCA so you could probably say it was my favorite 😬 Have any of you been to DCA this holiday season? What was your favorite part? #holidayseason #holidaysatdisney #holidaysatcaliforniaadventure #myfavoritethings #christmastimeishere
We gave warm hugs to Olaf 😂 ☃️ #disneytrip2018
Animal kingdom 🦒 #disneytrip2018
🔵 Disney Blues 🔵 Is a real thing. 3 days backs from Disney and I want to plan another trip. I miss seeing this happy view. Get ready to see more pictures from my trip. Do you have a favorite thing about this view? 🔵 #blogger #blog #vlogger #vlog #disney #disneyblog #disneyblogger #disneyvlogger #disneylover #wdw #waltdisneyworld #waltdisney #magickingdom #hollywoodstudios #mgm #animalkingdom #epcot #disneynation #disneyvlog #disneytrip #disneytrip2018
Day one at Disney World was the absolute best day we could have asked for as a family. Nothing but smiles, laughs, and fun fun fun! The magic was undeniably strong with the Bates Family. Just this one ride was a major turning point for us. Showing us how far our AUSOME Logan has truly come from being nonverbal child who would seek security and comfort from the over simulation of dense crowds to a child who talks your ear off, waves to and greets everyone he sees, and just loves to a part of everything we do!!!! My heart couldn't have been more full of joy than it was yesterday... . #ausomelogan #proudautismdad #autism #autismawareness #disneytrip2018 #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #disneydad #disneyfamily #magickingdom #sevendwarfsminetrain #bestdayever
Throwback to our random AMAZING Disneyland trip in August ✨😍. There’s never a dull moment with these two ladies💕. #Disneytrip2018
Bye magic kingdom this was an amazing magical day , tired but worth seeing THIS thru my child’s eyes.. nothing like that feeling! #disneytrip2018
New 2018 Ornaments just hit the shop tonight! Need a special way to remember you 2018 Disney Trip? We think this Navy Blue Shatterproof Magic Kingdom Ornament will do just the trick!
Question for my Mom friends —> are you feeling just drained and exhausted? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Let me ask you instead of your feeling lonely? Because that tired, drained .. funk we can feel... can be a symptom if feeling disconnected.. 😢 . One of the most common things I see in some of my mom groups online is how hard it is for moms to make friends .. . I totally get that! .. yes I have a wonderful spouse and have friends but sometimes it can be hard to get off of mom island long enough to see anyone let alone cut loose a little from responsibility and have something that is just your own💜. . So when I started this while I was looking for a solotuion to help me loose weight and possible way to earn extra income ... I didn’t realize that I was looking for something else .. . Cut to almost 2 years into coaching .. and I feel more connected then ever to woman who are in my same life season and who are working with me in the same goals. We talk everyday and share support and positivity on business and life goals and they have helped me get into focus this version of myself that I am proud of and helps me bring the best of my self back to my family 👯‍♀️ . It’s amazing to think that we only met through this social media business 👩🏻‍💻 but have become so connected .. so when we do get to see each other a few times a year at team events it’s so much fun!! —> And I get to call it work! . If you want to find out more about being on this tribe of woman click the bio link and fill out the coach info form! ✊🏼
One of my favorite moments so far! Thank you Ashley for allowing me to facetime the girls for this special moment! #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado 😍❤🏰👑🎅🤶
The happiest place on earth 🏰 #disneytrip2018 #withbae ❤️
Another highlight of our night at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party was meeting Nick and Judy! I absolutely love Zootopia (or Zootropolis as it is named here in the UK) and the kids had watched it two nights running on Disney Channel in the hotel room. It still gives me feels thinking about it now! Addie put on quite the show for everyone in the queue by running up and down instead of going to the meet so I had to chase her. She loved them though! Just look at that smile! Animals are her favourite so this was perfect. (Also, the queue was short enough for us to do!!)
My #solotrip to #disneyland was absolute #magic yesterday. Ever since Ruthie was born, I have been her mom. It’s easy to lose your identity when you’re taking care of another tiny human. I’ve dreamed about going on a solo trip to Walt Disney World many times and that’s just not feasible right now. But when Leanne suggested I go to Disneyland by myself, I jumped. My days are usually dictated by my kids so it was hard to get in the groove at first of making choices all for myself. But I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly. 😆 Thank you to everyone who joined me yesterday! I loved being able to share it with you. This #disneycommunity is everything to me. ❤️ Love you guys! Xo Allison #disneykid #disneyscaliforniaadventure #dca #dvcmember #mainstreetusa #christmasatdisney #christmasatdisneyland
Down town Disney #disneytrip2018
Thankful for the last few days with these goofs, only locked them up for 1/2 the time! #marrmac #thecrew #squad #disneytrip2018 #loveyouguys
Happy Birthday to this woman who birthed me. #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado #HappyBirthday
On to the Magic Kingdom!!! #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado ❤🏰👑
Going to be boarding our fight soon!!! Ekkkk #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado
12 hours until our flight!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado
Don't kiss me at Disney World mama!
Had the most magical week in Disneyland Paris 💖 On our way home now, but it has been an amazing trip 💫
I always get super TERRIFIED to share these • I’m always concerned that my results won’t be ‘good enough’ or someone will think something bad about me for sharing! But, I’ve got to share so that people know what’s possible! No, I am not ripped & shredded, but I don’t care. This is my body & these are MY results! • No tricks, gimmicks, fasting or pills! 30 days of shaking my booty to country music with my at home Country Cardio Dance program using my workout app! Literally ZERO equipment, FUN workouts that are LESS than 30 minutes 😀 I’m kind shocked, because to be honest...I wasn’t sure if not using equipment was gonna work for me. But it soooo did & I had the BEST time working out. It’s been nice to get results, but take the pressure off the intense stuff for a while. There is a 6lbs loss and my clothes are much baggier! • Need help getting started? Don’t think you can do it too? That’s a LIE! You can do it & I can help you! Simple, easy workouts at home, a meal plan, workout calendar & support from me with accountability & daily check ins. I take this very seriously & I am dedicated to helping you as much as I can ❤️ Let’s get you set up & started. Shoot me a DM
Baby Boy! Mommy & Daddy can’t wait to meet you! Words can’t explain how excited we are to be your parents! @kh_khalifaaaa #BabyKayne #NewParents #DisneyParents #32WeeksPregnant #DisneyTrip2018
One of River’s shirts for Disney!! My dad is awesome! #disneytrip2018 #firstdisneytrip
Anaheim packing district #foodiemusttry #disneytrip2018
Hey Disneyland, that was fun!!! 5-days, park hopping and enjoying family time with my favourite people. Such great memories... #disneytrip2018 #familyfun #disneychristmas #we ❤️Disneyland #welovedisney
🥺 I Miss him!!!!!! Ughhhh #1stgrandson #mylittlelove #disneytrip2018
Day 3: Magic Kingdom 💙 The Magic & Sparkle in their eyes says it all. ✨ #thegoodnows2nddisneyvacation #disneytrip2018 #2ndhome #dvcmember #magickingdom #verymerrychristmas @nickgoodnow @dawnmorris8
ToyStory Hotel❤️💛💜💚 #disneytrip2018
As 5 fades 4 becomes reality! 4 Days Until #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado #ImNotReady
It's going to be nice and cool during our trip. #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado
To infinity and beyond💜💚 #disneytrip2018
Disney Springs & Maverik finally got to go to T-Rex for Dinner! 🦖🖤🦕 #thegoodnows2nddisneyvacation #2ndhome #disneytrip2018 #dvcmember #verymerrychristmas @nickgoodnow @dawnmorris8
Floating down the River making Memories!! 😁 #disneytrip2018 #disneycalifornia
Happiest place on earth #Disneytrip2018 #fireworks #Disneyland #LA
หน้านิ่งๆก็ดูดี แต่พอยิ้มทีนี่โลกละลาย🙈💚💜#disneytrip2018 #shianghaidisneyland #toystoryhotel
Mickey FC ❤️ นางบอกนางชอบมาตั้งแต่เด็กแล้วจ้าา💛#disneytrip2018
Good Morning with Woody and Jessy❤️💛#disneytrip2018 #shianghaidisneyland
7 went fast cause here comes 6! Just 6 days till #DisneyWorld #DisneyTrip2018 #MommyAndMeTrip @jesusitaalvarado
My favorite day💙💛 #disneytrip2018
Ruthie says “Howdy!” Have you guys entered the #giveaway happening on the channel right now? It’s night one of #Hanukkah and also the first night of #vlognukkah ! We love you guys and can’t wait to celebrate for the next 8 days with you! #happyhanukkah #disneysprings #disneymom #thedisneymoms #woody #toystory #allisonwdwgirl
“I’ve never been to the sky before!” #msadiella #disneytrip2018
So although majority of my outfits on here and pretty smart/cas I actually do spend a lot of time in trainers and sweatshirts 🤷🏻‍♀️! Fulfilling my inner Disney gal with this cute sweater I got back in the summer from @bestdaysvintage 🧜🏻‍♀️.
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