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The process of incarnation of the two soul halves - 'Before we incarnated onto Earth we were in the spirit world, and remember at this point that we did not have any consciousness of our self, we didn’t know who we were – so there was no self-consciousness, and no self-awareness. It’s as if we have no free will at this point in the sense that we don’t know how to use it because we don’t know who we are yet. Before we incarnate we also have no memory of that state because we are still not self-aware – memory comes with self-awareness. We are in this creative state as a unified soul but we are yet to incarnate onto the planet to begin the process of self-awareness, to begin the process of getting to know ourselves, or, as they call it in the Padgett Messages and in the spirit world, the process of individualisation; in other words becoming an individual.' Jesus (00:28:48) 💜 YouTube - 20100123 | The Human Soul - The Soul mate Relationship S1P1 #divinetruth #god #jesus #marymagdalene
What a fabulous time in Melbourne! Picked up my dearest 🇺🇸🐶Wendy pup from doggy quarantine... I got to spend time with some of my besties in Australia 💗💗💗 @susiehambleton @joanneomer ! Happy birthday Jo Jo! 🎂 Also, I got to eat really amazing vegan food every day! 🍏I went to see the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road... 🌊And I ended with an Energetic Alignment and sound bath with an amazing group of people! 🎶✨😍 #energeticalignment
This extra Clear Quartz is so coool and looks like ice! (Available for purchase - we ship!) ❄️🌬🗻🏔💎 Main Energetic Properties: clearing, cleansing, clarity, memories, information recording
New video up on my YouTube channel! Link in bio. 5 tips for great skin, including your nutrition, hydration, sleep, #skincare products, and also how suppressed emotions affect our skin and physical #health .
SEE MY PREVIOUS POST for actual text which SHOULD UNDERPIN YOUR SPIRITUAL-FOCUS! - - This is NON-religious as am I.. my whole life! The text shares #absolutetruth from this #universe s most #ascendedmaster - #yeshua channeled in early 1900s. There are other sources for this same truth now. I can can do nothing more than share #divinetruth on a plate for you ( including GRAPHICALLY!=> https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn9D8y7Ay7Y/ while possessing perfecthealth , elite schooling philipsexeteracademy, #eyeofgod under skin, loving heart, psychic-connection to #archimedes , global #psychicpowers , and deep communications with #arcturians , #pleiadians , #thoth , and the worlds most #psychic person #tealswan and worlds most advanced spiritualist ajmiller. There is no spiritualego here. This is the highest teaching as it is from #angelicrealms which transcends all eastern teachings and #guru s. Strip off all your clothes NOW.. and carry your laptop out into Fall woods for 40 days in contemplation of this text. (Let me know how it goes.. :) 🤣😘😇 - #spiritualdevelopment #spirituality #starseed #enlightenment #wisdom #meaningoflife #truthbomb #lightworker #newage #wokeaf #ascension #afterlife #jesus #god
This is Nonreligious!!! #absolutetruth from this #universe s most #ascendedmaster - #yeshua channeled in early 1900s. There are other sources for this same truth now. I can can do nothing more than share #divinetruth on a plate for you ( including GRAPHICALLY!=> https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn9D8y7Ay7Y/ while possessing perfecthealth , elite schooling philipsexeteracademy, #eyeofgod under skin, loving heart, universal-connection to #archimedes , global #psychicpowers , and deep connections to #arcturians , #pleiadians , #thoth , world's most present-day #psychic person #tealswan and worlds most advanced spiritualist. AJmiller. There is no spiritualego here. This is the highest teaching as it is from #angelicrealms which transcends eastern teachings and #guru s &puts them into proper evolutionary context. Strip off all your clothes NOW.. and carry your laptop out into brisk Autumn woods for 40 days in contemplation of this text. (Let me know how it goes.. :) 🤣😘😇 - #spiritualdevelopment #spirituality #starseed #enlightenment #wisdom #meaningoflife #truthbomb #lightworker #newage #wokeaf #ascension #afterlife #jesus #god
Be you within your magnificent temple and #bareyourself for the whole world to see. Your body is your story as an expression of your heart pounding the drum of life as you move your body to the rhythm of the divine. Connect to the wonder of your #higherself and dance with your #shadowself to #vibratehigherdaily as a #warrioroflove . To become a warrior of love we must learn how to love ourselves fully, a true struggle for myself. Underneath all the tears of self-hate and depression I was able to blossom into my #trueself and love all parts of myself as a #divinegoddess speaking my #divinetruth with love and compassion. Thank you @nude_yogagirl for the inspiration and the opportunity to #baremysoul in your #nygyogachallenge #nygyoga . #nudeyoga #yogaismymedicine #yogaissexy #yogaismagic #yogaisselflove #himalayansaltlamp #nudeyogaart #beyourselftofreeyourself
Seriously needed some soul guidance tonight in order to get out of my over thinking creative brain. The energy is dense lately. . This energy is amazing for soul searching, healing, and releasing that BS we know better than but still don't do better. Lots of stuff seems to resurface in form of anger with loads of valuable information beneath it. . Like the trees I'm shedding my old self. 👑💖 to all my #teamnopants 😘 . . . . . . #chakras #chakrahealing #divinetruth #divineguidance #divinefeminine #thankyouuniverse #seethemagic #miracles #thankful #itsthelittlethings #creativeflow #writer #overthinking #selfcare #spiritualhealing #alignment #lettinggo #releasingattachments #perspective #resistance #empoweredwomen #consciousness #soulexpansion #ascension #shiftperspective #lightworker
Calling all Light Workers, Light Warriors, Healing Practitioners, and anyone wanting to make a difference in the World today, The Goddess Forgives Us All starts this Saturday! More info here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 https://theponopractitioner.com/the-goddess-forgives-us-all/ . . . . . . #lightworkers #lightwarriors #healers #healingpractitioners #ofloveandlight #higherconsciousness #gaia #motherearth #divinetruth #mylifespurpose #createflow #oneness #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #kahulahela
Calling all Light Workers, Light Warriors, Healing Practitioners, and anyone wanting to make a difference in the World today, The Goddess Forgives Us All starts this Saturday! More info here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 https://theponopractitioner.com/the-goddess-forgives-us-all/ . . . . . . #lightworkers #lightwarriors #healers #healingpractitioners #ofloveandlight #higherconsciousness #gaia #motherearth #divinetruth #mylifespurpose #createflow #oneness #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #kahulahela
"Acknowledging we have a problem or error in our soul and realising that we are totally resisting the experience of this error can trigger other sets of emotions. Lots of childhood terrors of not being loved if we aren’t perfect, or aren’t performing can start to surface. The only answer I’ve found to combat this... is to practice compassion with self." -Mary Luck/Magdalene www.divinetruth.com #naturephotography
Incredible truths and writing found at Mary.divinetruth.com #divinetruth #emotions #feelings #mary .divinetruth.com
Listen to the inner nudges of divine guidance you receive today. Spirit is leading you to a new perspective! Allow liberating revelations of peace enter your heart. Need help? Call on your Angels! The Angels are with you, ready to guide your heart and mind into union with divine love. All is well, and working out in perfect divine order. 💚 (Card pulled from the Whispers of Lord Ganesha Oracle By Angela Hartfield.) #revelation #ahamoment #understanding #newperspectives #divinetruth #divineguidance #listentoyourheart #intuition #spiritmessages #oracle #cardoftheday
Message for Today. The person you work with or who is working for you that serves you is paying off lots of karma, they are wise the chances are they have something to teach you so pay close attention to them in future. Never judge anyone because you don’t know who they are in heaven 😉 they are doing a great service to you 😘✌️💝🌟💫 . . #bigup #allthosepeople #intheserviceindustry #youaremagic #literallymagic #thankyoutothosewhoserve #blessyourheart #blessyou #thankyou #thanksforbeingawesome #divineservice #sendingyoulotsoflove #loveandlight #maymanylivesbetouched #byyou #godswork #messagefortheday #payattentionpeople #serviceproject #respect #loveandcherish #everyone #lightworker #heavensent #graftersunited #togetherwerise #divinetruth #divinewisdom #divinelove #wearealltryingtobecomedivineagain 🤗👏🙏😇💞😘✌️💝🌟💫
The complete soul, rather than each half, has free will - 'You see many of us have a lot of emotional injuries about having something determined for us. When you think about it, it’s the complete soul that has free will, not each half. God gave free will to the complete unit. So if one half of the soul is really progressing and draws the other half into their life, the other half may think, “I don’t want to be drawn into their life, why do I keep getting drawn into their life?” Well it’s their soul that’s drawing them together, their own soul and they just don’t realise that. And so we can’t actually say that the two halves of the soul have complete independent free will, it’s the complete soul itself that has free will that is independent of every other being on the planet and in the universe. It’s even independent of God’s Will. That’s what free will is, it’s complete independence. But it’s the complete independence of the entire soul, not its two halves.' Jesus (00:18:56) 💜 YouTube - 20100123 | The Human Soul - The Soul mate Relationship S1P1 #divinetruth #god #jesus #marymagdalene
One half of the soul can progress independently of the other half until they reach the 21st sphere - Participant: So does that mean one person’s soul can only progress so far? For example, say one person reaches the seventh sphere and the other person refuses to do anything, can one person not progress until the other person starts to move on? (00:14:43) 💜 'It does mean it to a degree but I can describe where it stops for one person. Remember you have got the first to seventh spheres and then you’ve got the transition into at-onement, which is the eighth sphere. You’ve then got many other spheres above that. The transition between the twenty first and the twenty second sphere is a state of at-onement of your own soul. So when you’re progressing as half of a soul, you can progress right up to the twenty first sphere but you won’t be able to make the transition into the twenty second sphere without your soulmate.' Jesus (00:15:24) 💜 *note - Jesus has memories of there being 36 spheres until you become at-one with your soulmate YouTube - 20100123 | The Human Soul - The Soul mate Relationship S1P1 #divinetruth #god #jesus #marymagdalene
God views us as one complete soul - 'God’s created this whole variety of characteristics in our souls and when we talk about the soulmate discussion we’re focussed primarily on the inter-gender, or the sexual, characteristics of the soul if you like. But in reality, the soul has lots and lots of characteristics and attributes. By soul I’m talking of the whole soul here, not one half of the soul, which you are. I’m talking about the combination of the two halves. Because remember that how God sees you is not actually how you’re currently seeing yourself. How God sees you is as one soul, even if you’re in two different physical forms. When I say two different physical forms, once you incarnate your half of the soul is attracted to a physical form and spirit form and the other half of your soul is attracted to a different spirit body form and a different physical body form, but from God’s perspective you are still one soul.' (00:14:26) Jesus 💜 YouTube - 20100123 | The Human Soul - The Soul mate Relationship S1P1 #divinetruth #god #jesus #marymagdalene
Where I'm from has given my life so much purpose. Where my journey began, not just in a small town in Arizona, it's being apart of a family dedicated to love. My story isn't perfect in a traditional sense. It's real in a humbling sense, like it was so complicated and turbulent yet so loving altogether. Every choice made with good intentions. Everyone overcoming not just personal development, but learning to deal with life and death at a young age. I have been silent for so long about my story because for the longest time I didn't know how to process what happened. Not anymore.. I am having a breakthrough on what's really important and why these experiences in my life matter. We are all connected. Things are happening for you, for healing, self discovery and finally so we can learn to love each other without conditions. Nobody gets out alive, or without getting hurt. So how do we lift ourselves and each other? My story will have a happy ending because I am listening to the signs in my life saying it is time to heal. Time to let go and relax. Time to live happily, energized and loved. If you need someone to listen to your story please message me and let's discover ourselves together. 🌍🙏🏻
A break in the Inktober art to share another Higher Self portrait of my friend! ☺💕💛💕💛💕💛 They called themselves a Divine Angelic essence of Truth, Manifestation and Hope. This was their beautiful message: "The truth is found in many places, through many avenues and it must not be forgotten that all perspectives are valid in seeing the truth. The nature of Truth changes as well, for one moment something may ring true, and later it may not. Arts and Sciences have tried to peer into the understanding of the universe and its principles. What one may see is not necessarily how another sees or understands. But both points are valid! To find your own truth in life, that is the key, to seek that which calls you is your own individual truth! Your life has changed a great many times in many directions as you seek to find your own personal truth and understanding of the world. It is important to have patience with yourself during this time as learn and grow on your path. You seek much wisdom in the world and it will be given to you along the way, gradually."
Go to ➡️➡️➡️ @rachel.cargle ⬅️⬅️⬅️ to donate!! Repost from @rachel.cargle - We’ve gathered over $20,000 in 24 hours. This is tangible action based community support. This is intersectional feminism beyond marches, signs and pussy hats. This is citizen led redistribution of wealth. This is powerful. With appointments costing $80-$250 per session the more funds we collect the more black women we can say “We see you, we hear you, we too are invested in your healing.” The link in my bio is where you can contribute to this collective care. If you are a black woman who would like support from this fund to pay for your therapy sessions the link in my bio has a form where you can give me and my team the information we need. This fund will be open for donations up until my 30th birthday; November 29th. I have this big wild dream that one day I’ll have a whole foundation whose mission will be to continuously offer this type of support for our community of powerful, creative, passionate, purposeful, strong and deserving black women as they press forward in the healing they deserve. To everyone here in this community: we are doing it. We are becoming the ones we’ve been waiting for. . . . 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 #rachelcargle #community #fundraising #therapy #healing #support #blackfeminism #supportblackwomen #donate #beapartofthesolution #guidance #love
So when you peel off those untruths, what’s left is new skin that is raw and vulnerable - ready to be re-shaped and re-molded into the freedom of who you were made to be. And I don’t mean a calling or a passion, I mean a “fearfully and wonderfully made” kind of freedom. . Overtime, lies about our worth grow deep, but truth (when we say “yes” to it) breaks in to unearth everything we’ve been told or believed about ourselves that keeps us from knowing unwaveringly that we are loved and created in the image of holy wonder and fearlessness. . Choosing to decorate my life in the presence of God with wonder, divine affirmation, and truth is not always easy, because there are one million other lies waiting to take advantage of any ounce of believed shame. But when we fight shame and untruth with words of power (fearlessness) and love (wonder), we get breakthrough.
•Dolomite• Working with this stone feel almost like pressing a reset button. It helps us to align with our true path while filling our energetic bodies with fresh perspectives and a sense of motivation. When we doubt ourselves and feel like there’s a wall between us and our goals, dolomite encourages us not to break down the wall, but find a new way around it. While this stone aligns all of our chakras and removes energetic blockages, with this piece I feel a concentration of energy around the heart chakra. With Venus in retrograde finding new ways to get in touch with our heart and the heart of others is extremely important. When frustration sets in due to miscommunications and expectations that we’ve put in the wrong places, shame follows. I feel that this Venus retrograde is all about our shame buttons getting pressed. When shame arises, we are in prime conditions to grow. When we are uncomfortable, we are at a place where we can either turn from it, or find a way to heal it. In this trying time, I find the most comforting thing is to truly feel what’s coming up for you. With no judgement for yourself, and no care for the judgement of others. Open up to this part of yourself and feel every ounce of your emotions knowing that you are held safely by the universe. Spirit wants all of us to allow ourselves to experience moments of discomfort like no one is watching. When we see our true selves through the eyes of spirit, we lose all negative judgement and can see that this discomfort is simply growing pains. We have the divine ability to press this magic reset button and dissolve all of these negative emotions, toxic patterns, and karmic ties, dolomite just makes the process a little easier 😉 . . . #dolomite #gemstones #crystalhealing #shame #divinetruth #venusretrograde #vibrationalhealing #energeticcleansing #energeticreset #shame #healyourself #divineeyes #spirit
I am divine truth. I love you! 🙏👁️💙 #divinetruth #loveyou #sacredheart #frejaenjoy
💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 This right here is REAL!! OMFG there have been times recently when the physical pain over my heart chakra was so intense it felt like someone grinding a pool cue into my chest... Particularly where my ribs joined my sternum, there was acute sharp pain but only when I touched it. I had to just stop and breathe into the pain, apply gentle pressure and ask the blockage to be released. All physical ailments are a reflection of an inner emotional turmoil of some kind. This too shall pass. . . . #audreykitching #emotionalhealing #heartchakra #hearthealing #heartopening #expansion #libraseason
➡️➡️➡️Repost from @thehoodwitch ⬅️⬅️⬅️ . Second 👁Sight Intuition is a still small voice inside that tells us the truth about things; the essence of our power. It's been called "second sight". Our intuition flows like water, it amplifies like water. Two thirds of our bodies are made of water.. so we resonate with the fluidity of life through our intuition- the moon, the tides, all natural elements. Intuition is not just about information; it's where the answer is. It's spiritual awareness of the higher self. Nothing is divorced from that knowing inside. When you go inside you find the whole universe and you discover how it connects to the divine. Intuition is not elusive, it is very concrete. It's the small voice inside that we access to learn the absolute truth about things,without any questions,ambivalence , or uncertainty. This is the voice that has been with you through the centuries, through the lifetimes, through everything you've ever experienced before. With intuition you're tuning in to the timelessness of your spirit, for the knowledge you've accumulated over all of this experience is in YOU. We are born into this human life without a memory of who we were. Part of the spiritual path is reclaiming that memory, and reclaiming who we are in a deeper sense as it connects to something greater. And that something greater begins in here, inside of ourselves. 👁Empowering dreams and spirit with #JudithOrloff . #modernmystics #everydaymagic #collectivehealing #intuition #psychichealing #witchesofinstagram #brujas #wisewomen #power #secondsight #esotericwisdom #dreams #spirit #womenofwisdom . . . 🕷 #wordofgoddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #divinelight #divinelove #divinetruth
💓✨💓#Positive #energy works more effectively than negative energy in each and every situation 💓✨💓 Achieving #health , happiness, and energy #balance comes down to deciding to #focus more on positive then on the negative and to #live in a manner #spiritually congruent with what we know is #truth 🙌💓 #spiritualawakening #anatomyofthespirit #carolinemyss 🙏💙 #spiritualtruths ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #higherawakening #higherconsciousness #soulhealing #followyourdreams #followyourheart ❤️ #highervibrational #highervibrations111 #highervibrationalbeing #higherawakening #love #cosmicocean #divinetruth #divinetiming #allisone #unity #newparadigm #riseyourvibration #hearttruth 💓🙌 Art @lorenzoquinnartist
Repost from my other account @word.of.goddess - 👑👑👑👑👑👑 This showed up at the top of my feed for a reason... I keep expecting other people to operate at the same level as me in terms of honesty, integrity and respect... This proves time and time again to be a mistake. I forgive them for being who they are. I forgive myself for being who I am, a relentless optimist at heart... . . . . . #wordofgoddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #divinemasculine #divinetruth #divinelove #divinelight #collectivehealing #levelup #boundaries #itsoktosayno #selfworth #kali #lilith #oprah #highpriestess #conduit #aquariusqueen #themorrigan #truth #venus #venusretrograde #venusretrogradeinscorpio #purge #cycles #lessons #energyvampires #offwiththeirheads
👑👑👑👑👑👑 This showed up at the top of my feed for a reason... I keep expecting other people to operate at the same level as me in terms of honesty, integrity and respect... This proves time and time again to be a mistake. I forgive them for being who they are. I forgive myself for being who I am, a relentless optimist at heart... . . . . . #wordofgoddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #divinemasculine #divinetruth #divinelove #divinelight #collectivehealing #levelup #boundaries #itsoktosayno #selfworth #kali #lilith #oprah #highpriestess #conduit #aquariusqueen #themorrigan #truth #venus #venusretrograde #venusretrogradeinscorpio #purge #cycles #lessons #energyvampires #offwiththeirheads
➡️➡️➡️ Repost from @soultempletarot ⬅️⬅️⬅️ 8 of Pentacles & Ace of Pentacles 16 Oct 18 - ..🗝Focus and hard work will help to receive the income you require. T Working hard at something, brushing up on your skills or even learning something new will reap financial rewards. A Looking for a new career choice or different line of work? The cards suggest this will help make your dreamsa reality. R Balance and repetition have you planting many seeds of opportunities for the future. O If you've been considering how you can get a cash flow? Here's your answer. T - #8ofpentacles #aceofpentacles #tarot #tarotcards #dailycards #dailyprediction #dailytarot #tarotinstagram #riderwaite #tarotcommunity #guidance #spiritualguidance #tarotcardreader #lovetarot #Divination #SpiritualReadings #PsychicTarotReadings  #DailyTarotReading  #Psychic  #manifestawesome #Gratitude #Intuition #inspirationdaily #spiritualguidance #goldcoast - #regrann #wordofgoddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #divinemasculine #divinetruth
Come choose some new stones. We’ll help you understand how they really help and why. We’ll also be honest about what they don’t do. It’s pretty much a given that you’ll get a mini crystal lesson on the spot. It’s time to rock. Come visit the shop in our new spot! Ariadne’s CaFae is now serving organic fruit juice sodas, the most awesome vegan pudding and vegan lollipops to help fund this little angel’s ballet classes. More snacks for real snackivores being added. Every weekend Sat & Sun 8-4! We are now a 100% off-grid business! Loving our planet with crystal art, spirituality, vegan food and off-grid energy!
Monday, October 15, 2018 💖 General Reading ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Today you are being guided to make adjustments in regards to your financial habits. You may be prompted to begin spending less, saving, investing, paying off debts or even something as simple as creating a new budget. The changes you make in regards to your current financial status will seem minuscule to you. It may almost feel like a natural adjustment because it is something that you have adapted easily into your routines. However, in the long run these new habits will help you gain wisdom of how to take control of not only your financial stance but also other habits that affect you daily. Keep making small adjustments where needed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pay extra attention to any debts you may currently have. I keep hearing, “Do not fear the debt.” When you fear the debt, you allow the debt to control you. Take control and do what is necessary to shrink the debt completely. Know that it is a process but if you face it, you may be surprised that the Universe will assist you in accumulating more finances to help you in paying off these debts quicker. Be mindful, and be aware. The universe wants to help you. When an opportunity presents itself to you to assist in paying off your debts, take it. It is not to good to be true, it is meant to be. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Scorpions may be significant to some of you. Call upon scorpion medicine to help you through this situation. Your spirits are also trying to communicate with you (especially at night) by offering ideas to help you generate more finances/ways to overcome and pay off any current debts. Listen to those messages by taking the action(s) necessary to bring it to your reality. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Click the link in my bio to book a personal reading. All spiritual services are HALF OFF ALL OCTOBER!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Love & Light ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #selfunity #tarotcardreading #tarotcardreader #oracle #divinetruth #divinewisdom #october #witchy #investinself #selflove #selftruth #belove #onelove #seeker #tarot #tarotcards #astrology #crystals #selenite #jasper #halfoff #sale #booknow #healer #energywork #clairaudient #manifest #finances #debt #messages
Your vibe attracts your tribe and your thoughts attracts your reality. Stay focused reflection and keep a healthy perspective.
Be a #truthseeker ! You alone are responsible for your #spiritualgrowth . Find proof and #metaphysical #absolutetruth yourself. Be open minded and dont seek to confirm your existing beliefs, but to refute or upgrade them! For example, stop being emotionally committed to the #starseed concept to bolster your #selfworth . 99.99% of you are not going back to a spaceship when you pass UNTIL you clear the emotional debris acquired during this earth life. If you think #death exists and hence are trying to get ravenously physically manifest "all you can" in #yolo rothschild style this incarnation, you are very likely missing valuable spiritual lessons (like those found in my diagrams) which can make your greater life as spirit MUCH MORE SEAMLESS and enjoyable. You are everlasting, but most are SURPRISED in the #afterlife for humans tend to think their afterlife placement is done according to human rules, not #divinetruth . :) #spiritualdevelopment is fun as crap once you actually get in the right track! Peace and Love! - #selfempowerment #highconsciousness #newage #lightworker #ascendedmaster #ascension #wokeaf #psychic #psychicpowers #angels #god #spirituality #extraterrestrials #scientificproof
“Life is this simple: we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and the divine is shining through it all the time. This is not just a nice story or a fable, it is true.” -Thomas Merton 🙏🏽⁣ ⁣ Had the BEST time sharing heart practices yesterday - loving kindness and intention setting meditations, energy clearing with essential oils, and making blends that soothe the soul. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you @3921noladragonfly and @megan_burnsnola for allowing me to teach in such a sweet, healing space and the chance to remember the innate goodness that exists within all beings. Looking forward to more workshops to come . . . Stay tuned 💜⁣ ⁣ May all beings everywhere be filled with loving presence. May we all be free 🙌🏼⁣ ⁣ PS I’m demonstrating my love of the oil of the divine, frankincense, in this photo. When in doubt, I always Frank it out. 🌟🌟🌟 So much healing, so much love. 🌸⁣ ⁣ #lovingkindness #frankincense #meditation #metta #befree #doterra #essentialoils #energy #healthyself #naturalhealing #iamfab #heartconnection #truerefuge #frankitout #release #letlovein #receive #findyournola #followyourbliss #blissedout #divinetruth #namaste
My little piece of heaven. May not look like much but it’s not always what things look like. It’s what it FEELS like. I’ve avoided my feeling for too long and now I have to stand in truth, push open emotional doors open, that don’t want to be open. All while loving myself unconditionally. This work is only for the brave. #lightworker #divine #love #divinetruth #divineselfexpression #fresnoparks #woodward #heaven #feelings #spiritualwork
Happy Sunday 😃😃 GOD loves us #divinetruth
Ill eat a handful and wait for death to take over, nothing can explain the torture of ones mind except for ones own. Dive deep, and drown yourself is utter truth. your birthright is to die, remember that. You might enjoy your time, and cherish more then you ever have once you realize this. #magicmushrooms #divinetruth #momentsofeternity #jointhedarkside #trippy #3rdeye
As you may know about me by now, I’m no stranger to shadow work.  Several months ago, I began unlocking my #GeneKeys and while it was an incredible uplevel to my being, I became a bit stuck looking at the shadow of my genes.  The gifts and siddhis were exciting to me, but my scorpionic tendencies were keeping me focused on how the shadow was expressing itself through my thoughts and actions. . . I was living in Sedona at the time, and I continued to pray for guidance. One day, the vortex of Mother Sedona led me into a bookstore that Sparta and I frequented called @crystalmagicsedona . I was guided over to the section dedicated to gnostic teachings, and was drawn to #thesophiacode channeled by @kaiaraofficial . Little did I know that this book was exactly what I desired to assist me into fully receiving and embodying the gifts and siddhis available in my DNA’s Gene Keys. . . The moment I started reading, I began receiving messages and writing in angel light language. I had already been speaking light language for sometime, and writing it was new and exciting for me.  Each layer of Divine transmission has been an uplevel to my BEing, and my gratitude for this work of art and Divine love is immeasurable. . . I just finished Quan Yin’s transmission under this new moon, and feel her wisdom and unconditional love and compassion with me always. I am continuously finding new levels and layers of gratitude and grace and my light and love continue to increase in frequency. . . To anyone looking for a next level book to call on the light within, I invite you to grab a copy of The Sophia Code. This book calls us forward into our truth; the highest and most Divinely expressed potential of our embodiment. I invite you to take your time with each transmission, and honor every layer of repatterning that you experience throughout with compassion and love! And please let me know how it unfolds for you! #collectiveclearing #divinetruth #wearelove
I surrender to Love, Love that I am. Love undresses me, to my Truth. I am the one I've been waiting for. I am Love. #poems #loveliberatesus #loveishere #loveisfreedom #iamlove #sofimartinez #heartandspirit #yogalife #divinetruth #universallaws
I want you to burst with excitement and joy about who you are, what you are, what God wants to help you become, what you have, what you've had, and what is out there waiting to belong to you. I want you to smile at yourself and find gratitude for the grace that has brought you further than you thought you'd ever go, the grace that provides you with enough strength to get up in the morning even if you're yearning for rest, the grace that helps you through the days and seasons when you feel like giving up, the grace that lights up your life with hope, injects your veins with courage, and gives you vision and purpose. I want to help you see that you are more than your mistakes, your failures, and your struggles. I want to inspire you to see that you are full of divine purpose, and to know that no matter how painful or messy the present may be you can always go far beyond where you are right now....always! Sincerely, -T💋 Photo by @oskina_maria
Dear Me, There isn't a single day that is the same and as much as you love consistency there will always be days and seasons that disrupt your idealistic mind, so embrace the challenges with compassion and make room for the growth and wisdom the inconsistencies offer you. I know you have big dreams and I know it's difficult to remember that the manifestation of those dreams happen beneath the surface, which is why there are moments when you feel frustrated with the meantime, but I am asking that you remember that you are only responsible for doing your part, nothing more, nothing less, and the rest requires you to trust, resist and surrender. Trust- you must decide to trust the process, to trust that as long as you are actively taking responsibility for your part everything will inevitably work together for your good. Resist- you must decide to resist the temptation to compare yourself, to self-criticize, to fall into the old habit of taking responsibility for more than what you're responsible for, to put unnecessary pressure on yourself, to take on the expectations of you that others have, to give your precious energy to negative thoughts, to live anywhere else within your mind but the present moment. Surrender- you must decide to surrender to the present moment whether it sparks emotions of happiness and ecstasy or fear and disappointment. You must decide to embrace whatever comes, without labels, pressure or judgments, because it is in your surrender that miracles are born. Beautiful girl, even when you feel like life is slipping through your hands and you become impatient because you feel your dreams are melting away, you must remember that every good and perfect thing is already yours, and absolutely nothing that belongs to you (no matter how big or small) will miss you. Breathe, my precious one, realign yourself with the present moment and remember, more than anything else, what is most important is what is currently happening on the inside of you. Everything else is icing on the cake, baby. Patience little bee 😘. Love always, -T💋 Photo Credit: @chlocita
Everyday: You chose. You chose to feed yourself well. You chose to feed yourself bad.  You chose to give up.  You chose to endure. You chose to react. You chose to feel insecure. You chose to feel anger. You chose to lose hope. You chose to hope. You chose to be separated from God.  You chose to ignore your intuition. You chose to take advice. You chose to ignore the advice.  You chose to not listen.  You chose to be stuck in the past. You chose your perspective.  You chose to blame.  You chose to be responsible. You chose your pride.  You chose your habits. You chose your ego. You chose your paranoia.  You chose to compete. You chose your decisions. You chose your consequences. Choice maker. Choice maker. Choice maker. Choice maker. Choose love. Choose life. Choose. Choose. Choose. Choose the LIGHT. Choose to let go. Choose freedom for your soul. Choose dignity.  Choose to forgive yourself. Choose to forgive others. Choose to see your value. Choose to heal. Choose growth. Choose to show the world you’re more than a survivor - you're a thriving overcomer. Choose to make yourself proud. Choose wisely, -T💋 Photo by @gregoryprescott
We are spiritual beings awakening in a human existence and our shells come in a vast array of beautiful colors. We are glorious beings, all fearfully and wonderfully made, and we all are the walking, breathing, majestic image of God. However, far too often there are those who refuse to walk in their divine identity, who refuse to vibrate at the frequency of eternal love, therefore rotting themselves at the vibrational level of hate and manifesting horrible things like racism and death. We are one. We are beautiful. We are powerful. We are the crescendo of all creation. And no matter what any lost soul may say or do, unity in love that propels us to take forward moving action is what will banish the lie that one color of skin is more superior than another. Let us not create division between ourselves by focusing all of our attention on skin color, but let us be reminded that when our bodies leave this physical world we will only be known by the condition of our souls. Sincerely, -T💋 Photo by @GregoryPrescott @gianninaoteto
Letting go is an opportune way we remind ourselves that we are not defined by our past and that from the present moment forward we are in control of the direction that our lives will go. However, letting go isn't always easy, therefore, we often run into people like the divorcee who still wears her wedding band, the woman who's still angry at so and so from five years ago, the man who secretly keeps photos of his ex on social media and consistently places new hashtags to get likes, or the man who refuses to change his Facebook status from married to single or divorced. Indeed, letting go can be a struggle, and often is for those who refuse to radically accept reality (radical acceptance doesn't mean that we necessarily feel good emotions about a particular event, circumstances or ending, but it does mean we choose to accept life on life’s terms without resisting what we cannot or choose not to change.) and let go of the future they thought they'd have. Nevertheless, letting go and radically accepting life on life's terms helps us to obtain much needed emotional relief, makes room for something greater, restores our attention to things that we can control, we love and enjoy, decreases stress by helping us remove unwanted mementos that can have a powerful, often underestimated, negative effect on us, releases us from anger and ultimately helps to facilitate physical and emotional healing. So, the next time you, a friend, neighbor or family member struggle with letting go, try bringing up the benefits I've outlined in the above paragraph and remember we don't have to like or agree with something in order to radically accept life on life's terms and transmute our pain into healing, freedom and something better. Sincerely, -T💋
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