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“Tattoos set you apart. Besides being a colorful accessory to any ensemble, they convince your parents once and for all that you are a lost cause.” - - I define my own form of professionalism and I’ll never change. One of the greatest regrets in life is to be what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.
Always it’s a good time with them ....👏🏼 Los doctores son la familia q tú escoges y sin duda yo ESCOGI los Mejores 💝 @eldoctorcardenas #bayshorebaby #bayshorebabies #doctorgoals #bayshorewomenshealth #bestdoctors #pregolife
My office/study has turned into a temporary living space due to a flood. 1 large dog, 1 BIG puppy, 1 husband, an air mattress, a window cooling unit and Study Time ?! I’ll have to make it work #sendgoodvibes . . . . . #nursingstudent #premed #futuredoctor #doctorgoals #womeninmedicine #science #nurse #lpn #rn   #lvn #study #premedmotivation #instastudy #chicana #melanin #iphotography #iphonex #collegestudent #medstudent #eptx #texas #medicine #nursingschool #medschool #picoftheday #doctora
This is 27! For my 27th birthday I had the experience of a lifetime. I went on a 4 day African safari through the Maasai Mara/Serengeti. The things I saw and experienced here were indescribable!! We were greeted by the Maasai people who danced for us (made me dance too lol), showed us their culture, and tried to buy us with cows lol. During the safari, I was in such close proximity to the animals that sometimes it was hard to believe they were in their natural habitat and I was the one in a cage!! I slept in a tent where I was frequently visited by 🐒 who only wanted our food (one stole a sandwich) and paid us no more attention. I looked at the most beautiful starry skies at night, no car noises interrupted the peace and no skyscrapers blocked the view. I ate s’mores by the campfire and had breakfast in nature. 😍 Last year I spent my birthday in Paris... this year was the Serengeti. Yaw better be careful, I’m not actually sure how to top this one in 2019!! Less trips to Miami more passport stamps... let’s spend less on things and more on growth and experience!! Thank you for the birthday wishes! This is 27 Photos shot 📷 on iPhone 7+ and Nikon Coolpix #blackdoctor #travel #experience #AfricanSafari #Kenya #Tanzania #Serengeti #MaasaiMara #DoctorGoals
#Repost @doctagoop (@get_repost ) ・・・ Social media in healthcare is an interesting topic. Most of us “healthcare” folk on here are pretty new to Instagram as a platform, but so far it’s been an amazing opportunity to build connections, share discoveries, and develop credibility. Just as Twitter could never have been imagined as a news source, social media outlets are constantly changing their purposes. I came across data from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics that found almost 75% of US consumers look to the Internet for healthcare advice, of which 40% rely on responses from social sites. This is all great! But just as I tell students who ask for advice, I always encourage them to check their sources from the person whom they are asking. • • That being said, allow me to reintroduce myself as part of the #VerifyHealthcare campaign! I attended Rutgers University for Undergraduate and double majored in Cell Biology & Neuroscience and Public Health. I then attended Medical School at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine where I tried to find time for the beach as well. And finally, I’m currently doing my Internal Medicine Residency at Georgetown University (#HoyaSaxa )! Thanks @austinchiangmd for creating this and including all of us! • • #VerifyHealthcare #residency #medschool #medicine #doctor #doctorgoals #docsofinsta #doctorsofinstagram #medlife #residency #studygram #mcat #nursingstudent #nursing #pharmacist #medstudentlife #surgeon #medstudent #medical #med #medicalstudent #premed
📣 Is your Fitbit or Apple Watch hungry for more steps 👟 • Do you want to support a great cause? • Want to get more involved with SNMA and the community? ❤️ • It’s time to Walk It Like We Talk It ❗️ The SNMA HIV/AIDS Committee is excited to participate in the 27th Annual Nashville CARES AIDS Walk and 5k on October 6th at 9am. 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️ • We will be selling T-Shirts for $15 (larger images in link below) and proceeds will be donated to Nashville CARES, a non-profit organization that works to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Middle Tennessee. 📍 Click below to sign up to walk and pre-order t-shirts: • Cashapp: $MeharrySNMA Paypal: mmc@snma.org Register: http://shorturl.at/pCGT8 • Please tag your friends, classmates and family❗️ • Thank you and we’ll see you on October 6th! ✔️ . . . . . . . . . . #meharry #mmc #snma #nma #regionx #meharrymade #blackdoctors #medicalschool #studentdoctor #doctorgoals #melanindoc
Dreaming about my New York vacation and life outside of scrubs... But almost done with my 3rd block of Intern Year 🎉 . I’ve learned SO much already about managing patients, how to be efficient with only so many hours in the day. Every day I learn new tricks and tips in the OR. And I’ve survived night float, 28 hour trauma call, and M&M 😂 . Stay tuned for my next rotation ( Hint: 👶🏻 )
Vitamin D is essential in regulating ones immune system, reproductive system, and endocrine system. Managing our stress can influence our hormones and immunity, so if you have been under a lot of stress lately, come in and get your vitamin D injection for an extra boost.
#MelanatedMed vibes from student doctor @antonia_gore 🙌🏾 ・・・ “The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb”. 👩🏽‍⚕️💪🏾✨ ▫️ ▫️ ✔️ First Pathology & Pharmacology Exam ✔️ First Physical Exam Assessment on a Patient ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ NEVER give up when mountains of obstacles get in your way because the view at the top is worth it. Stay uplifted and try not to get discouraged! 🙏🏽. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #medstudent #medicalstudent #secondyear #futuredr #yourfavfuturedr #doctor #doctorgoals #doctorbae #melanininmedicine #blackdoctors #medicine #medschool #mamaImadeit #perseverance #motivate #inspiration #goals #dreams #live #laugh #learn #melaninwhitecoats @melaninwhitecoats 🔑 🔑 🔑 🔑
Lettuce Wraps ____ Happy Taco Tuesday all! These lettuce wraps are not tacos but they are a variation of tacos. They are heaven sent when I've worked a long day and I want to feed the family a quick and healthy meal. I made these wraps with ground turkey but it can be easily substituted with firm tofu if you eat only plant based. ____ Ingredients: 3 Tbsp hoisin sauce 3 Tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce 2 Tbsp rice vinegar 1 tsp sesame oil 2 tsps canola or grapeseed oil 1 (12 to 14 oz) package extra-firm tofu or 1 package ground turkey 8 oz cremini mushrooms, finely chopped 1 (8 oz) can water chestnuts, drained and finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsp freshly grated ginger 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (omit if sensitive to spice) 4 green onions, thinly sliced, divided 8 large butter lettuce leaves Optional for serving: grated carrots, additional red pepper flakes _____ Directions: 1️⃣Mix the sauce: hoisin, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil in a small bowl. Set aside. 2️⃣Heat the 2 teaspoons canola oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high. Crumble in the ground turkey and cook for 3 min until brown on the bottom. Turn and break into smaller pieces and cook for another 3 min. (If cooking with tofu, press tofu between paper towel to remove excess water. Crumble and cook tofu for 5 min. Continue cooking until any remaining tofu liquid cooks off and the tofu starts to turn golden, about 3 minutes more.) Add the diced mushrooms. Stir in the water chestnuts, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, and half of the green onions and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds more. 3️⃣Pour the sauce over the top of the turkey (tofu) mixture and stir to coat. Cook just until you hear bubbling and the sauce is warmed through, 30 to 60 seconds. 4️⃣Spoon the turkey(tofu) mixture into individual lettuce leaves. Top with remaining green onions, grated carrots, and additional red pepper flakes as desired. ___ #foodoftheday #dinner #healthyfood #foodmotivation #foodie #foodlover
Emma’s first day of preschool. #cantsitstill #doctorgoals #thisis3 #takeabow
Ayanna is #doctorgoals Living a busy life as an MD candidate, she makes sure she keeps up her healthy lifestyle with our mouthwatering on the go cups! • • • • Mouthwatering Words from Ayanna (@beautife ): If you’re like me, you’re waiting patiently for fall so you can eat all the comforting fall foods. @holmesapplesauce is the perfect way to take one of my favorite snacks with these very flavors, on the go. Having such a busy schedule, it’s so nice to be able to grab a healthy and delicious snack that I know will give me the pick-me-up I need to make it through the day. • • Go fill your basket on our website. #fillyourbasket #brandambassador #cleveland #entrepreneurship #futuredoctor #onthegosnacking
Chasing the MD. 💊 . A year ago around now I was applying for my dream job, something I had worked for most of my teenage through adult life - FOR THE 2ND TIME. . It was bittersweet. On one hand, it meant I would have another shot. On the other, it meant that I had to put a smile on and have program directors question my capabilities and failure (a fantastic exercise in growth tbh). . There were days where I doubted myself. There were days when I was maintaining full speed and balance. Then, there were days, not where I cried, but where no tears would flow from my eyes because of emotional exhaustion, it wasn't even sadness or depression. . I had done well on my USMLE boards, been published, graduated med school cum laude (after some premed blunders), helped organize charities that raised over $25,000 for a children's hospital and for cancer research and still didn't get it on my first shot - still wasn't enough. It made me realize a lot about the system (which is very broken and to be discussed another time), but mostly it made me realize that life is not linear. . I have one word for you all out there. FIGHT. Fight for what you want, fight for what you believe in, and fight for yourself, even if you can't believe in yourself at some point. Fight for your love, fight for your passion. Fight for your dream, because nobody else will. . For those of you applying to the Match this year, know that you will learn about yourself along the process. Reflect on where you want to be in 5, 10 years from now. Know that Matching or not, even in your top spot or not, does not determine your self worth. Your clinical knowledge, skills, and ability to work with people and patients has meaning in the larger scheme. You are privileged to be in the positions you are in regardless and the same holds true for those not in healthcare. . You want something, go get it. . Period. . Best of luck to everyone applying out there! . #YouWillMakeIt . . . . #doctorlife #doctorgoals #match2019 #success #medicalschool #premed #almostmd #oms #osteopathicmedicine #medicalstudent #medstudent #nurse #nursingschool #stethoscope #medicine #almostadoctor #futuremd #futuredoctor #futurephysician
MILLENIALS IN MEDICINE: Dr. Wozniczka has a phenomenal Ted Talk that can motivate any premed to make change! Visit the link in the bio. #premed_years #premed #medicine #premedmotivation #inspire #motivate #doctor #doctorgoals #MCAT #MCATgoals #MD #MDgoals #surgeon #surgeory
From this weekend - celebrations call for good company, country concerts, and denim 😂 Russell Dickerson, Darius Rucker, and Lady A killed it! 🎶
"Hombro Lesiones de hombro: por qué tratarlas . Normalmente, el dolor de hombro se incrementa con el uso de la extremidad, sobre todo al llevar el brazo hacia atrás, pero también se mantiene cuando se está en reposo e incluso, frecuentemente, es un dolor que disturba el sueño. Son lesiones que pueden sufrirse a cualquier edad. Sin embargo, normalmente los pacientes más jóvenes suelen presentar tendinitis, mientras que los pacientes mayores presentan, con frecuencia, roturas completas del tendón, con o sin degeneración articular. La principal causa del dolor de hombro es la patología tendinosa o tendinitis. El hombro es una articulación muy compleja que necesita de una perfecta sincronización tendinosa para su perfecto funcionamiento. Inicialmente, los tendones se inflaman y producen dolor. ""En principio, el mejor tratamiento para el hombro es la rehabilitación"" Si esto no se corrige, los tendones pueden llegar a romperse y, en su estadio más evolucionado, producen la degeneración completa de la articulación. ¿Crees que necesitas atención médica? Solicita tu cita médica con el Dr. Leonardo Segovia, Clínica El Ávila, Piso 3 Consultorio 307. . #traumatologia #traumatologiadoesporte #traumatologiayortopedia #medicina #Medicinal #medicinaesportiva #medicinadoesporte #traumatology #traumatologysurgery #doctorlife #doctorsoffice #doctorgoals #traumatologiadeportiva #DrLeonardoSegovia #ligamentocruzado #arthoscopy #artroscopia #sports #lesionesdeportivas #futbol #datoscuriososdeportivos #lesionesenrodillas #sportsmedicine #kneepain #knee #cirugiaderodilla #clínicaelávila "
So it has been a hot minute since the GAMSAT UK last week and here are my thoughts... . My goal for this sitting was to just rock up and try a different approach. I wanted to really focus on finding evidence for my answer, forgetting knowledge and using a process of elimination for all questions. I think for the most part, I achieved that. Now I need to see what my results are and gone my craft. . I always struggle with time. I seem to always have to rush, and by that I mean guess, the last 10-20 questions. I feel I am haemorrhaging marks here and need to improve it somehow. Not quite sure how to go about this yet and I intend to do some research on this. I did notice that I really slowed down in the last 60 minutes of S3, presumably due to fatigue. At this point your intestinal fortitude needs to kick in and push you on. It is really tough! . S1 I felt was less passage/word intense than March. Less poems, actually a lot less. I liked it better, aside from that random graphic on the difference between medical model and social model. Bloody hell I started with that thinking I would kill it but it confused the hell out of me 😂 . S2 those topics sucked. Period. Superstition and freedom? Really? Freedom alright but superstition? Come on. My essays were exploratory and I attempted to generate some nuance to my response. I don’t think I was particularly successful in that. . S3 hell on Earth. In saying this, I haemorrhaged sooooo bad on this section in March it killed my application. So, I tried to approach it in the same way I did S1. Rational, seeking evidence. I really think this helped. I was no longer freaked out my not knowing the concepts in front of me. I was trying to figure out the answer based on the information before me. Pre-requisite knowledge only helped me in some questions, but not all. I am really curious to know if my change in approach helped or not. I hope it did because I think I can build on this for March. . How did you find it? Let’s chat below 👇🏼! . . . . . . . #gamsat #gamsatstudy #gamsatprep #gamsat2018 #ukcat #mcat #studygram #studyblr #premed #medschool #doctorgoals #futuremd #studygrammer #medstudent #clinicalpsychologist #drsharlene
Happy Monday! Reflecting on some of the patients I saw today. At least once a day I have a patient shed some tears. Tears from anxiety over treatments (like intravitreal injections) to fear of going blind (especially from macular degeneration). Some just shed a tear when I hold their hand- acknowledging their fear and letting them know they’re not alone. Some shed tears of happiness after cataract surgery and having “Retina display” vision! Or tears of relief, after finding out that their eyes are perfectly healthy. At the end of the day, I feel extremely blessed that my patients put one of their most precious senses into my hands- their vision. . In my white coat you’ll find a few things: pen, lenses, hair tie, scleral depressor, chocolate 🤫, and Kleenex’s! . ❤️Here’s me looking forward to a week filled with tears of joy > sorrow! ❤️
When your VERY HEALTHY 87 year old patient who is able to even drive to her appointment (and who you told that, by the way, she's "aging goals" for you) tells your supervising attending at the end of the visit, "I want to take a picture of your young doctor so I can always remember her. She's very pretty and I enjoyed our discussion." . I let her take a picture on her phone (yes, she's technology savvy too! And no, not this picture) and asked if I could take one of hers as well (which will be forever saved!). So grateful for patients like her that remind me why I love what I do!💖
#Repost @doctagoop with @get_repost ・・・ Almost done with my first month of Hospital Wards! My white coat looks super clean (and overly bright) because I take pictures in direct sunlight thinking it makes for a better photo 🤷🏽‍♂️ • • Nothing is more humbling than walking into the hospital as an Intern and being someone’s Doctor. There are many lessons to be learned, and just a few weeks in, I realize how exciting and fulfilling the journey ahead will be. If there’s one thing that has stuck with me the most, it’s how much I’ve learned from my patients. There is an often forgotten part of the doctor-patient relationship, and it’s important to always remember the patient. Being a patient in a hospital is tiring, and the more you poke and prod your patients with tests, blood draws, vital checks, etc., the harder it is on their bodies. I started the month worrying about not knowing the intricate details of every disease process and am now realizing that to truly heal your patients, you need to understand the intricate details of their thought processes and how they interpret what you’re trying to do for them. So take the extra few minutes in the morning and ask your patients “if there’s one thing you could do right now other than being here, what would that be?” You’ll be surprised at what you’ll hear. • • #residency #medschool #medicine #doctor #doctorgoals #docsofinsta #doctorsofinstagram #medlife #residency #studygram #mcat #nursingstudent #nursing #pharmacist #medstudentlife #surgeon #medstudent #medical #med #medicalstudent #premed
I am so grateful for the medical community here on Instagram, and am honored to be a part of it. The variety of inspiring people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with continues to keep my motivation up and remind me of my future goals. But with so many medical professionals increasing their presence on this platform, it’s our responsibility as current and future healthcare providers to stay honest with the information we share. I was tagged to share my experiences through the #VerifyHealthcare campaign started by @austinchiangmd — I’m a medical student and not a doctor for at least another 3 years. I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida in 2016 with a B.S. in Health Sciences. I am a second year medical student with expected MD degree in 2021. When I talk about my patients in posts, I am usually referring to my experiences as an ER scribe, rehab technician, or my recent internship in breast surgery. I do not see patients of my own and cannot offer medical advice of any sort through this platform. My goal with this page is to share my insights as a medical student going through the application process and training, as well as some of my personal reflections along the way 🙏🏼 — On another note, love these scrubs that were sent to me by @maevnuniforms ! Look at the color 😍
So exciting, Life purpose n dream staring me in the face. Time to get it!!!!!. #doctorgoals #dreambig #medlifestyle #premedstudent
Speak to the people @teeny_titan 💪🏼 we have a really special surprise for you guys tomorrow!! Tune in at 1pm!! 😁
Waiting for my test score could go one of two ways.. I either dwell & let those bad questions keep haunting me, or I can make the effort to suppress those feelings & bask in the unknown. The latter let’s me enjoy this time off, some would even say that’s a gift. #mindsetmonday
Hi guys! A little late on yet, another post. School, work, and life have been hitting me hard lately - slowly getting my motivation and confidence back. Looking for some inspiration to figure out in what direction I want to take this account. Until then, I am preparing for my first Anatomy exam of the semester tomorrow! 👍🏼💡🙇🏻‍♀️ Always remember that Monday sets the mood for the week, let’s all be go-getters and slay this week! I believe in all of you ☀️ Life happens, but there’s always @starbucks to help with that 💚 What are you looking forward to this week? • Also, stay tuned for a post on some big updates in my life later this week 🌀 • #mondaymotivation #babysteps #anatomy #premed #premedstudent #coffee #starbucks #studygram #studymotivation #studyblr #studying #premedprobs #doctorgoals #futuredoctor #medicalschool #science #instagram #school #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #productivity #medicine
Just having way too much fun practicing hand tying with our scrubs 😂 #whynot ? I love spending time in the OR with other residents and medical students. They challenge me with their excellent questions and in teaching them, I learn more!!
I love this SO MUCH! #womeninstem #likemotherlikedaughter
Bloom loves when the @_pruvit_ guys come in and visit! Their energy and excitement towards getting vitamin shots is contagious! @justpruvit
“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”- Brene Brown ____ Happy Monday! It’s been a busy call weekend. I am grateful to have had Sunday off to enjoy with my family. Today, I’m on-call and start another 7 day work week. ____ Congrats to all the med students who submitted their residency applications. Interview season is readily approaching. My biggest tip: Let go of who you’re supposed to be. Your knowledge and qualifications are a given. Just be who you are and show it. ____ What do you have planned for the week?
Podcast Drop 🎤 . I’m so excited to be the special guest on this week’s episode of The @doctorgoals Podcast. @iamdrtrot created this show for all you current and aspiring docs chasing those #doctorgoals . Success is never so interesting as the struggle. 🤫 Sometimes, as much as you plan and as hard as you work, the universe may not be on the same page. I open up and share some very personal stories and bumps in the road on my journey to becoming a doctor. 🎧 Tune in to hear more and to learn some tips to help get you through your toughest challenges and set backs along your own journey. . This is definitely a show I know so many can relate to. ✨Link in my bio. Let me know if you found anything particularly helpful or similar to your story!? Thank you @iamdrtrot It was so much fun recording and connecting with you. You are a true baller! Enjoy y’all!! 💕👊🏼 . . . #doctor #doctorlife #somedoc #erdoctor #premed #premedmotivation #premedstudent #mcat #mcatprep #medicalstudent #medschoollife #futuredoctor #futuredoc #medlife #scrublife #medicalpodcast #podcastlife #podcastmovement #residency #residencylife #physicianwellness #pmg #womeninmedicine
Happy Monday Everyone ! Every day is a blessing, yes even Mondays... Let's start this week off on a good note. There are so many things to be grateful for, I for one, am so extremely #grateful to be in the medical field. It's a dream come true for me that I was able to find my calling. I truly love what I do, helping my patients is always my first priority and I've been blessed with wonderful patients that care about their well being and take steps to improve their health. . . . I’m a doctor 👩‍⚕️, second year into my residency. Hoping to make a difference, make this world a better, healthier and pain free. Follow @doctor.olga.victoria . . . Follow me!!!👣👣👣 . . . #doctor #professional #medlifestyle #medical #science #medicine #doctorgoals #doctores #womenempoweringwomen #womendoctors #womeninmedicine #surgeon #successfulwomen #success #nydoctor #newyork #doctorintraining #medicalschool #medicalstudent #nursingschool #pa #nurse #medstudent #medstudentlife #likeforliketeam #like4like
In this social media era, people often think that their success is based upon the number of followers that they may have. This is not true!!! Some people pay for followers! Don’t let that fool you. Success is determined by those that grind and work hard. It took me 16 years to become an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, and I’m STILL not where I’m trying to be. I have a long journey ahead of me, many sleepless nights, working with several different personalities, seeing various patients with compromised medical comorbidities, and I’m still ready to grind it out. Basically, I’ve had to sacrifice many things that people aren’t willing to do. So, on this Monday, I want you to think hard, look at your life, and ask yourself, am I truly grinding, or am I just going through a routine? Am I willing to make those sacrifices that others aren’t? #beastmode #grinding #hardwork #ethics #doctorgoals #entrepreneur #BOSS I got this from @mahisha_dellinger 🙌🏾
If you’re like me, you’re waiting patiently for fall so you can eat all the comforting fall foods. @holmesapplesauce Apple Pie Cinnamon cups are the perfect way to take one of my favorite snacks with these very flavors, on the go. Having such a busy schedule, it’s so nice to be able to grab a healthy and delicious snack that I know will give me the pick-me-up I need to make it through the day. And now, you can try all three flavors (Original, Apple Pie, Strawberry Peach) when you fill your basket online. Locally-made. Home-grown recipe. All-natural. Doesn’t get any better than this! #ad
You are enough. You have enough. Excuses slow you down, so cut the Pity Party short, shall we? I’m not saying you haven’t lost anything. I’m saying if you can read this, you can regroup sooner than later. Your future is calling! #DrToniMD #LifestyleCoach #MondayMotivation #MondayMood #MondayMindset #Doctorlife #DoctorGoals #DocsWithLocs #Sisterlocks #Queens #Hurricane #Florence #MondayInspiration #hurricaneflorence #letsgetit
Who wouldn’t want to come to work !? 💜💕💜 working with female docs is a game changer not only are they passionate about their patients they are supportive and caring with staff ! #inspirational #girlpower . . . . #lovenotes #femalephysician #womansworld #nursingstudent #premed #futuredoctor #doctorgoals #womeninmedicine #science #nurse #lpn #rn   #lvn #study #premedmotivation #instastudy #chicana #melanin #collegestudent #medstudent #eptx #igotthis #medicine #nursingschool #medschool #picoftheday #doctor
"Tips: La importancia del entrenamiento para el ser humano . Ahora que ya intuimos que hay que cuidarse, comer bien, ser felices y reir mucho, y no envenenarnos conscientemente con tabaco, exceso de alcohol, etc, podemos, y debemos añadir una parte fundamental, una que requiere esfuerzo y dedicación, pero que será nuestra mejor defensa contra la atrofia que nos rodea, el entrenamiento físico. Entrenamientos diferentes para cada persona Cada uno tiene sus gustos y hay innumerables actividades físicas y deportes que poder practicar, más que el tiempo disponible seguramente del que dispongamos para todos los que nos interesan. Pero no hablo de gustos, hablo de evolución humana y de aquello para lo que estamos mejor preparados.. ¿Crees que necesitas atención médica? Solicita tu cita médica con el Dr. Leonardo Segovia, Clínica El Ávila, Piso 3 Consultorio 307. . #traumatologia #traumatologiadoesporte #traumatologiayortopedia #medicina #Medicinal #medicinaesportiva #medicinadoesporte #traumatology #traumatologysurgery #doctorlife #doctorsoffice #doctorgoals #traumatologiadeportiva #DrLeonardoSegovia #ligamentocruzado #arthoscopy #artroscopia #sports #lesionesdeportivas #futbol #datoscuriososdeportivos #lesionesenrodillas #sportsmedicine #kneepain #knee #cirugiaderodilla #clínicaelávila "
Today is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. Relative to the general population doctors are twice as likely to commit suicide and residents are at high risk for depression and suicide too. I’m not sure how to combat this but it starts as a culture. Medicine can be extremely isolating. I’m lucky to have found some like minded people who make me feel like I’m part of a #phillymed fam. How do you think we help fight physician suicide? ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #residency #research #medicine #internalmedicine #medicalschool #medschool #doctorsofinstagtam #lifeofadoctor #doctorgoals #nationalphysiciansuicideawarenessday
Nigeria made, NYC raised 🇳🇬💕🚕
Finally took Daniel to the place that made me. So many memories driving around these streets. Such an idyllic place to grow up on the shores of Lake Erie. One time in college someone said “it sounds like you grew up in a Kenny Chesney song” and I have to say that’s kind of true, and every time I’m home I always hear ‘Back where I come from’ on a loop inside my head ⚓️ • • • #avonlake #shoremencountry #lakeerie #hometown #womeninmedicine #womeninophthalmology #residencylife #ophthalmology #womendoctors #doctorsoffduty #doctorcouple #doctorsofinstagram #doctorgoals
When you’re so broke, you gotta stay woke! 😂 I’ve been spending money like I have it since 2015… so please hire me! 🙏🏼 Submitted my ERAS application this weekend and the interview waiting game begins. I’ll keep y’all posted as I head out on the road to residency! 👨🏽‍⚕️ Would you hire this face?! Comment ⬇️
[Perseverance, determination, and grit all skills that will carry you through any challenge. Sometimes we might have to change the plan but not the goal!] Good things comes to those who hustle!!!! If you are ready and willing to hustle roll your sleeves up and get to grinding for that white coat [We got this💪🏾] #Repost from @projectdiversifymedicine with @regram.app . . . #projectdiversifymedicine #doctor #medicalstudent #premedlife #premed #melanin #medicine #premedical #medicalschool #motivation #inspire #blackphysicians #blackdoctors #melanineinmedicine #diversityinmedicine #science #biology #chemistry #doctorgoals #neverbeafraidtodreamoutloud
There is something about Sunday’s that feels reserved for relaxing and watching football. If I’m motivated enough the house might get cleaned too. 🏈🌼🧠 Enjoy the free time while it lasts!
@cushcenter is honored ✨ to have the support of @blueskyscrubs with our neurosurgery workshop @weillcornell Department of Neurological Surgery this fall . 🧠 🧠 🧠 . This competitive program will host several @cushcenter pre-medical and medical scholars from here in NYC . 🧠 🧠 🧠 . @cushcenter thanks Wendy & the entire @blueskyscrubs team for their support . 🧠 🧠 🧠 We look forward to inspiring the next generation of neurosurgeons in medicine and with the help of @blueskyscrubs we can continue to realize our goals . 🧠 🧠 🧠 #thecushcenterforlearning #themedicalpledge 💗🏩 #blueskyscrubs #neurosurgeryclinicalworkshop #drkeithblack #weillcornellmedicine #diversityandinclusion #diversityinmedicine #inspiringouryouth #melaningenius #blackdoctors #doctorgoals #futuresurgeon #medicalstudent #premed #ilooklikeadoctor #cunyschoolofmedicine #cushcenterevent #bioskills #createopportunities #stem #steam #education #cushcentersupports 🤗 #cushcentercares ❤️
With the start of a new block, I always tend to get caught up in what I haven’t done yet or what I don’t know. I’ve been guilty of comparing myself to those around me, and it was honestly so debilitating because my learning style is different from others. I am a slow and steady learner; I cannot memorize a chart or table for the life of me, and passively reading a textbook bores me to pieces. This is the opposite of many medical students who can know all the intricate details by the end of the lecture. Because of this, I still struggle with imposter syndrome, or feeling like I don’t belong at some points. I tend to isolate myself, thinking I don’t deserve to go to a conference or networking event because “who would want to talk to a lowly M2?” But what good does that do? I am not sharing this to receive validation, but to show you all this mental struggle is not unique. I get so many DMs from you guys asking me if you can study medicine because you think you’re not “good enough”. It is all in the mindset. If you put the work in, you will get results. If you retreat in isolation, you are only hurting yourself. For those of you doubting your success, you’re not alone. Right now, you are exactly where you belong. And to those who are aiming for a goal, fake it until you make it. That’s how I get through the toughest days🙏🏼 Hope everyone is having a great weekend ♥️
Doctor goals became a little more real this weekend after officially submitting residency applications—aka “ERAS”. This is a throwback, but who survives medical school without a squad? Here’s to securing a big boy job next year. #doctorgoals #squad
GUYS! Something big happened yesterday — I’m getting a sister!! Best end to my vacation ever 🎉💍🥂
Happy Sunday all!! I found a flower on the lower east side as tall as me!! We are having the time of our lives exploring NYC every weekend. Today is a beautiful day and I plan to spend it going on walks with my dog and husband, studying and reading for fellowship, and cleaning up the house for the new week ahead. What are your Sunday activities today? Comment below :-). Also, I’d love your favorite coffee shops or study spots to add to my list!
Research Symposium was a success and my presentation of my summer research project went well. This is a quick pic I snagged outside the venue... I have to say I love 🌴 . —————————————————————-—————-—————-— #MinoritiesinMedicine  #RepresentationMatters  #blackmanwhitecoat   #blackdoctors  #diversifymedicine  #diversity   #medicine  #grind  #medicalschool  #md  #do  #doctorgoals   #research #melaninpoppin  #medical #blackmeninsuits  #blackexcellence  #blackdoctors #nursingschool  #time  #work  #publichealth  #upwardmobility  #medicalschool  #premed #medicalstudent  #medlife #futuredoctor
For everyone who submitted their #ERAS application for residency yesterday, congratulations! I would wish you good luck, but if you have made it this far chances are you really don’t need luck. Just know that the worst part is over and try to enjoy the process. Be kind to yourself and don’t let the process take you down. Lack of interviews at “top program” shouldn’t make you doubt your worth, just like getting interviews at “top programs” shouldn’t make you cocky. Know that there is an element of randomness in the process. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way the process is for now. Don’t waste your energy worrying about it. Take as much notes as you can on interviews because you will forget things as the season goes on. Don’t doubt your gut instinct. Trust the vibes you feel. Get to know your fellow interviewees. They are going to be your future colleagues. This was actually my favorite part of the interview and I wish I made more friends and got to know more people on the interview trail. Looking back, my biggest regret is not enjoying the process more. So enjoy the ride! I’m tagging some of my favorite newly minted doc accounts to hear their perspective on what they wish they had done differently once they submitted their apps! And if you have any question especially about general surgery feel free to leave below or DM me!
Conoce a tu doctor: Dr Leonardo Segovia • Educación Superior • Universidad Central de Venezuela, Escuela “Dr. José Maria Vargas”. Titulo Obtenido: Médico Cirujano, Años 1974/1982. Cumplimiento del artículo 8 de la Ley del Ejercicio de la Medicina desde el 01-01-1982 hasta el 01-01-1983 , medio rural, en el Hospital General de los Valles del Tuy en Ocumare del tuy. Segundo lugar en el concurso de Internado dirigido al cargo de “interno en traumatología” con una puntuación de 20, 43 puntos, evaluado por la comisión técnica del Hospital Dr. Ricardo Baquero Gonzáles” el 28 de Enero de 1983. Residencia Programada en Cirugía: Hospital de Lídice el 01-01-1983 al 31-12-1983 CURSO DE POSTGRADO Hospital “Dr.Miguel Perez Carreño” Residencia universitaria durante el período 15-12-1983/15-12-1986 con una duración de tres años. Titulo Obtenido: Especialidad en Traumatología y Ortopedia . ¿Crees que necesitas atención médica? Solicita tu cita médica con el Dr. Leonardo Segovia, Clínica El Ávila, Piso 3 Consultorio 307. . #traumatologia #traumatologiadoesporte #traumatologiayortopedia #medicina #Medicinal #medicinaesportiva #medicinadoesporte #traumatology #traumatologysurgery #doctorlife #doctorsoffice #doctorgoals #traumatologiadeportiva #DrLeonardoSegovia #ligamentocruzado #arthoscopy #artroscopia #sports #lesionesdeportivas #futbol #datoscuriososdeportivos #lesionesenrodillas #sportsmedicine #kneepain #knee #cirugiaderodilla #clínicaelávila "
Amazing to see my practice partner and sister from another mister get the shine she deserves! ・・・ @cushcenter and @themedicalpledge would like to spotlight the brilliant @drmarlissachiro for this week’s Diversity in Healthcare feature! . . 💉 💉 💉 @drmarlissachiro is a positive example of success in healthcare and medicine . 💉 💉 💉 This elite chiropractor, mom, wife, fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, graduate of @nychirocollege , #phenomenalwoman , and all around #melaningenius 👩🏽‍⚕️ is at the top of her game and @themedicalpledge wishes success for Dr. Fondechene and all of her endeavors . . 💉 💉 💉 To see @drmarlissachiro as a patient please contact her office, see below ⬇️: 💉 💉 💉 . 💻: https://www.zenithchirowp.com . 💉 💉 💉 👨🏽‍💻 Facebook: zenithchirowp 💉 💉 . ☎️: 845- 513-6805 . 💉 💉 . Email 📩: zenithchirowp@gmail.com . 💉 💉 💉 . Follow @themedicalpledge to check out next week’s Diversity in Healthcare feature! 💉 💉 #diversityandinclusion #marlissafondechene #chiropractor #zenithchiropractic #whiteplains #goaldigger#wellness #sisterhood #workingmom #womenempowerment #diversity #ilooklikeadoctor #blackgirlsinmedicine #womenempoweringwomen #instadoctor #medicalblogger #womeninspiringwomen #womeninmedicine #blackdoctors #blackgirlmagic #nevergiveup 💪 #instalike #regram #doctorgoals #cushcenterproduction #cushcentersupports 🤗 #cushcentercares ❤️
Am I cheesing hard because: A. I tried bubble tea for the first time, B. I finished my first month on the wards, C. I have a month of elective coming up, or D. All of the above? . I survived the first month of intern year! 😅 There were great days and tough days, but I learned so much about taking care of patients. I’m loving the responsibility of #internlife way more than I thought I would! . Huge shoutout to my two awesome residents @shirinee423 , who was SO patient during the struggle bus that was the first two weeks, and @kiramengistu for “optimizing my Epic” and introducing me to bubble tea. 😙🥤 Two strong leaders that made starting the year a lot less scary... THANK YOU!
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